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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship1, 749:proportion and of correct organization of his life processes, trends and activities in time andDiscipleship1, 750:who can be regarded as no longer a drag on the life of the group. I have pointed out to you beforeDiscipleship1, 750:held steady in the light." The surface of his life may be (from the worldly angle) in a state ofDiscipleship1, 750:in soul consciousness and the depths of his life remain undisturbed. This is not insensitivity or aDiscipleship1, 751:chela's personality reactions to the new mode of life, to the effects wrought into hisDiscipleship1, 751:begins to participate more and more in the group life and is less and less interested in himself.Discipleship1, 751:is being rapidly built and the inflow of life from the Spiritual Triad increases slowly andDiscipleship1, 752:Discipleship - Part VIII The aura of any form of life can be defined as the quality of a sphere ofDiscipleship1, 753:trained ability and the high-powered spiritual life of the Master at the very heart of the Ashram.Discipleship1, 754:radiatory activity is enhanced as the ashramic life plays upon his vehicles until in time heDiscipleship1, 754:begins to make a significant contribution to the life of the Ashram. Each disciple who penetratesDiscipleship1, 754:standing at the radiant center of the group life and working from thence outwards in service. He isDiscipleship1, 754:outstanding characteristic of the first aspect, life itself. This is not a quality, but that ofDiscipleship1, 757:which makes the ashramic aura possible - the Life of the Master. One interesting fact might here beDiscipleship1, 757:is but a state of consciousness with the life aspect, Shamballa, at the center, and the circle ofDiscipleship1, 758:Master's aura not only upon the inner planes of life and in the Ashram proper, [759] but also withDiscipleship1, 759:within the aura in his daily physical plane life. This process necessarily falls into five stages:Discipleship1, 759:content of the Master's mind. This affects his life and service and his mind constantly formulatesDiscipleship1, 760:be a channel for a long time through purity of life, correct orientation, and non-criticism. ThisDiscipleship1, 761:massed sorrow - spread over the entire cycle of life, past, present and future - of humanity.Discipleship1, 762:to forget. The soul is preoccupied with its own life; the details of the personality life (itsDiscipleship1, 762:its own life; the details of the personality life (its inadequate expression or shadow in the threeDiscipleship1, 762:As the violence of the personality life grows, the soul which has been increasingly the recipientDiscipleship1, 762:true soul expression upon the outer periphery of life. Then the battle of the higher pairs ofDiscipleship1, 764:beings are subjected as an integral part of the life of God Himself and one which is consciouslyDiscipleship1, 764:of evolution which is found in the universal life process. Discipleship1, 766:lead to an intensification of [766] the form life and to the tyranny of force as it flows throughDiscipleship1, 766:connection with the spirally in the microcosmic life and the planes and subplanes of the macrocosmDiscipleship1, 766:the more elevated states of consciousness in the life of the group and of humanity, and toDiscipleship1, 766:for a mental interest in these aspects of form life. Discipleship1, 767:therefore, to be truly close to the Master. His life or lives of service have brought him at lastDiscipleship1, 767:of the word "heart" is the significance of life itself, as it beats eternally at the very heart ofDiscipleship1, 767:at the very heart of the universe. Within that life, the initiate now consciously stands, realizingDiscipleship1, 767:himself not so much as being a recipient of life, but as a distributor of life. This is a veryDiscipleship1, 767:a recipient of life, but as a distributor of life. This is a very different thing and holds the keyDiscipleship1, 767:is a technical term, indicating the sources of life and many analogous interpretations. There is atDiscipleship1, 767:major initiation, a direct line of energy or of life - sensed, recognized, active and utilized -Discipleship1, 768:initiation) is the heart center of the monadic life. The Master at the center of his group. TheDiscipleship1, 768:Christ, the heart center of the Hierarchy. The life of the Monad which begins to make itself feltDiscipleship1, 768:itself felt at the third initiation. The Lord of Life himself, the heart center of Shamballa. TheDiscipleship1, 768:and upward (spherically considered) to the Life at the very center of our Earth's "alter ego," theDiscipleship1, 771:and so losing the long range picture. The dual life of active world participation in opposing thatDiscipleship1, 773:and, then, from soul to spirit, from form to life. He has explored all the avenues of knowledge; heDiscipleship1, 778:also shown as interfering with the organization life of the various occult groups which claimed toDiscipleship1, 785:grasp of circumstance, they know that in a later life or lives the majority of those who are nowDiscipleship1, 785:unable to see the emergence of the new ways of life and the new approaches to truth. I have stoodDiscipleship1, 786:approach to the Hierarchy and to the spiritual life, though based, of course, on the ancient rules.Discipleship1, 789:am the representative of the Hierarchy" but by a life of service, by indicating that the MastersDiscipleship1, 790:love. Let the soul control the outer form, And life, and all events, And bring to light the LoveDiscipleship2relentlessly high. The rushing into the personal life of soul force is like sunshine in a