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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Astrology, 381:to the cyclic ebb and flow of the inner life and the outer periphery of expression, and to thatAstrology, 383:of the Earth's alter ego to the world of human life will only be revealed at the third initiation,Astrology, 384:turned. The form appears to view and not the life. "Out of the dark, they cried aloud, the holyAstrology, 385:the stone at the entrance is rolled away. From life in the form to the death of the form - deep inAstrology, 385:being goes. But into that same place, the new life streams, bringing fresh life and liberation; oldAstrology, 385:same place, the new life streams, bringing fresh life and liberation; old things pass away and theAstrology, 386:task upon the eternal round of the wheel of life. You will remember how Hercules upon the FixedAstrology, 387:the initiate begins to understand the life of the spirit or the [388] highest aspect; until thatAstrology, 388:until that time, he has expressed first the life of the form and then the life of the soul withinAstrology, 388:first the life of the form and then the life of the soul within that form. This experience is of soAstrology, 389:because he is so completely identified with form life upon the outer planes that the impulses andAstrology, 389:purely subjective in their effects within the life of these signs. They can only find outwardAstrology, 389:They can only find outward expression in the life of the subject and be consciously directed andAstrology, 390:a fixed attitude in Capricorn. The concrete form life is transcended and the inner man reorientsAstrology, 392:and the true expression of the spiritual life. When we come to a consideration of the esotericAstrology, 392:at the fourth great initiatory crisis in His life) some definite, active undertaking which embodiesAstrology, 397:the will emanating from the spiritual Center of life. This leads to cooperation with the Plan inAstrology, 397:on the frustration of desire in the personality life, must be succeeded by compassion for allAstrology, 398:moment. These seven signs are pre-eminently life-experience signs. The preceding sign of Aries isAstrology, 399:Symbolically this means that the form side of life is a powerfully controlling factor and one withAstrology, 400:the symbol of the destructive nature of the form life of the Bull. Forget not that in thisAstrology, 401:activities of the Logos, the planetary Life and of man and also of all forms in nature. It is theAstrology, 402:interpretation, both here and elsewhere. Form life, intelligent activity, and intense struggleAstrology, 403:planets. Thus they affect and condition units of life upon each of these receiving planets. We haveAstrology, 403:in humanity - as well as in all other forms of life. We have perhaps emphasized almost to the pointAstrology, 408:you, however, that several times in the great life cycle of the Earth, there have been changingAstrology, 410:250,000 years has a correspondence to the life cycle of the Monad. The progress of the Sun as itAstrology, 410:25,000 year cycles finds its analogy in the life cycle of the ego or soul. The lesser zodiacAstrology, 410:- in the course of one year, corresponds to the life of the personality. In considering theseAstrology, 410:upheaval in the outer forms. This is true in the life of the solar Deity, of a planetary [411]Astrology, 411:note, therefore, the relation to the individual life as it shifts its consciousness steadily in theAstrology, 412:and energies which stands to them as the One Life stands to this lesser important triangle. It mustAstrology, 413:of the individual man [413] to the inner thought life and to the subjective consciousness is notAstrology, 413:the effects of these energies upon the thought life and the response of the physical plane lifeAstrology, 413:life and the response of the physical plane life once they are comprehended. It is for this reasonAstrology, 413:will embrace, therefore, the sentient thought life of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, ofAstrology, 413:place mark a momentous point of crisis in the life of this kingdom in nature, producing upheaval,Astrology, 418:a statement by the demonstrated quality of the life aspect, its conditioning and results in theAstrology, 418:its conditioning and results in the microcosmic life history and events. This astrology has soughtAstrology, 418:our effort lies along the line of psychological life history and events and not along the line ofAstrology, 418:with a definite reference to our planetary life. Owing to the constant movement everywhere,Astrology, 419:force and all are held within the radius of the Life of that Great Being Whose expressed,Astrology, 419:aspect or personality of a great and unknown Life. I seek in this connection to give only a generalAstrology, 419:definite effect upon humanity and our planetary life. Therefore, in studying these triangles, weAstrology, 420:therefore, to the three aspects of manifested life. These have been termed throughout thisAstrology, 420:These have been termed throughout this treatise: Life, Quality and Appearance. These energiesAstrology, 420:of such vast dimensions and mystery that no Life within our solar system has more than sensed itsAstrology, 420:its significance. The cyclic expression of life is dependent upon constant mutation and infinitelyAstrology, 422:producing the essential dualism of manifested life, and incidentally are responsible for theAstrology, 422:for practical teaching and application - to the life of the individual