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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIBERATION

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Meditation, 28:to the Ego, until, at the close of that period, liberation is complete, and the man is set free.Meditation, 32:Then the work of destruction supervenes and liberation approaches. Spring has been experienced, theMeditation, 43:of the Great One, and to hold naught back, that liberation is achieved, and the body of desireMeditation, 57:comes the breaking of the chains, in liberation comes the abolition of the old forms, in theMeditation, 57:forms, in the domination of matter is seen the liberation of spirit. So, in the sounding of theMeditation, 58:shattering of the forms and subsequent liberation. This might be termed meditation without seed. AtMeditation, 59:of the causal body, and eventually find liberation from the three worlds. The student mustMeditation, 78:comes the final vivification, and the resultant liberation. The connection between the centers, theMeditation, 118:obligation [118] and advance toward ultimate liberation; besides this he must carry on his groupMeditation, 240:law, therefore, in service the subjective finds liberation, and is set free from objectiveMeditation, 268:to the One Initiator Who effects the final liberation, and to the center within the Heavenly Man inMeditation, 269:with his divine group. The same law effects his liberation from subtler forms that likewise bind,Meditation, 360:Meditation, as a means of leading to spiritual liberation. Patanjali, 10:these spirits gain experience and eventually liberation. Thus union with the soul is brought about.Patanjali, 24:be dominated before the yogi can hope to attain liberation from limitation and from all lowerPatanjali, 70:They contain a hint as to the method whereby liberation from the wrong states of consciousness canPatanjali, 72:clue for the student of occultism who aspires to liberation is not to be found in breathingPatanjali, 112:use of these produces experience and eventual liberation. 19. The divisions of the gunas (orPatanjali, 112:with the things perceived, this is the great liberation. 26. The state of bondage is overcomePatanjali, 121:the portal of the fifth initiation. Both lead to liberation, for the arhat is released from thePatanjali, 128:three things eventuate: Karma is worked off, Liberation is achieved, The vision of the soul isPatanjali, 133:transcended and the knower stands alone. This is liberation and the goal. Patanjali, 153:use of these produces experience and eventual liberation. This is one of the most important sutrasPatanjali, 154:"the elements," "the senses," "evolution" and "liberation" express the sum total of the factorsPatanjali, 157:greater and his attainment and the nature of his liberation is only relative to the greater whole.Patanjali, 159:brings him to the position where he seeks liberation. 3. The indicated. Back of the sixteenPatanjali, 164:of the experience they bring him and the final liberation they bring about; he is the cause ofPatanjali, 166:of yoga is to reveal to man the mode of this liberation and how he can free himself. Hence thePatanjali, 169:with the things perceived, this is the great liberation. During the process of incarnation, thePatanjali, 170:himself and those forms, then the process of liberation can proceed and eventually culminate in thePatanjali, 170:as it is the first great method of attaining liberation [171] or freedom from the three worlds.Patanjali, 172:This too must be overcome before perfect liberation, emancipation or freedom is attained. In one ofPatanjali, 173:for a different condition and a great desire for liberation and for freedom from the wheel ofPatanjali, 204:impulse [204] which eventually leads to complete liberation from form. It is not that form or formPatanjali, 204:of the sons of God has reached the portal of liberation. Patanjali, 227:will reorient him and bring him eventually to liberation. Patanjali, 234:magical powers in the objective worlds. 38. By liberation from the causes of bondage through theirPatanjali, 234:of the upward life (the udana) there is liberation from water, the thorny path, and mire, and thePatanjali, 234:equal purity, then is At-one-ment achieved and liberation results. Patanjali, 250:the reality, veiled by all forms, is revealed. Liberation from the three worlds of sensePatanjali, 270:possible future karma negated and the process of liberation will proceed with rapidity. [271] Patanjali, 285:his life experience and he knows that the day of liberation is at hand. Through meditation andPatanjali, 295:us away from the body-life, to the fullest liberation from experience in the flesh and in the threePatanjali, 321:but the One alone, and thus the great process of liberation is carried forward. One becomes whatPatanjali, 327:- Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results 38. By liberation from the causes of bondage throughPatanjali, 328:of the upward life (the udana) there is liberation from water, the thorny path, and mire, and thePatanjali, 330:of the body becomes possible and man reaches liberation; through it, non-contact in the threePatanjali, 331:energies of the solar plexus no longer dominate. Liberation from the thorny path refers to the pathPatanjali, 331:towards the light. Then let the star lead." Liberation from the mire refers to that mixed nature ofPatanjali, 357:him is seen and he is liberated. Having achieved liberation, developed the soul-powers and attainedPatanjali, 