garden.Discipleship2, XII:[XII] Mrs. Bailey gave unsparingly of her life and strength to do this work which was to her anDiscipleship2, XIII:Khul has said that given a consecrated active life of selfless service to one's fellow man theDiscipleship2, 4:it is the fusing and illuminating element in the life of the disciple. Let not your love remainDiscipleship2, 5:and of its effects in the individual and group life can eliminate the danger of infection from thatDiscipleship2, 7:of the esoteric manifestation of the potency of life to be found in the seed group. The work to beDiscipleship2, 8:forward, all possess a strong inner spiritual life, but the group antahkarana is usually stillDiscipleship2, 12:which stands between you and the light of life and truth. There is in the life of every aspirantDiscipleship2, 12:and the light of life and truth. There is in the life of every aspirant some outstanding tendencyDiscipleship2, 12:the eyes of the Masters. So much of the thought life of a disciple is occupied with a ceaselessDiscipleship2, 13:the Dweller on the Threshold in your own life and also in the group life, and then - from thatDiscipleship2, 13:Threshold in your own life and also in the group life, and then - from that vantage point ofDiscipleship2, 13:evil. To do this presupposes crisis in your life and in the life of humanity. The handling ofDiscipleship2, 13:this presupposes crisis in your life and in the life of humanity. The handling of crises is theDiscipleship2, 14:that increasingly there will be no individual life. This is as it should be. Increasingly disciplesDiscipleship2, 14:routine, it follows the presented fact. In the life of the spirit, understanding is a necessaryDiscipleship2, 19:no list of rules which must govern his daily life and no minute instructions as to what he must doDiscipleship2, 20:as well as the new and coming simplifications in life and being. They concern primarily the serviceDiscipleship2, 22:but they can make no further progress this life unless they widen their point of view; they mustDiscipleship2, 23:true expression of the facts as they are in your life, in the Ashram life and in the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 23:facts as they are in your life, in the Ashram life and in the Hierarchy. Your task is to developDiscipleship2, 23:and, as I said, increasingly the individual life of the disciple lessens and his group awarenessDiscipleship2, 24:members will only take the first initiation next life, it is obvious that the group initiation toDiscipleship2, 24:of haste or he is "strolling along the path of life," feeling that evolution is long and why,Discipleship2, 26:its goal the living (by the disciple) of a dual life - a life of active participation in worldDiscipleship2, 26:the living (by the disciple) of a dual life - a life of active participation in world affairs and aDiscipleship2, 26:of active participation in world affairs and a life of intense mental and spiritual preoccupation. Discipleship2, 29:immediate lessening; the darkest hour of human life is upon us and it frequently brings to theDiscipleship2, 30:strength of your group, irradiated by [30] the life and light of the Hierarchy; I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 30:he builds the antahkarana, the energy of the one Life, emanating from the Monad, brings in theDiscipleship2, 31:resume of the past teaching. The pressure of life these days is very great; everybody is tired; youDiscipleship2, 32:that is now over and for the rest of this life it can be assumed that he has reached his high waterDiscipleship2, 32:- of retrogression or of recession. Next life will see him pass triumphantly his present point ofDiscipleship2, 33:him for his own protection so that in a coming life he can start earlier, and move forward withDiscipleship2, 33:C.D.P. and P.D.W. - working on the inner side of life - are definitely sharing. The latter hasDiscipleship2, 34:I seek to have you realize the unity of all life, the identity of purpose and the close sense ofDiscipleship2, 34:time and space. This has relation to the "double life pattern of the disciple" to which I referredDiscipleship2, 34:of my past requests to you. The pressure of life has been great these days; to that pressure manyDiscipleship2, 34:had you given careful attention to your thought life. Discipleship2, 34:experiencing) a third and paralleling aspect of life appears and complicates the problem with whichDiscipleship2, 35:consciously towards the Hierarchy [35] and the life of the Kingdom of God; there is the busy outerDiscipleship2, 35:out, you might have found your entire path in life more simple and easy and your service moreDiscipleship2, 37:the Ashram, its Master, its personnel and its life? If you will do this, and thus mentally freeDiscipleship2, 37:yourselves, you can and will go on to a fuller life of service, with your eyes on human need andDiscipleship2, 40:familiar, and to re-establish the old ways of life. Human beings forget easily, and besides thisDiscipleship2, 42:may be present, the tiredness incident to a long life, the physical tendencies which handicap andDiscipleship2, 43:from world pressures or from a badly regulated life program, an the nervousness and strain whichDiscipleship2, 43:the common lot today; it takes courage to attack life on behalf of others, and to obliterate yourDiscipleship2, 43:of one's own nature, one's aims, one's life theme, one's aspirations and one's handicaps, of one'sDiscipleship2, 43:one kind or another, age, or a belief that this life is preparatory to full service in the next;Discipleship2, 44:demands of the Ashram is secondary to your daily life pattern, to the requirements of your business
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