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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship1, 400:of view and a totally different reaction to life affairs could ever be possible. I am referring toDiscipleship1, 401:were with the more material aspects of life. Such was your dharma. Within that sphere of activity,Discipleship1, 401:lies ahead, if so you will, or the more ordinary life of one whose vehicle is not young and whoDiscipleship1, 401:process and help you to readjust your life to time and circumstance if you will ponder upon theDiscipleship1, 401:the five energies which are dominant in your life expression during this incarnation. As you know,Discipleship1, 401:of organization and the tendency to the occult life which were expressed through these energies andDiscipleship1, 402:and has tied you in closely with the material life of your environment, in a curiously symbolicDiscipleship1, 403:Adjustments are going on with rapidity in your life and the processes of living will steadilyDiscipleship1, 403:in harmony. Most of the conflict in your life has been the result of the activity of your astralDiscipleship1, 404:adjustment of [404] the imminent changes in your life and the establishing of yourself as a renewedDiscipleship1, 405:and thus enable them to enter upon their next life better equipped to love, to work and to liveDiscipleship1, 406:active worker into the Hierarchy of Love. [406] Life holds for you fresh changes. Be not dismayed,Discipleship1, 406:your soul has forced you to make in your daily life attracted my attention and earned for you theDiscipleship1, 410:but this force, as you do not yet live a full life of service, is too much for you. When you serveDiscipleship1, 410:the problem of the right use of time; your life will be straightened out considerably, and a greatDiscipleship1, 410:hold. Upon what do you place your emphasis in life and how can I illustrate to you my point? YouDiscipleship1, 411:those with whom you associate in your social life. Upon your group brothers. Upon the New Group ofDiscipleship1, 411:tread the Way of Love. That Love irradiates my life." Second month - Understanding - "The way ofDiscipleship1, 412:of God, loved by the Father, and a part of his life. Dedicate yourself, as a personality, to theDiscipleship1, 412:am going to tell you the governing rays of your life equipment, but please do not elaborate uponDiscipleship1, 413:above everything else) an intense attitude to life. You live always at a point of tension. SuchDiscipleship1, 413:eliminate the non-essentials out of your daily life. You do so many things that you need not do andDiscipleship1, 414:true results. Thirdly, you take many things in life far too seriously, such as the work of thisDiscipleship1, 414:and you handle the group work, your daily life, and your home problems, plus all your lifeDiscipleship1, 414:life, and your home problems, plus all your life interests, with too heavy a hand. There are twoDiscipleship1, 414:soul force. This feeds the various centers with life and energy, and these - in their turn -Discipleship1, 414:in spontaneous service. What aspects of your life, therefore, can be the recipients of spiritualDiscipleship1, 415:and the leisure (if you organized your daily life aright) to read and study. But this is a hardDiscipleship1, 415:could have been very largely offset by a quieter life of reading, gentle thought, organizedDiscipleship1, 415:force. I would like to see you rearrange your life in such a manner that you can demonstrate thatDiscipleship1, 416:more easily if you live a regular, organized life, move with greater gentleness, talk less andDiscipleship1, 416:activity proved too much for her. In a later life she will resume her place. Discipleship1, 417:should be built into the very fabric of your life with the strictest attention. Your third keynoteDiscipleship1, 419:richer and more useful. There come times in the life of every true aspirant when he simplyDiscipleship1, 419:difficulty and you are facing - as a result - a life of fuller service and of deepenedDiscipleship1, 419:you are not alone. You know well how rich your life is today, and how strengthened each and all ofDiscipleship1, 421:and can, and oft-times does, light your path of life. The meditation which I would give you has inDiscipleship1, 422:my brother, and let the turmoil of life and the noise of affairs pass over you unheeded. EstablishDiscipleship1, 422:in forgetfulness of outer happenings, live the life of spiritual tranquility. The words, detachmentDiscipleship1, 422:I seek to see interjected now into your life. There is little else that I need to say to you atDiscipleship1, 423:for a particular rearrangement - either of your life or of your desires - and the specific nextDiscipleship1, 423:of recognitions directed toward the soul and the life of the soul in its own world, has been yours.Discipleship1, 423:which you have to express yourself - the soul life, aspiration and nature (whose major attribute isDiscipleship1, 423:major attribute is love) and the personality life, aspiration and nature (whose major attribute isDiscipleship1, 423:is intelligence). The unfolding of the united life of these two must now go forward, with yourDiscipleship1, 423:am summoning you. Such is not the case, for your life is oriented thereto. But the strenuousDiscipleship1, 424:sealed to them. Go on, therefore, with your life of service and act as a wise helper to all youDiscipleship1, 426:of inferiority which sometimes handicaps your life expression. I told you to dwell more constantlyDiscipleship1, 428:what has been eventuating in your personal life and environment, you have stood with steadfastnessDiscipleship1, 429:much of the depression and of glamor in your life has a purely