366:of his immortality and the true nature of his liberation. [367] Space and time become for himPatanjali, 368:equal purity, then is At-one-ment achieved and liberation results. That which veils the light ofPatanjali, 391:It characterizes the stage of the Path prior to liberation. Vyasa explains it thus: [392] "ThePatanjali, 393:sarira of the occultist. That body, at the final liberation, is itself destroyed and [394] naughtPatanjali, 398:manifestation is no longer sought after, and liberation from maya or illusion takes place. Patanjali, 399:instead of the matter realm proceeds. Thus again liberation is brought about. Patanjali, 401:the man on the physical plane effects his own liberation, it is also by the same method,Patanjali, x:in of Arhats. These were men who had achieved liberation through self-initiated effort. ThisPatanjali, xi:to develop the powers of the soul, to attain liberation, and become, in full glory, a God walkingProblems, 75:present age of science which has given us the liberation of atomic energy and the potentialitiesProblems, 157:(with its emphatically selfish note, personal liberation and personal satisfaction) is likewiseProblems, 157:bigger and larger than individual desire and liberation is registered. Many groups are wrestlingProblems, 159:trained also to voice their demand for light, liberation and understanding. There will also be thePsychology1, 11:should be undergone which would lead to a liberation from the form life. The idea that a renewedPsychology1, 63:analysis it is a destruction that will produce liberation. We shall see as we continue to studyPsychology1, 119:occupied with an intelligent struggle towards liberation bear witness to the same. Paul points outPsychology1, 197:is initiation, or the entering into a state of liberation, for all mineral appearances, and thePsychology1, 197:of attractiveness, expressed in color, and its liberation, or its highest form of activity, isPsychology1, 198:the task of leading the animal kingdom towards liberation - a liberation into the fourth kingdom,Psychology1, 198:the animal kingdom towards liberation - a liberation into the fourth kingdom, for that is thePsychology1, 198:esoterically understood, lies the clue to the liberation of the animal kingdom. Hence certainPsychology1, 199:is of the color red" there is eventuating a liberation which will initiate the life of that kingdomPsychology1, 200:factors which wait to lead him to [200] liberation. These factors are the fire and the members ofPsychology1, 200:(the four elements) prepare him for the great liberation and for the release of that quality ofPsychology1, 248:him in the long struggle which eventuates in the liberation of the divine soul, through thePsychology1, 248:process, leading to eventual transfiguration and liberation. The entire work is, however, one greatPsychology1, 286:marriage of this kind is essential for spiritual liberation and that without it the soul remains inPsychology1, 337:come a clarification of man's problem and his liberation from the thralldom of the lower loves intoPsychology1, 342:demolished, and mankind is on the verge of a liberation which will take him on to the Path ofPsychology1, 342:of Discipleship. I refer not here to the final liberation, but to that liberation which comes fromPsychology1, 342:not here to the final liberation, but to that liberation which comes from a free choice, wiselyPsychology1, 363:themselves on having attained that so-called "liberation", forgetting that it is only the sense ofPsychology2, 32:them. Each of the stages on the great Path of Liberation or Enlightenment with which we have beenPsychology2, 35:swept by the Life of Those who have achieved liberation through loneliness, detachment, isolatedPsychology2, 44:have considered briefly, namely the stage in the liberation of the spirit which we callPsychology2, 50:activity takes place in the process of liberation upon the Path of Return in which the bridge (orPsychology2, 50:to physical incarnation and one producing the liberation of the soul from that condition, - are,Psychology2, 51:its own salvation. It might be stated that the liberation of the soul or ego comes about when itsPsychology2, 51:vibrate in unison with the soul, then is liberation achieved. Psychology2, 69:greater importance in that it leads to complete liberation from the three worlds. It must bePsychology2, 78:The soul functions with the purpose of liberation before it, and not of further physical planePsychology2, 78:no longer attract. The process, in detail, of liberation from A body or bodies. A sheath orPsychology2, 79:false, the objective and the unreal. Complete liberation from the control of the lower mind. ThePsychology2, 88:as a means of salvation and eventual release and liberation. Such is the blindness and such is thePsychology2, 157:aiding the aspirant to attain the longed-for liberation. Service releases him from his own thoughtPsychology2, 159:is the hallmark of the man who is on his way to liberation. Let us remember, however, that aPsychology2, 220:sorrow. On the life side, it results in release, liberation and subsequent expansion. [221] ThisPsychology2, 290:as a soul, has always to face until the final liberation is achieved. The mental elemental, thePsychology2, 291:stands alone." In the advanced Man The will to liberation or to manifest consciously upon the planePsychology2, 306:Transfiguration enlightenment, and the Ascension liberation. In summarizing, it might be said: At
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