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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship2, 153:to the Hierarchy, via the Ashram and its life of pledged service. This statement is of importanceDiscipleship2, 153:Disciples need constantly to reflect upon the life of the Ashram as it makes its impact upon theirDiscipleship2, 153:to form a constructive part of the ashramic life to which their thinking and their service haveDiscipleship2, 154:the emerging Plan, and as it gives livingness to life purpose) is reached through the Ashram. TheDiscipleship2, 158:in any other differentiation of the divine Life. In humanity all lines and aspects meet. This is aDiscipleship2, 159:- the center from whence the Hierarchy draws its life, as it draws its impulse towards service fromDiscipleship2, 160:from the massed approach to the Source of all Life, Love and Light. Nothing can withstand theDiscipleship2, 163:completely alter and change man's attitude to life, his sense of values and his use of time. AllDiscipleship2, 166:world affairs, the spiritual Directors of our life. They stand ready to strengthen those with trueDiscipleship2, 166:belief, and also by his capacity to live his life in the light of the divine Presence. All mysticsDiscipleship2, 168:for or appeal to the three aspects of divine life which are universally recognized - the mind ofDiscipleship2, 168:powerful changes in his own attitudes; his life intention, character and goals will be changed andDiscipleship2, 168:character and goals will be changed and his life will be altered and made spiritually useful. "As aDiscipleship2, 171:war, mankind has been necessary to the spiritual life or its effectiveness. The war disillusioned;Discipleship2, 176:light and love, for the expression of the Christ Life and of the sacrificial Will, plus theDiscipleship2, 178:symbolizes both the vertical and the horizontal life of the disciple; this meditation is, again,Discipleship2, 178:manner: This Cross concerns your VERTICAL life This Cross concerns your HORIZONTAL life The mode ofDiscipleship2, 178:life This Cross concerns your HORIZONTAL life The mode of your application of all this must beDiscipleship2, 178:of all this must be related to your daily life expression, and at some point you (the incarnatedDiscipleship2, 178:must realize the factual nature of your dual life as a disciple. This the superimposed CrossesDiscipleship2, 179:to the consideration of the Vertical-Horizontal life and note how one vertical line supports theDiscipleship2, 185:of relationship and of attitude." So much of the life of a disciple, even when he has been admittedDiscipleship2, 185:do not become a practical demonstration in daily life, as they should. Esoteric knowledge is notDiscipleship2, 185:is not intended to drive your spiritual life into greater and increasing subjectivity; the goal isDiscipleship2, 185:subjectivity; the goal is not a more inward life and a training which will make of you a trueDiscipleship2, 185:an everyday affair. It is here that the dual life of discipleship starts and at the same timeDiscipleship2, 185:must be blended with his transformed personality life, until gradually "the two become the One." InDiscipleship2, 189:true it is; he lives in the recognition that the life of the disciple is hard and its exigenciesDiscipleship2, 189:this meditation you therefore have: The Vertical Life God, or the divine Reality, veiled by allDiscipleship2, 190:and the work to be done. The Horizontal Life 1. Unity. As a result of his successful vertical life,Discipleship2, 190:1. Unity. As a result of his successful vertical life, the disciple feels himself at-one with allDiscipleship2, 190:life, the disciple feels himself at-one with all life in all forms and with humanity in particular.Discipleship2, 190:of difference, the disciple can "tune in" on the life in all forms, and therefore enter into a fullDiscipleship2, 190:(which he contacts indirectly in the Ashramic life) begins to affect him. Ponder on this statement.Discipleship2, 190:a most interesting chart for the disciple's life. This meditation, therefore, provides a completeDiscipleship2, 190:if you will definitely realize that your daily life is based on a vertical attitude and aDiscipleship2, 190:you need in order to make progress in your own life and also in the group life - functioningDiscipleship2, 190:progress in your own life and also in the group life - functioning subjectively at present. If youDiscipleship2, 191:show you the sequence of critical points in the life of the man in training for initiation. TheDiscipleship2, 191:Expression of the Vertical and the Horizontal Life. This was portrayed by the two crosses: To theseDiscipleship2, 191:by the two crosses: To these two symbols of the life of the disciple I seek at this time to addDiscipleship2, 191:two crosses of the vertical and the horizontal life with the cross of Humanity [192] and have alsoDiscipleship2, 192:It signifies the following: That the vertical life of spiritual contact with the Ashram isDiscipleship2, 192:prayer and concentration. That the horizontal life of service is preserved with equal care and thatDiscipleship2, 192:he must go down into the very depths of human life in order to prepare the masses for theDiscipleship2, 192:the "place of the disciple's consciousness." His life of reflection, of constant awareness, and theDiscipleship2, 192:of his attention is higher than the vertical life of the aspirant, than his horizontal life ofDiscipleship2, 192:life of the aspirant, than his horizontal life of service, and indicates the measure of hisDiscipleship2, 192:the Love aspect, governing - his vertical life and [193] producing spiritual steadfastness in form;Discipleship2, 193:Intelligence aspect, governing his horizontal life and making him a wise server