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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIE

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Magic, 457:germ (the result of male-female interrelation) lie all the potencies and capacities of the finishedMagic, 457:which has been inspired by the Spirit aspect, lie hid the potencies of the finished thought-forms.Magic, 459:and aspirants, who, karmatically or by choice, lie within their radius of influence. Thus theMagic, 478:the lines of subjective communication [478] will lie open. Men will recognize that noise acts as aMagic, 487:Perhaps it is an evil piece of information, a lie or item of gossip. Devitalize it by love, breakMagic, 530:must be remembered that one of the forces which lie back of the entire evolutionary scheme is thatMagic, 551:human being. They account for all that is, and lie back of the law of rebirth. These potencies areMagic, 582:an understanding of the next realizations which lie ahead of the human mind which marks theMeditation, 12:are working definitely under one of the Masters, lie two lives of culmination: - the life ofMeditation, 44:take action, fear not, but forge ahead. A lie is a thing of earth and can be left behind as a thingMeditation, 100:spiritual aims, and unselfish brotherly conduct, lie the fundamentals of protection. If to theseMeditation, 168:by step the various intermediate states that lie between him and his goal. He rises by means ofMeditation, 181:therefore, remembering that those dangers would lie along the line of over-stimulation, of suddenMeditation, 236:of Israel when he said "The leopard shall lie down with the lamb" or that "the desert shall blossomMeditation, 245:and the major part of these types of trouble, lie far ahead for the race, and therefore littleMeditation, 250:can bring about cohesion; in these two thoughts lie hid the next step ahead for the science of theMeditation, 320:the Head of the school will the final verdict lie as to whether a pupil may enter or not. That wordPatanjali, 36:will reveal. He gets a perception of what may lie back of the words found in a later sutra asPatanjali, 160:to the entire science of yoga. Certain thoughts lie hid in its formulation which cover the wholePatanjali, 174:group and in his environment), what he seeks may lie. He awakens to a sense of responsibility toPatanjali, 190:by a close scrutiny of the causes which lie back of all desires, aspirations and feelings, and thusPatanjali, 386:perception, and in the outward going tendency, lie no real joy or pleasure, and there starts a newPatanjali, 402:ever be realized. Three main thoughts therefore lie involved in this sutra. First, that there arePatanjali, 402:is the right path and that the impulses which lie hidden in the physical [403] vehicle or in theProblems, 5:men and our modern intelligent humanity lie the grounds for an unshaken optimism as to humanProblems, 17:learn to think in terms of and for those who lie beyond her boundaries, or will she continue toProblems, 36:who, with sacrifice, love their fellowmen. Here lie the grounds for optimism and courage on theProblems, 82:a whole. The responsibility for its control must lie in the hands of the men of goodwill. They mustProblems, 90:then consider along what lines a solution may lie. The world today is full of [91] clamoringProblems, 118:love as a factor in the life of our planet may lie very far ahead, but goodwill is a presentPsychology1, xviii:of the active units in the vast happenings that lie ahead, connected with that two-thirds ofPsychology1, xxi:it veiled the truths and principles which lie at the root of the creative process, and in itsPsychology1, 29:just below the surface of our manifested world) lie divine qualities and a purpose which is as farPsychology1, 46:main characteristics of the divine nature, which lie latent behind all the [47] myriad of forms.Psychology1, 122:But the rarer levels of the physical plane lie hid and are, for man, his next field of discovery.Psychology1, 124:In the human control of the etheric levels lie the lessening of fatigue, rapidity of transit, andPsychology1, 157:the steps upon the evolutionary stairway which lie ahead of every aspirant and of every member ofPsychology1, 174:cruelty, and behind the rank materialism, there lie great ideals, - the supply of the need of all,Psychology1, 175:are often ignorant of the impulses which lie back of their work, and are frequently unable toPsychology1, 180:human consciousness of the great concepts which lie back of our evolutionary process, the race isPsychology1, 195:the phenomenal world. There are energies which lie behind the phenomena produced by the activity ofPsychology1, 196:begins to sense some of the beauties that lie unrevealed behind all forms; the awakened disciplePsychology1, 230:and to react divinely to the potencies which lie hidden from him [231] in the custody of the otherPsychology1, 248:be remembered that the roots of human psychology lie hidden in this expression of God. Humanity isPsychology1, 248:sublimation of the animal soul. In these words lie much food for thought. "The twain shall be one."Psychology1, 251:system, the brain, and the five senses which lie behind and which are responsible for them as aPsychology1, 254:the animals, that man's responsibility and work lie, and through the use of these two aspects ofPsychology1, 269:of an agelong wrong attitude to the sex function lie two major evils, or rather two major effectsPsychology1, 278:- so old that their very antiquity gives the lie to the idea that this attitude marks a stepPsychology1, 304:two attitudes