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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIES

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Rays, 177:of realization which enables Him to fathom what lies behind the Plan for which the Hierarchy hasRays, 190:within the veil exists. Find it and see. A path lies through the veils, giving access to theRays, 195:vision. They prevent realization of that which lies beyond the room or area of average or mediocreRays, 196:Christ and the uniqueness of His accomplishment lies in the fact that He was the first to bringRays, 196:veil, the Veil of Separation, and beyond it lies the Hall of Blinded Men - blinded by light butRays, 202:of opposites, and towards the knowledge which lies behind the significance of negation. The aboveRays, 210:In the comprehension of these basic attitudes lies the first lesson of the aspirant toRays, 223:group attainment can as yet be only a hope. It lies far ahead of the present day groups, just asRays, 223:day groups, just as the fourth initiation lies far ahead of the average aspirant or disciple. ButRays, 224:effort. The endeavor to see that which lies ahead and beyond the apparent finality of soul fusionRays, 231:to the factor of free will. It is this which lies behind the training given to disciples, uponRays, 231:approach to the same basic problems which lies behind the new capacities which are emerging amongRays, 232:also enable Him to take the initiation which lies immediately ahead of Him and for which He hasRays, 232:is not the goal of Self-illumination, for that lies far behind; it is the goal of providing aRays, 238:conception of the divine Purpose which lies behind the Plan and which motivates it. The will of GodRays, 249:meaning of these fourteen rules. In this fact lies no reason for discouragement, nor is there anyRays, 258:life are unitedly intended to reveal. Something lies behind the three divine aspects of so great anRays, 269:during which the initiate sees that which lies within the cosmic intent and begins to function notRays, 269:this information has little meaning to you and lies beyond your understanding, but so was much thatRays, 269:Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Its sole value for you lies in the revelation of the linking up and theRays, 271:of triangles is a prime necessity. A hint lies here for students in the political realm, whereRays, 277:upon the physical plane. It is this idea which lies behind the glibly used words "idea, ideal andRays, 285:this final phrase of Rule XIII. Its meaning lies beyond your most elevated comprehension. ItRays, 290:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation A hint lies here. This high point of attainment of theRays, 291:Their value to the disciple in training lies in the recognized and considered relationships. TheseRays, 292:to knowing - the [292] knowledge of that which lies behind the outer form, the perception of thatRays, 293:is not form but quality, which is that which lies behind the form and that which indicates destiny,Rays, 296:the outer world. Therefore, my brothers, there lies ahead of all true aspirants an intermediateRays, 315:and to "feel after" and embody the Purpose which lies behind the Plan, as a result of the developedRays, 325:when certain faint indications of that which lies behind the Mysteries and of that which is to beRays, 333:has to learn its relationship to that which lies above and beyond mankind and with that which isRays, 354:in the fourth initiation is definite; it lies in the fact that the four aspects of the personalityRays, 355:Church was committed to Him; that destiny still lies in His hands. But in the Gospel story, it isRays, 357:that state. The key to your understanding lies in the realization that our seven planes are onlyRays, 377:all so unhappily acquainted. The reason for this lies in the fact that all our planes constituteRays, 378:Ashrams under direct ray activity. This process lies in the past history of humanity and I shallRays, 383:- it is not possible here to say; so much lies hidden in the free will and right timing of mankind.Rays, 389:of the fifth degree, know much concerning what lies ahead of me; I can therefore endeavor to makeRays, 416:a state of "isolated unity"; it is that which lies behind the Spirit of Death and forms theRays, 417:in nature; this is that which "substands" or lies under or behind all progress. This mysteriouslyRays, 425:The treading of one or other of those Paths lies far ahead of you, and it would be a waste of time.Rays, 429:and Russia, and also in the hands of France, lies the destiny of the world disciple, Humanity.Rays, 437:surprised when told that the first initiation lies behind them. This is due entirely to the factorRays, 439:or self-centered reactions to the work which lies ahead or to the form side of manifestation; it isRays, 449:and the other the basis of continuity. Herein lies a fine distinction for the investigator. OneRays, 458:divine creative work. The clue to understanding lies perhaps in the thought that hitherto theRays, 464:must be constructed. This is the concept which lies behind this teaching and behind the symbolismRays, 470:is one of evocation. It is this science which lies behind all conscious awakening of the centersRays, 470:of the centers and their interrelation; it lies behind the rapport between man and man, group