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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Bethlehem, 137:makes its presence felt. [137] In His earthly life, therefore, Christ did two things: He revealedBethlehem, 137:transfigured personality, and finally the goal - life eternal and unending because decentralizedBethlehem, 137:flesh; they embody the musical chord of Christ's life, as they will be embodied in the life of allBethlehem, 137:Christ's life, as they will be embodied in the life of all who follow in His steps. ThroughBethlehem, 137:stages of adaptation of the vehicles of life, up to that mountain-top where the divine in us isBethlehem, 137:Initiation Resurrection Completion Consummation Life This is the first of the mountain experiences.Bethlehem, 140:as well as a divine Individuality. His life with its quality and its purpose has set its seal uponBethlehem, 140:does the expression of the indwelling Christ life and consciousness become possible. The fact ofBethlehem, 141:He determines. He assumes control of his life and becomes not only an originating center ofBethlehem, 141:upon thought, and this determination to handle life from the angle of mind and not of emotion,Bethlehem, 143:The Bhagavad Gita, that supreme argument for the life of the whole as fused and blended inBethlehem, 143:seem to be that, at a certain point in spiritual life, the ardent disciple, who has sought in allBethlehem, 143:gaining a profound vision of the divine ways of life, and feeling with the infinite Power, whichBethlehem, 143:with the infinite Power, which works through life and death alike, through sorrow and joy, throughBethlehem, 143:is the Whole, informed and animated by the life and will of God; and in utter self-surrender andBethlehem, 144:be later superseded when the message of Christ's life is duly understood, pouring through man'sBethlehem, 144:the Ten Commandments into the background of life, rendering them superfluous, because the loveBethlehem, 145:She typifies in herself that which preserves the life of God, latent yet with infiniteBethlehem, 145:revealed the purpose and objective of the form-life of man. [146] In this mountain experience weBethlehem, 147:drastic and disciplinary as the great wheel of life turns, and, turning, carries humanity onward),Bethlehem, 147:this purification is not simply the result of life itself, but is something which is definitelyBethlehem, 147:- The Third Initiation - The Transfiguration The life of the indwelling Christ produces theBethlehem, 147:of the physical body, but deeper still, that life operates upon the emotional-feeling nature, andBethlehem, 149:is an outstanding phenomenon of the religious life, and one of the strongest testimonies to theBethlehem, 152:of scientific mysticism. God is light as well as life. This the mystic has proved, and to this heBethlehem, 155:is a simultaneous precipitation of energy, and life is forever after different. That which has beenBethlehem, 156:significant factors, and since that moment the life of humanity has been radically changed. It wasBethlehem, 156:We know God is. We know reality exists. But life, with its emphasis directed on phenomena, itsBethlehem, 157:is something which has to be wrought out in the life before it can be defined or explained. WhenBethlehem, 158:language of the fourth great event in Christ's life, and many of us have attempted to share andBethlehem, 159:correspondence to these five crises in the life of Jesus Christ, this third episode is called theBethlehem, 159:them for our edification and inspiration in His life history, and in the five Gospel episodes. MoreBethlehem, 160:pay attention to this particular crisis in the life of Christ and to listen to His words. The powerBethlehem, 161:the death on the Cross as being the apex of His life work. It was the result of His life work, butBethlehem, 161:apex of His life work. It was the result of His life work, but not that for which He came into theBethlehem, 161:came into the world. He came that we might have "life abundantly," and St. John tells us in hisBethlehem, 162:8.) then the new birth becomes possible, for the life of that universal Christ, animating everyBethlehem, 162:new manifestation of divinity? The "blood is the life," (Gen., IX, 4.) and it is the living ChristBethlehem, 162:to become citizens of that kingdom. It is the life of Christ in each of us which makes us sons ofBethlehem, 162:of Christianity in the world. It is the Christ life in all forms which constitutes the evolutionaryBethlehem, 162:the evolutionary urge. It is the Christ life which makes the steadily unfolding expression ofBethlehem, 162:deep within the heart of every man. The Christ life brings him eventually to the point where heBethlehem, 163:kingdom of spirit. The recognition of the Christ life within the form of man makes every humanBethlehem, 163:to that indwelling reality. It is the Christ life which, at the new birth, comes to fullerBethlehem, 163:entrance into a fuller understanding of God as life. The true Church of Christ is the assembly ofBethlehem, 163:is the assembly of all who live through the life of Christ, and whose life is one with His. ThisBethlehem, 163:who live through the life of Christ, and whose life is one with His. This will be increasinglyBethlehem, 164:return, as Christ did, to the plains of everyday life, and there subject our knowledge to the test,Bethlehem, 165:or a prevision of the culmination of His life of service upon the Cross. He saw clearly, perhapsBethlehem, 166:which save the world - the quality of His life, which is Love and Wisdom and