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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship1, 287:you. The goal is intensification of the potent life at the center; that life must inevitably findDiscipleship1, 287:of the potent life at the center; that life must inevitably find its outlets. You have much to giveDiscipleship1, 290:speed it up in order to [290] balance the group life. You say that you have never ceased toDiscipleship1, 293:Study the three words which are your life keynote, and with humility go forward, and thus aid inDiscipleship1, 293:Ray of Harmony through Conflict In a previous life your personality ray was the first Ray of Power,Discipleship1, 293:I earlier gave you. Quiet concentration upon the life of the sannyasin and the achieving,Discipleship1, 293:be your main thought and control your hidden life during the next [294] six months. With the growthDiscipleship1, 294:the love of your soul into your personality life and render you more radiant and attractive in theDiscipleship1, 294:in the work but are integrating into the group life rapidly and have much to give. Discipleship1, 295:you are aware of the inner subjective life and also aware of the outer objective world; this mustDiscipleship1, 296:you here links the three aspects of your thought life - the creative imagination, the mind and theDiscipleship1, 298:you have offered but little to the united group life of your brothers. This may perhaps be somewhatDiscipleship1, 299:present (either as the result of this life's direction, or as carried over as predisposingDiscipleship1, 299:over as predisposing influences from another life, as is your case), to realize the one-pointedDiscipleship1, 299:clear-sightedness are contributions to the group life of such value, that I ask you today toDiscipleship1, 299:have been many and great, and several times the life of the group as a unit has been nearlyDiscipleship1, 299:it seemed well nigh impossible to save the group life. L. T. S-K. realizes today how glamor has himDiscipleship1, 300:and joy equally be the keynotes of your [300] life - as a group and as individuals - for they carryDiscipleship1, 300:4th month - Integration. 5th month - Group Life. 6th month - The radiant Way. We shall otherwiseDiscipleship1, 301:though probably - not inevitably - in another life. Who can set a pace to a soul's destiny? NOTE:Discipleship1, 306:links whereby you can reach them and the group life can flow. Say the mantram of the DisciplesDiscipleship1, 306:With this in mind, carry forward your spiritual life during the next six months and integrateDiscipleship1, 306:time, and the intention that should underlie the life pattern of every disciple - that the PlanDiscipleship1, 306:that you may emerge into greater freedom of life and expression and liberate yourself from anyDiscipleship1, 306:from any chains which may hold you back from the life of full and loving service - I speak of innerDiscipleship1, 307:the need to recognize and reinterpret your inner life pattern, or, in other words, the innerDiscipleship1, 307:I refer to that inner, active, spiritual life which you should increasingly cultivate, and to thatDiscipleship1, 307:disciple has to follow simultaneously. This dual life embraces the world of inner relationships andDiscipleship1, 307:subjective attitudes, but it also embraces the life of outer service and of those relationshipsDiscipleship1, 307:with his own. The ordered pattern of his life can then take on definite forms and he can begin toDiscipleship1, 308:and a more dynamic intensification of your life of aspiration. Your mental polarization is good andDiscipleship1, 308:you in this respect. Its integration with the life of feeling could be stronger and more dynamic,Discipleship1, 309:reality) the attitude of a soul as it lives the life of contemplation in its own world, andDiscipleship1, 310:have seen you making many readjustments in your life. As you have fulfiled your outer obligationsDiscipleship1, 310:your outer obligations in the various fields of life expression, there has been a simultaneousDiscipleship1, 310:need to realize more definitely; that is that a life of fuller expression in outer service on theDiscipleship1, 311:to the needs [311] of the little ones upon life's way, and a greater realization of the nature ofDiscipleship1, 311:will come through a deepening of your meditation life, and not through an outer search for suchDiscipleship1, 311:is esoterically called) of such potency in your life that you will not need to move from where youDiscipleship1, 311:which you will build your mental and emotional life during the next six months. Discipleship1, 312:reflection and of thought control, plus (in this life) academic training. For the rest of your lifeDiscipleship1, 312:life) academic training. For the rest of your life seek to become magnetic through the writtenDiscipleship1, 313:people who are outstandingly called to live the life of the sannyasin, the life of [314] the oneDiscipleship1, 313:called to live the life of the sannyasin, the life of [314] the one who - having fulfiled theDiscipleship1, 314:business man - is now called to that attitude of life and that orientation to other purposes andDiscipleship1, 314:and ever teaching as he went. Today, in the life of our Western civilization and under the dawningDiscipleship1, 314:reorientation takes place. His attitude to life and affairs is basically altered. His whole innerDiscipleship1, 314:affairs is basically altered. His whole inner life tendency becomes that of a planned withdrawing.Discipleship1, 314:to the astral-emotional nature, to the desire life, whatever those attachments or desires mayDiscipleship1, 314:of mind which affects primarily the entire life-attitude of the