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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship1, 21:grows through intelligently adapting his life to these requirements as far as is reasonablyDiscipleship1, 22:and not by adapting the requirements [22] to his life. Flexibility within certain limits is alwaysDiscipleship1, 23:groups of serving Minds, and energized by one Life. Its Members are organized to further the PlanDiscipleship1, 25:and of the unity of the divine objective. All life and all forms are seen then in their trueDiscipleship1, 26:on a world scale just as it happens in the life of every disciple. Just as a man shifts his focusDiscipleship1, 26:is to bring about a similar happening in the life of humanity as a whole, for humanity is at theDiscipleship1, 28:and group relation. . . . It is the inner life of reflection, the cultivated recognition of theDiscipleship1, 29:with the Hierarchy, to cooperate with the group life of many other groups of disciples and toDiscipleship1, 31:any of you will see materialize in this present life time. Have you realized, however, my brothers,Discipleship1, 31:have been permitted to see during this present life time? Have you glimpsed the magnitude of theDiscipleship1, 33:the permission to be silent about their soul life. Their demand has been based on a trueDiscipleship1, 34:The desire for reticence in the personality life is based usually on pride, on a fear of criticism,Discipleship1, 34:understanding and of mutual aid in the spiritual life can be developed. Disciples are people ofDiscipleship1, 34:of the soul, and, therefore, the pettiness of life and small frictional difficulties will not beDiscipleship1, 37:plane and dispel the illusory nature of its life. 3. The third group is that of the MagneticDiscipleship1, 40:to the soul in others and in all forms of life. The principle of Sharing which must govern economicDiscipleship1, 40:to the thought world - and the first aspect, Life. They link and blend life and form creatively.Discipleship1, 40:and the first aspect, Life. They link and blend life and form creatively. They are closely relatedDiscipleship1, 41:to apply the laws of the soul to the individual life and the laws of the group to group life. 4.Discipleship1, 41:life and the laws of the group to group life. 4. Use all the forces which may flow into the groupDiscipleship1, 47:emotionally and physically attentive to life and rapidly developing the power to observe upon allDiscipleship1, 47:interesting only in so far as they affect the life of your group; they must be handled by you withDiscipleship1, 48:as no better than all the rest of his brothers. Life, therefore, proves dissatisfying. These truthsDiscipleship1, 48:others closely associated with them dealing with life and problems from a totally different angleDiscipleship1, 48:correct? It may be that your slant on life and your interpretation of a situation needsDiscipleship1, 50:it must express itself in two ways: Through the life of meditation. Through the control of theDiscipleship1, 50:Disciples - Part V Increasingly must your inner life be lived upon the mental plane. Steadily andDiscipleship1, 50:day long. It infers a constant orientation to life and the handling of life from the angle of theDiscipleship1, 50:constant orientation to life and the handling of life from the angle of the soul. This does notDiscipleship1, 50:Increasingly must the normal and powerful life of the emotional, astral, desire and glamorousDiscipleship1, 50:be controlled and rendered quiescent by the life of the soul, functioning through the mind. TheDiscipleship1, 50:that, in its turn, must be merged in the group life and the group good; glamor must give place toDiscipleship1, 51:that you succeed in keeping a mental grip on life? [52] In an emotional stress do you transmute theDiscipleship1, 53:forth the light and distributed the water of life in a wide and general distribution with here andDiscipleship1, 54:will submerge your personalities in the group life, you will know, you will perceive and the lightDiscipleship1, 55:this detachment he is (for the remainder of his life) simply a worker - one of a great army ofDiscipleship1, 56:the disciple is fully occupied in living the life of service on all three planes, there is littleDiscipleship1, 56:VI Let him seek, in the strenuousness of his life, to preserve the synthesis of the personality andDiscipleship1, 56:brain can be so much the reflector of the mental life that he will remain essentially unaffected byDiscipleship1, 57:a Master's group regarded as necessary? Is not life complicated enough without too much awarenessDiscipleship1, 58:awareness and sensitivity to experience and to life in all forms. The power to do for others what IDiscipleship1, 58:and environment with which his physical plane life puts him in daily touch. This is one of theDiscipleship1, 58:relation, spiritual penetration to the inner life of a brother disciple and the consequent fusionDiscipleship1, 60:private concerns and troubles out of the group life; it will come if you refrain from discussion ofDiscipleship1, 60:all lesser things which concern the personality life. This means that your minds will be free,Discipleship1, 68:for the purposes of service in one department of life or another. I would ask you to ponder deeplyDiscipleship1, 68:of manifestation itself. God, the planetary Life or Logos, however, works with the higherDiscipleship1, 69:the astral plane and had they not done so, human life and conditions would not be so good as theyDiscipleship1, 70:is the well known and much discussed prana or life energy - the energy of vitality. The right useDiscipleship1, 76:powers to love, to intuit and to serve, that life will never again appear to be the same