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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Autobiography, 4:knowledge has formed a stabilizing point in my life. The second thing which I would like to do isAutobiography, 4:- destroying many old and beloved forms. In my life I have seen, as have all thinking people, theAutobiography, 6:certain tasks. A woman who was always scared of life (perhaps partly due to an over-shelteredAutobiography, 6:but have enormous vitality. All through my life I have been forced to spend weeks and sometimesAutobiography, 6:kept going on, in spite of it all. I have found life very, very good even when having what mostAutobiography, 6:and go on with the job. If the story of my life encourages another ordinary person to push forward,Autobiography, 7:will be good. You can see, therefore, that as a life story mine does not matter much. As a means,Autobiography, 7:know them too. So here goes for the story of my life. Do not be misled. It is not going to be aAutobiography, 8:and divine perception. It always has in the life of the individual and of humanity as a whole. TheAutobiography, 8:It will come by recognizing the good life and the good in all peoples, by happiness and anAutobiography, 9:bad note upon which to begin the story of one's life. It is what metaphysicians call a negativeAutobiography, 9:childhood is the happiest time of a person's life. I do not for one minute believe it. They wereAutobiography, 9:of childhood (and perhaps this is true of all life as a whole,) loom unduly large and appear moreAutobiography, 10:when I was utterly miserable and the times when life seemed ended and nothing worthwhile lay ahead.Autobiography, 10:that there was nothing to live for, and that life was a monotonous waste. Why was life so stupid?Autobiography, 10:and that life was a monotonous waste. Why was life so stupid? Why did she have to take it? NotAutobiography, 11:constitute the great conditioning factors of life. They indicate the divine. Why is it that theyAutobiography, 11:better world. This is true because God is good, life and experience are good, and the will-to-goodAutobiography, 12:my reactions. Have you [12] not many times in life wondered what goes on in the mind of a child?Autobiography, 12:of a child? Children do have definite ideas on life and circumstances, and they do belong toAutobiography, 12:unhappy until I broke away to live my own life around the age of 22. During those early years I wasAutobiography, 12:those early years I was surrounded by beauty; my life was full of variety and I met manyAutobiography, 13:I have not altogether succeeded. My major life conflict has been the battle between my soul and myAutobiography, 14:and that sign has apparently conditioned my life and circumstances. My childhood general and ratherAutobiography, 15:between me and my uncle towards the end of his life. He never spoke of it, I am sure, and I haveAutobiography, 16:I suppose one of the greatest drawbacks in the life of any child is having no real home. The lackAutobiography, 17:cousins remained my close friends all through my life. They were both considerably older than I butAutobiography, 19:days. Both William and Peter Fairbairn started life as the sons of a poor Scotch farmer in the 18thAutobiography, 21:attempt to commit suicide! I just did not find life worth living. The experience of my five yearsAutobiography, 21:- but no understanding. As I went on in life, I made two other efforts to put an end to things,Autobiography, 21:the first indication of the mystical trend in my life which later motivated all my thinking andAutobiography, 21:At that time I did not like the "feel" of life. I did not appreciate what the world seemed to be orAutobiography, 22:was the beginning of the mystical phase of my life and out of it emerged much good that I laterAutobiography, 22:be found, if any answer to the perplexities of life and the sorrows of humanity is to beAutobiography, 22:directional manner. The orientation of the life could be determined and much later miseries offset,Autobiography, 23:simply the opening of the mystical phase in my life which - in time - gave place to the occultAutobiography, 24:wreath upon it, sent by Queen Victoria. The life of my sister and myself at Moor Park (where weAutobiography, 25:true aspiration and intense boredom, for such is life. The sum total of the effect, however wasAutobiography, 25:window. I was suddenly brought back to everyday life by hearing my grandmother say to one of theAutobiography, 26:we, as individuals, might want to do. It was a life of discipline, rhythm and obedience, variedAutobiography, 26:and consequent punishment. As I have watched the life of my own three girls in the United States,Autobiography, 26:how they would have liked the regimented life I and my sister lived. With more or less success, IAutobiography, 26:I have tried to give my daughters a happy life and when they grumbled over the hardness of life -Autobiography, 26:life and when they grumbled over the hardness of life - as all young people normally and naturallyAutobiography, 26:and social background. Until I was twenty my life was completely disciplined by people or by theAutobiography, 27:unless you are spoken to, and so on and so on. Life was entirely hedged in by things impossible toAutobiography, 28:education was supposed to be completed, my whole life was one of change and constant movement.Autobiography, 28:in Galloway. I can realize now what a rich life of contacts it was; there was much leisured beautyAutobiography, 29:"belonging" and was one of the few people in my life at that time who I felt truly loved me andAutobiography, 29:- one of the basic, conditioning forces in my life. She gave me a keynote for living so