disciple. Necessarily, theseAstrology, 422:by humanity itself) are removed and he sees all life and form in their true relation and canAstrology, 424:way that great Synthesis (which is qualified Life in appearance or manifestation) can be seen inAstrology, 424:forces and energies and in the major determining life activities of That in which all forms -Astrology, 424:In the evolutionary effects of this relation of Life to Form is to be found also the undeviatingAstrology, 425:can consequently bring to the comprehension of life experience or to the understanding of such anAstrology, 426:These five continents are to the planetary Life what five major endocrine glands are to the humanAstrology, 426:of qualities and material evidences of life are the symbols or outer and visible signs of inner andAstrology, 426:signs of inner and spiritual realities or of Life, whatever you may mean by that term. For ourAstrology, 426:by that term. For our purposes, we could define Life as the energy emanating from certain greatAstrology, 426:Lives Who stand behind our solar system as its life and source, much as the Monad stands behind theAstrology, 426:is the expression of seven principles and of the life expression or activity of five planes. InAstrology, 427:to the physical body and its expression of life perpetuation. That is the sacral center. Just asAstrology, 431:of power. Shamballa was informed. The Lord of Life and of the World took action... The little oneAstrology, 433:greatest God. From the directing center of his life on Earth he toils and works and carries out theAstrology, 435:itself constitutes a great center in the life of the planetary Logos: Capricorn connotes density,Astrology, 437:Pisces is particularly potent at present in the life of Humanity owing to its being the sign whichAstrology, 439:is inherent in the planet itself, which is the life expression of a fully self-conscious Being. TheAstrology, 444:attitude, the process moves but slowly; the life then within the form fails to experience theAstrology, 446:provide better forms for the occult and esoteric life and to blend more adequately the inner andAstrology, 446:evacuation of the Moon and the transfer of its life to our planet. Such a transfer is not necessaryAstrology, 447:or purpose under the steady pressure of the life of the indwelling Christ; he begins to exhaust andAstrology, 447:cycle of experience is followed by a painful life of conscious reorientation - a cycle wherein heAstrology, 449:concern the spiritual aspect of the planetary life and of humanity, as well as of the otherAstrology, 449:it is the destiny of humanity to transmit life to the subhuman kingdoms. With these triangles ofAstrology, 450:people. They bring about changes in his life focus and in his centers just as they have wroughtAstrology, 451:careful scrutiny and control of the personality life. The awakening of the ajna center with theAstrology, 452:turn constitutes a great and living Whole - the life expression of a Being of Whom we only knowAstrology, 453:base of the spine. [453] In the planetary logoic life - as is the case also with individual man,Astrology, 453:connection with its pranic effects upon the form life, engendering the will to live, the urge toAstrology, 454:Humanity is the correspondence in the planetary Life to the ajna center in individual man. EarlierAstrology, 455:ray - 1st & 7th race - Will; the goal. Energy of Life. Synthesis. Seven centers awakened andAstrology, 457:effects are produced in the external, planetary life. In this fifth root-race, there are only fiveAstrology, 458:its effects in any case. As in the individual life, the results of the play of the life of the soulAstrology, 458:individual life, the results of the play of the life of the soul upon the form aspect, one or otherAstrology, 461:history. It depicts the interplay of his monadic life, soul energy and personality force, as theseAstrology, 462:meet is the source of crisis in the outer life. These crises are crises of initiation and this isAstrology, 462:in space which lead to those episodes in the life of the soul wherein force becomes energy andAstrology, 462:wherein force becomes energy and energy becomes life." Such a momentous event or crisis is nowAstrology, 462:event or crisis is now taking place in the life of humanity today. More along this line I may notAstrology, 465:is on the Path of Return to the center of his life and, therefore, with the final three stages uponAstrology, 466:Bear) bring about that focusing of energy in the life of the disciple which makes it possible forAstrology, 467:they govern the psychic unfoldment of the life in all forms. They are of the utmost significance toAstrology, 468:Soul The Moon - The Form Jupiter - Beneficent Life Pluto - Death It will also be apparent to theAstrology, 469:warrant any future planetary expression of His life to be termed a "sacred planet." At present ourAstrology, 469:influences are playing upon that aspect of human life which we call the Monad; they will,Astrology, 470:in the closest contact with our planetary life. The following triangle will show this more clearly.Astrology, 470:it produces the form as well as stimulates the life within that form and, therefore, nourishes andAstrology, 471:out of the mass. The recognition of the Christ life and nature, as, the aspirant for the firstAstrology, 473:this triangle finds symbolic expression in the life of the self-conscious individual who reachesAstrology, 473:considering these crises which take place in the life history of the soul from its first
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