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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LICENSE

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Astrology, 236:or through physiological inhibition or legalized license; neither will it come through legislation,Autobiography, 180:going to the City Hall one morning, procuring a license, asking the man at the license bureau toAutobiography, 180:procuring a license, asking the man at the license bureau to recommend a clergyman for the marriageDestiny, 25:of enforced obedience or the dangers of selfish license; it is victimized by powerful personalitiesEducation, 105:an almost abnormal reaction to a freedom and a license which are assuming undesirable dimensions.Externalisation, 271:by the masses, who are apt to confound license (personality freedom to do as the lower natureExternalisation, 370:freedom, and the distinction between freedom and license, will have to be carefully taught. A newExternalisation, 450:of those who engineered the revolution; the license of unruly men in the early days gave onlookingExternalisation, 550:all that limits human freedom (I said not license) and fighting to remove those factors andFire, 298:will be a thing of the past, and physical plane license, orgy and horror will be reducedFire, 909:and prevent (through knowledge), the incidental license. This will bring about a refusal toInitiation, 205:normal physical nature, or indulge in an orgy of license under the specious plea of "stimulatingMagic, 327:of rebellion and consequent apparent license. The methods of science, - investigation and analysis,Magic, 330:our present state of world upheaval, of apparent license and disruption. It should not be forgottenMeditation, 160:that finds its expression in violent orgies and license. Under all these heads many points may beProblems, 27:discipline; a freedom which can turn into license and which is interpreted by each individual inPsychology1, 269:and restraint upon women, and an unbridled license on the part of men. Attendant upon thesePsychology1, 269:the legalities and the illegalities, the license and the restraints, have produced points ofPsychology1, 272:their birthright, and through their laxity and license, and through their lack of control, theyPsychology1, 302:intolerance, and regulated appetites instead of license. The two laws I have proclaimed, and thePsychology1, 303:(and this takes time) they act as a brake on license and on selfishness. They may also workPsychology1, 306:condition is frequently the result of excess and license in a previous life, which necessitatesRays, 552:disturbance to be seen everywhere, with the license present in every country and the apparentRays, 572:appearance of fundamental sex [572] problems - license, disturbance in the marriage relation,Rays, 629:which amounts almost to irresponsibility and license, and a growing humanitarian ideology whichRays, 670:to exhaust normal sexual desire by promiscuity, license and perversions, damaging themselves and
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