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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIES

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Magic, 42:The head. The upper torso, or that part which lies above the diaphragm. The lower torso, or thatMagic, 47:cosmic influences. The anima mundi is that which lies back of the web of life. The latter is butMagic, 64:the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulse lies back of the activities of a morning meditation,Magic, 71:of the threefold personality. Herein lies the correspondence to the macrocosm as it is symbolizedMagic, 74:Throat Center - Sacral Center In the above lies a hint for the more advanced student (and he is theMagic, 77:body of the environing system. Note that in this lies the basis for a belief in immortality, forMagic, 77:involved has made small progress as yet. Wherein lies the hindrance? It may be of value if we studyMagic, 78:of occultism and their practical application lies in the fact of the comparative newness of theMagic, 85:adherence to the highest known form of truth lies the path of further revelation. A realizationMagic, 85:attempt to make the mind receptive, for herein lies the clue to right action). The soul's work inMagic, 99:increasingly in the mineral kingdom. In this lies a hint of the nature of the process that will setMagic, 114:in the past will reap its heavy karma, but it lies in the hands of you all now to transmute the oldMagic, 114:one of which is secondary. The difficulty lies in the fact that (both being principles) both areMagic, 121:physical and emotional means are employed. There lies in this thought a profoundly necessaryMagic, 127:set phrase composing the word of power. Herein lies the problem - to sound these two notesMagic, 127:synchronously and with the mind focused. Herein lies a clue to the significance of the AUM or 0M.Magic, 128:ascertain the true position. This question lies between a man's soul and himself. Magic, 129:be your strength, and wherein the only safeguard lies in a close searching of all underlyingMagic, 136:intuitive perception in the past and this fault lies primarily among the mystics of the world andMagic, 148:It exists in embryo, and the secret of its use lies in the attitude of the brain to the functionsMagic, 149:becomes an esoteric habit, and in this thought lies hid the secret of esoteric psychology. The manMagic, 151:that the aspirant must seize opportunity. Herein lies a hint. Then comes the process of exhalation.Magic, 160:simultaneously. The second cause of failure lies in his neglecting to consider the condition of theMagic, 164:serve his purpose and express his ideal. Herein lies the secret of all successful cooperation withMagic, 176:of the great fabric of truth, but all that lies hidden behind is occult to your three dimensionalMagic, 184:vision, correct perception and right contact lies in the proper appreciation of the aboveMagic, 196:the head center to the base of the spine, where lies the sleeping fire, will not be consideredMagic, 211:the key to the situation depicted in the rule lies in the word contemplation found in the precedingMagic, 225:to the human unit, the secret of liberation lies in the balancing of the forces and theMagic, 229:books that "narrow razor-edged Path" which lies between the two. This is the "noble middle Path" ofMagic, 230:methods of service. For the initiate it oft lies betwixt spiritual advancement and the arduous workMagic, 231:and tired, yet knowing that triumphant victory lies ahead, for the soul is omnipotent. AcceptedMagic, 248:the soul. The fundamental secret of the cycles lies in this withdrawal and the subsequentMagic, 250:administered. When the center of direction lies below the diaphragm there is no magic possible. TheMagic, 262:changes, and in this changing of vibration lies hid the secret of form-shattering andMagic, 274:utterly unable to conceive of its trend, for it lies beyond mind and love and will. It brings intoMagic, 279:of a creative thinker. The secret of all beauty lies in the right functioning of these cycles. TheMagic, 279:The secret of all success on the physical plane lies in right understanding of law and of order.Magic, 281:for its creation, its maintenance and its use, lies, we know, the soul. Back of all activity forMagic, 287:center, the center between the eyebrows. A hint lies in the words 'Let the Mother know the Father'.Magic, 290:in other or the same kingdoms in nature. Here lies the secret of all scientific and occult healing.Magic, 293:and how they act and react on the man. There lies his battleground and there also lies his field ofMagic, 293:man. There lies his battleground and there also lies his field of victory. To begin with, it isMagic, 294:widening contacts and realizations. Here also lies the safeguard for the majority of human beings,Magic, 296:Metaphorically speaking, the experience that lies ahead upon the Path is covered in the followingMagic, 298:in the correct way he could eliminate fear. It lies in what is called cosmic Evil - a high soundingMagic, 322:for us to concern ourselves with that which lies far ahead of the race. Immediate problems call forMagic, 322:in its little sphere of influence. Therein lies for all aspirants at this time the peculiar effortMagic, 328:to the older generation and the hope for them lies in their devotion and the fact that evolutionMagic, 341:in the sensed incapacity to do