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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Atom, 87:[87] have the working up, out of matter, of that life or spirit, plus all that has been gainedAtom, 88:be seen in the individual and the race. Then, as life goes on, the man passes out of the atomicAtom, 89:realizes that he is a part of a great universal life which underlies all groups, that he is notAtom, 89:himself as an expression of the universal life, [90] and the group consciousness itself will beAtom, 90:and the narrow confines of our own individual life, but we shall begin to radiate, and to contactAtom, 90:to include the consciousness of the great life, or being, in whose body he is himself a cell. OurAtom, 91:units. Perhaps that synthesis may be the great Life, or the planetary Entity Who lies back of ourAtom, 92:is the goal for all [92] the subhuman forms of life, and as group consciousness, or theAtom, 92:and a vista of possibility. Thus may the life of God be seen in its essential triple manifestation,Atom, 92:earth, until we arrive at the fundamental basic Life, Who holds all the planetary evolutionsAtom, 93:can be seen manifesting all subhuman types of life, from the life of the atom of substance to theAtom, 93:manifesting all subhuman types of life, from the life of the atom of substance to the informingAtom, 93:life of the atom of substance to the informing life of the higher animals, then that life which weAtom, 93:informing life of the higher animals, then that life which we call human, that of man, the thinker;Atom, 93:next, the Heavenly Man, and then the great Life of the solar system, Whom the Christian calls God,Atom, 93:splendor ever on before In that eternal circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature'sAtom, 98:that the atom may be regarded as the central life, manifesting through a spheroidal form, andAtom, 98:may also be considered as a central positive life, utilizing a form and demonstrating the differentAtom, 98:that within the planetary atom there is a great Life, manifesting through a form, and showingAtom, 99:concern [99] ourselves with the reaction of the life within the form. If I can thus give you a fewAtom, 100:body as a little entity, a tiny, intelligent life, and a microscopic, active sphere. Now takingAtom, 101:atom in a man's body would be its own vibratory life, its own internal activity, and all thatAtom, 101:something so remote from its own inner internal life as to be practically inconceivable andAtom, 103:lives and is conscious, but that not all life and consciousness is similar to the human," and itAtom, 103:to demonstrate the subjective, divine, threefold life through the medium of the objective. TheAtom, 105:and lives his own intense, internal, vibratory life. For a long period back of us, and perhaps atAtom, 106:upon the things which concern our own individual life. We are in the atomic stage, intensely activeAtom, 108:between the real and the unreal, between the life within the form, and the form which it uses,Atom, 110:[110] to sense the vibration of that greater Life within Whose body he is but as an atom, and he isAtom, 110:channels whereby he can understand that greater Life which he senses, but as yet does not know. IfAtom, 111:attained." Here this union with the group life is held to be the product of meditation, and thereAtom, 111:the mystic, will center his attention upon the life within the form, upon God, upon Christ, or uponAtom, 112:is limitation, and not with the spirit, which is life. The goal will not be achieved that way.Atom, 113:no longer confined by the wall of his personal life, but will begin to merge that life within theAtom, 113:his personal life, but will begin to merge that life within the greater whole. He will no longer beAtom, 115:the vegetable and animal kingdom merged, and the life passed from the lower kingdom into theAtom, 116:initiation, and herein to us lies the value of life itself, and the greatness of our opportunity.Atom, 121:in the physical body, that tiny centralized life which goes to the constitution of the human form,Atom, 121:self-consciousness of the human being; that the life of the physical body, considering it in everyAtom, 122:We have seen that the atom has its own atomic life, and that every atom of substance in the solarAtom, 122:in their orbits around it. Such is the internal life of the atom, its self-centered aspect. WeAtom, 123:He is now not only a self-centered life, but he is also beginning to have a definite effect uponAtom, 123:his attention from his own personal selfish life, and is seeking his greater center. From beingAtom, 123:coming under the influence of the great central Life which holds him within the sphere of ItsAtom, 123:have analogous stages transpiring within the life of the planetary Deity, and this perhaps wouldAtom, 124:out of the purpose [124] of the great central Life, Whose consciousness is not as yet ourAtom, 124:Who, perhaps, also makes His experiments with life. On His vaster scale, and on His own high level,Atom, 124:of the plans of the Deity or Logos, that central Life Who is the energizing source of all there isAtom, 124:system. When the three aspects of the divine life are [125] brought together - the indwelling lifeAtom, 125:life are [125] brought together - the indwelling life or spirit, the material form or substantialAtom, 125:of