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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIBERATING

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Astrology, 106:and as a disciple, headed towards the final liberating process. These four words express theAstrology, 274:ray or endurance. Third Creative Hierarchy - Liberating Light. Virgo - The Christ-life, latent andAstrology, 599:related to the first solar system even whilst liberating members of the human family who willAtom, 62:life, its gradual perfecting, and the final liberating of the imprisoned life; and the law ofAtom, 62:expression, and then - in due course of time - liberating itself from the environing form in orderDiscipleship1, 58:with his environment - harmony being one of the liberating forces which must precede the release ofDiscipleship1, 250:you. I only desire to help, to aid you in a liberating process and to see you walking with joy inDiscipleship1, 514:the same-necessity to cultivate the spirit of liberating love will suffice to occupy you during theDiscipleship1, 533:had much to do in releasing you, for the major liberating force in life is love. Hence for you theDiscipleship2, 404:that world of meaning, thereby redeeming and liberating the forms in the world of appearances. YouDiscipleship2, 713:1943 MY BROTHER: This year has seen certain liberating processes taking place in your life. YouExternalisation, 270:three, and a direct channel for the inflow of liberating force. This has happened only once beforeExternalisation, 271:a number of new ideals which must govern the liberating process and find expression in the New Age.Fire, 121:This is achieved at the fourth Initiation, the liberating initiation. At the fifth Initiation heFire, 417:himself, to every prisoner who has succeeded in liberating himself from the bonds of flesh andFire, 721:is as near as we can get to the method of the liberating process but it is useless for man toFire, 883:about results of a coordinating, transmuting and liberating nature. Through the action of the RodFire, 885:set loose the energy of substance. This is the liberating of the energy imprisoned within the form,Fire, 1067:kingdom sought to find out the secret of the liberating process, to know the method of release, andFire, 1069:an interesting instance of the transmutative or liberating process practically completed in aHealing, 111:this. Disease and death must be recognized as liberating factors when they come as the result ofIntellect, 242:all his difficulties; it can be constructive and liberating, and guide the man by right [243] andMagic, 145:to reveal a beauty and a power, an active liberating force, a wisdom and a love that we call a SonMeditation, 19:in on this ray at this time to continue the liberating process. It is the method that leads a manMeditation, 22:and the definite commencement of the work of liberating the individual from the periphery of thePatanjali, 9:instruction) to the practical work to be done in liberating this light so that it may "shine forthPatanjali, 143:chela has made a tremendous step forward in the liberating process. When he can carry the strugglePatanjali, 143:esoteric and occult methods of hastening the liberating process. [144] Patanjali, 179:on his own plane attends to his part of the liberating process and the final two stages are broughtPsychology2, 549:the true Science of Death will come into being, liberating the race from fear. Students would doRays, 49:as mankind nears the close, the terrible but liberating finale, of his great test in this modernRays, 211:and that until some measure of this united liberating process is attained, the group cannot goRays, 384:them passed a steady flow of human beings liberating themselves from the three worlds. In theRays, 402:it says: "The Master throws Himself - under the liberating Law of Sacrifice - into the vortex ofRays, 706:burning away their ancient crystallization, thus liberating them to the extent that they canTelepathy, 57:scientifically applied, will be one of the great liberating forces for humanity. [58]
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