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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Bethlehem, 70:plans of God Himself. This would give meaning to life; it is only when we apprehend meaning andBethlehem, 72:recognition of God. Then His impress and His life can be seen everywhere, in everybody andBethlehem, 72:calls it) will everywhere be recognized. The life of God is today agitating the minds of men andBethlehem, 74:now offer, if it so will, the gifts of material life, of purification through the fires ofBethlehem, 74:Gold, the thing that today seems to be the very life-blood of the people, must be consecrated toBethlehem, 76:spoken with conviction, and so changing all life for her: "Wist ye not that I must be about myBethlehem, 77:we are told, He functioned as a man in the daily life of the carpenter's shop and in the home withBethlehem, 77:shop and in the home with His parents. This home life constituted the test to which He wasBethlehem, 77:that most difficult experience of home life, with its monotony, with its unvarying usualness, withBethlehem, 78:crack when difficulties come and dark places in life are encountered. We have, if we could butBethlehem, 78:this essential fact and happily settle down to a life of service and of giving lovingly in theirBethlehem, 78:they can make no progress. Until the path of life is trodden, happily, silently and with noBethlehem, 78:response as they attempt to lead the spiritual life, to study, read and think. The reason canBethlehem, 79:the outer form of our personalities) the life of love. The life of Christ is a life to be livedBethlehem, 79:form of our personalities) the life of love. The life of Christ is a life to be lived today,Bethlehem, 79:the life of love. The life of Christ is a life to be lived today, eventually by all. It is a lifeBethlehem, 79:to be lived today, eventually by all. It is a life of joy and happiness, of test and of problems,Bethlehem, 79:us? If a study of these five developments in the life of Christ are of no profit to us, and if theyBethlehem, 80:and to achieve that perfection to which His life challenges us and for which He Himself tells us toBethlehem, 80:in no way taught. He calls us to holiness of life and admonishes us to follow in His steps, and notBethlehem, 81:the birth of a child into the world of physical life. Eternally, down the ages, men have made andBethlehem, 82:of this divine idea and the orientation of the life in order to make the idea a fact are the firstBethlehem, 83:Mary is seen, not the Christ. As the wheel of life (the Galilee experience) carries us from oneBethlehem, 83:"It is a propitious moment to put the Christian life into serious practice... At a time ofBethlehem, 83:the absence of which there can be no spiritual life, whether for society or for the individual..."Bethlehem, 89:cannot be acquired if a person has reached adult life without them." - Psychology and theBethlehem, 89:It apparently provides a conditioning of life to be found on no other planet. This may or may notBethlehem, 89:Today, as we look out upon our planetary life, in all kingdoms the vision is discouraging. In allBethlehem, 90:it was the incentive and impulsion to His life of service, and it is the principle upon which theBethlehem, 91:dynamic force, Christ stands alone. Through His life, He gave to us an idea which became in timeBethlehem, 92:inspired and summarized for us by Christ in His life and teaching. Christ gave the greatest of allBethlehem, 92:could constitute a possibility for all men. His life was the demonstration of a perfection such asBethlehem, 99:- among its most advanced types - in the heart life. John the Baptist therefore gave the baptism ofBethlehem, 99:of the deeper truths, and of the birth unto life, leads to Jordan, and so Christ went there toBethlehem, 99:developed, and then the mind comes into active life. The baptism which Christ gives His followersBethlehem, 100:indicated in His experience. As the result of life experience and inner consecration, He was readyBethlehem, 100:of all feeling, of all wishes and of that desire life which is the determining factor with mostBethlehem, 100:of the physical body and the physical plane life to the soul. The second initiation stands for theBethlehem, 100:its emotional reactions and its potent "wish life." A new factor now enters in, the discriminatingBethlehem, 100:means of it, the disciple can bring the mental life under control and dedicate it to the life ofBethlehem, 100:mental life under control and dedicate it to the life of the kingdom of God, which is consummatedBethlehem, 100:toward maturity. But there comes a time in the life of every initiate when choice must be made, andBethlehem, 100:initiation marked a tremendous change in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Up to that time, for thirtyBethlehem, 101:fitted to take the second initiation. Our desire-life is then confronted with essential choicesBethlehem, 102:His purification was complete. He then faced the life of service and the difficulties which attendBethlehem, 103:Messiahship!" - Ibid., p. 223. Christ's entire life was one long via dolorosa, but it was illuminedBethlehem, 103:do was only progressively revealed to Him, His life constituted one great sacrifice, one greatBethlehem, 103:indicative of the state of initiation. All life's happenings are related to the carrying forward ofBethlehem, 103:are related to the carrying forward of the life task. Life takes on true significance. This is aBethlehem, 103:to the carrying forward of the life task. Life takes on true significance. This