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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship1, 457:can react simultaneously in some measure to the life and energy of the soul. All the difficultiesDiscipleship1, 458:can be subjected. The reality of the group life with its similarity of inner activity and training.Discipleship1, 458:circumstances and the pressure of your daily life have militated against detachment and this youDiscipleship1, 459:problems in the right spirit and consecrate your life anew to service. One practical suggestion IDiscipleship1, 460:the mountain top I come, bringing the light of Life, the life of Light. Into the chalice of theDiscipleship1, 460:top I come, bringing the light of Life, the life of Light. Into the chalice of the form I pour thatDiscipleship1, 460:the chalice of the form I pour that light which life confers, this life which light sustains. I seeDiscipleship1, 460:form I pour that light which life confers, this life which light sustains. I see this golden lightDiscipleship1, 460:the darkness into day. I see the blue of life divine pour through the form, healing and soothing.Discipleship1, 461:its attention will be turned upon the subjective life which exists within the form. Such is theDiscipleship1, 462:Path of Rebirth and return to the battlefield of life. For you, today, the battle is one ofDiscipleship1, 462:of all created forms. Within those forms, the life of God awakens, and the power of God streamsDiscipleship1, 462:speed and joy must be the keynotes of my life; diligence with the task assigned; speed to assent toDiscipleship1, 464:MY BROTHER: You are entering upon a new cycle of life and of usefulness. You stand on the verge ofDiscipleship1, 465:years is that of facing the last decade or so of life with understanding, and with no fear ofDiscipleship1, 465:limitations. So many in the final years of life live, think and act in such a manner that the soulDiscipleship1, 466:if you study this the reasons for many of your life reactions will become apparent to you. There isDiscipleship1, 466:body in this. Therefore, in this particular life, you have a very difficult task and a complicatedDiscipleship1, 471:your capacity to make progress in this life. It was, however, your [472] karmic due to have thisDiscipleship1, 472:your so doing. You go bull-headed through life, knocking down and hurting as you go. This you knowDiscipleship1, 472:out in four simple rules: Clean up your thought life. I shall not be more explicit. Again I say:Discipleship1, 474:imagination, link her with the master of her life, the soul behind the scenes. Do this as a soulDiscipleship1, 474:MINE: Certain changes have taken place in your life lately and by your decisions you grow and byDiscipleship1, 474:incarnation. At this significant moment of your life, therefore, I would say a word of warning andDiscipleship1, 474:those seeds originate in the thought life. The group unity and life is affected by the thoughtDiscipleship1, 474:in the thought life. The group unity and life is affected by the thought content of the disciplesDiscipleship1, 475:BROTHER: You have made many changes both in your life and in yourself and so encouraging has beenDiscipleship1, 476:shall we deepen the expression of love in your life? How can we intensify the activity of your soulDiscipleship1, 476:the past six months or has that side of your life been somewhat inhibited? In loving other peopleDiscipleship1, 477:Let me, therefore, assure you that it is the life tendency that counts. Your life tendency isDiscipleship1, 477:that it is the life tendency that counts. Your life tendency is towards the light and you willDiscipleship1, 479:to you - for your encouragement - anent your life tendency and be not the least discouraged by myDiscipleship1, 481:your forces are interiorly focused; the tide of life and the [482] play of energies - as understoodDiscipleship1, 482:I am suggesting something which will fill your life with vitality, expression and make you radiant.Discipleship1, 482:in you a constant watchfulness over your daily life. a vital attentiveness to life as it is livedDiscipleship1, 482:over your daily life. a vital attentiveness to life as it is lived around you and a reflectiveDiscipleship1, 482:record. What color or colors predominated in my life today? Upon the physical plane - a blaze ofDiscipleship1, 483:What dramas came my way today, in my own life or in the life of others? Seek for drama under theDiscipleship1, 483:came my way today, in my own life or in the life of others? Seek for drama under the dull exteriorDiscipleship1, 483:around you. See it everywhere - the drama of life as lived by yourself, your environing associates,Discipleship1, 483:the needed changes in the physical plane of life. To these words of mine pay special attention orDiscipleship1, 484:recognition of the essentials of the spiritual life but in their expression in words. This willDiscipleship1, 484:ready to serve than at any other time in your life. I think I might say with truth that (for theDiscipleship1, 484:diary, the true "color" and quality of your life will emerge with significance. Forget not,Discipleship1, 485:to me be entirely divorced from your personality life, permitting no rapport. . . You are enteringDiscipleship1, 485:one of the major factors in constituting your life problem. However this has been a blessing inDiscipleship1, 485:you for the Scorpio experience in your next life - the greatest experience upon the Path. YourDiscipleship1, 485:of harmony. These have warred together in your life. I would have you note this. It is possible toDiscipleship1, 487:time wherein there is no desire to return to life, no power to be or do anything, and no ability toDiscipleship1, 487:You care not for the future nor for the