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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIES

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Externalisation, 71:is seldom what men think it is, for the source lies in the realm of energies and forces. As IExternalisation, 101:with vision that much of the group difficulty lies. Let me be specific and illustrate. I, yourExternalisation, 103:to shift the focus of attention to that which lies below the surface. This refers, in the case ofExternalisation, 107:It embodies in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of the moment. It is the WillExternalisation, 112:of the conflict or its indefinite extension lies in the keeping of [113] humanity itself; men mustExternalisation, 117:active at this time, and in their activity lies the hope of humanity. Externalisation, 119:Law of Evolution and the Law of Rebirth. Here lies the prime initiating cause of what is takingExternalisation, 131:as that in the other groups, but the difference lies in the factors of personality and the mode ofExternalisation, 138:implications and the correspondences. Where then lies the solution? What must be done to arrest theExternalisation, 138:a triumph for the Forces of Light and in it lies the hope of the future. It is here, however, thatExternalisation, 140:any real satisfaction. But a renewed opportunity lies in front of you and it is of a practicalExternalisation, 152:and most unhappy world karma. Wherein then lies the distinction between the pain and suffering ofExternalisation, 167:keynote at this time and in this recognition lies much to justify the sorry story of pastExternalisation, 173:confidence in the law and in the Hierarchy which lies behind the Biblical words, "The joy of theExternalisation, 179:in. The greatest good of the greatest number lies today in the release of the nations from theExternalisation, 186:some realization of divine responsibility lies behind the philanthropy, the educational systems,Externalisation, 186:which accompany man's progress through the ages lies this major factor - an ancient persistentExternalisation, 187:these points, and it is this recognition which lies behind the constant aid of the United States.Externalisation, 189:which Hitler is preparing to enforce, and what lies ahead of humanity if the Axis powers triumph.Externalisation, 202:to God, and that the hope of ultimate glory lies hid in the Christ-consciousness. Therefore, in theExternalisation, 208:[208] Since 1914 they have been told only lies. The future new world order will inaugurate an eraExternalisation, 208:for good and for constructive changes lies ahead. The future must be developed by all nations inExternalisation, 217:defined. The second stage of their task now lies ahead, and that is so to stimulate the vision ofExternalisation, 220:for the future, nevertheless, still lies in his hands. This shouldering of right responsibilityExternalisation, 236:and that the spiritual future of humanity lies in the cherished land of liberty. Liberty is a thingExternalisation, 245:any results of right and positive action. Fear lies behind much of the dissenting attitudes today,Externalisation, 247:them you must act. The work of reconstruction lies in the future. The demand today is for theExternalisation, 264:and prayers in the many Christian countries, lies a subtle, deep seated conviction that the returnExternalisation, 264:theological idealism, some form of this belief lies behind the cry of the millions. Will thisExternalisation, 265:can work in this manner, and herein lies a difficulty. Those people today who work only mentally orExternalisation, 269:foundations of the world," and in this statement lies a profound astrological truth. It refers toExternalisation, 270:the planet, and the "place where the will of God lies hidden" (called in the ancient scripturesExternalisation, 291:What, my brothers, next? Another transcendence lies ahead. It is one of the things which the comingExternalisation, 295:departs to his [295] own place; the Path ahead lies clear; the disciple can move forward withExternalisation, 302:of vast groups of people upon the planet today lies heavy upon the heart of the Hierarchy. But toExternalisation, 312:the doubting and the tortured. In His appearance lies hope, and history testifies that it hasExternalisation, 323:Some of this work was started in 1934. Much lies ahead, demanding attention, and will have to beExternalisation, 342:use of the will. The secret of the will lies in the recognition of the divine nature of man. OnlyExternalisation, 343:for right usage, but the power to express it lies in its understanding (as far as may be possibleExternalisation, 349:I said "to make possible," for the working out lies in the hands of the new group of world serversExternalisation, 352:and the nature of the human problem. The rest lies in your hands. Even if the work done is entirelyExternalisation, 355:simpler and, because of this, world direction lies largely in their hands at this time. It is rightExternalisation, 370:human beings will determine, as far as in them lies, their own destiny and men will exercise theirExternalisation, 371:right the evil they have done, as far as in them lies, but the next generation - at present in theExternalisation, 374:must end and that the hope of the world lies in the spread of right human relations, in economicExternalisation, 380:The first step in the rebuilding process which lies ahead of us is to reach the individual, showExternalisation, 392:response. Much of this task of unification lies in the hands of two groups: the planetary HierarchyExternalisation, 400:have you use, with all the power which in you lies, the creative imagination as you endeavor to doExternalisation, 403:alive and oft canonized after death. Their glory lies in the fact that they