psychic quality; the effect of the subjective life upon the material form; the utilization ofAtom, 125:qualities. The true nature of the central life, be it God or man, will be manifested during a lifeAtom, 125:be it God or man, will be manifested during a life cycle, whether solar or human. That is true ofAtom, 127:among men as He did before, He might live His life amongst us day after day and we would not noticeAtom, 128:is very rare indeed to meet a person whose whole life is animated by a central purpose, which isAtom, 130:thought we have that which is concerned with the life within the form, which deals with the returnAtom, 130:of the intelligence by the indwelling life, in order that the form may be adequately adapted to itsAtom, 133:hundred years certain aspects and forms [133] of life that have been regarded hitherto asAtom, 134:taking himself in hand, endeavoring to live the life of the spirit, refusing any longer to live aAtom, 134:any longer to live a self-centered atomic life; you will have him searching for his place withinAtom, 137:we are going to produce as the result of our life, or lives, down here. The true psychic powers areAtom, 144:very lowest atom of substance up to that great Life Who energizes the planetary scheme. Having laidAtom, 145:of the evolution [145] of the conscious life within the atomic form, finding that a higher type ofAtom, 146:they are all speaking of one and the same great life, but have lost much time in endeavoring toAtom, 146:in which the atom pursues its own self-centered life, is concerned entirely with its own evolution,Atom, 146:in time the atom begins to react to a greater life outside itself, and in this you have the periodAtom, 146:is followed, and that we have a central life holding within the sphere of its influence the [147]Atom, 147:that we manifest, that we move and carry on our life, and work out our purposes, by attracting toAtom, 147:contacts. These atoms are to us, the central life, what the electrons are to the central positiveAtom, 147:of the planet, indwelt by its central spiritual life, we should be able to predicate logically aAtom, 148:am" stage into the "I am that" realization; the life and purpose of the great Entity of Whose bodyAtom, 148:are becoming aware of the purpose back of the life of the planetary Spirit Who is the subjectiveAtom, 149:individual identity, and their own spheroidal life remains, but they put the whole force and energyAtom, 149:into an intelligent cooperation with the greater Life of which they are a part. Such men are fewAtom, 150:the same two stages, that in which the planetary Life is working out His own plans, and a later oneAtom, 150:which He falls in with the greater plans of the Life which animates the solar system. Not yet beingAtom, 150:be other evolutions through which the central Life may be working, of which we know as yet butAtom, 150:stages. We shall find, probably, that the great Life animating the entire solar system, the greatAtom, 151:the entire solar system. This question of atomic life, if we think it out, is vastly interesting,Atom, 151:positive become negative in regard to a greater life, if it is true in all these manifestations ofAtom, 151:system, and our solar Logos, a central larger life towards which the informing Spirit within theAtom, 151:or goal? Are there greater spheres of solar life outside our system, that have a definite effectAtom, 153:Here the truth may perhaps be found. The life subjective may be one; the energy flowing betweenAtom, 153:lies unity, the oneness of the subjective life, and the eventual recognition that within the form,Atom, 155:we can see in the distant heavens, and in the life that is evolving within them, we have theAtom, 156:the Pleiades are the source of the atomic life of our Logos, the active intelligent aspect, thatAtom, 157:we work it out along the lines of the subjective life, and connect it with energy, quality, orAtom, 158:matter as we did. It is the development of the life, and the relationship of the life to all thatAtom, 158:of the life, and the relationship of the life to all that is around, that really matters; and,Atom, 159:for I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers, norAutobiographysteadily worse. During the last two years of her life she fought against these pressures andAutobiographyEach day therefore, as it had been her life's custom, she worked to the limit of physical capacityAutobiography, X:to be thankful for. I have had a rich and full life. So many people all over the world have been soAutobiography, X:the years. By far the greater part of her life work has always been subjective. We have seen theAutobiography, 1:What finally decided me to write about my life was a letter I had in 1941 from a friend in ScotlandAutobiography, 2:experiences, the happenings and events in the life of one of Their workers. I have lived manyAutobiography, 2:opportunity. I have played many parts in my life. I was an unhappy, exceedingly disagreeable,Autobiography, 2:America led to basic changes in my attitudes to life and people. To remain static in a point ofAutobiography, 3:remains [3] mentally quiescent in the face of life. That is disaster. That is evil. That, surely,Autobiography, 4:came to know of Their existence. In everyone's life there are certain convincing factors which make
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