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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIABILITY

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Astrology, 164:controlling not only the daily life of karmic liability upon the path of evolution,, but alsoDiscipleship1, 151:point out to you that though you may have this liability in a physical or emotional form, you haveDiscipleship1, 378:ray soul force. This is an asset but also a liability, for the sharpening of the mind which is theDiscipleship1, 394:apparently bewildered and held back by physical liability; their usefulness is apparently curtailedDiscipleship1, 426:germs of weaknesses, thus revealing defects and liability. I would here point out that when thisDiscipleship1, 428:cooperation, undertaken in the face of physical liability, home difficulties, personal glamor andDiscipleship1, 455:significance. The power to persist when physical liability and [456] disability call aloud forDiscipleship1, 619:I. But you cannot continue to work under the liability of the present strain, and under theDiscipleship2, 93:does not constitute a fault, but only a karmic liability. I have taken the time to say these thingsDiscipleship2, 611:of your physical vehicle is both an asset and a liability; it is for you to discover the nature ofDiscipleship2, 661:Be of good courage and let not physical liability hinder your inner life and joy. Seek closerDiscipleship2, 726:you, and for this brief incarnation you are a liability - but a liability which can, with yourDiscipleship2, 726:brief incarnation you are a liability - but a liability which can, with your cooperation, beEducation, 4:will be a commercial asset and not a commercial liability. Education has other objectives thanExternalisation, 78:and Gentile of equal responsibility and equal liability for the present world difficulty. The twoHealing, 404:urge. He incarnates under the demands of karmic liability, under the pull of that which he, as aHealing, 405:to render to those still under the Law of Karmic Liability. You have, therefore, three aspects ofHealing, 405:the principle of rebirth: The Law of Karmic Liability, governing life in the three worlds of humanHealing, 408:under the impact of [408] the Law of Karmic Liability or Necessity, the soul again prepares itselfHealing, 478:or hated, which has been useful to humanity or a liability, which has served the race or been anMagic, 595:disciples, that aspirant is, for a long time, a liability and oft a hindrance. StudentsRays, 156:finding his way into the Black Lodge. The major liability of the average initiate is sloth or lack
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