physical or physiological reason andDiscipleship1, 429:if it is possible for me to indicate to you the life of spiritual insulation which is in no way theDiscipleship1, 429:of spiritual insulation which is in no way the life of personal isolation? In this state ofDiscipleship1, 430:of will to understand, not only the laws of life, but people and their need of love. Your soulDiscipleship1, 430:it should be used, that will be the effect in my life? How would this affect the group in which IDiscipleship1, 431:Can I hold my mind "steady in the light" and see life truly and free from any blinding attachments?Discipleship1, 431:far is the archetypal pattern reflected in my life? What attachments prevent its full expression? IDiscipleship1, 433:of which has been your major lesson this life. Be of good cheer, brother of mine. You are needed byDiscipleship1, 433:1936 MY BROTHER: With patience you have handled life. Your moments of deep depression (mounting atDiscipleship1, 433:It is the cultivation of a detached attitude to life and to circumstances which has constitutedDiscipleship1, 434:serve the Hierarchy upon the open battlefield of life. That is my word for you this day. Let theDiscipleship1, 435:that is yoked to its fellow, I carry the load of life. Yet I am not alone. With my brothers andDiscipleship1, 435:stores that which is needed by man, the water of life that nourishes, I, too, store that which isDiscipleship1, 436:the Ray of Devotion, of Idealism. In your last life your personality ray was the first, which factDiscipleship1, 436:explain much to you anent your reactions in this life. Discipleship1, 436:you are occupied now with fresh adjustments to life. These adjustments are necessary and right, andDiscipleship1, 436:instrument of service on the outer plane of life), there can emanate such spiritual force andDiscipleship1, 437:the will and power developed by you in your last life) could tend to make you dogmatic andDiscipleship1, 437:personality, and this greatly aids you in your life task, provided that you [438] use the astralDiscipleship1, 438:nature and so frail a receptacle that your life problem is to handle wisely the spiritual energyDiscipleship1, 438:to face. This present cycle or period in your life is one in which you are called upon to faceDiscipleship1, 439:form of divine indifference is active in your life and consciousness then you are free for a fullerDiscipleship1, 440:me. This exercise will aid you in handling your life problem and your service, until such time asDiscipleship1, 441:years ago which were to be the keynotes of your life? The patience you have for long yearsDiscipleship1, 441:have been definitely orienting yourself to the life and status of the Path of Discipleship. ThisDiscipleship1, 442:of your attention being upon the soul and its life and world of being, it has been difficult forDiscipleship1, 442:equipped you are for your undertaking in this life. This, it is of assistance to know. In the nextDiscipleship1, 442:five rays with which you are concerned in this life and which are instrumental in laying theDiscipleship1, 442:in laying the foundation for your next life. You will then understand still more clearly. In theDiscipleship1, 442:of the Observer, making it a habit of your life. To this end, you will find attached to thisDiscipleship1, 443:to work out the spiritual concept in your daily life. This effort should serve to link yourDiscipleship1, 444:it should be used, What will be the effect in my life? What will be the effect in the life of theDiscipleship1, 444:in my life? What will be the effect in the life of the group I wish to serve? Can I honestly sayDiscipleship1, 445:of this? I mean, practically, in my daily life. What is the archetypal pattern of observation, andDiscipleship1, 445:and how can it be expressed in my personal life? Do I recognize and am I in touch with otherDiscipleship1, 445:am I in touch with other Observers of the way of life? Can I draw upon the power of observation andDiscipleship1, 445:observation of the Observer bring changes in my life, my habits, and my attitudes? Through whichDiscipleship1, 446:effects. Such interludes of unfoldment in the life of an aspirant carry with them a highDiscipleship1, 446:responsibility and, for the remainder of your life, you can - if you so choose - produce a definiteDiscipleship1, 446:force which conditions them in any particular life, to the possible effect that the impact of thatDiscipleship1, 447:be developed and related by you in your daily life; to this I call your attention. Your mental bodyDiscipleship1, 447:through Conflict, and hence the pattern of your life has been what it has. With you, however, theDiscipleship1, 447:whom you have to work in your chosen field of life service; the harmony achieved is the resolutionDiscipleship1, 447:around you who are in process of adjustment to life. The conflicts within yourself are understoodDiscipleship1, 448:to say much to you at this time. Your spiritual life during this past year has been vivid andDiscipleship1, 448:and of reaction which might come your way. All life is cyclic and this is a point which disciplesDiscipleship1, 448:thereby. During the fourth week review your life in the light which these three words can throwDiscipleship1, 449:wise, experienced but forever exercising (as a life habit) the prerogative of the judgment seat. ADiscipleship1, 451:prove too much. Just as there is a point in the life of the individual where he can stand no moreDiscipleship1, 454:- a step which will enable you to take up your life's burden, when it is next imposed upon you, inDiscipleship1, 454:you a handicap. The time comes now in your life wherein you must conform to the ancient rule and
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