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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Autobiography, 208:that are more liable to work out in the next life than this. There is a club in the City of NewAutobiography, 211:Grand Duke, Foster Bailey and myself. In a later life we shall know the reason for the contact thisAutobiography, 211:we shall know the reason for the contact this life and for the friendship and understanding thatAutobiography, 212:and understanding that were established. [212] A life must not be seen as an isolated event but asAutobiography, 212:sum total of the past. What we are in our next life results from what we have been and done inAutobiography, 213:and force in order to create forms through which life can express itself. This work as it dealsAutobiography, 214:me emotionally. The somewhat normal rhythm of my life from 1924 to 1930 was definitely disrupted inAutobiography, 214:the most profitable and satisfactory times in my life. In many ways today H.P.B.'s book The SecretAutobiography, 219:the girls and launched them into the college of life. Looking back over our decision, I have neverAutobiography, 220:Antwerp, Belgium, and I will admit that I found life on board with three girls full of life andAutobiography, 220:I found life on board with three girls full of life and energy slightly exhausting. Keeping trackAutobiography, 223:those who practiced these undesirable modes of life hied themselves to the Italian lakes during theAutobiography, 225:of stimulating many into renewed consecration in life. For the first two years he and I carried theAutobiography, 229:Rowan-Hamilton. They interjected into the school life some of the old tradition and a strong senseAutobiography, 229:It was almost as if the door to a new spiritual life had been opened to humanity and that thisAutobiography, 231:guidance, emanating from the inner side of life. This new group of world servers includes twoAutobiography, 232:intention of making any progress in this life at all. This type of horoscope is one that the bestAutobiography, 232:horoscope of the soul can be cast so that the life purpose of the incarnating individual can beAutobiography, 233:the symbology which conditioned the religious life of the people of that era. This becomes stillAutobiography, 236:This book concerns the fire of pure spirit or life; the fire of the mind that vitalizes every atomAutobiography, 237:so as to provide vehicles for the evolving life and later, when they have served their purpose,Autobiography, 237:as portrayed in the five great crises in the life [238] of the Christ, related in the NewAutobiography, 238:significance of the five major episodes in the life of the Christ - the birth, baptism,Autobiography, 241:a complete compendium of the spiritual life and presents those new formulations of ancient truthsAutobiography, 246:also shown as interfering with the organization life of the various occult groups which claimed toAutobiography, 252:grasp of circumstance, they know that in a later life or lives the majority of those who are nowAutobiography, 253:unable to see the emergence of the new ways of life and the new approaches to truth. All this timeAutobiography, 254:approach to the Hierarchy and to the spiritual life, though based, of course, on the ancient rules.Autobiography, 257:am the representative of the Hierarchy" but by a life of service, by indicating that the MastersAutobiography, 262:have been the various septenates which condition life, consciousness and form. None of this isAutobiography, 264:based upon claim-making and mystery but upon a life lived in accordance with the highest ideals,Autobiography, 267:integration and of trained knowledge of life in the three worlds in which the beginner should beAutobiography, 269:has absolutely no authority, except that of a life lived as dose to the truth as possible, plus theAutobiography, 269:virtues, or upon the purity in the outer life, or on kindness, good temper and freedom fromAutobiography, 269:therefore, a medium through which the disciple's life-focus becomes that of the soul; neither theAutobiography, 270:the disciple. This is to live as a soul in the life of every day and to work consciously inAutobiography, 270:do so are deceiving the public. Training in the life of discipleship, academically understood, canAutobiography, 270:understood, can be given. Training in the life of the initiate has still to be ascertainedAutobiography, 271:touch with the Master and the Ashram, his daily life becomes magnetic, radiatory and dynamic and,Autobiography, 271:them around him. He becomes the central point of life in a living organism and not the head of anAutobiography, 271:which grows and achieves its end because of the life at the center, developing from within outward;Autobiography, 271:from within outward; it is the force of his life which makes it successful and not any system ofAutobiography, 271:him that each step forward in the spiritual life reveals still more stages to be mastered. TheAutobiography, 276:of the spiritual Hierarchy which governs the life of our planet, a comprehension (progressivelyAutobiography, 276:of human living and with all forms of divine life, the awakening of his own nature willAutobiography, 276:orientation and the rhythmic adjustment of the life to the spiritual order and to circumstance. TheAutobiography, 276:and the man is living successfully the dual life of the disciple: right relation to the world ofAutobiography, 276:and right relations to his fellowmen in the life of every day. After a preliminary grounding in theAutobiography, 277:increasing effectiveness) to live the inspired life of a Son of God. 5. The Laws of the SpiritualAutobiography, 278:spirit, soul and