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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship2, 633:admission to the Ashram has committed him - the life of ashramic instruction and of steady approachDiscipleship2, 633:and of steady approach to the Master, plus the life of outer service which must come as a responseDiscipleship2, 636:old, my brother. The sixty-third year of your life, as in the life of all disciples, will be one ofDiscipleship2, 636:The sixty-third year of your life, as in the life of all disciples, will be one of crisis and ofDiscipleship2, 637:of outer service. The sixty-third year of your life - as in the life of all disciples - will be oneDiscipleship2, 637:The sixty-third year of your life - as in the life of all disciples - will be one of crisis and ofDiscipleship2, 637:rests much of the usefulness of the rest of your life - that is, from the angle of the Ashram.Discipleship2, 638:one has reached one's high water mark for this life and nothing more can be expected. This may beDiscipleship2, 638:that the soul, enjoying the full richness of life's garnered experience, is now free to serve. NoDiscipleship2, 638:of the Ashram, and that for the remainder of his life. I am seeking to bring all these points toDiscipleship2, 639:or not, for that is your affair), and make your life count in the hour of humanity's need. I haveDiscipleship2, 639:the soul, speak to me and discuss with me your life and spiritual intention. I shall not respond,Discipleship2, 640:three years, many problems have arisen in your life and these have been complicated by the factDiscipleship2, 640:there could be an imposed expression of soul life, you need not for me to tell you, for you areDiscipleship2, 641:know to what tendency [641] I refer. Your whole life goal at this time is to give loving strengthDiscipleship2, 642:of inspiration, and therefore ask for flowing life. I choose the way of integrating, and thereforeDiscipleship2, 642:to Disciples - D.P.R. To D. P. R. January 1940 Life has been so difficult for you, brother of mine,Discipleship2, 642:further burden of self-discipline or more of the life of introspection. You have stood in the midstDiscipleship2, 644:what he may be undergoing in his own personal life. In many cases, such as yours, environingDiscipleship2, 644:and you are, therefore, today facing your major life crisis and, I would add, you are facing itDiscipleship2, 644:eventually to the distinctive nature of his life service. This usually takes place between the agesDiscipleship2, 644:and sane man has to take when he determines his life work, his place of living and his lifeDiscipleship2, 644:his life work, his place of living and his life associates. I refer to a free choice made whenDiscipleship2, 644:This crisis of opportunity relates ever to life service. This is true in spite of karma orDiscipleship2, 644:comes towards the later years of a disciple's life. It concerns his stabilized life tendency andDiscipleship2, 644:of a disciple's life. It concerns his stabilized life tendency and puts to the test all that heDiscipleship2, 644:for which he has stood and fought throughout his life experience. It is ever a hard and bitterDiscipleship2, 644:and bitter test, going to the very roots of his life, and for those in preparation for initiationDiscipleship2, 646:You have a particularly interesting group of life forces or energies conditioning you, interestingDiscipleship2, 646:specific combination. The saving grace of your life expression has been your second ray astral bodyDiscipleship2, 646:produced your karmic relationships in this life. Fortunately for you, your past immediateDiscipleship2, 646:and hence also the general trend of your life conditioning. It was your first ray lines of forceDiscipleship2, 646:locality in which you live and brought your life partner to you. It was your second ray backgroundDiscipleship2, 646:ray background and its effects in your present life expression which hastened your affiliation withDiscipleship2, 647:form the background of your spiritual [647] life: your soul, your relation with me and yourDiscipleship2, 647:me from my soul, my brothers and my Master. My life is theirs and theirs is mine." At sunset againDiscipleship2, 647:brothers and my soul, between the Master of my life and me, his pledged disciple." [648] OnDiscipleship2, 648:darkness lead us to light. I tread the way of life and light because I am a soul. With me thereDiscipleship2, 648:- D.P.R. August 1942 I come to Thee, Lord of my Life, and from that point achieved, close at ThyDiscipleship2, 648:seek to Be. I seek no more to know, because this life has taught me how to know and with thisDiscipleship2, 649:not been "close to the feet of the Lord of your Life," you would have reached what might have beenDiscipleship2, 649:not like this, and the fact that your present life has been for years so hard is the guarantee thatDiscipleship2, 650:and to carry your load bravely, and because your life and deeds and your entire career have helpedDiscipleship2, 650:when one is freed for identification with the life aspect, then one can know the true meaning ofDiscipleship2, 650:and it is the last great lesson for you this life. It takes some time to learn it, because it isDiscipleship2, 650:principles which are inherent in the planetary life and requiring the implementing of the soul toDiscipleship2, 650:made much progress along this line during this life and [651] have no cause for self-depreciationDiscipleship2, 651:Do not strive so much, my brother. Accept life conditions as they are; acquiesce in the situationDiscipleship2, 652:the Hierarchy. These culminating years of your life have been years of great difficulty and muchDiscipleship2, 652:and you are privileged to look back upon a life of great usefulness and of