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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship1, 674:forth: "Enter upon the way of real desire." The life, that only knows itself as form, enshroudsDiscipleship1, 674:white. Forth flowers then the pure white rose of life. The tiny rose of living life is seen in bud;Discipleship1, 674:pure white rose of life. The tiny rose of living life is seen in bud; not yet the full blownDiscipleship1, 674:from close at hand utters another phrase. The life continues on its way. "Enter the field whereDiscipleship1, 674:and join their game." Awakened to the game of life, the soul passes the gate. [675] The field isDiscipleship1, 675:broad expanse the many forms of the one moving Life disport themselves; they weave the dance ofDiscipleship1, 675:Life disport themselves; they weave the dance of life, the many patterned forms God takes. The soulDiscipleship1, 675:Let the light shine. Stage IV. Into the dark the life proceeds. A different voice seems to soundDiscipleship1, 676:forward towards the cross which bars his way to life, revealed and known. Not yet the cross isDiscipleship1, 676:all his brother souls. Stage V. Out into radiant life and light! The cave is left behind; the crossDiscipleship1, 676:own act. No longer red desire governs all the life, but now the clear blue flame burns strong. UponDiscipleship1, 676:Not yet the utter glory of the radiant life! Not yet the entering into everlasting peace! But stillDiscipleship1, 677:finally to know the coolness of the water of life; pain is the journeying into the far country,Discipleship1, 678:burning fire releases all that blocks the way of life. Bliss comes and follows after fire, as fireDiscipleship1, 679:no longer any love. "Torn I am. Space and its Life I cannot know, and so I want it not. Time andDiscipleship1, 679:all souls are one. "Swept am I by the universal Life and as I sweep upon my onward way - the way ofDiscipleship1, 679:the soul in which all souls are fused. I am the Life, and in that Life, all little lives remain."Discipleship1, 679:all souls are fused. I am the Life, and in that Life, all little lives remain." These words,Discipleship1, 680:and criticism have no real place in a disciple's life for the next few years. A sane handling ofDiscipleship1, 682:technique of invocation and evocation. The life of a disciple is a gradual but steady moving inDiscipleship1, 683:to the world worker are the normal theme of life experience and, therefore, humanity in itsDiscipleship1, 683:which are the major undertaking of an aspirant's life are not the major undertaking of theDiscipleship1, 684:in his work for humanity. Therefore, the thought life of every disciple must be conditioned byDiscipleship1, 684:in three ways: By the potency of his Own thought life, evoked by his response to the unitedDiscipleship1, 685:the idea of contribution, watching their thought life with care, so that there may be in it thatDiscipleship1, 685:and evocative. Those two words cover the life of every disciple. They are singularly descriptive ofDiscipleship1, 687:and the Master become identical, and the group life conditions the service rendered by both ofDiscipleship1, 688:proportion is adjusted to the revelation and his life is dedicated to bringing the vision intoDiscipleship1, 692:which disciples wield comes as a response to a life rightly lived and love fully given. There is aDiscipleship1, 693:time? What are the non-essential things in my life to which I should pay no attention? What is theDiscipleship1, 694:of intention) can contribute anything to the life of the Ashram. There is consequently a law whichDiscipleship1, 698:instrument of thought) is the vehicle of soul life, soul light and soul love, and the etheric webDiscipleship1, 699:of the consciousness. Man then focuses his life in the astral vehicle and his etheric body becomesDiscipleship1, 700:and produce changes and specific effects in his life-expression upon the physical plane. When heDiscipleship1, 700:physical plane. When he knows himself to be the "Life and the lives" (as The Secret Doctrine putsDiscipleship1, 700:a repetition of the relation between the "Life" of the group (in this case, the Master) and "theDiscipleship1, 701:their being, as yet, focused in the personality life, even whilst aspiring to soul consciousness.Discipleship1, 702:words which I have already quoted to you "the Life and the lives." You have the analogous idea andDiscipleship1, 703:the sacrifice of oneself. The law of "death unto life" controls. When the magnetic pull of theDiscipleship1, 703:strong, then comes the death of the personality life. Until, therefore, the group of disciples inDiscipleship1, 704:is of a very varied nature and the Ashram life is usually merely an interesting background forDiscipleship1, 704:diverse family contacts, the resentments against life and its impacts, a dislike of criticism andDiscipleship1, 704:so large that awareness of the Ashram and its life is only an occasional inspiration instead of aDiscipleship1, 704:inspiration instead of a fixed habit of life. The ability to make comparisons to the detriment ofDiscipleship1, 704:to let go and throw all one is and has into the life of the Ashram, foreboding, as to the futureDiscipleship1, 704:plus undue attention to the cyclic life of the physical body, present the Master with an appallingDiscipleship1, 706:destiny and the guidance of their souls. Life must be seen truly and faced as it is - notDiscipleship1, 706:whose vision is long and inclusive and who sees life as it is. Discipleship1, 707:of the vision, of the esoteric basis of life and the laws governing action. It is not a place,Discipleship1, 709:past attitudes and dogmatic ways of looking at life and people (based usually