personality. It involves not onlyDiscipleship1, 314:It is here that right habits and attitudes in life to the world of business, and of familyDiscipleship1, 314:is now calling you. It constitutes your major life problem: To stand free whilst surrounded; toDiscipleship1, 315:The ray of the personality in a previous life leaves definite habits of thought and of activity; itDiscipleship1, 315:thought and of activity; it has built into the life rhythm certain unalterable tendencies for whichDiscipleship1, 315:can sometimes be felt. This is so in your own life. In a previous incarnation, your personality wasDiscipleship1, 315:which are so dominant in this particular life. It is hard for the disciple who sees not the pictureDiscipleship1, 315:and who only knows the quality of the present life and its natural tendencies (due to rayDiscipleship1, 317:and through their intensification in your own life you can foster their growth in others. In aDiscipleship1, 318:but also the desired attitude of your personal life. Most people have many glamors in their livesDiscipleship1, 318:You have only one real point of glamor in your life and you do not tune in with facility withDiscipleship1, 318:clarity the one point of weakness in your astral life, based on devotion and idealisticDiscipleship1, 319:a fairly high point of development in a previous life. This life has been for you a balancing oneDiscipleship1, 319:point of development in a previous life. This life has been for you a balancing one and [320] whenDiscipleship1, 320:second ray personality because the shift of this life expression, in combination with the lastDiscipleship1, 320:life expression, in combination with the last life, should bring about the evocation of a secondDiscipleship1, 320:easy line of fusion there. For the rest of this life, your effort should be shifting theDiscipleship1, 320:astral body, thus producing the flooding of your life expression with love, powerfully andDiscipleship1, 320:fusion and release the magnetic quality of your life. You will have enough to do to incorporateDiscipleship1, 320:enough to do to incorporate your aspiration, life content and intelligent consciousness with yourDiscipleship1, 322:serve. You know your group relations for this life; see that you are related! You are not clear asDiscipleship1, 322:Only one vital thing stands in the way of a life of utter usefulness and that is the sixth rayDiscipleship1, 324:by the Presence. The fiery force of your life is now one-pointedly directed towards your goal.Discipleship1, 326:Pass on to greater work and live with joy the life of loving service. Discipleship1, 327:counterpart in the exaggerated detail of daily life when recounted. There is ever the tendency toDiscipleship1, 327:(known on abstract levels) into the concrete life on the physical plane. As it is stepped down, itDiscipleship1, 329:himself created and this involves facing one's life with truth as well as one's environment, one'sDiscipleship1, 329:deal clear-sightedly with the lower self, to see life and the self truly and to guard the preciousDiscipleship1, 331:realized sense of divinity, of the beauty of the life of the spirit, of truth and of the power ofDiscipleship1, 331:spirit, of truth and of the power of your ray life. It is due to the fact that you have - in pastDiscipleship1, 331:of being too much in the center of her own life stage, but her whole attitude and life presentationDiscipleship1, 331:her own life stage, but her whole attitude and life presentation is the exact reverse of yours.Discipleship1, 332:reference to the buddhic-astral nature of your life direction is not clear to you, take the matterDiscipleship1, 334:in your case by them and it feeds your thought life more than anything else. This means that tuningDiscipleship1, 334:two vibrations accentuates all your thought life - the good and that which is not so good. TheDiscipleship1, 334:significance and holds the key to the spiritual life and to all the occult mysteries. It pleases meDiscipleship1, 335:of your time or to your physical plane active life but to the use you make of emotion and ofDiscipleship1, 336:with joy the All, the Whole, the One. [336] The Life then stands revealed. The universe stands freeDiscipleship1, 336:the need or the service of a particular life. This [337] first ray body enables you to handleDiscipleship1, 337:against the other, the various aspects of your life so that (in the words of the occult phrasesDiscipleship1, 338:dedication to service, your consecration to the life of meditation and your pledged obedience toDiscipleship1, 339:rules which should govern your personality life during the next few months. Quietness leads to aDiscipleship1, 339:reflection in the quiet pool of the emotional life and this in the light of the soul. Confidence isDiscipleship1, 340:November 1939 MY BROTHER: The entire glamorous life today, presenting itself as a necessary pageantDiscipleship1, 340:led you into places where (in the competitive life of mankind) your lower mind must perforceDiscipleship1, 340:the gap between the two major factors in your life (the higher intuitive mind and theDiscipleship1, 340:is to let you know the purpose of your present life activity. It is not the seeking of money inDiscipleship1, 344:that it was your personality ray in your last life and is, for you, the line of least resistanceDiscipleship1, 346:up should suffice to carry you through your full life of service. Once a day you must seekDiscipleship1, 346:are the moments when you tune in on the large life of the Hierarchy, and of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 347:which you need in service. Go forth then to your life and service and expect and look for results.
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