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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIES

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Fire, 632:work for the most part consciously. Herein lies a hint as to the stage of evolution of our Logos.Fire, 634:who is interested in the physiological key lies in the relationship between the two great groups ofFire, 640:with the fire department in any city. The time lies far ahead as yet, but it will surely come, whenFire, 641:hylozoistic aspect of manifestation. The reason lies in the fact that exoteric science is slowly,Fire, 641:manifestation. In their slowness of discovery lies safety. It is not wise nor right yet for theFire, 646:of one or other of the planets. In this fact lies the ability of man eventually - through theFire, 648:basic centers, wherein the [648] kundalini fire lies hidden, are found in the following Existences,Fire, 649:planet, and likewise the hope for our planet, lies in this very fact. The etheric center of ourFire, 649:of human endeavor. The direction of the force lies here, and not until the next round (whenFire, 649:seen in the world (especially along sex lines) lies in the fact that those units of the humanFire, 650:Human evolution. Logoic dense physical. In this lies much of interest for the student as it makesFire, 660:deva substance. A hint as to the truth lies in the fact that at present the astral body of man isFire, 662:to know the meaning of the essential unity which lies at the heart of Being, and to comprehend theFire, 666:process and sees colors and hears sounds. A hint lies here as to the necessity for symbols, forFire, 672:ten, the seven, the three and the point." Herein lies the key to the mystic marriage, and to theFire, 673:our planetary Logos, and with His history as it lies hidden in the astral light. It concerns thatFire, 683:and the contact between the two realized. Herein lies a hint which will serve a purpose if ponderedFire, 710:the physical permanent atom. The Spirit aspect lies concealed at the heart of the lotus, in dueFire, 710:in the nine petals and their vibratory capacity lies hid all opportunity, all innate capacity toFire, 712:hopefulness and optimism, and all future success lies hid in these two points. As we have seen, theFire, 715:happening may be looked for, and the time lies immediately ahead. It had its beginning in theFire, 720:lower nature. In the first, the correspondence lies in the latent consciousness of matter, andFire, 721:of the third Fire in an earlier system. A hint lies here for the wise student anent present evil onFire, 724:esoteric matters, and the value of what is said lies largely in the bringing to the mind of theFire, 727:on this matter. "The mystery of the goat" lies hidden here. This avatar makes His appearance in theFire, 737:shares in the group realization, and therein lies bliss for the unit. Separation is no longer felt,Fire, 738:in the two Halls. The mystery of all root races lies here, and the egoic cycles coincide with theFire, 740:the third major Ray. The time is not yet, but lies countless aeons ahead. It is the firstFire, 749:convey a hint as to the true meaning. Therein lies safety for the student, for the realFire, 762:fire resembling the glowing red wick which lies at the base of the higher flame. These three typesFire, 766:the Law of Economy, and though the will aspect lies back of the process, yet for a long time it isFire, 777:and not the individual, is concerned, their work lies along the line of adjusting the egoic unitsFire, 777:representing a triplicity of force, and herein lies a hint. In the central list of schemes theFire, 783:to provide vehicles for man; the reason for this lies hid in the karma of the seven Logoi, as TheyFire, 795:8:22.) A further factor in cyclic computation lies in the effect of the following stars andFire, 801:is even more abstract and incomprehensible. It lies hidden - not in the seven constellations - butFire, 807:to disclose at the right moment that which lies hidden. It covers the period of the evolution ofFire, 825:sacrifice. In these three circles of petals lies concealed another clue to the mystery of the 777Fire, 832:three types of force, or energy, and therein lies the distinction between his work and that of theFire, 835:a similar state. The true mystery of evil 65 lies here, and the true reality of the "War in Heaven"Fire, 845:objectivity. The mystery of the whole subject lies hidden in three things: First, the fact that ourFire, 847:begin to realize the strangeness of that which lies beyond his ken. Fire, 849:to the careful student that in this fact lies the true relationship between the various groups ofFire, 851:transference. Exactly the same understanding lies back of the coming in of egos from the innerFire, 859:petals in each case, while in the figure eight lies hidden the idea of duality: [860] The four ofFire, 871:apparent to the careful reader that in this fact lies hid the secret of why the Mahachohan holdsFire, 871:an entire world period. The key to these cycles lies hid in the following thoughts: the BodhisattvaFire, 887:be seen demonstrating the "Son of God." Herein lies the essential duality of all manifestation;Fire, 893:assume a new importance. The secret of life lies hidden in the serpent stage, - not the life of theFire, 895:place that birds play in the mysteries. Herein lies for him the clue. He