matter, usually calling them life, consciousness and form, or life, quality andAutobiography, 278:calling them life, consciousness and form, or life, quality and appearance, and thus gains someAutobiography, 280:ours. You are undertaking a task for which your life and all previous lives (if you accept the LawAutobiography, 280:one; it involves a reorientation of your life and life methods, in all probability; it means theAutobiography, 280:it involves a reorientation of your life and life methods, in all probability; it means theAutobiography, 280:of the rules which govern the transfer of your life effort out of the fourth or human kingdom intoAutobiography, 280:of the average human being. As you face this new life of training and of growth into a new andAutobiography, 281:emphasizes the necessity to live the spiritual life and rejects all claims to spiritual status. TheAutobiography, 283:the Hierarchy grows steadily and your entire life will be taking on fuller and richer meaning. ItAutobiography, 285:field - never seek to interfere in the spiritual life and efforts of the student. The help given inAutobiography, 285:the suggestions made concerning the spiritual life are freely offered. The requirements cannot beAutobiography, 285:the student entirely free as regards his private life. The Arcane School imposes no physicalAutobiography, 287:nature, a necessary product of the experience of life in the fourth kingdom, the human. It is theAutobiography, 288:learns to apply these ancient rules to his daily life will eventually arrive at a personalAutobiography, 288:either accept the training or drop out of the life of the Arcane School, at least temporarily. InAutobiography, 289:attempt to practice the rules of the spiritual life and so bring themselves under the laws whichAutobiography, 289:this belief and the inclusiveness of the divine Life, informing as it does all the subhumanAutobiography, 290:blueprint upon which he is asked to pattern his life: "The souls of men are one and I am one withAutobiography, 290:love. Let the soul control the outer form And life and all events, And bring to light the Love ThatAutobiography, 292:an open mind and cultivate a willingness to see life and world events as a whole; we ask him toAutobiography, 293:of this ancient cleavage between spiritual life and material action, politics, the Church in allAutobiography, 293:the Church in all countries, and the economic life of the world have degenerated into the terribleAutobiography, 293:carry that concept into practice in his everyday life; if he does not do so, be is nothing but aAutobiography, 293:dominates every phase of our physical plane life; it is the outstanding, controlling factor in ourAutobiography, 295:can be expressed. That there is only one divine Life, expressing itself through the multiplicity ofAutobiography, 297:by us all, that we are facing a new cycle in the life of the group, justifies our attempting anAutobiography, 298:link consciously achieved. All through her life A.A.B. shunned any statement or action which mightAutobiography, 298:the essentials of the pattern of her life as it was to unfold. She was strong enough to haveAutobiography, 298:a center of living spiritual energy in the group life of the Hierarchy.) As the years have slippedAutobiography, 300:quality. The same thing holds true in the life of every disciple in proportion to the importance ofAutobiography, 301:in a more childlike way. She insisted that a life of selfless service was the most important factorAutobiography, 301:known to us all and in the case of our own group life, originated in the wisdom of A.A.B. in herAutobiography, 301:the whole operation, has been the rule that the life work [302] of every senior disciple must notAutobiography, 302:of, the work which she inaugurated in this life and which she is as deeply concerned with now asAutobiography, 304:terms of our participating in this larger group life. (Talk to the Students at the AnnualBethlehemTheology, remains 'the way, the truth, and the life'; and I am convinced that concentration uponBethlehem, viii:[viii] The conscious evocation of the Christ Life in the human heart and our rapid integration intoBethlehem, 3:of Nazareth brought about in the fabric of human life, His social and economic ideals, and theBethlehem, 4:from the difficulties and problems of daily life. The effort to understand, to experiment, toBethlehem, 5:this. He revealed in Himself and through His life history what this wisdom and knowledge could doBethlehem, 6:sadly forgotten the inner meaning which carries life and salvation to the individual and also toBethlehem, 6:the secret and the technique of the Christian life. We have over-emphasized the doctrinal andBethlehem, 7:soul [7]of man was crying out for the spirit of life, which the letter veiled. We have agonizedBethlehem, 7:individual and for the race. The drama of His life and its practical application to the lives ofBethlehem, 7:uttered, whilst that which He expressed in His life, and the relationships which He emphasized andBethlehem, 7:synonymous with the historical birth and earthly life of Christ, is for the mystic not only thisBethlehem, 8:way along the path of return. There is life and truth and vitality in the Gospel story yet to beBethlehem, 8:is, first and last, a symbol; for the essence of life is meaning. But every symbol which is theBethlehem, 8:for all things in the sense-connection of life are inwardly connected, and their depths have theirBethlehem, 8:can in principle continue, on the plane of this life, what they were and yet signify somethingBethlehem, 9:meaning underlying the great events in the life of Christ, and to bring into renewed life and
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