testify to the progressExternalisation, 424:the Forces of Light work only with men's souls. Lies, false teaching, evil propaganda, a war ofExternalisation, 425:violence, coercion, cruelty, hate, terror and lies; they aim to subjugate the human consciousnessExternalisation, 432:of the mind principle, to react to truth or to lies; the mystery of this reaction is hidden in theExternalisation, 433:so far as you and the rest of mankind react to lies or to truth. Two streams of mental energy or ofExternalisation, 457:years. Great danger to the future of the race lies in these two tendencies; the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 467:nations and world groups. On their shoulders lies the responsibility to take wise action, based onExternalisation, 469:and so aid in the work of reconstruction which lies ahead. They cannot stop this work, but theExternalisation, 480:the future. The significance of this statement lies in the fact that telepathically and with theExternalisation, 498:an entirely new economic world structure. It lies in the hands of the United Nations to protectExternalisation, 500:for the goodwill work. The future of the world lies in the hands of the men of goodwill and inExternalisation, 509:In the human control of etheric levels lies the overcoming of fatigue and the power to transcendExternalisation, 511:coming advanced occultists. In its ceremonials lies hid the wielding of the forces connected withExternalisation, 516:the world that the ancient power to heal still lies in the hands of those who consistently followExternalisation, 518:battle from a secure eminence. In Their security lies your ultimate success, for They hold in TheirExternalisation, 518:is the fact that in the destruction of the form lies hid the secret of all evolutionary growth.Externalisation, 541:divine Purpose - the Purpose which as you know lies behind and implements the Plan; this Ashram,Externalisation, 543:all humanity waits. It is this revelation which lies behind all the activities which now engrossExternalisation, 546:the masses want essentially, and is oft what lies behind the things which they do and the plansExternalisation, 557:and will supersede the old unhappy world that lies immediately behind us. I have chosen to speak toExternalisation, 578:under the direction of the Master M. Their work lies in the field of right human relations and inExternalisation, 584:the orientation of man's thinking, and therein lies its major value. It is not indicative of a newExternalisation, 588:and their love of the spectacular - there lies a true belief and a real humanitarian desire.Externalisation, 595:make possible. The basis for this recognition lies in the deep seated conviction, innate in theExternalisation, 608:are preparing to work with Him as far as in them lies. It is a different world to which He is nowExternalisation, 612:the remainder of your life activity. Herein lies your challenge. What I have to say is of aExternalisation, 627:where it will be rightly used? The answer lies within these people themselves. [628] There are twoExternalisation, 629:with the organizing of the money and work; it lies with the seeming inability of people to give.Externalisation, 646:upon man's aspirations. [646] The proof of this lies in the fact that much of this type of energyExternalisation, 649:for the masses is the selfish impulse, and there lies the major point of attack by the Forces ofExternalisation, 651:can think, who can influence, and in whose hands lies the responsibility for what the masses belowExternalisation, 655:governing, via the solar plexus center, all that lies below the diaphragm in the human vehicle ofExternalisation, 657:years - express itself. Here, consequently, lies the fundamental problem confronting the Hierarchy,Externalisation, 658:vitalizing of the new world religion. This theme lies at the root of all that is new:Externalisation, 665:the major third ray Ashram, just as my Ashram lies within the ring-pass-not of the Ashram of theExternalisation, 665:of this potent labor group in every land lies the foundation of the new civilization. [666] TheExternalisation, 666:world is full of such men and women, and in them lies the dominant hope of the future. Fire, 38:shete, in everything, is Shiva. Shiva sleeps, lies hidden, in all and everything as the nexus, theFire, 44:the other two fires) as a duality, though what lies hidden in a later cycle, evolution alone willFire, 63:internal Fire. His is the fire essence that lies at the heart of the Sun, of the planet, and ofFire, 78:First. In the study of the etheric body lies hid (for scientists and those of the medicalFire, 78:In the study of the etheric body and prana lies the revelation of the effects of those rays of theFire, 88:and a recognition that the correspondence lies in quality and method more than in detailedFire, 90:evolved than man himself. Unprotected man lies at their mercy, and in this lack of protection, andFire, 93:upon a hidden mystery, of which the solution lies revealed for those who seek, in the fact thatFire, 93:sets in. The reason for this removal lies in the cosmic Law of Cause and Effect, or cosmic karma,Fire, 97:the second is that part of the large oval which lies on our left hand - the stream which descendsFire, 102:with latent fire will be accomplished. Here lies [103] the reason for the emphasis laid on theFire, 104:will be found likewise in the Macrocosm. Herein lies the knowledge that oft-times explains theFire, 108:prana, and in its correct distribution, lies the secret of fertility and equable vegetation. MuchFire, 109:than the purely human. In the human kingdom lies the key, but the turning of that key opens up aFire, 112:in this chain which is offered for consideration lies in the fact that the four rays of mind (which
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