must remember likewise theFire, 902:their essential nature) respond to that "which lies above more than that which lies below," whichFire, 902:to that "which lies above more than that which lies below," which is only an occult way ofFire, 906:only occult method which can be hinted at here, lies in the recognition of the three higher planes,Fire, 913:For the violet devas the path of attainment lies through feeling, and through educating the race inFire, 913:of the sacred spots of the earth; in their work lies the safety of man's body, for from theFire, 913:body. For the white devas the path of service lies in the guarding of the individuals of the humanFire, 913:the service of humanity in some form or another lies attainment for these physical plane devas.Fire, 918:and this is why the etheric body which lies back of all that is visible is the most important. ThisFire, 930:that the true magician can be seen. Herein too lies one of the distinctions to be found betweenFire, 949:interest to the careful student of analogy. Here lies the clue to the present problem of evil, andFire, 985:of Darkness occupies himself with that which lies outside the plans of the Hierarchy and with thatFire, 989:carefully between planetary and cosmic evil) lies hid in the individual life cycles and in theFire, 989:of "the imperfect Gods," and in these words lies the key to planetary evil. Second. It mightFire, 990:relation, at present lacking perfect adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmic evil as it makesFire, 990:greater cycle. Cyclic evil, or tertiary evil, lies hid in the relation between the globes in anyFire, 994:danger which menaces the unwary student of magic lies in the fact that when he tampers with theseFire, 996:seeking vibration synchronous from that which lies beneath. And yet it cometh not." Fire, 1085:liberated Dhyan Chohan the mystery of that which lies beyond his own solar Ring-Pass-Not is hid.Fire, 1088:in an earlier solar system; the clue to this lies in the consideration of the manasic or mindFire, 1089:covering the period of three solar systems, lies hid the mystery of monadic self-will, and theFire, 1090:of their being, and the solution of the mystery lies in that which is to come. If the student willFire, 1114:play upon the central tier of petals. Herein lies a hint to the wise student, and a clue to theFire, 1128:on earth in order to express that which lies hidden, and to make his energy felt in the group andFire, 1141:of the plan. 22 Symbols. "In a symbol lies concealment or revelation." - Carlyle. Symbols areFire, 1159:form, its lowest point. Another hint of interest lies in the fact that there exist between theseFire, 1162:lotuses 24 or wheels, at the center of which lies hidden that central cosmic Life, we call aFire, 1171:purpose. It acts as a veil for that which lies behind, and is therefore [1172] attracted to theFire, 1204:and planetary Kundalini, or serpent fire. A hint lies in the fact that the constellation of theFire, 1204:of the manifesting fires. A clue to the mystery lies also in the relation of this fifth group toFire, 1208:difficulty for the student of divine psychology lies. The whole subject concerns the [1209] psyche,Fire, 1231:the following words: "The secret of the Fire lies hid in the second letter of the Sacred Word. TheFire, 1232:does he become aware of that greater Jewel which lies hidden at the heart of solar manifestation.Fire, 1232:for us to seek for terms to express that which lies safely hidden behind all ideas and all thought,Fire, 1234:of objectivity, and as stated above, an idea lies behind every form without exception and no matterFire, 1235:thought. 3. The spiritual meaning is that which lies behind the subjective sense and which isFire, 1236:that behind all subjective phenomena there lies an essentially spiritual incentive. This incentive,Fire, 1240:which any light can be thrown upon the mystery lies in the consideration of those seven cosmicFire, 1244:they are primarily concerned with that which lies outside the manifested forms, with the trueFire, 1245:"luminosity," and it is this basic quality which lies behind the injunction given by all spiritualFire, 1251:is easily to be seen: The burning-ground which lies between the Hall of Ignorance, and the Hall ofFire, 1251:The burning-ground of the dead personality which lies between the Hall of Learning and the Hall ofFire, 1259:Monads seek this particular stream of energy lies in the right understanding of the aboveFire, 1259:the majority of the sons of men follow this Path lies in the fact of its numerical position. TheseFire, 1262:serves only as a blind for a constellation which lies behind, - a constellation which exists onlyFire, 1265:EYE. In the physical plane structure of the eye lies hid the secret and in its study may come someFire, 1274:too retreats within the unknown place where fire lies hidden. The serpent stretches forth inert.Glamour, 8:and to contact that vibrant something which lies behind that aggregate of line, color and form ofGlamour, 13:to contact or involve the soul or ego. Herein lies the distinction between this second stage ofGlamour, 21:you a clue to the truth. The Problem of Illusion lies in the fact that it is a soul activity, andGlamour, 22:will convey meaning to your minds? The cause lies far back in the consciousness of the "imperfect
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