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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Atom, 21:of the developing response of the subjective life to its environment, and it leads us eventually onAtom, 21:of evolution, and to a conception of a central Life, or force, which blends and holds together allAtom, 21:This is evolution, the process which unfolds the life within all units, the developing urge whichAtom, 24:into three, corresponding to the stages in the life of a human being: childhood, adolescence, andAtom, 24:largely that which concerns the material side of life, and corresponds to the childhood period inAtom, 24:and corresponds to the childhood period in the life of a man or a race. It is the time of realism,Atom, 25:of the human units as having a separate life apart from all other units, and with no relationshipAtom, 25:their energies are concerned with their own life; they are occupied with the objective and withAtom, 25:an ability on his part to recognize a life greater than himself, whether that life is called God,Atom, 25:a life greater than himself, whether that life is called God, or whether it is simply regarded asAtom, 25:God, or whether it is simply regarded as the life of the group to which a man, as a unit, belongs,Atom, 26:by means of selfishness, or the self-centered life of the atom (whether the atom of substance orAtom, 27:is supposed to have a definite purpose [27] and life work, and a clear-cut plan in view, which heAtom, 32:that which is called divine; it deals with the life side, and with the spirit aspect, viewing thatAtom, 32:side, and with the spirit aspect, viewing that Life as a power extraneous to the solar system andAtom, 32:recognizes the material form, but sees also the life within it, and it posits a Consciousness orAtom, 33:Evolution of Substance The most common fact in life for all of us is that of the material world, -Atom, 39:surmises from which I have culled the following: Life, like matter, is indestructible. Our bodiesAtom, 39:infinitesimal entities, each in itself a unit of life; just as the atom is composed of myriads ofAtom, 39:body and mind express the vote or voice of the life entities. The life entities build according toAtom, 39:the vote or voice of the life entities. The life entities build according to a plan. [40] If a partAtom, 40:build according to a plan. [40] If a part of the life organism be mutilated, they rebuild exactlyAtom, 40:the inanimate and the animate; perhaps the life entities extend their activities to crystals andAtom, 40:activities to crystals and chemicals... The life entities live for ever; so that to this extent atAtom, 40:so that to this extent at least the eternal life which many of us hope for is a reality. In anAtom, 41:natural selection can be traced in all forms of life, from the then ultimate atom up through allAtom, 41:seem to be "instinct with the desire for life." If you take these different qualities of the atom -Atom, 42:us is an entity, or positive nucleus of force or life, holding within our sphere of influence otherAtom, 43:consider a planet as an atom. Perhaps there is a life within the planet that holds the substance ofAtom, 43:the substance of the sphere and all forms of life upon it to itself as a coherent whole, and thatAtom, 44:intelligent centers, to man, and thence to the Life which is manifesting through the system. ThusAtom, 46:physicist, through man, through the energizing Life of a planet, up to the Logos, the deity of ourAtom, 46:deity of our solar system, the Intelligence or Life which lies back of all manifestation or ofAtom, 46:two things noticeable: the first is the intense life and activity of the atom itself, and itsAtom, 46:every atom is due to two causes: the internal life of the [47] atom itself, and its interaction orAtom, 47:thus pointing all human atoms to the center of life or energy within themselves, and teaching themAtom, 47:the verge of realizing that we cannot live our life selfishly and apart from the group in which weAtom, 49:own ends. Many atoms have not only an internal life of their own, but also radiate, and asAtom, 50:the will and intelligent purpose of that greater Life, Who works through our planet as man worksAtom, 54:conclusions some lesson to apply to the daily life. The first thing necessary for us to do is toAtom, 55:and of the Deity of a solar system, that great Life, that all-embracing, [56] universal Mind, thatAtom, 56:is that through the medium of every human life, or in the aggregate of lives which compose a solarAtom, 59:greater body. Through that kingdom a conscious life may be seeking expression, and through theAtom, 59:aggregate of kingdoms a still greater subjective Life may be seeking manifestation. In all theseAtom, 59:first, that the original atom is itself a life; secondly, that all forms are built up of aAtom, 59:working out a purpose; thirdly, that the central life within the form is its directing impulse, theAtom, 59:man can be defined as that central energy, life, or intelligence, who works through a materialAtom, 60:development and great purity and holiness of life) the room had appeared to be lit up momentarilyAtom, 61:of the withdrawal [61] of the central light or life, and the consequent disintegration of the form,Atom, 61:the physical expression of some great