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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship1, 110:the development of a greater psychic response to life itself and to that inner awareness which willDiscipleship1, 110:group may flood your heart and energize your life is the thought which lies in my heart for you. Discipleship1, 111:round out and enrich your psychic and emotional life. There is a real danger to the earnest studentDiscipleship1, 111:awareness to other aspects of the divine life which are - in their place and rightful use - asDiscipleship1, 111:objectives of the devotee. The psychic life of a disciple is a definite part of his spiritualDiscipleship1, 111:of development. This you have never used in this life but it was brought to its present stage ofDiscipleship1, 111:psychic tendencies that your soul chose in this life to balance and round out your personality byDiscipleship1, 112:work with greater ease on the subjective side of life. I have proved your sincerity of purpose andDiscipleship1, 113:spiritual Being." There may also come into your life (as it does into the life of all true servers)Discipleship1, 113:also come into your life (as it does into the life of all true servers) an interlude or cycle ofDiscipleship1, 115:look to you for assistance in their spiritual life. You need to work now more definitely and moreDiscipleship1, 116:experience and deep thought and study in this life. That knowledge must, however, be translatedDiscipleship1, 116:detachments which will color ceaselessly your life of service, your life in the home, and yourDiscipleship1, 116:color ceaselessly your life of service, your life in the home, and your contacts in the world. ThisDiscipleship1, 117:related. A great deal of your problem in this life (where your esoteric unfoldment is concerned)Discipleship1, 117:and an externalization of your subjective life. Will you think deeply upon this matter, my brother?Discipleship1, 118:subject deals with the effect that your work and life has upon others through your manipulation ofDiscipleship1, 120:condition and constitutes much of your life difficulty. It is, in the case of all aspirants thusDiscipleship1, 120:of soul contact) you cannot radiate that soul life to others as you would like to do, for yourDiscipleship1, 120:of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Your task this life is to make this possible so that, in yourDiscipleship1, 120:is to make this possible so that, in your next life, you can have an astral body conditioned by theDiscipleship1, 121:type of obedience. What are these two factors? A life activity which, though somewhat balanced byDiscipleship1, 122:group. Do you know to what I here refer? A life tendency towards depression which you haveDiscipleship1, 122:of service. It has nevertheless complicated your life pattern and yet has been one of your majorDiscipleship1, 122:yet has been one of your major educators. This life experience has netted you big results and youDiscipleship1, 122:upon which to draw, and having worked out many life relations during this particular incarnation.Discipleship1, 122:What have been your major gains in this life? First of all, the shift of your life emphasis fromDiscipleship1, 122:in this life? First of all, the shift of your life emphasis from the outer objective work to theDiscipleship1, 122:until further notice. Thirdly, you have in this life stepped off the probationary path on to theDiscipleship1, 123:may prove of value. The main lesson of your life has been the cultivation of the power to respondDiscipleship1, 123:for you to do. One is the fact that in your last life you over-emphasized the intellect and thusDiscipleship1, 124:way back to us. Finally, "thus the magnetic life again holds sway." This time, however, theDiscipleship1, 124:contact. It is the development of this "magnetic life" to which I call you afresh - for theDiscipleship1, 124:I call you afresh - for the remainder of this life and its succeeding cycles... Discipleship1, 125:of spiritual awareness, the inclusiveness of the life realization should bar out insularity. ForDiscipleship1, 125:difficult to express as a living factor in one's life. We are going to work with franknessDiscipleship1, 126:decisions and into a surety that your particular life choices and your preferred circumstances areDiscipleship1, 127:[127] t will create a temporary upheaval in your life and, therefore, naturally affect your solarDiscipleship1, 127:but also increasing for you the "dire pain of life itself"; this is a pain with which all disciplesDiscipleship1, 127:"He has reached his high water mark for this life. Further instruction is not necessary. He hasDiscipleship1, 128:and peculiar development in order that the group life may be thereby enriched and deepened. InDiscipleship1, 128:I doubt your sincerity of purpose and of your life intent, for I do not, nor do I query theDiscipleship1, 129:of their wisdom? It takes time in the spiritual life for adjustments to be made and for neededDiscipleship1, 129:and habits of a lifetime or maybe of several life cycles. But you have courage and a steady willDiscipleship1, 129:and a steady will and can achieve much in this life. Your problem is that of a versatile, advancedDiscipleship1, 130:and reorganize both your inner and your outer life. You have to work conscientiously with the timeDiscipleship1, 130:with the time factor and you have to make out of life a fuller expression of work well done. YouDiscipleship1, 130:of mind, the trained attitude of the Observer of life, of people and of yourself. You must developDiscipleship1, 130:the attentiveness of the one who looks on at life and at the life struggle of others. It isDiscipleship1, 130:of the one who looks on at life and at the life struggle of others. It is necessary for