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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIBERATED

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Patanjali, 156:and from which he must eventually be liberated. [157] A still vaster thought is also involved: thePatanjali, 165:the Universe can unroll itself before him. He is liberated and free and subject only to the newPatanjali, 204:a position outside the life of the ego. That the liberated man may choose to limit himself by aPatanjali, 217:The point of balance is reached and the man is liberated. The scales of a man's life are absolutelyPatanjali, 300:therefore the home of the Masters, and all liberated souls whose "food is contemplation" and whosePatanjali, 339:states of matter and consciousness, then he is liberated and free and can contact at will andPatanjali, 348:to the fruition of the yogin's will. He is liberated from the form and its qualities. Patanjali, 357:the light which is in him is seen and he is liberated. Having achieved liberation, developed thePatanjali, 360:from the trammels of form and stands free and liberated. But he needs to be on his guard for "LetPatanjali, 365:sutra, therefore, it is made apparent that the liberated yogi who has developed the intuition canPatanjali, 367:"I am That I am," says the freed soul, the liberated man, the Christ. Neither time nor space existPatanjali, 369:this there is no rebirth. He is free and liberated, and can say with full conscious realization ofPatanjali, 369:free from latent karma. 7. The activities of the liberated soul are free from the pairs ofPatanjali, 389:of desire, and is a "free soul," a master and a liberated man. Patanjali, 389:- Book 4 - Illumination 7. The activities of the liberated soul are free from the pairs ofPatanjali, 389:detailed in Book III. The yogi is now a liberated man, freed from form conditions and focused inPatanjali, 419:and all is light and life." Then before the liberated yogi a choice is placed. He faces a spiritualPatanjali, 420:catechism: [420] "What dost thou see, 0h! liberated one? Many who suffer, Master, who weep and cryPatanjali, 423:great initiation has been experienced, and the liberated man stands forth in the full light of day,Patanjali, 426:in the three worlds no longer controls the liberated soul; his individual karma comes to an end,Patanjali, xii:and stand as a unified whole, detached and liberated from all veils, from all forms in the threePatanjali, xii:of the mind, are overcome and he stands liberated [xiii] from the three worlds. The nature of thePsychology1, 187:is in the world today a large enough number of liberated men to produce a change in the attitudesPsychology1, 198:of its next activity. The vegetable kingdom is liberated into another evolutionary processPsychology1, 363:in uniformity of action is no sign of a liberated soul. The Great White Brotherhood has itsPsychology1, 367:working under the inspiration of those great and liberated souls we call the Masters of the Wisdom,Psychology2, 12:dynamic energies, and they actuate all who are liberated souls. This process of entering into andPsychology2, 16:as far as humanity is concerned, produces the liberated Master of the Wisdom, free from thePsychology2, 31:the state of consciousness of the illumined and liberated adept is such that language serves onlyPsychology2, 32:of Being which is now the natural state of the liberated and enlightened spiritual Existence. AllPsychology2, 32:of the group soul, and thence to that of the liberated state of pure intuitional life. He hasPsychology2, 35:before the inner Being is released, and the liberated Son of God can enter, at will, what arePsychology2, 115:to establish the needed union between the liberated souls (who are in themselves the symbol of theRays, 81:is in fact the first solar initiation), the liberated disciple for the first time - alone andRays, 129:"over-shadowing Triads" - that aggregation of liberated Lives of which the higher initiates in theRays, 181:is to provide sanctuary" to those who have liberated themselves from the ocean of deva energies inRays, 181:they have otherwise no point of contact, once liberated by their own effort and will "from theRays, 356:the route which must be followed by the liberated initiate who seeks to penetrate to the CentralRays, 358:that it produces glamor in those who are not yet liberated. Students should remember that focusedRays, 372:powers to teach or to explain, as I am not yet a liberated Master, though I am a liberated humanRays, 372:I am not yet a liberated Master, though I am a liberated human being. In the human center, the manRays, 389:Those Who have achieved freedom, have been liberated, and are therefore held by no limitingRays, 414:are simply consequences: 1. The majority of liberated humanity, and therefore a large number of theRays, 440:fourth kingdom in nature entails. Not all souls liberated or limited constitute the Kingdom of GodRays, 440:of the concrete mind are overcome, the liberated Master enters a world of spiritual endeavor whichRays, 471:is no longer felt and exists no more. A liberated consciousness and an unrestricted awareness -Rays, 520:the divine nature which is distinctive of, those liberated Consciousness which have freedRays, 555:a situation in which the soul of humanity was liberated from the prison in which it found itself.Rays, 609:of Refusal - 9th Initiation The Principle of liberated Being (shall we call it thus?) Governed byRays, 609:soul of the human kingdom, then on the liberated souls of the members of the Hierarchy, and finallyRays, 640:you that even the Hierarchy of spiritual and liberated souls, the Church of God invisible, knowsRays, 693:of the first three initiations. Now, being liberated through renunciation, he needs no longer toRays, 695:He desires nothing of a personal nature; he is liberated from the three worlds. The Christ picturedRays, 697:you in my other books), and now stands liberated. Each initiate who makes this renunciation andRays, 704:suddenly realizes that he has indeed been liberated, that he is indeed free, that he has beenRays, 719:uncontrolled momentum and is not the effort of a liberated soul. The revelation which is to comeRays, 724:instant of decision He stands entirely free and liberated from all aspects and all forms ofRays, 728:initiate of the sixth initiation. He is entirely liberated from his past; the Law of Karma noRays, 743:decision in order to be free; they can only be liberated when they - as individuals and later asRays, 769:up from the altar of [769] the ages, springs the Liberated One, the Flame. Back to the fire ofReappearance, 37:the Masters of the Wisdom, and all Those liberated Sons of God Who, down the ages, have passed fromReappearance, 50:who down the ages, have sought spiritual goals, liberated themselves from the limitations of theSoul, 77:light must irradiate the body and eventually be liberated from the body. St. Gregory in the 4th
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