much inner spiritualDiscipleship2, 652:learning is to refrain from expectation - from life, from people and from circumstances - exceptDiscipleship2, 652:lies your safety in the vicissitudes of your life. I am not speaking idly or symbolically, nor am IDiscipleship2, 653:urge you to make the Ashram a reality in your life and to count with greater definiteness andDiscipleship2, 655:I now have a disciple upon whom - in your next life cycle - I can depend and lay responsibility,Discipleship2, 656:spiritual knowledge. You have much to do in this life, and particularly in the next when thisDiscipleship2, 656:life, and particularly in the next when this life's lessons have been learnt and assimilated. ForDiscipleship2, 657:dharma but live within yourself an intense life of aspiration, of questioning and (if I might soDiscipleship2, 657:many years ago. There comes a time in the life of the disciple when he goes through a process ofDiscipleship2, 658:your soul contact must be intensified. That your life problem today involves primarily threeDiscipleship2, 660:and persistence which is a soul characteristic. Life, or expressed activity which is theDiscipleship2, 661:which is the giving of the heart's blood or life for others. After a quiet meditation on one ofDiscipleship2, 661:and let not physical liability hinder your inner life and joy. Seek closer contact with me, yourDiscipleship2, 661:The call to some disciples is to live the triple life: to serve without surcease, to suffer on theDiscipleship2, 662:Recognize them when you meet them on the way of life, and from your point of garnered wisdom andDiscipleship2, 662:those whom you can help - not only in this life but primarily in the next. I start with thisDiscipleship2, 662:and give incentive to the next few years of your life. The sixfold statement which I gave you lastDiscipleship2, 662:my brother, has been the keynote of your present life? I refer here to the obvious personalityDiscipleship2, 663:said apparently, my brother) failed you. A home life which has not measured up to your earlierDiscipleship2, 663:I say may give you a fresh and living grip on life and enough confidence to enable you to make theDiscipleship2, 663:has been the keynote of your personality life, and that divine indifference is your qualityDiscipleship2, 663:purpose, my brother? May it not be that each life that you [664] have touched with helping and withDiscipleship2, 664:form the nucleus of your own group in a later life experience? One of the things which I shall haveDiscipleship2, 664:possible when you entered into incarnation this life. From the angle of your soul your life hasDiscipleship2, 664:this life. From the angle of your soul your life has been triumphant. From the angle of yourDiscipleship2, 664:of these two contrasting aspects of your life, and then pass on to fuller light and service? I toldDiscipleship2, 664:that you were called to live the triple life of ceaseless serving, of constant pain, and [665] ofDiscipleship2, 665:the enunciation of that which is factual in your life. Let us see which are the other statements ofDiscipleship2, 666:into the "lighted area" of our planetary life, bringing fresh revelation and vision but making theDiscipleship2, 667:comprehend how and why. So, my brother, see your life pattern more clearly. See the underlyingDiscipleship2, 667:Get ready for your future service in this life and in the next; seek to fulfil instructions andDiscipleship2, 669:of the training given is to impose at least one life of most drastic discipline and difficultDiscipleship2, 669:you can add to that already given during this life. The next life will see a continuance of theDiscipleship2, 669:to that already given during this life. The next life will see a continuance of the teaching. YouDiscipleship2, 669:all physical conflict out of his conscious life experience and when the urge to combat (upon theDiscipleship2, 670:Thus there can be built a true expression of the life content - from the angle of a long soulDiscipleship2, 670:ideas for reflection. For the remainder of your life twelve seed phrases can provide the theme ofDiscipleship2, 671:you reflect upon them, the richer will be your life expression, and that I know is what youDiscipleship2, 671:The way of the intuition. The source of your life expression. Wisdom, blended with love. ReactionDiscipleship2, 672:regard what I have told you as the reward of a life of patient endurance, of overcoming and ofDiscipleship2, 675:be of real service to you at this crisis in your life of discipleship. Disciples of all degrees areDiscipleship2, 675:to the reappearance of the Christ. Your whole life has been in reality a preparation for the workDiscipleship2, 675:work which it is hoped that you will do. This life has been for you what we call in the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 675:been for you what we call in the Hierarchy "a life of dual possibilities." When that is the case, aDiscipleship2, 675:he, therefore, submits to the wear and tear of life, and to the constant consideration of karmicDiscipleship2, 676:you an esoteric possibility which will next life orient you in such a manner that, when you faceDiscipleship2, 677:these years? Will you, for the remainder of your life, go your own way? I am going to believe thatDiscipleship2, 680:feelings or self-pity. Deepen your spiritual life, my brother. Much that interests you is notDiscipleship2, 680:the need. This you cannot really know as your life circumstances and your karma have confined youDiscipleship2, 683:the time that our relationship started in this life, failed to meet your need when that need was ofDiscipleship2, 683:guess or grasp. We who work on the inner side of life and who deal with the mass movements and
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