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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship2, 684:position of pledged fealty to another. In this life, you are faced with the opportunity to freeDiscipleship2, 685:reactions? You have made much progress in this life, my brother. You are not young but that, inDiscipleship2, 685:was one of the effects of the incoming fifth ray life. A very large number of Christian ScientistsDiscipleship2, 685:be offset, and the mental grasp of truth and of life carefully fostered. Under its influence, theDiscipleship2, 686:meditation which will serve, I hope, to lift the life of the astral body out of the solar plexusDiscipleship2, 688:on the Way, and closer to the center of all life you stand. Let knowledge now be shewn as lightedDiscipleship2, 688:that to mean physical changes in your life - the changes which environment and circumstance imposeDiscipleship2, 689:your next step? Can you take another step this life? Can you put your finger on something in yourDiscipleship2, 689:attribute into a more prominent position in your life, or suggesting that you intensify someDiscipleship2, 689:You take with pain and distaste the impacts of life, and you seek ever to measure up in truth andDiscipleship2, 689:opportunity. You are prone to think that life must be for you now largely a process of waiting;Discipleship2, 692:you associated. You frequently failed to see life from the angle of the ordinary man and from theDiscipleship2, 692:and from the effect which karma produced in the life of the average citizen. You thought in termsDiscipleship2, 692:to negate and the loneliness of your present life has greatly aided your withdrawal from thisDiscipleship2, 692:long hours by yourself which characterize your life at this time and which will be expressive ofDiscipleship2, 692:of your days for the remainder of your life. To this desire of your soul you must happily reconcileDiscipleship2, 693:plane. This can refer to the abstraction of the life principle from the physical body in responseDiscipleship2, 694:by you; you should therefore enter your next life infinitely more liberated than you now are, andDiscipleship2, 694:should function freer for service. Your present life condition is very favorable to your progressDiscipleship2, 694:brings about the upward drive which all units of life express and the search of all of them forDiscipleship2, 695:you have adequate work for the remainder of your life. Approach them with consideration from theDiscipleship2, 695:Strive to cultivate a happy spirit. Let not life, loneliness or any circumstances unduly depressDiscipleship2, 696:hours of loneliness, and when you realize that life for you is mainly a waiting process, you areDiscipleship2, 697:seed thoughts which (for the remainder of your life) should govern your morning reflection,Discipleship2, 697:Freedom from partisanship. Anticipation Life purpose, persistent ever. Friendship. The triangle:Discipleship2, 698:matters connected with the earthly role of life, save learning understanding. To that attain. ThereDiscipleship2, 698:can today open the door to greater, fuller life. Move on. Let the ray of your soul dominate the manDiscipleship2, 698:has brought about the distorted and unhappy life conditions which have characterized you, which youDiscipleship2, 699:I tell you to practice a reverse attitude to all life circumstances and contacts and to loseDiscipleship2, 699:fever and bring about an ordered quiet in your life? There is so little that I can tell you thatDiscipleship2, 699:suggest to you that you bring music into your life far more than you have hitherto done,Discipleship2, 699:and impose a different note and key upon your life. Does this injunction surprise you, brother ofDiscipleship2, 699:if you permit music to play a major part in your life rhythm; choose only the best music, such asDiscipleship2, 700:sound, and the "music of the spheres" holds all life in being (note that phrase). The soul on itsDiscipleship2, 700:can usefully be imposed upon the personality life by the disciple. This is what you need - music inDiscipleship2, 700:disciple. This is what you need - music in your life, literally and figuratively. I have here givenDiscipleship2, 700:changes will be brought about in your life. Once you get away from self-pity and irritation, thereDiscipleship2, 700:and music enter more definitely into your daily life. Spurn not this practical suggestion, but giveDiscipleship2, 700:barriers between the free flow of soul life and you. There is little else that I can say. This is aDiscipleship2, 700:I can say to you. For the remainder of your life you have only one thing to do: to prepare yourselfDiscipleship2, 701:has goaded [701] you, and between the two your life has been one of misery and frustration, andDiscipleship2, 702:am hoping to see, in the next few years of your life, a complete reversal of the past. I look toDiscipleship2, 702:in mind, and for the remaining years of your life wrestle with the lower nature until it isDiscipleship2, 703:1942 As a chela in my Ashram you move through life with all the power which flows out from thatDiscipleship2, 703:your acts. The noise and turmoil of the way of life is great and you respond with undue pain.Discipleship2, 703:the cycle beginning with your forty-second year, life has held for you constant change, many andDiscipleship2, 703:in relation to your personal and family life and to the future which lies open before you, hasDiscipleship2, 705:application of the analysis. Learn to analyze life, circumstances and people from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 706:in this connection. "You move through life with all the power which comes from out my Ashram." ThisDiscipleship2, 706:that to you. Let not the pressures of family life (and no