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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship2, 520:holding that focused point throughout the entire life cycle of a planet. This great IntentionDiscipleship2, 521:purpose. Therefore, your personality motives in life and service will have to come under review,Discipleship2, 521:we shall have the simplification of your life and the opening up of a wider vision into Shamballa.Discipleship2, 522:of the lower self. This would simplify your life, and I told you earlier that simplification was aDiscipleship2, 523:questioned the foundations of all things, and life has been most complicated for you - physically,Discipleship2, 523:question of the reason for all this harshness in life and to the initiation for which you areDiscipleship2, 524:in you, and let the remaining years of your life be triumphant in love; let them be negative toDiscipleship2, 524:of the wrong kind; in some cases, the thought-life of the disciple has created so manyDiscipleship2, 525:the initiation which was your destined goal this life, but which you may yourself postpone untilDiscipleship2, 525:the significance of what is happening in your life at present. The second initiation is aDiscipleship2, 526:with the personality details of a disciple's life expression; therefore, why do I concern myselfDiscipleship2, 528:to be determined is: Can you overcome in this life and free yourself from astral control, or willDiscipleship2, 528:or will the tests be prolonged until next life? These are questions which only you can answer. InDiscipleship2, 529:service. It need not be postponed until next life. You have suffered much, my brother, and have fewDiscipleship2, 529:the Tibetan's group and, until the close of his life in 1953, carried on his own established lineDiscipleship2, 529:responsible for a very definite crisis in your life. It is of interest to me to know how manyDiscipleship2, 530:words which were to be the keynotes of your life - Love, Fearlessness and Understanding. The firstDiscipleship2, 530:brought untold suffering to three people in your life. This is known only to you. Fearlessness isDiscipleship2, 530:brother, reached your high water mark for this life? Can you go further still along the Way? ThatDiscipleship2, 530:and you will enter upon a new cycle of spiritual life if understanding and a search for meaningDiscipleship2, 530:as a whole, and the good of the form side of life looms unduly large in your attitude to service.Discipleship2, 531:old rapidly because there is no free flow of life. One thing only will prevent this happening:Discipleship2, 531:understanding and a consequent sacrifice of the life to humanity as a whole. The greatest good ofDiscipleship2, 531:greatest good of the greatest number becomes his life theme and to this the whole man isDiscipleship2, 532:remembering that the new ideals concern the life and not the form. My blessing rests ever on youDiscipleship2, 533:mental processes created a dominant test in your life. In consequence of the reaction of theDiscipleship2, 533:and of your response to circumstances, your life is today conditioned as it is. You will understandDiscipleship2, 534:origin) [534] will depend the future of your life in this particular incarnation. If your decisionsDiscipleship2, 534:within my Ashram and where the focus of your life does persist, all will be well; if they are madeDiscipleship2, 534:you are liable to make mistakes. Always in your life crises, you have been confronted by the way ofDiscipleship2, 534:three years than at any previous time in your life. You might ask me: Along what line? My replyDiscipleship2, 534:Such phases have been curiously lacking in your life. You have evaded them, and this evasion hasDiscipleship2, 535:altogether, but unduly) in your ordered, planned life. Most things can be viewed as too late forDiscipleship2, 535:one incarnation, but the soul thinks in terms of life cycles. A full and rich life cycle will openDiscipleship2, 535:thinks in terms of life cycles. A full and rich life cycle will open up for you as a consequence ofDiscipleship2, 535:I would recall to you that the disrupting of life processes and the upheaval of an ordered point ofDiscipleship2, 535:Ponder on this, for so it can be with a human life. Beauty is beginning to flower in your life,Discipleship2, 535:life. Beauty is beginning to flower in your life, bringing its own responsibilities, engenderingDiscipleship2, 535:in your mind but which will greatly enrich your life. It will also evoke responsibility. ThisDiscipleship2, 536:within my Ashram, all will be well." Life, as you know theoretically, is one long series ofDiscipleship2, 537:it concerns the "sound" of a disciple's life and the nature and quality of the radiations whichDiscipleship2, 538:set up - the trend of the disciple's life. It is one of the main factors in the presentation ofDiscipleship2, 538:to the subject of karma. There comes ever in the life of a disciple and in the soul's experienceDiscipleship2, 538:and in the soul's experience some one particular life wherein the Law of Cause and Effect assumesDiscipleship2, 538:importance in the consciousness. From that life and that moment, the disciple begins to deal withDiscipleship2, 538:of his own destiny and future. His reactions to life and circumstances cease to be simply emotionalDiscipleship2, 538:quality of preparation which is, absent from the life of the average man. For the remainder of thisDiscipleship2, 538:of the average man. For the remainder of this life, therefore, I would ask you to carry the themeDiscipleship2, 538:My reason is as follows: During your past life you have five times made certain definite decisions.Discipleship2, 539:consequent results as they worked out in your life, and gauge these results