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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIBERATION

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Psychology2, 312:which to deal as he progresses towards light and liberation: [313] The Pairs of Oppsites Upon thePsychology2, 327:and the development of quality, leading to liberation upon the upward arc. It is the same in thePsychology2, 423:which these are responsible will result in the liberation of a large majority of sufferers. ItRays, 10:lives that control which will lead to the final liberation, and which will in due time, lead theseRays, 13:of the World, our planetary Logos. The Lords of Liberation, focused in Their high place, as TheyRays, 53:and of enchantment. It is the sound of [53] liberation, the great note of resurrection and of theRays, 56:tension from which the man eventually achieves liberation from the three worlds and stands as aRays, 70:of the masses eventually. This enhanced liberation will later appear as a definite result of theRays, 71:of that goodwill. The second ("Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth...") can, in reality, onlyRays, 76:of a new cycle of spiritual contact and of liberation be brought about by the invocation of the menRays, 76:however, is to invoke at this time the Lords of Liberation and the Spirit of Peace. These are theRays, 100:which are now regarded as militating against liberation. It is in reality a scientific process ofRays, 113:to be sought, of the loved one to be known, of liberation to be achieved, of spiritual satisfactionRays, 132:annihilation of the Temple of Solomon, and the liberation of the Life. Then that which in time andRays, 188:men in increasing numbers sought the Path of Liberation and so passed on into the Hierarchy; theyRays, 210:understanding of the occult paradoxes tends to liberation. In the comprehension of these basicRays, 210:desire for development, for achievement and for liberation. The first step, therefore, is toRays, 266:or divisions. It is indeed attainment and liberation. But more must still be learnt if the Way ofRays, 325:at the same time cure them and bring about the liberation of the man. From the consideration ofRays, 335:stimulated through the action of the Lords of Liberation Who have swept into planetary activityRays, 335:by Them solely on behalf of humanity or for the liberation of mankind; it had hierarchicalRays, 342:together until they arrive at that complete liberation which comes when the cosmic physical planeRays, 354:of their complete destruction - bringing a final liberation. Something universal was alsoRays, 355:struggling aspirant, moving consciously towards liberation, symbolized for us in the repentantRays, 355:Hierarchy, composed of all who have passed to liberation through the medium of human experience,Rays, 386:of the third degree with its promise of complete liberation and final resurrection. You can see,Rays, 391:the first gesture of the advancing Master toward liberation from all ray limitations. As He movesRays, 401:I also said that many Masters Who have reached liberation upon the fifth ray find Their way to thisRays, 416:except with Those Who have trodden the Path of Liberation and now stand free upon the cosmicRays, 417:incentive towards the "culture of freedom" or of liberation which motivates the work of the MastersRays, 417:true name, for in the last analysis, freedom and liberation are effects of its activity. ThisRays, 423:and bring the non-sacred planets to the point of liberation which is their particular goal. ThroughRays, 445:further importance in that it leads to complete liberation from the three worlds. It must beRays, 486:and a human being who is aspiring towards full liberation and is treading the Path of DiscipleshipRays, 494:the nature of a Flame of Light, a realization of liberation, and a recognition of the esoteric factRays, 519:passing from grade to grade in the Hierarchy of Liberation, of the Christ moving on into theRays, 607:form or another, then rejection, and finally liberation. This principle is, as you can well see,Rays, 609:initiations at which the effectiveness of the liberation brought about by their inherent action isRays, 610:correct prevision; it is also the result of the liberation of free will, and in no way infringesRays, 619:of the Principle of Conflict in producing liberation is generally recognized. Thus the hearts ofRays, 621:of Harmony - are struggling to bring about the liberation into equilibrium of mankind. Until quiteRays, 639:and the stresses which will lead, finally, to liberation. The great initiation of the Renunciation,Rays, 639:the result of inner conflict and ever precedes liberation into harmony and peace. ConflictRays, 639:peace. Conflict produces: War - Renunciation - Liberation. Humanity is subjected to crises ofRays, 640:of right action, a great step forward in human liberation will take place. As the individualRays, 684:Initiation has at times been called the Path of Liberation, and it is to this essential aspect ofRays, 685:to have you study initiation from the angle of liberation, looking upon it as a process ofRays, 686:V. - Revelation. Freedom from blindness - a liberation which enables the initiate to see a newRays, 686:(as that word is understood by you) and a liberation into a state of awareness, a form of consciousRays, 694:to another until complete freedom and liberation has been achieved. The Cardinal Cross governs theRays, 702:no pain or agony for the Master Who has attained liberation. The Masters have each and allRays, 703:minor renunciation) and his one aim, in seeking liberation and freedom from the three worlds, is toRays, 718:the Way of the Higher Evolution. On the way to liberation and in treading the Path of DiscipleshipRays, 726:initiates; but those who attain resurrection and liberation upon our planet will always beRays, 728:It embodies the Master's recognition of liberation, and in its processes He demonstrates thatRays, 728:and in its processes He demonstrates that liberation by making free decision anent His future stateRays, 736:Him, but is based upon the "planetary appeal for liberation." This appeal is so strong that theRays, 743:organized. The basic goal is the freedom and the liberation of mankind, but the spiritual workersRays, 743:never be conferred through totalitarian methods; liberation cannot come through a dictator orRays, 746:Britain gives freedom of choice and democratic liberation to India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma.Rays, 746:of the human spirit or its freedom and liberation. True Democracy is as yet unknown; it awaits theRays, 761:path of pleasure, nor on the path of pain that liberation may be taken or that wisdom comes. It isReappearance, 21:the discussion and study of human welfare and liberation; this phenomenon is one of the strongestReappearance, 21:the embodiment of freedom, and the Messenger of Liberation. He stimulates the group spirit and theReappearance, 107:them that service was the key to the life of liberation, teaching them the technique of serviceReappearance, 152:trained also to voice their demand for light, liberation and understanding. There will also be theSoul, 92:the field and the Knower of the field, and the liberation of being from nature, go to the Supreme."Telepathy, 80:limited point of view - might look upon as the liberation of the planet. The generating of goodTelepathy, 173:[173] destructive, thus aiding in the liberation from substance or matter of the one to be aided.Telepathy, 194:which he maintains until he attains spiritual liberation and himself becomes a member of the
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