so adequately, lies one cause of the sense of discouragement. ThisMagic, 342:mental equilibrium must be achieved. The cure lies in the realization that time, eternity,Magic, 342:of that great factor, Time. A third cause lies in more occult realms, and is due to the balancingMagic, 343:in cultivating a violent counter vibration. It lies in the wise use of the mental body, and in aMagic, 343:and to see the cause of the conditions, which lies either in your own personality or in yourMagic, 343:environment. Thus poise will be attained. It lies also in the appreciation of Time as a solvent asMagic, 343:of Time as a solvent as aforesaid. It lies also in the stilling of the concrete mind and aMagic, 344:influence. A real problem, as you all realize, lies in the achieving of utter fearlessness. AllMagic, 347:and the necessity great. The reason for caution lies in the etheric vehicle, which responds mostMagic, 351:This produces in his mind a formulation of what lies ahead to be grasped and is the first stepMagic, 352:life enters and the form becomes alive. Herein lies the difference between theory and making thatMagic, 362:of the form aspect here. The reason for this lies back on the cosmic planes, whereon the planetaryMagic, 367:the high places a touch of the ideal plan as it lies latent in the mind of the Logos. As menMagic, 367:little men see is astounding!) in your hands lies the opportunity to bring down to the mental planeMagic, 369:before you all - and not so very far ahead it lies. So work, not for joy but towards it; not forMagic, 371:battle from a secure eminence. In our security lies your ultimate success, for we hold in our handsMagic, 371:statement, that in the destruction of the form lies hid the secret of all evolution. Think not thisMagic, 372:which we are considering. Its importance also lies in other directions: Being of physical planeMagic, 372:In the purification, therefore, of this body lies the secret of a sweeter and saner humanity.Magic, 373:of the earth, the crux of the whole situation lies in the fact that the five rays at this time haveMagic, 377:with us. The work (impulsive and controlling) lies now in the hands of three groups of lives, if itMagic, 392:a result of past world periods and experience - lies below the threshold of the divineMagic, 393:where words are necessarily almost worthless!) lies in realms of awareness beyond ourMagic, 393:ken as the awareness of a Master of the Wisdom lies beyond the ken of an ant or a mouse. It isMagic, 393:or awareness of the indwelling self; there lies then the utilization of that personality, and itsMagic, 404:speed, towards Their objective, but - and herein lies the immediate interest of what I have toMagic, 424:development of the individual disciple. What lies ahead in the immediate future for the group?Magic, 428:help more adequately? - that and more than that lies ahead of all of you who hear the call andMagic, 429:secret of identification is still withheld. It lies in the custody of a few in this integratingMagic, 432:of terminological clarity) has an origin which lies outside the solar system altogether; his lifeMagic, 432:life is focused in the planet; his consciousness lies in realms beyond the concept of the highestMagic, 436:In the body with which man [436] is equipped lies hid the secret of past experience, and everyMagic, 463:be forgotten however that the mystery of causes lies hid in past universes - all, in their day, theMagic, 465:environing circumstances. In this realization lies hid the secret of racial and national karma andMagic, 474:they bring; when spoken and then registered as lies, they strengthen that illusory world in whichMagic, 474:be sweet and kind and good as far as in thee lies. Keep silence and the light will enter in. SpeakMagic, 486:in physical plane occurrence, and therein lies the difficulty. The inner facts of the occult life,Magic, 492:which is embodied in his thought-form. His work lies in the world of ideas and not in physicalMagic, 498:use of the five physical senses of perception lies necessarily out of his reach. It is useful toMagic, 500:persistence as an idea in the minds of men lies sure indication. But indication will give place toMagic, 531:limitation and unrealized form-taking lies entirely in the realm of consciousness. Some lives areMagic, 531:prisoners and know it not. The clue to suffering lies right here in the realm of mind. Pain andMagic, 542:which I experience in elucidating these rules lies in the fact that it is today more easy to proveMagic, 542:of humanity, it remains unrecognized. That which lies closest to us and in our immediate foregroundMagic, 543:our being, and yet, they fail to see that which lies immediately before them. These threeMagic, 549:up and rise again: I come and go at will. Earth lies beneath my feet and water laves my form. TheMagic, 551:produce precipitation. In those three words lies the entire story. They sum up the history of theMagic, 556:as he endeavors to become a creative thinker, lies along analogous lines. His creative work will beMagic, 567:good plans fail to materialize and the reason lies right here. A plan is, after all, an idea letMagic, 591:spine, commonly called the kundalini fire, which lies quiescent, latent and potential in the lowestMagic, 592:the eyebrows) from the head center, for it lies behind that center in the forehead, and at the same
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