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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIBRA

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Astrology, 35:Conferring form (C.F. 605) The triple flowers 3. Libra Planet - Saturn Color - Yellow JnanashaktiAstrology, 50:The Cardinal Cross: 2. The Great Bear Aries Libra Sun, veiling Vulcan Second Creative HierarchyAstrology, 52:is laid upon the influence of Aries, Gemini and Libra. Under that influence the man learns toAstrology, 56:Crab in Cancer. The two scales of the Balance in Libra. The two Parallel Lines of force inAstrology, 66:Mars 6th Scorpio Same ruler 2. Taurus Venus 5th Libra Same ruler 3. Gemini Mercury 4th Virgo SameAstrology, 66:none 6. Virgo Mercury 4th Gemini Same ruler 7. Libra Venus 5th Taurus Same ruler 8. Scorpio MarsAstrology, 66:Same ray 6. Virgo The Moon 4th Aries Same ray 7. Libra Uranus 7th none 8. Scorpio Mars 6th CancerAstrology, 66:disciples and the zodiacal signs, Gemini and Libra are two constellations which - through theirAstrology, 68:Sun The Sun 6. Virgo Mercury The Moon Jupiter 7. Libra Venus Uranus Saturn 8. Scorpio Mars MarsAstrology, 68:1st Pisces Same ray 3. Gemini The Earth 3rd Libra Same ray 4. Cancer Neptune 6th Sagittarius SameAstrology, 68:Same ray 6. Virgo Jupiter 2nd Leo Same ray 7. Libra Saturn 3rd Gemini Same ray 8. Scorpio MercuryAstrology, 68:through the Sun and Jupiter. Ray 3 - Gemini and Libra, through the Earth and Saturn. Ray 4 -Astrology, 86:Pluto III. Active Intelligence Cancer, the Crab Libra, the Scales Capricorn, the Goat Moon VenusAstrology, 93:time in form, reaches a point of equilibrium in Libra, in which sign soul and personality achieve aAstrology, 94:man goes from Aries to Capricorn and to Libra and Cancer, whilst the developed man reverses theAstrology, 101:choice of the initiate who makes his choice in Libra, the point of balance where - usually - theAstrology, 101:pass through the burning ground to liberation. Libra is the polar opposite to Aries and thereforeAstrology, 101:of balance upon the wheel which is provided in Libra. Rays 6 and 4 bring to this balancing processAstrology, 107:which takes place through the influence of Libra (the Cardinal Cross) and the "swerving of the BullAstrology, 145:- In Leo Equilibrated consciousness - In Libra Group consciousness - In Aquarius The distinctionAstrology, 164:fifth Creative Hierarchies do the same thing in Libra. Through Saturn and Venus, therefore,Astrology, 164:Venus, therefore, Capricorn is connected with Libra and also with Gemini and Taurus, and these fourAstrology, 164:and these four constellations - Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn - constitute a potentAstrology, 165:to the fusion of the greater pairs of opposite. Libra - Guards the secret of balance, ofAstrology, 166:1st and 7th Vulcan - Uranus - Pluto Taurus, Libra, Pisces Astrology, 166:the medium of the "released powers" of Taurus, Libra and Pisces. You will note also that the firstAstrology, 168:that world center which we call the Hierarchy. Libra admits the soul into the world center which weAstrology, 168:of Aries which is the place of beginnings. Libra demonstrates the perfect balance of spirit andAstrology, 183:It is for this reason that the constellation Libra occupies a unique place in the Great Wheel, forAstrology, 183:the twelve zodiacal energies meet and cross. Libra, therefore, controls the "moment of reversal ofAstrology, 183:equilibrium is attained, and over this event Libra presides. Some day it will be of interest toAstrology, 183:investigation into the power of balance which Libra wields and a consequent analysis of the effectAstrology, 183:and a consequent analysis of the effect of Libra in an individual life. It might then be possibleAstrology, 183:perhaps be one in which the sun is in Leo, with Libra rising. Such statistical studies have not yetAstrology, 189:of balance or of equilibrium - Sagittarius and Libra. Libra marks an interlude or a notable pointAstrology, 189:or of equilibrium - Sagittarius and Libra. Libra marks an interlude or a notable point of balanceAstrology, 211:between soul and body has been reached in Libra and it is in Scorpio that the preponderance of theAstrology, 226:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Libra, the Balance The sign Libra is one ofAstrology, 226:Constellations Libra, the Balance The sign Libra is one of peculiar interest, but in a mostAstrology, 227:recognized. Then follows the experience in Libra wherein a life is spent in quiet thoughtfulAstrology, 228:reversal of the wheel [228] takes place. Then Libra leads on to Scorpio and the active soul lifeAstrology, 228:and noted in Virgo, and balanced and assessed in Libra, eventually bringing about the tests andAstrology, 228:of the personality influence is not possible. Libra can also be spoken of in terms of theAstrology, 228:man. Personality, as hiding the Christ life. Libra - Contemplation - Life of soul and form isAstrology, 230:before Leo-Virgo were divided into two signs, Libra was literally the midway point. The situationAstrology, 230:Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo-Virgo LIBRA Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius -Astrology, 230:and the God-man in Leo-Virgo. Next comes Libra, wherein the point of balance is eventually reachedAstrology, 231:another fusion [231] will take place and Virgo-Libra will form one sign, for then man's sense ofAstrology, 231:have Aries-Pisces Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo-Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius FireAstrology, 232:is to be found in the four signs of Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces. Life 1. Taurus - the Bull ofAstrology, 232:of Desire. - Material desire rules. Balance 2. Libra - the balancing of desire. - The oppositeAstrology, 232:There is therefore the individual experience in Libra of the balanced life wherein experiment isAstrology, 232:the time. There is the experience of humanity in Libra in which the same adjustments andAstrology, 232:to above. Of this, the "point of crisis" in Libra and the present world situation and neededAstrology, 233:It is because of this balancing quality in Libra that this constellation can be associated moreAstrology, 233:problem. Esoterically, however, it is in Libra that the whole question comes up and willAstrology, 233:increasingly come up for answering, and it is in Libra that the balancing of the pairs of oppositesAstrology, 236:wherein sex can find right expression. Libra, as you know, governs the legal profession and holdsAstrology, 236:case) it will come about through the activity of Libra and the work of the legal profession. Astrology, 236:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Libra has been the "sponsor of the law."Astrology, 236:interpretation of the purposes and intents of Libra through the medium of law is now required. TheAstrology, 237:needed approach to the young. The influence of Libra should be imposed in childhood along spiritualAstrology, 238:as they are both [238] ruled and conditioned by Libra and this will be increasingly the case. TheAstrology, 238:and that of Aquarius which is coming in - Libra will eventually rule, and the end of this centuryAstrology, 238:end of this century will see the influence of Libra steadily coming into pronounced control andAstrology, 238:and control. All this will come about because Libra rules the present interlude and might beAstrology, 238:be found most illuminating in connection with Libra. The great battle which is related in thatAstrology, 238:instance in mid-Atlantean days and in the sign Libra. The major conflict of this present, AryanAstrology, 239:million men have passed from Scorpio into Libra (symbolically speaking) and there have beenAstrology, 239:men at this time. As you already know, Libra is one of the four arms of the Cardinal Cross. ThisAstrology, 239:or from the four constellations, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, can be summed up in the fourAstrology, 240:quality and character. This is Legislation, or Libra in activity. They mean, finally, the processesAstrology, 240:controlling his impulses intellectually and then Libra enables him to balance the material and theAstrology, 241:not possible to say more than what I have said. Libra is an air sign; there are three air signs inAstrology, 241:Gemini, the Twins - Mutable Cross - Duality. Libra, the Balances - Cardinal Cross - Equilibrium.Astrology, 241:Gemini, the Twins - Mind - Cause of duality. Libra, the Balances - Supermind - Cause of synthesis.Astrology, 242:that in the note to Tabulation V both Libra and Gemini are omitted from the list. This is not anAstrology, 242:in the Sphinx; the other omitted Gemini and Libra altogether. They were of an earlier date than theAstrology, 242:and of a relative importance is that Gemini and Libra are the two strictly human signs; they areAstrology, 242:Mutable Cross stands for man's humanity, whilst Libra upon the Cardinal Cross rules man'sAstrology, 243:Disciples. The emphasis, however, on Gemini and Libra as far as humanity is concerned is on humanAstrology, 243:the angle of orthodox astrology, Venus rules Libra, whilst - esoterically speaking - Uranus rules.Astrology, 244:and manifestation. It is through a study of Libra that light upon the third aspect will come. TheAstrology, 244:for by the activity of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus and Saturn. Astrology, 244:Zodiacal Constellations Venus rules in Taurus, Libra and Capricorn, and is the source of theAstrology, 244:is the goal of knowledge for ordinary man. In Libra, the point of balance or equilibrium isAstrology, 245:brought to the fore in the consciousness in Libra and balanced one against the other. In Capricorn,Astrology, 245:itself perfectly when the work in Taurus and Libra has been accomplished. Thus can the goldenAstrology, 245:take place in a period of human history when Libra is dominant and the three divine aspects of theAstrology, 245:when this activity in the three signs of Taurus, Libra and Capricorn is better understood. This IAstrology, 245:Taurus - animal kingdom - law - natural law. Libra - vegetable kingdom - sex - natural affinity.Astrology, 246:Supply, [246] and all these form a triangle with Libra at the apex and dominating. Uranus is theAstrology, 247:purpose. [247] Through this planet, Uranus, Libra is related also to Aries and Aquarius and it isAstrology, 247:Uranus that the great pair of opposites, Aries-Libra, are brought into touch with each other in aAstrology, 247:making for the attainment of equilibrium in Libra of that which had its beginning in Aries. Aries,Astrology, 247:of that which had its beginning in Aries. Aries, Libra and Aquarius constitute therefore anotherAstrology, 247:of those whose horoscopes are being considered. Libra is related, therefore, to five signs of theAstrology, 247:Venus, Uranus and Saturn. These five, with Libra at the point of balance, create one of theAstrology, 248:upon the above triple relationship - that Libra is the "point of balance" in the zodiac. In most ofAstrology, 248:the influence of the sign of the zodiac. But in Libra there is no such point of crisis any more
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