is a lesson whichBethlehem, 103:aspiring, can now learn. We can begin to say, "Life to me, as I look back on it, is not aBethlehem, 105:and knows through every part of his being that life is reality and reality is life. For a briefBethlehem, 105:of his being that life is reality and reality is life. For a brief moment his consciousness becomesBethlehem, 106:Through Christ and the unfoldment of the Christ life in each human being will come "the peace whichBethlehem, 107:in Jordan III. In this intimate episode in the life of Jesus Christ we are given perhaps the firstBethlehem, 108:to master Himself, and because the wheel of life had done its work with Him, He could face thisBethlehem, 109:as He did, and because none of these aspects of life could affect Him, we too can stand free,Bethlehem, 111:the power of His human nature. As we study the life of Jesus this solitariness emerges ever moreBethlehem, 111:the Making, by A. N. Whitehead, p. 9.) Christ's life alternated between the crowd whom He loved andBethlehem, 111:places. First He is to be found in the daily life of the family experience, where the intimacies ofBethlehem, 111:and was alone. He returned, and His public life began, until the publicity and noise and clamor ofBethlehem, 112:major problems with which man has, in his daily life, to deal. These are called by OrientalBethlehem, 112:manner in which man handles these two aspects of life, and his subjective attitude to them, whichBethlehem, 112:attitude to them, which determine whether his life reacts to evil or to good. The devil is theBethlehem, 113:become a 'subconscious' in which the collective life of our ancestors is still operative, is theBethlehem, 113:human existence - good and evil, light and dark, life and form, spirit and matter, the self and theBethlehem, 114:with or by the incidents of the terrestrial life." - Ibid., pp. 284, 285. If these words areBethlehem, 116:face eventually, and which climaxed in Christ's life, until He vanquished it upon the Cross, is theBethlehem, 116:the problem in the immediate foreground of his life. This he handles or not, as the case may be, byBethlehem, 116:slowly to concern him. He then handles his life conditions from the angle of that theory. For aBethlehem, 116:the problem must be handled as a whole, and the life problem must be considered from the angle ofBethlehem, 118:philosophy refers frequently to four spheres of life or four problems which all disciples andBethlehem, 119:with all their material; the [119] wish life of the race has been wrongly oriented and human desireBethlehem, 119:the ideas whereby we live, and the thought life which more or less (although mostly less) governsBethlehem, 119:and with the submergence of His vital spiritual life by a misconception and an emotional use of HisBethlehem, 120:by bread alone, but by means of the spiritual life which (coming forth from God) pours into, and isBethlehem, 120:(coming forth from God) pours into, and is the life of, the lower man. This is the first essentialBethlehem, 120:essential for understanding. Upon that soul life and upon that inner contact the emphasis should beBethlehem, 120:of itself. When we live as souls, when our inner life is oriented to God, not because of what weBethlehem, 120:sense of divinity, then the forces of divine life will pour through us and produce what is needed.Bethlehem, 120:from hatred and suspicion which will make life pleasanter for those with whom we associate, and aBethlehem, 121:so. In time and space, in a particular life and at a special time, illness has its uses and may beBethlehem, 121:which Christ so triumphantly met. We live by the life of God. Let that life flow in "moreBethlehem, 121:met. We live by the life of God. Let that life flow in "more abundantly" upon us and we shallBethlehem, 122:back, as Christ did, upon the fundamentals of life, and takes the position that when man isBethlehem, 122:solution of the problem lies in a revaluation of life and a re-education in the underlyingBethlehem, 124:is now concentrated within a single nature, the life of a single man. A war must be waged withinBethlehem, 124:within himself, a war long and arduous for the life of the Soul. Nothing but high courage, joinedBethlehem, 124:but the question was the same: Is the life of the soul a reality? Am I divine? Christ faced thisBethlehem, 127:and over doubt. He knew that the form side of life could not attract Him, and He had fought throughBethlehem, 127:First, of course, it is produced by the wheel of life and the Galilee [128] experience; then byBethlehem, 130:world, whether deserving or not, whose life is centered in the Divine, common to all. In Him thereBethlehem, 130:and become filled with the wine of the divine life, shared by all. We, by continuous thoughBethlehem, 130:effort, may maintain the center of separate life which we call our personality; if we would followBethlehem, 130:for individual assertion in the desire to be the life of the Whole rather than that of a part. ThusBethlehem, 130:of at-one-ment which all who would study His life and react to His spirit could follow. He couldBethlehem, 136:through His nature, and that nature is Spirit or Life, Soul or conscious love, and FormBethlehem, 136:love, and Form intelligently motivated. Life, quality, and appearance - these are the three majorBethlehem, 136:unknown, except as He is revealed through the life of His sons, and by the revelation givenBethlehem, 136:whilst at the Resurrection initiation the life aspect of divinity makes its presence felt. [137] In
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