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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Autobiography, 88:do detest having to talk about this period in my life and how I hate raking in the dust of the nextAutobiography, 88:myself, particularly such happenings as my life in relation to Walter Evans. So much of my timeAutobiography, 89:He told me that things were planned and that the life work which He had earlier outlined to meAutobiography, 90:real sense of humor which has often saved my life. I've always taken life and circumstance veryAutobiography, 90:which has often saved my life. I've always taken life and circumstance very hard, and have lived aAutobiography, 90:very hard, and have lived a very intense thought-life. I have an idea that in a previous life IAutobiography, 90:thought-life. I have an idea that in a previous life I failed the Masters seriously. I have noAutobiography, 90:but I have always had a deep feeling that this life I must never fail Him and that I must makeAutobiography, 91:portentously to me who they were; yet in this life they are such very ordinary, uninterestingAutobiography, 91:on the afternoon of Nov. 17th, 1903. One single life is probably of no more importance to the soulAutobiography, 91:soul, just as there are days in one's present life that are unforgettable, but they are few and farAutobiography, 91:of us manage to avoid the grosser mistakes of life, it is because we learnt through the hardestAutobiography, 92:whoever I was and whatever I did in a previous life, I failed. Details are immaterial but the fearAutobiography, 92:failure is deeply ingrained and inherent in my life. Hence the pronounced inferiority complex fromAutobiography, 92:inner heroism I pledged myself to a spinster's life and tried to go on with the work. My goodAutobiography, 93:have done that sleeping act once or twice in my life when I have been too run down. The secondAutobiography, 96:and also the [96] knowledge how tragic life happenings are to the young, and how over emphasis is aAutobiography, 97:me. She had never married but she knew life and she loved people. I told her the story of WalterAutobiography, 97:job and did it, having no faintest idea how my life would work out; making up my mind to live oneAutobiography, 100:to know just how to handle the next phase in my life. Looking back, I am conscious of the fact thatAutobiography, 100:that happens to someone who can usually laugh at life and circumstances it is rather terrible. WhenAutobiography, 100:at myself, too. But for the next few years of my life I found nothing amusing and my problem is howAutobiography, 101:But we now come to a cycle of seven years in my life during which I knew nothing but trouble thatAutobiography, 101:reaction of which I am capable and, physically, life became exceedingly hard. I believe theseAutobiography, 102:these words, she ushered me into a period of my life in which I left caste and social positionAutobiography, 103:in a very rigid caste system and nothing in my life had tended to throw me on equal terms withAutobiography, 104:when it came down to the details of married life that I had absolutely nothing in common with myAutobiography, 105:It was then, for the first time in my life, I came up against the racial problem. I had noAutobiography, 107:and room made for the Negro in the national life. They cannot be kept down, nor should they be. ItAutobiography, 111:of my consciousness. I had never in my whole life come across a community like this little town.Autobiography, 112:think I was too much to blame. I still ran my life on the aphorism "What would Jesus have me do?" IAutobiography, 113:lovely people and that I had been blind all my life. I had moved further into the house ofAutobiography, 114:and, in spite of the constant outbursts of fury, life was beginning to take on a little bit moreAutobiography, 120:lays no emphasis upon immortality or upon the life after death, and this is true because I haveAutobiography, 120:therefore, should they not get the best out of life along material lines? Let us eat and drink andAutobiography, 122:was only $8.00 a month and not worth that. My life at this time was entirely monotonous - lookingAutobiography, 123:[123] and the contrast between this humdrum life of a housekeeper and a mother, poultry keeper andAutobiography, 123:mother, poultry keeper and gardener and my rich life as a girl and my full life as an evangelistAutobiography, 123:gardener and my rich life as a girl and my full life as an evangelist finally got me completelyAutobiography, 124:triumphant and ever present. We are saved by His life. The death that He died, we can die too - andAutobiography, 124:they are prepared to believe in the Word of God. Life is so full of movement today, of heroes, ofAutobiography, 124:living Christ. After six months of this kind of life, if I remember correctly, I saw the BishopAutobiography, 125:I could do and I realized that I must handle my life alone and do what was best for the threeAutobiography, 127:I was, therefore, completely disillusioned by life, by religion with its orthodox presentation andAutobiography, 127:if it would only release me to a more useful life. I told Him that I had exhausted the resources ofAutobiography, 128:I was facing the happiest and richest part of my life. As I told my daughter years later, "We neverAutobiography, 128:as one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I was down among the people; I was justAutobiography, 129:women. I had never done them a kindness in my life, but they were just straight good to me and IAutobiography, 131:I am quite sure that we get what we give in life. I had learnt not to be snooty; I wasn't preachy;Autobiography, 133:in many lives. If a person is ever to find their life work, if they are ever in any particular