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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Bethlehem, 9:in the life of Christ, and to bring into renewed life and interest the weakening aspiration of theBethlehem, 11:Morgan. Taking the five major episodes in the life of the Savior, around which the entire GospelBethlehem, 11:and thus obey His injunction to enter into new life? Must we not all be born again, baptized intoBethlehem, 12:crises that occur, if so desired, in the life of those human beings who take their stand upon theirBethlehem, 12:in two inspired moments of history: the life of the Buddha, and the life of Christ. The Buddha gaveBethlehem, 12:of history: the life of the Buddha, and the life of Christ. The Buddha gave his doctrine toBethlehem, 12:doctrine to enlighten the world: Christ gave his life. It is for Christians to discern theBethlehem, 12:of the Buddha is its interpretation of his life." - Religion in the Making, by A. N. Whitehead, p.Bethlehem, 13:for this specific reason: the central problem of life is to lay hold upon our divinity and to makeBethlehem, 13:our divinity and to make it manifest. In the life of Christ we have the most complete and perfectBethlehem, 13:West. For instance, the fourth event in Christ's life, the Crucifixion, finds a parallel in theBethlehem, 13:"entering of the stream," and there is in the life of Jesus an episode which we call the "baptismBethlehem, 14:illumination, "let in" a flood of light upon life and upon our world problems, and this intelligentBethlehem, 16:practices, leading to a changed attitude towards life and reality, will, when held sanely, bring inBethlehem, 16:wisdom and prepare the disciple for the Christ life. Upon this racial teaching follows the work ofBethlehem, 17:[17] which leads to the Path of Light, and the life of Christ will flower forth in the humanBethlehem, 17:rising sun, disperses the darkness, reveals the life-situation, and irradiates the lower nature. ItBethlehem, 17:Initiation. Identification. Christ lived His life in that small but significant strip of land whichBethlehem, 21:within. It reveals, step by step, the hidden life which every form and symbol veils and hides. ItBethlehem, 22:monstrous injustice of the one sorrowful life which the Christian allots himself, men have turnedBethlehem, 22:picture of the entire process in His own life story, built around those major initiations which areBethlehem, 23:and a dedication of the desire nature to the life of the soul. The initiates of the world areBethlehem, 24:bring about this divine expression in our daily life takes the utmost that is in us. To be anBethlehem, 26:adherence to authoritative teaching and rules of life, and have not primarily emphasized adherenceBethlehem, 26:This expression is found in its fullness in the life of Christ. He revealed to us the nature ofBethlehem, 26:divinely. In the New Testament this unfolding life of living divine love is held before us in threeBethlehem, 26:indicating an increased experience of the divine life and a deeper unfoldment of the ChristBethlehem, 27:and the mind and brain of the man in physical life. These expansions of consciousness progressivelyBethlehem, 28:as a group approach the gate which leadeth unto life. All modern discovery, all psychologicalBethlehem, 29:manifested - is that expression [29] of divine life which we can call the fifth kingdom in nature.Bethlehem, 29:requirements can be seen working out in the life of every disciple at this time, and, for those whoBethlehem, 29:of difficulty, in every department of human life and excluding no group, indicates that mankind asBethlehem, 34:by other great Sons of God. His word may be the life-giving Word for our Western civilization, andBethlehem, 35:John, III, 7.) and to express the death unto life which is the outstanding message of St. Paul. (IBethlehem, 35:of consciousness, and have entered into a deeper life of fuller, richer service. Step by step,Bethlehem, 35:has grown, and their awareness of the divine Life, immanent in nature, has led them to theBethlehem, 35:Christ. God in all forms, and God the informing life of the cosmos, and yet a God Who consciouslyBethlehem, 36:and is but a correspondence in the racial life to those tests and trials which are always the lotBethlehem, 36:reorganization of world affairs and of human life, is already sensed and awaited by the thinkers ofBethlehem, 36:new Word." Every form has its positive center of life. Every organism is constructed around aBethlehem, 36:on which we live, with its myriad forms of life. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word wasBethlehem, 36:was not anything made that was made. "In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. [37] "HeBethlehem, 36:made that was made. "In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. [37] "He was in the world,Bethlehem, 37:and around that dynamic center of spiritual life our Western world revolves. Whether we accept thisBethlehem, 38:externality on the one hand or with the life of the absolute on the other. Our idea has beenBethlehem, 38:other hand, a thread or fiber of the absolute life, ...a stream or tide within it of varyingBethlehem, 39:when He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." (St. John, XIV, 6.) He knew that HeBethlehem, 39:well-known lines: "Thus he dwells in all From life's minute beginnings, up at last To man - theBethlehem, 39:Of being, the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and there Been scatteredBethlehem, 40:splendor ever on