you toDiscipleship1, 130:which works from soul levels and - seeing all life in the light which streams from the soul -Discipleship1, 130:use of time and its right adjustment in your life, and the cultivation of an attitude ofDiscipleship1, 131:worked with another group. Then the pressure of life and of circumstance and the desire to expressDiscipleship1, 131:temporarily lifted you out of the group life and your place was filled by another. Now, work isDiscipleship1, 136:of mine, you are entering a phase in your life cycle in which you may become - if you so wish - theDiscipleship1, 136:man who is starting out into the field of his life [137] activity) can use the experience gained,Discipleship1, 137:of the things which has handicapped you all your life and which has held you back from a possiblyDiscipleship1, 137:has not negated achievement in your personality life and activities, has nevertheless held you backDiscipleship1, 139:heart center is sufficiently awakened for this life and greater sensitivity would be a handicap.Discipleship1, 140:to full liberty of action will come. Your life has been a discipline, but the fruits of thatDiscipleship1, 140:obligation and whose lives touch theirs in the life of every day. Go your own way with strength andDiscipleship1, 143:until you have made some changes in your life. Close intermingling with the auras of other peopleDiscipleship1, 146:acquire that inner, divine detachment which sees life in its true perspective. A man is thus leftDiscipleship1, 147:I understand all that you have lately suffered. Life has been peculiarly hard for you the past sixDiscipleship1, 148:equipment is used. For you, this present life is primarily one of training and of unfoldments inDiscipleship1, 149:its meaning which, my brother, is your task this life. How to discipline your physical body and howDiscipleship1, 149:the demands of the period and to your particular life cycle, will come for you release intoDiscipleship1, 150:upon a period of fuller service. Much of your life has hitherto been given to objective activitiesDiscipleship1, 151:light on every hand. Seek out a sun and feed its life. Shed forth your rays and live.' " Discipleship1, 151:with the rays which control and dominate your life I would remind you that it is your first rayDiscipleship1, 152:that - in a most peculiar sense - it has little life of its own. It is negative to an amazingDiscipleship1, 152:brought about definite outer changes in your life and circumstance. The uprooting to which you haveDiscipleship1, 152:indication to you of the emergence into a fuller life of service of a much better equipped worker -Discipleship1, 154:and less engrossingly with the personality, your life will simplify and certain of your uniqueDiscipleship1, 154:communication to "seek out a sun and feed its life." I gave you no suggestion to do more than letDiscipleship1, 154:to grasp is that peculiar moment in their life history when they must shift into the realm ofDiscipleship1, 156:and in peace pursue your way. There is no life, at this time, without its difficult lot to bear,Discipleship1, 156:hearts are bitter or whose tongues are cruel. Life is initiation and for this you are prepared. TheDiscipleship1, 156:and for this you are prepared. The crises in the life of the soul work out along certain lines asDiscipleship1, 158:who visions it as it may be in the cycle of the life but who also sees the small and immediate stepDiscipleship1, 160:stages [160] which definitely relate to your life theme, if I may so call it. Begin always with theDiscipleship1, 160:will is steadily directed. This "qualifies" your life in the three worlds and you become potentlyDiscipleship1, 160:You must learn to live increasingly the dual life of the disciple - a life of outer activity and ofDiscipleship1, 160:increasingly the dual life of the disciple - a life of outer activity and of inner sensitivity. YouDiscipleship1, 161:You face the three most strenuous years of your life and by the time you are forty-nine years old,Discipleship1, 163:organism must have in it those elements of life and power which embody the energy of the threeDiscipleship1, 164:It is not possible, unless there is a balanced life of service, of recreation and again of service.Discipleship1, 165:the livingness and the work of the indwelling life emerge for all to see. Bear this in mind as youDiscipleship1, 165:Hold out the hand of fellowship. Where there is life and the [166] type of seed is one, then theDiscipleship1, 170:bliss; these release the channels of the inner life and reach - in a wide circle - many kinds ofDiscipleship1, 171:soul and of the astral body to the subjective life are of vital interest to the esotericist. TheDiscipleship1, 173:make the most progress. You have given your life to the craft of teaching and consequently there isDiscipleship1, 174:on the Path has been earnest and steady and your life tendency has been directly oriented towardsDiscipleship1, 174:mental stress and strain, for it is not yet a life habit My blessing rests upon you in a new way,Discipleship1, 175:upon physical fatigue and the pressures of life. No one but yourself guesses how tired you haveDiscipleship1, 175:who are truly on the Path. The outer plane life is followed almost automatically, and much of itDiscipleship1, 175:and the excitation of the inner, subjective life, wherein your center of consciousness will becomeDiscipleship1, 175:the Soul pours like a steady current through my life. I sense it in my attitude to life, [176] andDiscipleship1, 175:through my life. I sense it in my attitude to life, [176] and in the light it brings as it sweepsDiscipleship1, 176:4th month - The Joy of the Soul irradiates my life, and lightens all the burdens which those I meet
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