past. Life has been hard and your problems great. All thatDiscipleship1, 487:was in you has been expended in facing up to life and to your initial problems; you believe,Discipleship1, 487:Yet you do go on. You are still young and life can hold for you much if you face it as it should beDiscipleship1, 488:glamor. Will you provide a tiny germ of active life from which a greater work could grow? I amDiscipleship1, 489:that you had in reality come through your life's major battle and that your personal conflict andDiscipleship1, 489:and culminating "points of crisis" for this life had been handled and left behind. You are free nowDiscipleship1, 489:more effective by releasing you in your personal life from the frustrations and the pressures whichDiscipleship1, 490:enable you, now that you have passed your worst life crisis, to sum up the situation, to leaveDiscipleship1, 490:behind the past, and to go forward into the new life with a sense of freedom and with a justDiscipleship1, 490:- L.U.T. July 1939 MY BROTHER: The discipline of life has brought you far upon your way in thisDiscipleship1, 490:to see this glamor lessened in you. The dual life of the disciple is never an easy one to the manDiscipleship1, 490:wheel" or the "moving lotus," contacting life in all directions and radiating [491] out from aDiscipleship1, 491:intention, to study the details of a disciple's life or to intrude into his own personal affairs.Discipleship1, 492:acute that you whirl at the center of your daily life, seeing nothing of reality as you might seeDiscipleship1, 492:getting no true joy or pleasure out of the life of service. I seek not to discourage you, for evenDiscipleship1, 492:that in the sight of world sorrow, your life holds nothing comparable; that before the woe of theDiscipleship1, 492:and of human beings in most countries, your life has in it little to cause you concern? There areDiscipleship1, 492:wrenched by the cruel uses of war; you have a life task wherein you can serve us and humanity; youDiscipleship1, 492:can serve us and humanity; you have no lack of life's necessities and know not the significance ofDiscipleship1, 493:yourself the nature of your grievances against life and place before yourself your parallelingDiscipleship1, 493:a sense of the relative values, comparing your life of adequate possibility of expression, yourDiscipleship1, 493:wherewithal to provide the three necessities of life (a roof, food and warmth) and your environingDiscipleship1, 494:with the discovered condition but apply to your life the opposing quality with determination andDiscipleship1, 494:business relations and in all whom you meet and life and fate throws in your way. Isolation mustDiscipleship1, 494:this last phrase. It is a seed thought for your life at present. The second suggestion is theDiscipleship1, 497:[497] is his only way of release from this life." Having told you this, my brother, I have no moreDiscipleship1, 497:participation in the Tibetan's work during this life. Discipleship1, 497:and to acquire. You are only beginning your life service in the field wherein we, the teachers andDiscipleship1, 499:them and in integrating them into your life, you will join the ranks of all true servers. 1st monthDiscipleship1, 499:2nd month - The way of joy enriches all my life. 3rd month - Renunciation takes the place ofDiscipleship1, 499:of broken toys. 6th month - Peace rests upon my life. You will understand, my brother, the purposeDiscipleship1, 499:at any time intensely preoccupied with the life of the personality, and that personality, at theDiscipleship1, 500:relaxation is as much a part of the spiritual life as is the strenuous effort to save the souls ofDiscipleship1, 501:wherein the dramatic "I" is centralized in the life. But upon its difficulties and problems I needDiscipleship1, 502:for which they stand an integral part of your life experience. Beyond that, you know already what IDiscipleship1, 502:in your experience. This is for you a major life crisis and there stands before you an open door.Discipleship1, 502:instruction. Your instruction is your present life circumstance and I need not say more. I willDiscipleship1, 503:wisely and for right reasons. In the pressure of life today as you are living it, I give you no setDiscipleship1, 503:the mainspring which can and will animate your life is the surety of the knowledge that humanityDiscipleship1, 503:which you would be well advised to make in your life attitudes. If you [504] can then availDiscipleship1, 504:in the overcoming of pride, lies your major life task and the crux of your life's battle.Discipleship1, 504:lies your major life task and the crux of your life's battle. Sweetness, humility and theDiscipleship1, 504:your giving - aid them to greater usefulness of life expression. Your positive and powerfulDiscipleship1, 505:Be the sannyasin for the remainder of your life and in detachment seek to serve the Plan. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 505:have for you today a word of cheer. Part of your life trouble has been that not only have theDiscipleship1, 506:to walk, in this [506] incarnation, the path of life. Trust their souls. Make and keep contact withDiscipleship1, 508:of self - these should be the keynotes of your life during the coming months. Restlessness andDiscipleship1, 509:problem is not this or that circumstance in your life. It is not concerned with the activity ofDiscipleship1, 509:that person. It is not tied up with your family life, your financial circumstances or your health.Discipleship1, 509:at a stable, focused mind that the whole of life would simplify for you. Initiation isDiscipleship1, 509:would look back with amazement upon your past life of illusion and self-induced misery. Your
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