subjective life, and can by logical steps come to theAtom, 61:the same triplicity can be seen; an informing Life or Entity manifesting through a form, or aAtom, 62:involution, or the involving of the subjective life in matter, the method whereby the indwellingAtom, 62:or the utilization of the form by the subjective life, its gradual perfecting, and the finalAtom, 62:and the final liberating of the imprisoned life; and the law of attraction and repulsion, wherebyAtom, 62:and spirit are coordinated, whereby the central life gains experience, expands its consciousness,Atom, 62:this basic law. In every form you have a central life, or idea, coming into manifestation,Atom, 62:Thus through every grade of form, spirit or life progresses, until the path of return has beenAtom, 63:This is the period in which the limiting of the life within the form or sheath proceeds, and it isAtom, 63:great cycle is participated in by every type of life. It concerns the life of the Solar LogosAtom, 63:in by every type of life. It concerns the life of the Solar Logos manifesting through a solarAtom, 63:through a solar system. It is part of the life cycle of the planetary Spirit manifesting throughAtom, 63:a sphere as our Earth planet; it includes that life which we call human, and sweeps into the pathAtom, 63:and sweeps into the path of its energy the tiny life which functions through an atom of chemistry.Atom, 63:is succeeded by one of adaptation, in which the life and the form become intimately interrelated,Atom, 63:The form is then adequate to the needs of the life, and can be utilized. Then, as the life withinAtom, 63:of the life, and can be utilized. Then, as the life within grows and expands, it is paralleled byAtom, 64:- these are the stages which cover the life of an entity, or embodied idea of greater or lessAtom, 64:call maturity. Finally, in the later stages of life, we have the crystallization of the form, andAtom, 65:measure of activity, and the release of the life from the crystallized vehicle and an inadequateAtom, 65:are disintegrating, but only in order that the life which gave them being may escape, and build forAtom, 66:shape. Centuries ensued wherein the form and the life seemed adapted to each other, and theAtom, 66:disintegrate, but only in order that the life within may escape, build for itself a better and moreAtom, 67:necessary for us to remember that the triple life back of all forms is nevertheless but One, thoughAtom, 68:rudiments of selective capacity. Thus the tiny life within the atomic form is demonstrating psychicAtom, 68:it gains somewhat according to the force and life of the entity who ensouls that form, andAtom, 70:goal, and as the aeons slip away the [70] life that animates that atom will pass through all theAtom, 70:consider that great Entity Who is the informing life of the planet, and Who holds all the differentAtom, 70:that great Existence Who is the ensouling Life of the solar system. May it not be true that amongAtom, 70:manifestation to another, and always the life within the form gains in quality by means of theAtom, 71:perhaps we have the clue to what the informing Life of the planet may be doing, as he works throughAtom, 71:thought seem breaking up, in which the religious life of the peoples is no longer what it was, inAtom, 72:that all this is occurring just because the life within those forms is becoming so strong that itAtom, 72:has set in, it is only in order that the life may build for itself new forms and thereby evolve.Atom, 73:forms through which the great threefold central Life, Who informs our planet, seeks to expressAtom, 73:philosophies, in existence at this time. As His life pulsates through every department of HisAtom, 74:as inorganic matter, but that every atom is a life. Let us realize that all forms are living forms,Atom, 77:concept, which concerns itself with the life aspect, with the substance aspect, and with theirAtom, 78:parts of the one great whole are Spirit, or Life, manifesting through a second factor which we callAtom, 79:atom of substance, being but the expression of a life manifesting through a spheroidal form andAtom, 79:solar system as a cosmic atom, energized by the life of the Logos. We have, therefore, underAtom, 80:are compounded, it is to be recognized as a life working intelligently through the medium of aAtom, 80:it can perhaps be proven that man is equally a life or center of energy, manifesting through hisAtom, 80:some distant time that there is a God or central life back of material nature, and an Entity WhoAtom, 81:that in these two aspects of the central divine life you have the third person of the LogoicAtom, 82:as follows: "Thus He (God) dwells in all, From life's minute beginnings up at last To man - theAtom, 82:Of being, the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and there Been scatteredAtom, 84:to develop tonight. Man is there defined as "the Life and the lives." We have seen that the atom isAtom, 84:and the lives." We have seen that the atom is a life, manifesting by means of the little sphere ofAtom, 85:out of the inner subjective quality of the life of God, and thus His essential nature isAtom, 86:into matter of the entity, of the central life, and the incarnation of spirit, and then you [87]
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