embody two mistaken ideas, and lie at the root of much misunderstanding and at thePsychology1, 388:destiny and future functioning of the nations lie hid in the present activity. The readers of thisPsychology1, 388:the incidents of travel cannot be revealed, but lie hid in the racial karma. The time has not yetPsychology1, 401:origins of the present racial world situation lie so far back in the history of mankind that theyPsychology1, 426:system, the brain, and the five senses, which lie behind and which are responsible for them as aPsychology2, 36:is hidden. Only my word goes forth. Around me lie the waters. Can I return from whence I came? IsPsychology2, 164:is therefore great. These seven [164] soul laws lie behind all the various presentations of truthPsychology2, 166:breath divine, sweeps through the garden... Low lie the flowers. Bending, the trees are [167]Psychology2, 214:of this, psychologically speaking, does not lie in the historicity of the facts stated, but in thePsychology2, 216:[216] of man, upon this opportunity. Herein lie both responsibility and the ground for hope. ThePsychology2, 229:difficult matters, and that much presented might lie beyond our immediate concrete understanding.Psychology2, 330:The four stages of man's development which lie behind his active appearance upon the physical planePsychology2, 406:as far as humanity is concerned, either lie far behind in the past, are proceeding at this time, orPsychology2, 406:in the past, are proceeding at this time, or lie ahead in the future. Past Integrations. BetweenPsychology2, 408:no longer represented. They are universal and lie below the threshold of conscious activity and farPsychology2, 414:the body. It is in this region that our problems lie, and it is with this developing consciousnessPsychology2, 416:and this spiritual recognition of divinity lie a large number of lesser cleavages of which manPsychology2, 422:The conflict has begun and two possibilities lie ahead: Eventual acquiescence of a nature whichPsychology2, 431:as the patient grasps the fact that behind him lie points of crisis wherein it can be demonstratedPsychology2, 446:much of the difficulty will be found to lie in this area of expression. In what period of thePsychology2, 464:touch with a world of being and phenomena which lie beyond. I am phrasing this in this manner so asPsychology2, 474:ancient habits of psychic awareness which should lie normally below the threshold of consciousness.Psychology2, 498:unearth the basic determining conditions which lie hidden in the happenings of childhood orPsychology2, 555:the occult student, there are three ideas which lie behind this belief: The fact of the Indweller,Psychology2, 622:condition in those organs of the body which lie below the diaphragm. This should be remembered. ThePsychology2, 661:there must be the explanation of the ideas which lie behind the group and a clear statement ofRays, 30:the trained use of the higher will. It does not lie in purification or in self-discipline or in anyRays, 118:for which we have as yet no words as they lie beyond the scope of human consciousness, beingRays, 123:which I wrote in Letters on Occult Meditation lie far ahead in the distant future. The work of theRays, 128:the gains of victory are so far behind that they lie well below the threshold of consciousness.Rays, 195:all, for in the majority of cases these veils "lie on the earthward side of being and not upon theRays, 195:phrase which, even if true, is misleading, they lie between the subtle inner man, mental andRays, 326:of identification and levels of awareness which lie outside our planetary sphere altogether. TheRays, 367:Kumara. Some gauge of the unfoldments which can lie ahead of humanity will enter the humanRays, 372:these broad generalizations, which in reality lie far beyond our present grasp but which will haveRays, 389:experiences and spiritual undertakings which lie outside my own personal realization. But in spiteRays, 398:of the consciousness of the relationships which lie beyond the aura of our planet; this is, inRays, 457:consciously to build the antahkarana. Behind him lie a long series of existences, the experience ofRays, 595:initiation - far ahead as that initiation may lie for the mass of men. It is unification and aRays, 642:realm and concerns those initiations which lie a long way ahead of mankind. They lie also aRays, 642:which lie a long way ahead of mankind. They lie also a considerable distance on the Path from theRays, 664:at a keener concept of the processes which lie ahead of them. This is particularly true inRays, 703:yet which have reference to experiences which lie far ahead of you upon the Path, will also beRays, 723:or to indicate areas of perception which lie beyond the ken even of a Master. Revelation is aRays, 735:and the techniques of the two higher groups lie beyond your ken; They work in cooperation with theRays, 743:happening in the world today. The two which lie ahead in the not too distant future (but whichRays, 760:The two other spiritual events which I listed lie, as you know, still in the future. They are theReappearance, 34:the beauty and the strength of this Invocation lie in its simplicity and in its expression ofReappearance, 72:senior workers; yet all of these future events lie hid in a certain fundamental decision ofReappearance, 90:In these progressive forces, hope does indeed lie, but they sadly lack skill in action and have tooReappearance, 113:the love and the divine purpose which lie behind all phenomenal experience. The establishing of
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