andRays, 476:theoretically, but it summarizes the task which lies ahead and the work of the disciple who is inRays, 479:upright positiveness. In the secret of direction lies the hidden wisdom; in the doctrine ofRays, 479:the hidden wisdom; in the doctrine of absorption lies the healing faculty; in the point becomingRays, 479:In the cross swinging to the horizontal lies salvation and pralayic peace." Rays, 485:or toward light appearance." Herein lies the difficulty for the beginner. He has, so to speak, toRays, 487:the antahkarana. It is this thought which really lies unrecognized behind the word "intention,"Rays, 515:Word of Power. The symbolism connected with this lies behind the Masonic usage of the words,Rays, 528:interwoven with the planetary antahkarana. Here lies the secret of the sixth initiation, which hasRays, 529:out in this connection that what has transpired lies beyond what we call consciousness, and isRays, 541:the disciple first of all and as far as in him lies, through the medium of positive mental labor,Rays, 548:the era of the Christian dispensation. This lies at the root of their trouble and is the cause ofRays, 557:point of tension, the initiate sees that which lies ahead. Initiation permits a progressive entryRays, 557:and divine intention. It is this statement which lies at the heart of the teaching on Laya Yoga orRays, 561:which is capable of envisaging that which lies beyond the three worlds of human evolution. It mightRays, 561:the kingdom of God. In the coming race, which lies still far ahead and of which only initiates ofRays, 566:some of the implications - as far as in you lies - of what I have now to impart. [567] These fiveRays, 567:which the seventh ray expresses and wherein lies its potency and efficacy, from the angle of theRays, 572:of knowledge fills the land. In the period which lies ahead and under the influencing radiation ofRays, 595:of the great heresy of separateness. There lies her problem - a problem which is refusedRays, 596:or subsequent initiatory process. All this lies too far ahead for even advanced humanity toRays, 597:Initiation in which the reality that lies behind all human phenomena will stand revealed. Let usRays, 600:[600] accomplished and senses something of what lies ahead. The great principle of cleavage (whichRays, 610:with the Path of Discipleship, and here lies the reason for the inclusive and synthetic aspect ofRays, 624:there is any basic synthesis or harmony. There lies her problem, and unfortunately she lacks pureRays, 636:The test, as far as the nations are concerned, lies in their willingness to give refuge to theRays, 638:ahead of the individual disciple and of humanity lies a point of emergence. What must the discipleRays, 643:be used also to reveal to the Master that which lies ahead for Him, and those further reaches ofRays, 645:sense, and the significance of the Will-to-Good lies ahead of Him and will be later revealed. AsRays, 646:of Science and the first Ray of Will, for there lies the key to the revelation accorded to theRays, 655:them there." For ages, the potency of that which lies behind the fifth initiation - in theRays, 655:the atomic bomb. Now, the potency of that which lies behind the sixth initiation will take hold ofRays, 656:the angle of the planetary Life, as far as in us lies. We have for long looked at them from theRays, 659:our planet plays its little part. That moment lies ahead in the civilization which shall be, and inRays, 665:more clearly demonstrated. The Birth Initiation lies behind in the experience of many, and this isRays, 669:decide (at least tentatively) which initiation lies ahead of you and then discover all you possiblyRays, 677:and not a consummation. What, therefore, lies ahead of the initiate who has entered theRays, 677:Aspirant and the Major Initiations Before him lies the third Initiation of the Transfiguration.Rays, 677:now loves and longs for, desires and plans for, lies in another and higher dimension. He has,Rays, 680:White Lodge. The menace to world freedom today lies in the known policies of the rulers of theRays, 685:attainment of increased freedom from that which lies behind in his experience; this carries with itRays, 706:He knows now where His field of service lies - within the Hierarchy, working on behalf of allRays, 723:high initiates fail to comprehend that which lies plainly before Them. Disciples can, however,Rays, 732:fullness which makes him a part of That which lies outside of our planetary Life; he may now shareRays, 735:are eliminative in their effects. In this fact lies a great planetary truth and the key to theRays, 752:and hate, and that which distorts the truth and lies about the future. I have chosen all theseRays, 761:that the goal is reached, that goal that lies ahead, like a point of light seen in the darkness ofRays, 763:the deep of night, that in their rhythmic tone lies secret revelation. [764] Rays, 765:three are the great Helpers and in Their hands lies knowledge for the next generation. Approach. Rays, 766:in the heart of yellow, close by the outer rim, lies the key that holds hid the secret. TheRays, 766:the Initiations - Appendix The Key Key the first lies hid under the Threshold, guarded by theRays, 766:is so, door the first will open. Key the second lies across the Threshold, over the heap of thorns.
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