on tradition andDiscipleship1, 709:which happens is the irradiation of the daily life. This irradiation emanates from the world ofDiscipleship1, 710:so preoccupied with outer matters, with form life and objective things. Let me put it this way:Discipleship1, 710:to others - through your spoken words or your life - is so noisy that it is not easy to be what youDiscipleship1, 711:you have demonstrated for years to be your fixed life tendency and by the manner in which you reactDiscipleship1, 711:by a profound and deep interest in the esoteric life to the exclusion of your own and also of theDiscipleship1, 712:human need, leading consequently to a pledged life of service. To soul impression, leading toDiscipleship1, 713:comes when the "light flashes out" in some one life; thereby the attention of the Master isDiscipleship1, 714:intensified. The karmic agitation of the man's life becomes greatly increased and - apart from hisDiscipleship1, 716:intensive struggle to grow into the spiritual life, to follow the way of determined orientation toDiscipleship1, 717:be assumed to constitute part of the exoteric life expression of all true aspirants. They are notDiscipleship1, 717:peace of death, the age of stone, the tomb of life." The stage of "Chela in the Light." About thisDiscipleship1, 717:and seeks consciously to tread the ways of life and to become what he is. This is an esotericDiscipleship1, 718:with the Eternal Now and with the dynamic life which has created the past, which controls theDiscipleship1, 719:gain some idea or picture of the conditioning life of Shamballa if you will study the present eraDiscipleship1, 719:vision of the man who has been immersed in the life of matter or form. He is now attempting to seeDiscipleship1, 722:Way leaps forward, leaving the world of fluid life. He makes the great transition and leaves theDiscipleship1, 723:The poles appear. The two attract his daily life, first one and then the other; betwixt the two heDiscipleship1, 723:Way. "The one upon the Way gazes around and sees life as through a haze. The fogs and mists ofDiscipleship1, 723:of glamor rest upon the valleys and the hills of life and these he must dispel. He must transmuteDiscipleship1, 724:of Discipleship - Part V All who have, in this life, transited from the stage of chela in the LightDiscipleship1, 725:it produces no personality effect in his own life or that of his fellow disciple. It is simply aDiscipleship1, 726:ordinarily would be precipitated in some later life. He begins to shoulder some of the generalDiscipleship1, 727:of that which must be done in the personality life; it is not the way of the higher revelation ofDiscipleship1, 727:are related to work in the Ashram and to the life and vitality of the inner group. This group isDiscipleship1, 735:are not sensitive to the Master, to the life of the Ashram and to each other is that they areDiscipleship1, 735:and by many preoccupations with the form side of life. One more question might here be considered,Discipleship1, 737:a "divine indifference" to outer events in the life of the little self and a sense of proportionDiscipleship1, 738:them detach themselves from the form aspect of life and fit them to undergo certain greatDiscipleship1, 738:where intensification of the spiritual life is in order and where personality adjustments couldDiscipleship1, 740:to you, then things are bound to happen in your life. The radiation is effective when rightlyDiscipleship1, 741:psychic to the undesirability of his astral life. Disciples, however, put no aspect of the divineDiscipleship1, 742:There is, to the mind of the disciple, only life and form and he is learning to handle the lifeDiscipleship1, 742:life and form and he is learning to handle the life processes through the medium of the form so asDiscipleship1, 742:others if they fear to enter into realms of life where the lower psychism rules? I am not askingDiscipleship1, 742:reach at any desired moment the "Master of his life." This triangular relation might be depictedDiscipleship1, 743:has been an accepted disciple for more than one life and who has demonstrated his ability to workDiscipleship1, 744:contribution to the Master's work and the Ashram life. He is engrossed in the task and theDiscipleship1, 745:and express his objective and his subjective life. They are incident to his having to work in timeDiscipleship1, 745:and empowers but does not evoke the lower life of the personal self. These are the requirementsDiscipleship1, 745:that the disciple is capable of handling his life and problems himself and is not likely,Discipleship1, 745:to intrude his personal crises into the life of the Ashram. It implies also a chela of suchDiscipleship1, 747:dedication to do it. The driving urge of his life is the need of humanity and his expandingDiscipleship1, 747:questions: Do you, in reality, know what your life task is? Have you tried to carry this out inDiscipleship1, 747:Have you tried to carry this out in your current life processes? Is your main objective theDiscipleship1, 747:of the terrific difficulties in your personal life? As long as you believe that your life is one ofDiscipleship1, 747:personal life? As long as you believe that your life is one of all engrossing interest and also oneDiscipleship1, 748:The chela on the thread eventually has the life thread (one aspect of the antahkarana) connectedDiscipleship1, 749:therefore, to the steady ascending of the Way of Life and the Ladder of Spiritual Ascent. Discipleship1, 749:these are increasingly concerned with the group life and condition and not with himself. I referDiscipleship1, 749:love and compassion to those in his path of life who need it. But he has arrived at a sense of
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