that I feelAutobiography, 30:me concerned a shockingly naughty episode in my life. She wanted to know whether I rememberedAutobiography, 30:somewhat morbidly (from my present attitude to life) she analyzed her words and actions each day inAutobiography, 34:for months in the throes of adolescent miseries. Life was not worth living. There was nothing butAutobiography, 34:disposition and so was not surprised that life was difficult. There was no future ahead of me,Autobiography, 34:ahead of me, except marriage and the humdrum life of my caste and set. I hated everybody (exceptAutobiography, 38:away and only carries weight if backed by a life of service. The claim that one is an initiate of aAutobiography, 40:and fundamental doubts were left in my mind. My life was henceforth colored (and is today) by theAutobiography, 40:and in the world of meaning which were a part of life itself, perhaps the most important part. HowAutobiography, 40:things into my limited theology and my daily life. I did not know. It is said that one's deepestAutobiography, 41:I. At the same time, the mystical trend of my life was steadily deepening; Christ was anAutobiography, 43:profound and complete ignorance of the facts of life. I had been told absolutely nothing aboutAutobiography, 43:was the foundation of much disillusionment as life went on and - at this time - I seemed subject toAutobiography, 43:and unusual work which I chose to do in my next life cycle, from twenty-one to twenty-eight. I hadAutobiography, 43:to twenty-eight. I had led an entirely protected life and had gone nowhere unaccompanied by aAutobiography, 46:relatively irresponsible and the easy part of my life. It had lasted for 22 years, and was the onlyAutobiography, 46:for 22 years, and was the only time in my entire life when I formed part of a family and had theAutobiography, 46:and the most satisfactory time of my entire life. I quite liked myself and all that concerned me. IAutobiography, 47:however, that it was an important cycle in my life and that it completely altered all my attitudes.Autobiography, 47:a clean break with my family and had brought my life as a society girl to an end. When I say "aAutobiography, 47:I have had a more interesting and exciting life than they have. I have never felt that ties ofAutobiography, 47:mutual interests and similar attitudes to life are far more important than blood ties. I want myAutobiography, 48:knew just what should be [48] done. I handled life and circumstances at that time with the sureAutobiography, 48:Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II At one time in my life I used to look out of my bedroom [49] windowAutobiography, 49:theologians of the world. In the course of my life I suppose literally thousands of people haveAutobiography, 52:to God, and to the spiritual center of all life. When translating it into French, what word shallAutobiography, 52:of Christ where He says, "I am the water of life." Joyously they translated it as "eau de vie" andAutobiography, 53:of mind when a great change took place in my life. My sister announced her intention to go toAutobiography, 53:well and who suggested to me that I take up the life of an evangelist. I was not greatly intrigued.Autobiography, 54:as myself. Miss Sandes had given up her entire life in an attempt to ameliorate the lot of "TommyAutobiography, 61:way back to [61] Him. I know that the Christ life in the human heart can lead all men from death toAutobiography, 61:we shall live also and that we are saved by His life. But I question our human techniques veryAutobiography, 61:we love God. Elise Sandes taught me that by her life and her love, her wit and her understanding. Autobiography, 66:central India. I was appalled. I had never in my life traveled alone before. I was arriving in aAutobiography, 66:to be hated. I had taken no part in the current life of the ship, but had strutted about the deckAutobiography, 67:been ever since I left [67] London. He was the life of the ship; he handled the daily sweepstakes;Autobiography, 68:did not go and I am sorry. From this time on my life became very hectic. I was (in the absence ofAutobiography, 70:to go back but fear I shall not manage it this life. I have many friends in India, and amongAutobiography, 75:Christ's teaching and that it is His love and life that saves and not any violent theologicalAutobiography, 75:from home and are faced with the problems of life in a hot climate and an alien civilization. IAutobiography, 77:regiments and I suppose that the moments in my life (now far behind) when I really wasAutobiography, 77: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II My life was spent, during these formative years,Autobiography, 78:cursing God and his mother and railing against life, and the other was a horrible case ofAutobiography, 79:quite tragic. I had so little real experience of life that when I made a decision I never was atAutobiography, 80:the loneliness and to the general discomfort of life in India in those days. We knew littleAutobiography, 80:II I returned to England three times during my life in India as the long sea voyage of three weeksAutobiography, 81:to do with women. If he would not so change his life inevitably he went to hell at death where heAutobiography, 81:creeping into my mind and three episodes in my life began to assume engrossing mental proportions.Autobiography, 86:was that it seemed that the inner fabric of my life was beginning to crumble. I had staked myAutobiography, 86:was beginning to crumble. I had staked my entire life on the words of St. Paul; "I know Whom I haveAutobiography, 87:fact, the whole mental [87] fabric of my life and my attitude towards the trite theology of my
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