in such a manner thatDiscipleship2, 539:up of the various conditioning factors in your life. If you can do this, you will be enabled toDiscipleship2, 539:with you from the moment of your birth. In this life, your theme has been largely that ofDiscipleship2, 539:creativity; you have made it a motive for your life, but you have forgotten that the expression ofDiscipleship2, 540:Radiation, Creation. For the remainder of this life you must earnestly aim at a closer relation toDiscipleship2, 541:and hold with steadfastness your relation to the life of the group. This is all I have to say toDiscipleship2, 542:understanding which grasps essentials and sees life in a truer perspective. The disbanding of theDiscipleship2, 543:contact on the emotional nature and on the daily life on the physical plane. I give you theDiscipleship2, 543:for several years, will produce a factual life of real value. Themes for Meditation The fact of theDiscipleship2, 543:yours to this subject. The Ashram as a center of life. This will involve the use of theDiscipleship2, 544:is achieved. The qualities fostered by ashramic life. The service rendered by the Ashram. TheDiscipleship2, 544:be found in a state of inner rebellion against life, against people, against the disciple's ownDiscipleship2, 545:is, therefore, the continuous theme of your life expression for - as you know - you have the firstDiscipleship2, 546:all of you this is an incarnation wherein the life focus becomes either irrevocably oriented towardDiscipleship2, 546:and its solution. In the orientation of your life towards the soul, the keynote of renunciation isDiscipleship2, 549:I refer not here to occult principles of [549] life, but to governing principles in training. TheseDiscipleship2, 549:largely to a rapidly developing mental grasp of life and living) prompts him to concede certainDiscipleship2, 549:the disciple, the less is this the case, for the life of the Ashram and an increasing steadyDiscipleship2, 549:which governs the entire circle of ashramic life - both within the Ashram and within the field ofDiscipleship2, 549:in his service (from the angle of his present life experience if not from the angle of the soul),Discipleship2, 549:those who hear. As he proceeds in the spiritual life and intensifies his understanding of theDiscipleship2, 549:of the Master, as he enters more deeply into the life of the Ashram and into the aura of hisDiscipleship2, 550:regards all that he does as his response to the life of the Ashram, as his contribution to the workDiscipleship2, 550:for the power, the love, the knowledge and the life of the Ashram which constitute in the lastDiscipleship2, 551:itself a voluntary response to the power of the life of the Ashram, and to the mind and the love ofDiscipleship2, 551:you a peculiar form of service, for which this life has been preparatory. It is related to speech,Discipleship2, 551:power of sound; for the remainder of this life, the theme of much of your thinking should beDiscipleship2, 552:listen. That must be the keynote of your inner life for the remainder of this incarnation. When youDiscipleship2, 552:to which I earlier referred as governing the life of the Ashram - Group Integration and Right ofDiscipleship2, 553:of Silence. [553] This exercise will deepen your life, increase your capacity to serve, makeDiscipleship2, 553:bring you to a point of group usefulness next life. Then you will carry out certain work that youDiscipleship2, 553:injunction covered the remainder of your life events - as I foresaw them. You have lived for yearsDiscipleship2, 553:of tension. Fire has been the quality of your life. This fire was at first destructive, but inDiscipleship2, 554:There comes a time in the disciple's life when he must assume that he knows; he must take theDiscipleship2, 554:Ashram were upon you. For the remainder of your life let the esoteric philosophical concept "as if"Discipleship2, 555:was perfected and the result in your daily life will be "as if" all concealed glamorous and allDiscipleship2, 555:bring release and happiness. The trends of your life and service are established. Seek not toDiscipleship2, 555:of knowledge which you have accumulated in this life is very real. Draw, however, what you need forDiscipleship2, 556:as would serve to carry you through this life. I urged on you a steadfast adherence to establishedDiscipleship2, 556:remaining years, so that you will (in your next life) from childhood, express the way of theDiscipleship2, 557:Themes for meditative reflection: What, in your life, would happen if you really acted as if theDiscipleship2, 557:living as if the soul were visible in your daily life, what will happen to the astral body?Discipleship2, 557:yourself to the service of the Ashram for this life and the next. Say the new Invocation, soundingDiscipleship2, 558:(even if bewildered) the decision is seldom his. Life, circumstance, events or people take care ofDiscipleship2, 559:of the Light. Increasingly must your life be filled with this kind of [560] service; it will leadDiscipleship2, 560:to forming his own Ashram in a still later life. Thus the whole question of radiation and magnetismDiscipleship2, 560:Ashram should be aware of the intent that this life and the next should see him beginning to gatherDiscipleship2, 560:during the coming year. The Ashram pulsates with life. Its radiation penetrates the outer gloom andDiscipleship2, 561:the Ashram and stands before the Master of his life. He knows himself to be a soul. He knows thatDiscipleship2, 561:it came. Thus, my brother and my friend, travel life's way; work in my Ashram; aid your fellowmen,Discipleship2, 561:MY BROTHER AND FELLOW-WORKER: Your spiritual life has deepened during this past year and your light
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