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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIBERATION

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Externalisation, 493:of the techniques necessary to bring about this liberation of needed energy. Had the Dark ForcesExternalisation, 494:manner, beyond telling you that the Lords of Liberation took certain unexpected steps. This TheyExternalisation, 495:extra-planetary energy released by the Lords of Liberation, to Whom invocation had beenExternalisation, 496:reinforced through the action of the Lords of Liberation. Another factor was the constant,Externalisation, 496:under the direct influence of the Lords of Liberation. Externalisation, 497:I would call your attention to the words, "the liberation of energy." It is liberation which is theExternalisation, 497:to the words, "the liberation of energy." It is liberation which is the keynote of the new era,Externalisation, 497:of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation has started by the release of an aspect ofExternalisation, 499:for, nor desire this new world order which the liberation of cosmic energy (even on this initialExternalisation, 507:the efforts of all those who work for the liberation of the submerged masses, provided theirExternalisation, 656:is today producing the struggle for freedom and liberation from environing conditions. This mayExternalisation, 656:deepened spiritual life for man. This "energy of liberation" was sensed, registered and voiced forExternalisation, 661:by millions of miserable human beings awaiting liberation. None of these ideas or hopes forms anyFire, 47:13 When the three blaze forth as one fire, liberation from matter, or from material form isFire, 47:of its sheath which forms now only a channel for liberation. 13 These terms, Lower Self, HigherFire, 57:an earlier solar system. Just as initiation and liberation are marked in this solar system by theFire, 102:spirit burn up matter and thereby bring about liberation from the confining vehicles. The altar ofFire, 115:of [115] the etheric web in order to effect liberation, and permit a later and more adequate formFire, 115:and prevent the appointed escape and destined liberation. Later we will take up the considerationFire, 125:contact is brought about, and the great work of liberation proceeds in an ordered manner. The threeFire, 126:complete burning away of all barriers, and the liberation of the Spirit by conscious directedFire, 126:Man has consciously to bring about his own liberation. These results are self-induced by the manFire, 127:sense or of material gratification, but because liberation and purification is desired in orderFire, 136:and causes the final consummation and the liberation of Spirit. The merging of the fires of matterFire, 158:effects are: The disintegration of form, The liberation of the essence which the form confines, TheFire, 173:the main method whereby the Spirit effects its liberation from the trammels of matter, and discernsFire, 178:sway. It marks the period of achievement, of liberation, and therefore, although it is the shortestFire, 198:those expansions of consciousness which lead to liberation; these are taken in the causal body andFire, 208:is to the seven head centers, and finally (at liberation) to the radiant head center above, andFire, 216:It demonstrates as: [216] Abstraction, Spiritual liberation, Destruction of form through theFire, 218:of the Self with the All-Self, and a further liberation from the trammels of matter. When the senseFire, 219:to be succeeded by the law of Spirit and of liberation. 92 ..."the Veda, the world song in humanFire, 220:initiates have to master before They can achieve liberation. They have to learn to manipulateFire, 220:matter and energy in order to achieve the liberation of Spirit, and to bring to fruition theFire, 229:up with its cosmic center, and thus effect the liberation of the Son, and His return to the farFire, 242:self-consciousness, and for freedom and liberation from the form, and from the not-self. So man onFire, 303:the many again becoming the One. Obscuration, or liberation, the end of the evolutionary process,Fire, 324:the whole system is somewhat apprehended, group liberation will be achieved. Perhaps in consideringFire, 340:to such an extent that it has brought about the liberation of the entity, man, from the threeFire, 341:fire with the two other fires brings about liberation from the five lower planes, and enables a manFire, 384:and upon the cross of matter eventually find liberation and the freedom of the Spirit. The sameFire, 400:formless repositories of karmic purpose; thus is liberation achieved, thus is man set free, and theFire, 477:thus mutation; thus change of form. Finally liberation, escape of the volatile essence, and theFire, 478:of accomplishment. Transmutation being the liberation of the essence in order that it may seek aFire, 491:form through outer agency, and not through the liberation of the life through inner development andFire, 509:Logos, through the relatively unimportant liberation of the force of one cell in His body. When allFire, 521:for perfect illumination, and subsequent liberation takes place, the battle ground, theFire, 538:up of the causal body with the subsequent liberation of the central positive Life or Fire. 76 TheFire, 543:and the central life escapes. This is the great liberation. The man, in terms of human endeavor,Fire, 557:due course of time, as