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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Bethlehem, 209:that life. But the abundant life is surely not a life to be lived hereafter, in some distant heavenBethlehem, 209:those who are believers shall enjoy an exclusive life of happiness, whilst the rest of God'sBethlehem, 209:will of God brought to an end the most complete life that had been lived on earth. The attempt toBethlehem, 210:concerning love and service Christ lost his life. Canon Streeter tells us that "the significanceBethlehem, 211:earliest times, through the period of Christ's life in Palestine and on until the present time, areBethlehem, 211:of divinity, only to find that this life of loving service brought Him trouble and eventually theBethlehem, 212:of His Presence is the harmonizing medium in life. Men are not saved by belief in the formulationBethlehem, 212:That which will eventually reorganize our human life is the presence in the world of those who knowBethlehem, 212:and recognize that they possess the same divine life, just as the affirmation of the basic law ofBethlehem, 212:save the world. It is the substitution of the life of Christ for the life of the world, the fleshBethlehem, 212:the substitution of the life of Christ for the life of the world, the flesh and the devil, whichBethlehem, 212:which will inject a meaning and a value into life. A sense of the failure of love constitutes theBethlehem, 215:Father and call on the spirit, which is God, the life of all forms, to adjust relationships, and toBethlehem, 215:that forgiveness which is the very essence of life itself. That forgiveness is the result of life.Bethlehem, 215:life itself. That forgiveness is the result of life. This is a hard truth for the Western believerBethlehem, 215:and therefore not in need of forgiveness. Life and experience do this for us, and nothing canBethlehem, 215:that puts us right with God, but an attitude to life and an attitude to the Christ dwelling in theBethlehem, 217:demand that forgiveness be accorded. But when life experience has played its part, we have againBethlehem, 217:through the purification of the waters of life. The waters of John's Baptism released from theBethlehem, 217:released from the thralldom of the personality life. But the Baptism to which Christ was subjectedBethlehem, 217:was subjected through the power of His Own life, and to which we are also subjected through theBethlehem, 217:and to which we are also subjected through the life of Christ within us, was the Baptism of fireBethlehem, 217:physical connotation, and concerns our physical life and its relationships; joy is of the nature ofBethlehem, 218:the one who shelters and guards the Christ life. To His mother, He says: Recognize that in theBethlehem, 219:one of the most intimate moments of Christ's life - a moment that has a definite relation to theBethlehem, 219:hesitates to intrude upon this episode in His life, because it is one of the deepest and mostBethlehem, 219:secret and perhaps most sacred phases of His life on earth. We read that there was "darkness on theBethlehem, 220:that divinity, can the very center of spiritual life he recognized as stable and eternal. It was inBethlehem, 221:He had spoken the Word for the plane of everyday life, the Word of forgiveness, and in it HeBethlehem, 223:way of the Savior becomes then our way. God's life and purpose stand revealed. It is this thirstBethlehem, 223:sight, Christ crucified for us, to look upon life's most perplexed and sorrowful contradictions, IBethlehem, 223:nor assured that the overwhelming disparities of life were but apparent, but I was met from theBethlehem, 224:implication here is clear. It is the spirit of life in Christ and in us which makes us sons of God,Bethlehem, 225:what we had to do. He shared with us the way of life, because there was nothing else for Him to do,Bethlehem, 226:was a human [226] being. But He threw upon this life experience the radiant light of divinityBethlehem, 227:a kingdom of God divorced from current daily life and the general economic situation, and at theBethlehem, 227:come to be served but to serve, in giving his life as ransom for many. (Mark X, 45.) "The climax isBethlehem, 229:"Apart from Christ we know neither what our life nor our death is; we do not know what God is norBethlehem, 229:that dies in its most sacred whole Receiveth life that shall for ever last." - Richard Watson DixonBethlehem, 231:the Resurrection episode, or crisis, in Christ's life is left untold by the writers of the NewBethlehem, 231:Crucifixion we are told little of Christ's own life, or what occupied Him between the time He roseBethlehem, 233:only another step on the way towards light and life, and shall realize that, as the Christ lifeBethlehem, 233:and life, and shall realize that, as the Christ life expresses itself in and through human beings,Bethlehem, 233:and nature of eternity and the continuity of life can with safety be revealed only when love holdsBethlehem, 234:in those enthusiastic days, to Christ and to life in the world: "They spoke in plain terms of God.Bethlehem, 234:all believing, and of a new, a free, a creative life. Nothing of all this was of their ownBethlehem, 234:proved that humanity had in it the seed of life, and that there was no death for the man who couldBethlehem, 235:their belief in the risen Christ and in the life beyond the grave. They have argued along manyBethlehem, 235:to us the meaning and purpose of the divine life present in Him and in us all. Because Christ wasBethlehem, 235:Gospel story are not isolated happenings