Value and Reality. ItBethlehem, 168:the outer appearance may be. Christ illumines life. This was one of His most importantBethlehem, 168:was one of His most important contributions to life as it is lived today. He said in effect: GodBethlehem, 168:fact and fundamental truth, it illumines all of life and lightens all burdens; cause and effect areBethlehem, 168:over the more technical aspects of Christ's life. What He illumined in His function as the "LightBethlehem, 169:that "is pregnant with relief and redress of life and of the world." (Modern Trends in WorldBethlehem, 170:with the usually competitive attitude to life and the selfishness generally shown by the averageBethlehem, 170:each of us can make to the world as we study the life of Christ and travel with Him in our mindsBethlehem, 176:greatness, and Christ emphasized this in His life and work. We have not yet achieved thisBethlehem, 177:to prove this continuity: "At the time of the life or recorded appearance of Jesus of Nazareth andBethlehem, 178:And in a Cave or Underground Chamber. They led a life of toil for Mankind. And were called by theBethlehem, 179:average human being today? Are the facts of His life historically true; and was there a period inBethlehem, 179:He walked and talked and lived an ordinary human life? Did He serve His race and return to theBethlehem, 179:the various theological interpretations of His life story, but Christ they know, and with Him theyBethlehem, 179:but Christ they know, and with Him they tread life's pathway. They may argue about whether He wasBethlehem, 179:the Cross, or they may endeavor to live by the life of the risen Christ, but to the reality ofBethlehem, 181:represent the basic fundamental elements of life, Fire, Earth, Air and Water." - The Celestial ShipBethlehem, 183:the significance of the individual and in His life demonstrated the supreme value of theBethlehem, 184:of time four great expressions of divine life, four forms of God immanent in nature, have appearedBethlehem, 185:not all men only, but eventually all forms of life in all kingdoms will render up their life, notBethlehem, 185:of life in all kingdoms will render up their life, not as an imposed sacrifice, but as a willingBethlehem, 186:[186] final glory of God. "He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it," (St. Matt., X, 39.)Bethlehem, 187:aspect and identified Himself as Man with the life aspect of Deity. He thereby liberate us from theBethlehem, 187:He thereby liberate us from the form side of life, of religion and of matter, and demonstrated toBethlehem, 187:to lay the major emphasis upon the renewal of life to which that death was the prelude. ThisBethlehem, 187:- so inclusive of time and space and life - that the constant explanations and the endless attemptsBethlehem, 188:unparalleled by men. The whole trend of human life tends to repudiate those ancient tenets whichBethlehem, 188:of ancient forms, but it must enter into new life and pass through the resurrection if it is toBethlehem, 188:that it may be resurrected into true and vital life for the meeting of the people's need. Let aBethlehem, 189:Vol. I, p. 229.) The planetary Christ, the life of the four kingdoms of nature, has been crucifiedBethlehem, 190:that we have depicted a Savior Who gave His life for us as individuals, believing that had He neverBethlehem, 190:our sinful natures. There is a death unto life, and a need to "die daily," (I Cor., XV, 31.) as St.Bethlehem, 195:But His death was also the consummating act of a life of sacrifice and service, and the logicalBethlehem, 195:It was the crowning act of His most heroic life, and it affords such a sublime example to mankindBethlehem, 196:nearer to reality, our entire outlook upon life, ourselves and our fellow men is apt to alter andBethlehem, 198:He sought to bring to our attention through His life and His words. That is also why, from theBethlehem, 199:to do - to show us the nature of the "saved" life; to demonstrate to us the quality of the eternalBethlehem, 200:knowledge that the determining factor in human life is love, and that "God is love." (I St. John,Bethlehem, 201:Crucifixion - if they too are to share in the life of humanity and become, in their turn, saviorsBethlehem, 202:and the outer, tangible man. Each has its own life and its own field of experience. Each thereforeBethlehem, 203:Controlled action in every department of human life is the ideal, and this action must be based onBethlehem, 203:one who tolerates some unevennesses in his daily life. A definition such as this is broadlyBethlehem, 203:an effort to identify ourselves with the form life when we have a capacity for soul consciousness;Bethlehem, 203:is the steady turning of the thought and life towards the soul, leading to those activities whichBethlehem, 205:that which is connected with the form side of life, and not with the life side of form. Sin isBethlehem, 205:with the form side of life, and not with the life side of form. Sin is therefore a definiteBethlehem, 205:divinity or our erring lower nature. Our task in life is to express divinity. And that divinityBethlehem, 207:be revealed to us. There were times in Christ's life, as in the Garden of Gethsemane, when HeBethlehem, 209:found. Christ came that all mankind might have "life... more abundantly." (St. John, X, 10.) WeBethlehem, 209:having taken the necessary steps towards that life. But the abundant life is surely not a life toBethlehem, 209:steps towards that life. But the abundant life is surely not a life to be lived hereafter, in some
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