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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIES

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Discipleship1, 555:and deepest moments) is the next step which lies immediately ahead of you. As a soul, functioningDiscipleship1, 563:you learn must be related to service. Therein lies your particular lesson. You have equipment; youDiscipleship1, 563:it will suffice. Release the hidden beauty which lies in real self-forgetfulness, [564] and letDiscipleship1, 570:comfort. The way of considered unselfishness lies open to you - a way you never yet have gone. ByDiscipleship1, 571:and of wonder which is your real contribution lies as yet deeply hidden; only a close attention toDiscipleship1, 573:intelligently as possible. The secret of success lies for you, in an effort to shift your focus ofDiscipleship1, 574:know, and to that I may refer. As far as in you lies, stand firmly in your endeavor to aid the NewDiscipleship1, 575:of all to point out to you where your major risk lies and I use the word "risk" with intention. YouDiscipleship1, 578:you faced, as usual, with courage. The past lies behind you and though I looked at you with anxietyDiscipleship1, 582:astral body is upon the sixth ray and here again lies for you a problem. Upon it I need notDiscipleship1, 585:with the questions) has this been so? Wherein lies your difficulty - a difficulty you can now faceDiscipleship1, 586:soul are pouring in on you. [586] The difficulty lies in the fact that you have a first rayDiscipleship1, 590:with quietude. The question of where your work lies is a matter for your own decision. Discipleship1, 593:own resources. This stage of stabilization now lies behind you and in time to come you mustDiscipleship1, 594:I speak. The period of strain and stress now lies behind you. Your place in my inner group isDiscipleship1, 595:life of the group; exoterically speaking, it lies in conference (with any of my disciples whom youDiscipleship1, 604:me no concern. It is your life technique that lies at the root of all the difficulty. It isDiscipleship1, 613:you. The indication that what I say is true, lies in two basic facts: First, your deep unhappinessDiscipleship1, 616:said so much during the past years. Your place lies open. Forget it not. Time may enable you toDiscipleship1, 616:may see a return to old karmic relationships. It lies with you. You will learn most now by handlingDiscipleship1, 618:that which has been undertaken. Avoid that which lies outside the periphery of the work, regardingDiscipleship1, 624:to be magnetic and in that word "magnetic" lies the goal of your personality experience. The firstDiscipleship1, 639:rays are the same as those of P. G. C. Wherein lies the difference between you, for differenceDiscipleship1, 647:will find the least resistance; there also lies the need for watchful supervision. This I think youDiscipleship1, 648:no new indicative reference because the matter lies between yourself and me. Give expression to theDiscipleship1, 655:my analysis is justified, and whether truth lies behind what I have written. Thus you can be helpedDiscipleship1, 667:expression through your astral body. There lies for you the line of least resistance. ThisDiscipleship1, 685:the World; it is his Ashram. In this statement lies the enunciation of a relatively new truth asDiscipleship1, 687:of something once sensed and seen? Here lies the crux of the problem. Let me explain. The vision isDiscipleship1, 689:are not yet Masters; the fourth initiation still lies ahead for them but their own imperfectionsDiscipleship1, 692:which they are affiliated in service. Herein lies responsibility. The clue to supply is personalityDiscipleship1, 696:power and size of any Ashram. [696] This lies entirely in the hands of the group. Every new personDiscipleship1, 696:The work of integration and of absorption lies with the Ashram and not with the individual. This isDiscipleship1, 701:whilst aspiring to soul consciousness. Herein lies their usefulness from the Master's point of viewDiscipleship1, 701:from the Master's point of view and herein lies their difficulty and - at times - their failure.Discipleship1, 716:of people (as I have several times pointed out) lies far behind. All true aspirants have taken theDiscipleship1, 717:a humanitarian consciousness, the first stage lies far behind. Many people today are "acceptedDiscipleship1, 717:of "isolated individuality" and "isolated unity" lies one to which the name of "isolated identity"Discipleship1, 730:terms of his contribution to the whole. Therein lies the secret of the inevitable and theDiscipleship1, 730:the intensest activity. The destiny of the world lies in the hands of their three groups ofDiscipleship1, 737:of these two experiences and the need to do so lies behind much of the work being done by disciplesDiscipleship1, 743:Ashram * The Disciple An extension of this idea lies behind much that I have taught anent the WesakDiscipleship1, 746:This whole concept of the chela on the thread lies behind the distorted teaching about theDiscipleship1, 759:and the Master's sphere of influence the Plan lies open before him. I would point out that this isDiscipleship1, 760:the uses of distinction and of synthesis. Herein lies a potent occult hint of special use toDiscipleship1, 761:you of this. The gauge of a disciple's capacity lies in his influence - through pen, word of mouth,Discipleship1, 766:expand his consciousness to include that which lies beyond himself, to attain to the more elevatedDiscipleship2, XIII:polarized and the group polarization lies ahead. I have given much thought to what I have enjoinedDiscipleship2, 11:[11] The limitation to the imparted truth lies on your side and not on mine. Second, I must isolateDiscipleship2, 57:fusion and releases