the Logos [557] achieves liberation from the trammels of physical matter,Fire, 610:the Logos as it is for man; this marks the final liberation of a human being, of a Heavenly Man andFire, 670:into aspiration, and will produce eventually the liberation of the planetary Logos, and bring aFire, 740:the solar Logos which are conveyed to him after liberation via the planetary Logos and through theFire, 746:the capacity which will produce: Abstraction, or liberation from form. Creative power. Direction ofFire, 790:the manasic permanent atom (whereby the Path of Liberation is traveled, and man set free) and theFire, 792:done, and according to his intention to achieve liberation from form. It must also be rememberedFire, 800:triangle," and which have much to do with the liberation of groups of Egos from manifestation. TheFire, 802:and produce aggregations or group activity. The liberation from karma about which would-be occultFire, 807:becoming neutralized, and man is on the verge of liberation. He has exhausted the initialFire, 808:demonstration of divinity upon earth, prior to liberation. As the conscious activity of theFire, 829:energy of that which is, and achieves the final liberation from all the lower forms which seek toFire, 845:1. Planetary Logoi - The major Three. Cosmic liberation; the final cosmic Initiations. 2. The minorFire, 853:take the place of those Egos who have achieved liberation, and whose causal bodies haveFire, 854:own spheres eventually for the final stages of liberation. All these lotuses in their myriadFire, 875:Emancipation of the Son from his Mother, or the liberation of the soul at maturity from matter,Fire, 886:and then to focus them all prior to the final liberation in the highest center of all. [887] Fire, 902:action of the fire devas, the water devas find liberation. The devas of water find for themselvesFire, 965:action, and the man is nearing the moment of liberation. In the work of creation, as occultlyFire, 1062:stage and the human unit (as it approaches "liberation") demonstrates a similar phenomenon. Again,Fire, 1068:again and again into the sheath at the moment of liberation. In course of time and with moreFire, 1068:wheel of life has run down, when the hour for liberation has struck, when the time has come for theFire, 1071:where they become radioactive and achieve [1071] liberation. (The term "liberation" really meansFire, 1071:and achieve [1071] liberation. (The term "liberation" really means the ability of any consciousFire, 1096:themselves in the forms of the mineral kingdom. Liberation for man comes when he succeeds inFire, 1121:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind Before the final liberation but after the major part of theFire, 1127:two, and effects the final illumination and liberation of the man. Group III. The sacrifice Petals.Fire, 1128:place prior to full ability to serve in final liberation. We have studied from many angles theFire, 1197:we are told is in process of achieving final liberation, or taking its fourth Initiation, which isFire, 1218:group, are but the methods whereby the work of liberation is carried forward. Sacrifice, Service,Fire, 1225:of Mahat." This symbol, which signifies the liberation achieved and the gains attained in SystemGlamour, 27:laid in esoteric teaching on the training and liberation of the individual aspirant. This is, ofGlamour, 74:the light to be found upon the mountain top of liberation and those who are advancing upward out ofGlamour, 91:which to deal as he progresses towards light and liberation. The Pairs of Opposites On the PhysicalGlamour, 106:strength and understanding thereby and eventual liberation. These are the two major planetaryGlamour, 154:is then theoretically directed towards liberation into service. The problem is to make the theoryGlamour, 185:desire and you will be free. There is a way of liberation and it leads to illumination. It profitsGlamour, 185:human being is a Son of God. There is a way of liberation and it is the way of love and sacrifice.Glamour, 197:so not so much in order to achieve their own liberation but with the special objective of riddingGlamour, 208:he [208] aspires to free expression and to liberation from astral plane control. The balancingGlamour, 212:relatively free from astral control. This astral liberation must to a certain extent control theGlamour, 223:as a sin and failure and thus delay their liberation from it by a negative attitude of inferiorityHealing, 2:all souls that have achieved any measure of true liberation are transmitters of spiritual energy.Healing, 8:to achieve (with joy and facility) the right liberation from the body and, through the portal ofHealing, 13:goal, and hence to work towards that ultimate liberation. His error at this time consists in: HisHealing, 13:nature, man will begin to work with the law of liberation, with right thought, leading toHealing, 14:From one angle, disease is a process of liberation, and the enemy of that which is static andHealing, 32:of wrong human thought. Disease is a process of liberation and the enemy of that which is static.Healing, 111:to all incarnated beings when the soul demands liberation from the body and from form life, andHealing, 113:accepted, men will begin to work with the Law of Liberation, with right thought, leading to rightHealing, 121:of disciples, particularly in bringing about the liberation of the soul from its vehicle. They are,
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