lifeAutobiography, 133:life work, if they are ever in any particular life to attain a measure of surety and usefulness, itAutobiography, 133:marked the opening of a new spiritual era in my life. There were two English women living inAutobiography, 135:I write and work until 7. That has been my life rhythm and perhaps is one of the reasons why I haveAutobiography, 135:hard was the extremely ordered discipline of my life when a girl. This developed in me an inabilityAutobiography, 137:over it as some of the most valuable hours of my life and the background and knowledge it gave meAutobiography, 139:fitted into the general program of my spiritual life and gave me a clue to world affairs. Do notAutobiography, 140:of weariness and of spiritual fatigue. One life seems hard enough without contemplating many lives,Autobiography, 141:Who sends human souls into incarnation for one life and, according to their actions and theirAutobiography, 141:to their actions and their thinking in that one life so will be their eternal future. It endows manAutobiography, 141:- a future dependent upon the decisions of one life. What governs God's decisions as to a man'sAutobiography, 141:and all the many interesting experiences which life had brought me? Why should there have beenAutobiography, 141:with no money and with no capacity in this life for success of any kind? I knew now why I couldAutobiography, 141:would go on climbing the ladder of evolution, life after life, until some day for each of us itAutobiography, 141:on climbing the ladder of evolution, life after life, until some day for each of us it would beAutobiography, 143:I had to find application. I watched my own life. I studied the three girls in this connection andAutobiography, 143:Ellison, is largely physical. I had saved her life with the most assiduous care year after year.Autobiography, 147:has given me the most trouble throughout my life is fear. I mention this most deliberately becauseAutobiography, 147:out that I've been the victim of fear all my life they are greatly relieved and helped. I have beenAutobiography, 150:I have had two other very bad frights in my life when alone in a house and cannot claim to have anyAutobiography, 150:I know that I have spent a great deal of my life worrying over things that never happened. Fear isAutobiography, 151:not believe a word of it because I have spent my life fearing all kinds of things which have neverAutobiography, 152:is to be harmless in word and deed and thought. Life in Hollywood was now easier for me. TheAutobiography, 153:I am convinced that there comes a phase in the life of all disciples when they must be vegetarians.Autobiography, 153:vegetarians. In the same way, there must come a life in which a man or woman should be a celibate.Autobiography, 153:out of the vegetable kingdom and it lives by the life of that kingdom. Some of the higher animalsAutobiography, 154:might be supposed, [154] normally, to draw his life from all the three, and he does. In the ancientAutobiography, 155:to be a disciple?" For the first time in my life I was up against the competitive technique of theAutobiography, 157:and old-fashioned whereas the new approach to life and truth, freedom of interpretation andAutobiography, 159:domination of the E.S. I had never before in my life been mixed up in an organizational row and IAutobiography, 161:making mud-pies in the back yard. Foster's life and mine was, therefore, running along the line ofAutobiography, 161:to get married. I now come to a happening in my life about which I hesitate to speak. It concernsAutobiography, 173:I had never been present at any convention in my life and to say that I was disillusioned,Autobiography, 173:another Theosophical Convention again in my life. Next to Mr. Warrington, we were the rankingAutobiography, 176:else receives thanks. This whole section of my life, 1921-1931, makes relatively dull reading. IAutobiography, 176:Neither Foster Bailey nor I had planned any such life and we have often said that had we known whatAutobiography, 178: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V Life in this postwar world is too important to anyAutobiography, 179:that both are equally important in the spiritual life. The trouble with prayer has been that theAutobiography, 180:me. But she would have none of them. She decided life with me was interesting enough and she stuckAutobiography, 182:platform that necessarily you have no private life. They seem to feel that anything you do is theirAutobiography, 182:it would entail sacrifice as it had in my own life. I told them that I had learned to iron theAutobiography, 183:of occultism into disrepute. The spiritual life is not lived at the expense of others, and ifAutobiography, 183:and inaugurated a very difficult period in my life. I have always felt that I should astrologicallyAutobiography, 186:of the cleanest men I ever knew who never in his life misconduct himself, as it is puritanicallyAutobiography, 188:has been only within the last year or so of my life that I have been free of some of my housework.Autobiography, 196:the School succeeds in deepening their spiritual life in widening their horizon and in increasingAutobiography, 198:and that oriented its students toward a life of service as the road of approach to the HierarchyAutobiography, 202:when educators and parents talk out the facts of life and the regulation of the sexes openly andAutobiography, 206:and she brought a richness and a beauty into my life of which I had never dreamed. Seventeen longAutobiography, 206:that in the last seventeen years of her lonely life she was not entirely alone. To understand her,Autobiography, 207:for her money and basically and deeply afraid of life. I think I was of service to her along these
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