in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, but that they have beenBethlehem, 236:the last honors. Before singing his return to life, there were mournful rites celebrated in honorBethlehem, 238:up these five points, the five crises in the life of Christ and the five points in the MasonicBethlehem, 240:from on high.' (St. Luke XXIV, 49.) But this life of power, a power instinct with love and joy andBethlehem, 240:of failure are easy... (4) Entrance into such a life and such a fellowship involves some measure ofBethlehem, 241:the relinquishing of all they have gathered in life, that the true significance of the inevitableBethlehem, 242:It can be made to hold a definite [242] place in life and thought, and we can prepare for it asBethlehem, 242:process of death a planned part of our entire life purpose. We can live with the consciousness ofBethlehem, 242:and it will give an added coloring and beauty to life; we can foster the awareness of our futureBethlehem, 242:do) that death is only an interlude in a life of steadily accumulating experience, or the end ofBethlehem, 243:a goal greater than his petty aims, and that a life exists Which will embrace his widest reach,Bethlehem, 244:in the following beautiful words: "Death is to life as marble to the sculptor, Waits for the touchBethlehem, 244:divided water and the sun Turns them to crystal: life and light are one." - The Modernists, byBethlehem, 244:and a clearer sense of values? This life has molded us and wrought us into certain definiteBethlehem, 244:which is the real man, from the angle of human life. There is something in us that refuses finalBethlehem, 245:St. Paul expressed in the words: "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all menBethlehem, 245:something of value and dynamic worth; otherwise life is a futile process of aimless wanderings; ofBethlehem, 245:goes to prove this. He had, throughout His life of consecrated service and devotion to His fellowBethlehem, 245:He offered it upon the Cross. It cost Him His life to make His contribution to the source of theBethlehem, 246:He rose from the dead and entered upon a life of increased active service. The "other sheep" whichBethlehem, 246:seek to follow in His footsteps. When a man's life has gained significance, then he is ready toBethlehem, 246:he is then, and then only, ready to offer his life upon the altar of sacrifice and of service, andBethlehem, 247:is of value, the divine and hidden beauty which life-experience and initiation have served toBethlehem, 247:reach, as well as his grasp, are considered, the life of service (leading to death) and ofBethlehem, 247:there is a value and a reason behind all our life experience, and that the phenomenal world, ofBethlehem, 248:for that which is eternal in value, then eternal life, free from the limitations of the flesh, isBethlehem, 248:of the emotional nature, determines our immortal life. Bethlehem, 249:that we return again and again to physical life, until the time comes when our values are properlyBethlehem, 249:of pure rationality by pursuing the philosophic life, by thinking the universal, by loving andBethlehem, 249:and living according to reason. The bodily life is but an episode in the eternal career of theBethlehem, 249:which precedes birth and proceeds after death. Life in the flesh is a trial and a probation; death,Bethlehem, 250:his future, for his preparation for the after-life, and for his reason here on earth. With theBethlehem, 251:live also. In us is the same germ of essential life which flowered forth to perfection in Him,Bethlehem, 252:to know himself an individual, with his own life cycle his own innate purpose and his eternalBethlehem, 252:the necessary steps to demonstrate his spiritual life and to function as an immortal. Then theBethlehem, 252:passage from the death of self-absorption to the life of unselfish love, the transition from theBethlehem, 252:must be emphasized is that we are resurrected to life eternal and become of the company of theBethlehem, 252:whole of which we are a part that we have learnt life's final lesson and need "no more return." IBethlehem, 253:divine aspect, and which is integrated with the life and consciousness of that sum total which weBethlehem, 253:of that sum total which we call God. That life and that consciousness flow through all parts ofBethlehem, 253:in so doing have expressed some aspect of His life as it informs and animates His creation. One byBethlehem, 253:From automatic forms of consciousness, the life of God has carried the forms of life throughBethlehem, 253:the life of God has carried the forms of life through sentient consciousness to the instinctiveBethlehem, 253:be simply a self-sufficient individual. Then the life of the whole body of God can flow consciouslyBethlehem, 253:flow consciously into and through him, and the life of God becomes his life and he is resurrectedBethlehem, 253:and through him, and the life of God becomes his life and he is resurrected into life eternal.Bethlehem, 253:God becomes his life and he is resurrected into life eternal. Therefore the trend in human affairsBethlehem, 253:promise, and indicates that the resurrection to life, to which all the Sons of God, down the ages,Bethlehem, 253:Humanity today, as a whole, faces towards life because its values are real, its integrity is beingBethlehem, 254:which usually alter and rearrange a man's entire life program. The world program is thus beingBethlehem, 254:arrest the progress of humanity's entrance into life. Hence the world crisis - the readjustments,
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