thing. YouDiscipleship1, 77:in the other. Look yourselves and life squarely in the face and fearlessly see things as they areDiscipleship1, 77:history and one which is quite ordinary in the life of a disciple. It may serve to carry its lessonDiscipleship1, 78:I proved him to be right, eventually, through a life of failure and the depth of my egotism. IDiscipleship1, 81:This necessitates the preparation of the life and consciousness for this new process of groupDiscipleship1, 82:a quality which should increasingly dominate his life is the capacity to identify himself with theDiscipleship1, 82:to inclusiveness and to the pledging of the life service to the greatest number and to the mostDiscipleship1, 85:the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life, discipleship and the Plan; the preserving ofDiscipleship1, 86:is old will be destroyed by the expanding new life. The initiate, therefore, stands ready, forDiscipleship1, 86:and also a methodical cultivation of the life of spiritual reflection. This spiritual reflectionDiscipleship1, 86:This spiritual reflection will foster the dual life - objective and subjective - of the discipleDiscipleship1, 86:and expression of intentional living or of "life with a purpose." It leads to a mode of livingDiscipleship1, 86:to the hierarchical Plan and to hierarchical life impulses. The second phase, which is embodied inDiscipleship1, 88:initiation. I would remind you also that the life of the disciple is ever a life of risks and ofDiscipleship1, 88:you also that the life of the disciple is ever a life of risks and of dangers, entered intoDiscipleship1, 88:I would ask each of you to watch your emotional life and reactions with greatly increased care; IDiscipleship1, 88:of emotional conditions or of glamor in your life-expression need not necessarily indicate failure.Discipleship1, 88:one of the most difficult periods in the life of the disciple and quite one of the longest from theDiscipleship1, 91:and the thought energy of the mind gives life and direction to this form. It embodies purpose.Discipleship1, 92:and space and into the thralldom of the personal life? Will he stand in a static quiescentDiscipleship1, 92:to you, or he drops back temporarily into the life condition of the lower man; glamor and mayaDiscipleship1, 92:head; the vision fades and he reverts into the life of an ordinary human being, probably for theDiscipleship1, 94:the so-called "appeal" is the quality of the life lived, the service rendered and the presence ofDiscipleship1, 94:to be good, self-sacrificing and wise - that the life of the indwelling Christ is most definitelyDiscipleship1, 95:view as to himself, his responsibilities and his life work. This, when present, will enable him toDiscipleship1, 95:point and needs to walk humbly in the spiritual life which involves a correct recognition of placeDiscipleship1, 96:and I tell you to beware. Attend to your own life and your own business. Speculate not as to theDiscipleship1, 97:the physical plane, except in the beauty of a life lived. Others may be learning certain techniquesDiscipleship1, 97:and may have dedicated some particular life to the acquiring of these esoteric sciences. One lifeDiscipleship1, 97:to the acquiring of these esoteric sciences. One life is but a short moment in the long cycle ofDiscipleship1, 97:understanding. There come periods in the life of the disciple when there appears to be no contactDiscipleship1, 98:communication and this may last throughout one life; that, however, is not long from the angle ofDiscipleship1, 98:looms as large and important in the personality life but may signify only the grasping ofDiscipleship1, 98:near you and watched at intervals the tide of life roll over you; I have noted your progress andDiscipleship1, 98:to service, a consecration of the thought-life (do you realize what that would mean, my brothers?)Discipleship1, 99:of all active, outer living so that the whole of life becomes one focused active service. I wouldDiscipleship1, 99:to interfere with the subjective spiritual life, with service and with the training, given inDiscipleship1, 100:to you as to a beacon light in the dark night of life which seems in this century to have descendedDiscipleship1, 100:possible, so that others - frozen and chilled by life circumstance and the present horror of humanDiscipleship1, 100:and again I wait. Will you intensify your inner life and achieve the power which will enable you toDiscipleship1, 100:the settled habit of thought and of the feeling life is not easy to disrupt. They must, however, beDiscipleship1, 100:cut athwart these, thus forming the cross of life and existence will then take on added difficulty.Discipleship1, 100:that which rends and disrupts the personality life is frequently the agent of release, if rightlyDiscipleship1, 101:and self-initiated. This means as much in the life of mankind as it means in the life of theDiscipleship1, 101:much in the life of mankind as it means in the life of the individual disciple. That chance andDiscipleship1, 104:that devotion which has governed much of your life experience. Till May, center your thought, yourDiscipleship1, 106:of being - find your way into the center of life from which all occult work is done. To be enjoinedDiscipleship1, 106:those who respond for the service of the next life cycle. Ask of me, therefore, questions if youDiscipleship1, 106:at first, for well-organized is your mind and life but, until May, simply live and stand inDiscipleship1, 107:years will, therefore, be critical in the group life and this must be borne carefully in mind. NoDiscipleship1, 110:broken ground. For the remainder of your life prepare for the future. Work at the development of a
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