before In that eternal circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature'sBethlehem, 40:new birth." Once that has been undergone, the life of the infant Christ will increase, and theBethlehem, 40:has been attuned to His. The joy of physical life is changed into the joy of understanding, and newBethlehem, 42:made possible. The work proceeds, and the Christ-life unfolds and develops in the man until theBethlehem, 42:like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand!" After theBethlehem, 43:having neither beginning of days nor end of life... He remains a priest in perpetuity.)" - Hebrews,Bethlehem, 43:so, to be of supreme importance. In the life of Christ there are episodes which represent greatBethlehem, 43:the soul begins to manifest on earth, and the life of the disciple and initiate begins. He passesBethlehem, 44:much a natural process connected with his inner life as are the physical processes in theirBethlehem, 44:processes in their connection with his outer life as a human being. These two go on together, butBethlehem, 44:we find God. In the cave of the heart the divine life can be felt throbbing. Man discovers himselfBethlehem, 45:he gives birth to the Christ. The "infant life," newborn into the kingdom of God, starts on theBethlehem, 45:with the divine will become the purpose of his life. Bethlehem, 46:the world of reality. "Man has had enough of a life cut off from its religious center, and a questBethlehem, 46:longer merely on the surface, a purely external life." (The End of Our Time, by Nicholas Berdyaev,Bethlehem, 47:interesting things which appear as we study the life of Christ and note how the divine Plan forBethlehem, 47:of Christ and note how the divine Plan for that life was progressively registered in HisBethlehem, 48:the individual learns to subordinate his life to the Will of the Father, and to become - as ChristBethlehem, 49:these stages must be worked out in the racial life. Those who see the vision clearly can trace theBethlehem, 51:enable us to live in two realms at once - the life which must be lived on earth and the life whichBethlehem, 51:- the life which must be lived on earth and the life which we can live in the kingdom of God.Bethlehem, 52:sound which went forth "opened anew the gates of life." Door after door is opened on the demand ofBethlehem, 52:the indication of divinity, of the spirit of life, the breath of God. What the new Word will beBethlehem, 52:of God. It is this Word which will quicken into life the hidden soul of man and galvanize him intoBethlehem, 54:have to be worked out in the experience of daily life. Moments of assimilation and reflection mustBethlehem, 54:to the needs of a consequent and strenuous life of service, and initiation ever calls forth renewedBethlehem, 55:years after the event, is the lesson of Christ's life taking formative effect in the imaginationsBethlehem, 55:and showed us, in Himself and through His life, what a man could be and was. The Son of God is alsoBethlehem, 55:by St. Luke and St. Matthew, just as His life as the Great Server was emphasized by St. Mark. WeBethlehem, 56:our stand upon the physical happenings of His life and have struggled to prove the authenticBethlehem, 56:says very appositely that "the conduct of life rests on an act of faith which begins with anBethlehem, 57:age and temperament; The uniformity of their life story, the appearance again and again of theBethlehem, 58:its consciousness, the message He gave and the life He lived must necessarily sum up all the bestBethlehem, 59:The first and last initiations (the Birth into life and the Resurrection into "life moreBethlehem, 59:(the Birth into life and the Resurrection into "life more abundantly" (St. John, X, 10.) took placeBethlehem, 60:Christ came down again on to the level of daily life and there manifested the effects or results ofBethlehem, 60:cave and entered, as did all the others, upon a life of service and of sacrifice, thus qualifyingBethlehem, 63:is the true Holy Grail, that which contains the life blood, the repository of the sacred and theBethlehem, 65:of the Father impelled Him. He came to give to life a purpose and fulfilment, and to indicate to usBethlehem, 65:preceding the birth, is also a part of the life-story of other teachers sent from God. ForBethlehem, 66:means the "turning of the wheel" - that wheel of life and of death which turns continuously,Bethlehem, 66:as the Buddhists call it, until we have learnt life's lessons and have become "a vessel unto honor,Bethlehem, 66:way He Himself was to become the "Bread of Life" (St. John, VI, 33, 35, 41, 58) to a hungry world.Bethlehem, 67:which is the symbol of the stage in human life at which matter and form are dominant andBethlehem, 67:dominant and triumphant; when the inner divine life is so deeply hidden that it shows no sign, andBethlehem, 67:form. When the turning of the great wheel of life has played its part, then Mary can come out ofBethlehem, 67:from Galilee, the place of the daily round of life; and this is true, whether one is speaking ofBethlehem, 68:- the journey, the new birth, the experience of life, the service to be rendered, the death to beBethlehem, 68:birth can take place, and therefore one stage of life's long journey is nearly completed. ThisBethlehem, 68:to just such a hard and uninviting place. The life of the individual disciple, prior to takingBethlehem, 68:difficulty, Christ is to be found, the Christ life can flower forth, and we can stand face to face
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