of his fellowmen.Discipleship2, 194:plane (with its three aspects of mind) the life thread necessarily passed, linking Monad, soul andDiscipleship2, 195:carried on throughout all the vicissitudes of life and automatically registers these events; itDiscipleship2, 195:of ascending energy which is tinctured by the life qualities and the developed ray characteristics.Discipleship2, 195:ray characteristics. Along that stream, the life qualities and the developed ray characteristicsDiscipleship2, 196:focused attitude - carried forward in all life circumstances, which automatically registers theDiscipleship2, 196:registers the events conditioning the life of humanity. It therefore creates a stream of ascendingDiscipleship2, 196:of ascending energy which is tinctured by the life quality and the ray characteristics of the groupDiscipleship2, 196:stream both the ascending and the descending life quality and ray characteristics can pass at will,Discipleship2, 196:have indicated the spiritual, meditative way of life of the individual disciple in relation to hisDiscipleship2, 196:later to the Ashram; you have the group way of life, as it penetrates into the Hierarchy, and youDiscipleship2, 197:contact with that which will later condition his life and lead to a betterment of his daily life inDiscipleship2, 197:his life and lead to a betterment of his daily life in a material sense, or which will make livingDiscipleship2, 199:sixth initiation, thus conditioning the Path of Life upon which they will eventually findDiscipleship2, 199:for instance, the turning of planetary vegetable life towards the Sun as its dominant source ofDiscipleship2, 199:life towards the Sun as its dominant source of life. In its intermediate form, it is that whichDiscipleship2, 209:the divine Will-to-Good. 3. Shamballa, with its life and intention focused in the Council ChamberDiscipleship2, 209:planetary indications. The great Wheel of Life, with its passing manifestations and its recurringDiscipleship2, 209:kingdoms in nature, great cyclic expressions of life, are controlled by them, and all this isDiscipleship2, 209:inspiration (another phrase for the breath of life itself) upon the Nirmanakayas and through themDiscipleship2, 210:seven planetary Rays. They are the Custodians of life, under the direct inspiration of the BuddhasDiscipleship2, 210:are, in a peculiar sense, the creative agents of life as it streams forth from Shamballa into allDiscipleship2, 210:know) because they are the creative agents of life itself and the knowers and the custodians of theDiscipleship2, 212:group should develop rapidly into an habitual life tendency. Thus is a Master created. The creativeDiscipleship2, 215:powers and the fact of the essential dualism of life; he finds that he himself is both a lower selfDiscipleship2, 216:path of return to the center or source of divine life to which the world religions and the heart ofDiscipleship2, 217:and the creation of a new order and way of life. There are crisis points at times of superlativeDiscipleship2, 221:being brought to bear upon all phases of human life by the scientists of all the many schools ofDiscipleship2, 221:of the spiritual truth which underlies all life; it is with this reorientation that sixth rayDiscipleship2, 224:through man, and thus the glory of the Lord of Life be seen." Focused intention, concentratedDiscipleship2, 224:objective and redeems all aspects of his own life in conformity with the focused desire expressedDiscipleship2, 226:to know it? Have I - in my own personal daily life - earned the right (because of definite effortDiscipleship2, 227:minds and hearts for that event. I have no other life intention." PAUSE Stage III. Visualize theDiscipleship2, 244:enforced, and the necessity for rebuilding human life on sounder values than the physical. In allDiscipleship2, 246:work under their direction in some previous life, and a few disciples who came into incarnation inDiscipleship2, 247:suppositions, his desires, his aspirational wish-life, his theories, or whatever you may choose toDiscipleship2, 247:these words. The Hierarchy is now a fact in your life and your awareness. What is the next fact orDiscipleship2, 248:a revelation of the hidden side of a chela's life. When I say this I refer to his new astralDiscipleship2, 249:upon the "jewel in the lotus," awakening it to life; this it does (through effects produced) uponDiscipleship2, 250:is concerned, and to the central point of life in all forms. Of form and of consciousness, theDiscipleship2, 251:the earth - all need the vital air. The air is life. The air is God." The significance of thisDiscipleship2, 254:this does not refer to the man upon the path of life, pulled as he is between the pairs ofDiscipleship2, 255:experiential measure. Now the new formulas of life must control; they are life formulas, not [256]Discipleship2, 255:the new formulas of life must control; they are life formulas, not [256] soul formulas. NewDiscipleship2, 256:values and truths and to the sevenfold source of life expression; the Will of God is going to takeDiscipleship2, 257:awareness and of prime importance in your daily life, it is not possible for you to arrive atDiscipleship2, 259:in relation to the accustomed aspects of form-life, and of conscious sensitivity and awareness;Discipleship2, 260:that as the initiate is a point of hierarchical life (either on the periphery of the Hierarchy, orDiscipleship2, 260:towards an orientation to the greater center of life - Shamballa. Students are apt to believe thatDiscipleship2, 261:the purpose of the Controlling Deity or basic Life or Energy as it is working out through humanity.Discipleship2, 262:the earth - all need the vital air. The air is life. The air is God." These formulas and their
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