something from "that which lies above to that which lies below," speaking inDiscipleship2, 57:from "that which lies above to that which lies below," speaking in the words of symbolism. It willDiscipleship2, 62:existence. In this Great judgment all decision lies in the conclusive thinking of Sanat Kumara. ItDiscipleship2, 65:though that is the sphere wherein their work lies; there is nothing within them to react to theseDiscipleship2, 83:The extent of my connection with the School lies in the fact [84] that I outlined for her theDiscipleship2, 84:who will continue to assume, as far as in them lies, the direction of the work, in consultationDiscipleship2, 85:things as all of [85] you see them, and in that lies the hope of the work's persistence, for mostDiscipleship2, 90:ask the following questions: Wherein lies the fault, and was there error in the choices I made?Discipleship2, 91:to move closer, if the capacity for such a step lies in him. The fact of karmic relationship. ManyDiscipleship2, 115:for initiation) are [115] told. This truth lies behind the method of meditation which I shall seekDiscipleship2, 115:of the hitherto quiescent point of force which lies behind (or rather within) the active andDiscipleship2, 128:and all from the group angle. Therein lies its value. The so-called informative aspect of theseDiscipleship2, 131:off your brother's instructions. Your duty lies in the daily releasing of steady illumined love,Discipleship2, 159:we call the race of men." Here and here alone lies the promise of the future and its hope andDiscipleship2, 167:the beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity, and in its expression ofDiscipleship2, 187:does not concern the disciple. His work lies primarily with the advanced, pioneering thinker andDiscipleship2, 192:the process of demonstrating - as far as in him lies and his degree of discipleship permits - theDiscipleship2, 208:and also between our planet and that which lies behind and beyond it and with which our planetaryDiscipleship2, 209:in latency and sometimes in potency. Here lies the clue to the entire mystery of divine guidance,Discipleship2, 212:material benefits, longing for that which lies beyond their present possession and their presentDiscipleship2, 214:of creative work, because their meditation lies on too high a level for your consideration. But theDiscipleship2, 214:Hierarchy and by the New Group of World Servers lies within your range of understanding; manyDiscipleship2, The fu:are invocative of Shamballa or of that which lies beyond the Nirmanakayas and can only be safelyDiscipleship2, 220:and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity. This is largely under theDiscipleship2, 224:of the planet penetrates into that which lies beyond the planet and is fused and blended in a solarDiscipleship2, 234:on this statement. That is spiritual which lies beyond the point of present achievement; it is thatDiscipleship2, 235:he stands, where his meditative responsibility lies and in what field destiny indicates his serviceDiscipleship2, 238:enunciation of truth that security for all men lies. This necessarily involves a deeply spiritualDiscipleship2, 238:both connections the incentive towards activity lies with the individual and there is no imposingDiscipleship2, 249:the world war (1914-1945), and in this formula lies the significance lying behind the "fight forDiscipleship2, 265:appears in various guises. Behind all the ideas lies the concept of seeing, of a Seeing One,Discipleship2, 266:considered, and how the key to understanding lies in conscious identification with all three, bothDiscipleship2, 272:to understand more than that a great possibility lies ahead. Of the nature of this possibility onlyDiscipleship2, 274:always that the clue to comprehension lies in the recognition of a "higher Way," of the existenceDiscipleship2, 277:Kumara. But it is not so. Why is this? What idea lies behind my flat statement? The disciples ofDiscipleship2, 280:abstract thoughts and intuitive ideas. Here lies the crux of his problem. Ideas are other thanDiscipleship2, 286:that of impulsive love and its activity. Here lies a basic distinction. Sacrifice must not beDiscipleship2, 292:human evolution wherein he learnt first to "see" lies far behind, but when man saw and could focusDiscipleship2, 300:and for devotion to his objective. But all that lies far behind the true modern disciple. Today,Discipleship2, 303:A key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its with the idea of direction inDiscipleship2, 304:aspect, and that a subtle geometrical form lies behind the exoteric manifestation. These formsDiscipleship2, 305:to describe or to make it live before you. There lies before the investigator a square or oblong,Discipleship2, 316:of initiation. This true significance lies still behind the curtain of that which veils theDiscipleship2, 317:of economic sharing; and, my brothers, in this lies the sole hope of the world. Every initiation toDiscipleship2, 317:mine, between the past and the present readiness lies in the fact that in the past this readinessDiscipleship2, 320:A key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its with the idea of direction inDiscipleship2, 321:The clue to rightly orienting your thinking lies in the realization of the threefold aspect of theDiscipleship2, 338:his goal and with the recognition of that which lies at the heart of all high spiritual adventure.Discipleship2, 338:to visions and always in terms of that which lies ahead, of that which is deeply desired; theDiscipleship2, 339:that which has been attained and of that which lies ahead to be attained. A recognition of theDiscipleship2, 339:physical event. Behind this definition, however, lies a real or true time of which the initiate
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