family life is devoid of pressures) andDiscipleship2, 706:not the pressures of family life (and no family life is devoid of pressures) and the exigencies ofDiscipleship2, 707:prove useless from the angle of the spiritual life, no matter how useful they may be from the angleDiscipleship2, 707:All the above are only effects of the esoteric life. Can you imagine your position when - from theDiscipleship2, 708:truly oriented. This is a major asset in your life. You are a pledged and accepted disciple, withDiscipleship2, 708:and loyal affection of A.A.B., and will - from life to life. Against her wishes, I ask you to giveDiscipleship2, 708:affection of A.A.B., and will - from life to life. Against her wishes, I ask you to give her inDiscipleship2, 709:sensitive response to all you contact in your life of service. That is primarily what you lack; itDiscipleship2, 709:given an interlude wherein you can enrich your life, add something needed to your equipment, andDiscipleship2, 710:automatically control and actuate the physical life expression. The existence and the possibilitiesDiscipleship2, 711:it should deepen your power to live the dual life of a disciple. Get ready, therefore, for aDiscipleship2, 712:of R.S.U. and F.C.D., she can round out this life cycle with satisfaction to her Master - which isDiscipleship2, 713:liberating processes taking place in your life. You stand much freer from entanglements thanDiscipleship2, 713:is the germ, and only the germ, of the spiritual life with which you have to deal, and I want youDiscipleship2, 713:from the concept of the flowering of your life in the coming years to the concept of nurturing andDiscipleship2, 713:and fostering the seed or germ of the new life which is just beginning to emerge. The OldDiscipleship2, 714:co-workers are doing? How can you organize your life so that there is a definite result andDiscipleship2, 715:will be surprised to discover how much easier life will be for you. Your mind will gradually becomeDiscipleship2, 716:6th month - Within my hand I hold the keys of life. I unlock the door for others and they passDiscipleship2, 716:cry goes out for workers. I answer, Master of my Life, and stand within the ranks of those whoDiscipleship2, 717:to disrupt and to disturb the rhythm of your life, but it will net you good results and you willDiscipleship2, 718:mind which in dealing with all life circumstances is - in your case - prone to make complicated andDiscipleship2, 718:whatsoever. Your goal for the remainder of your life should be simplicity in all affairs and in allDiscipleship2, 718:of this incarnation, you will start your next life equipped for fuller service and with a moreDiscipleship2, 719:of capacity or status, for in the spiritual life and in all life free from physical brain awarenessDiscipleship2, 719:or status, for in the spiritual life and in all life free from physical brain awareness (as youDiscipleship2, 719:which is concerned with the soul aspect of life, time is simply a sequence of states ofDiscipleship2, 720:its vibration. There is too much fever in your life. You ascribe it to a delicate body, my brother,Discipleship2, 721:with much concern because your physical plane life is now as fluidic as your mind has been., andDiscipleship2, 722:quietness and rhythm into your physical plane life. It was the realization of this which promptedDiscipleship2, 722:except in response to the normal procedures of life. Because of the instability with which you haveDiscipleship2, 722:incarnation and which constitutes your major life problem, you know that you need the steady rhythmDiscipleship2, 722:accepted by you as conditioning factors in your life, and herein lies a major mistake [723] whichDiscipleship2, 723:cannot too strongly urge this on you. Fill your life with interests related to my work (a workDiscipleship2, 723:a restless, constantly changing physical plane life. Talk this over with A.A.B., who has watchedDiscipleship2, 723:of our work. We are endeavoring to prolong the life of A.A.B., which should have ended this year;Discipleship2, 723:this, but has my instructions so to do. Her life is harder than you know, and but for F.B. sheDiscipleship2, 724:in distant places who seek the Master of my life, my brother, the Tibetan." That is all theDiscipleship2, 724:I would have you do for the remainder of your life, except the meditations in group formation atDiscipleship2, 725:you from concentrating on the realities of life and circumstance, that which places you always atDiscipleship2, 726:be your attitude for the remainder of this life. If you accept these ideas and cooperate willingly,Discipleship2, 726:I seek to make. I shall not deal with your life, prior to the recognition period which enabled youDiscipleship2, 727:in that period to attend to the business of life, watching yourself with care. Then the door of theDiscipleship2, 727:reopened and you were readmitted to the group life. For a year all seemed well, but the dualDiscipleship2, 728:and be grateful. Accept the fact that in this life you have neither the mental equipment nor theDiscipleship2, 728:solution of your problem. A simple, humble life of service and of self-forgetfulness will do moreDiscipleship2, 728:preoccupied with the universal aspects of life it is thrown into confusion; its thought-form-makingDiscipleship2, 728:that illumination into your personality daily life upon the physical plane. What measure of it youDiscipleship2, 729:humbly and lovingly for the remainder of this life, and demonstrate beauty in personalityDiscipleship2, 729:do it, because discipleship leaves no aspect of life unlived, and business is an aspect of humanDiscipleship2, 729:task is to demonstrate discipleship in the daily life, and not to duplicate the discipleship of
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