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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Discipleship2, 730:remains that the major trend and purpose of your life has brought you into the Ashram. So be itDiscipleship2, 730:spectacular progress will be made by you in this life. Accept that as factual and be happy at theDiscipleship2, 731:transit on to [731] the first ray, so that next life you will come into incarnation with theDiscipleship2, 731:and rendered one-pointed and powerful in this life through your first ray astral nature. You willedDiscipleship2, 731:You willed to deal with glamor; you ran, last life, a great risk of wandering on to the path ofDiscipleship2, 731:a fuller degree, and if you can achieve in this life and the next a measure of real illumination,Discipleship2, 731:the coming first ray personality of your next life. Love and light are greatly needed by you, andDiscipleship2, 732:Any progress that you could have made this life, as a result of my corrective teaching and aid, hasDiscipleship2, 732:relatively few years which are left you of this life, years of usefulness and of purpose in myDiscipleship2, 733:the physical plane will result in a more dynamic life, instead of the basically negative life youDiscipleship2, 733:dynamic life, instead of the basically negative life you at present demonstrate; you will beDiscipleship2, 733:I seek to see the flow of your spiritual life downward into daily life, and I seek not to see youDiscipleship2, 733:flow of your spiritual life downward into daily life, and I seek not to see you raising your humanDiscipleship2, 733:you seldom achieve, consciously at least, this life. Your problem has been due to the fact that inDiscipleship2, 733:glamor and the deception which have colored your life. But - you have a vast stored reservoir ofDiscipleship2, 733:case. A move forward can, however, be made this life if - in your closing years - you obeyDiscipleship2, 735:of lives in which the mental ray varies from life to life, there arrives an incarnation wherein theDiscipleship2, 735:in which the mental ray varies from life to life, there arrives an incarnation wherein the ray ofDiscipleship2, 735:can, therefore, expect to have to face up to a life of testing and of change. This is not to positDiscipleship2, 736:plane. You are facing changes in your life. I would here point out to you that changes in the lifeDiscipleship2, 736:would here point out to you that changes in the life of a pledged disciple can be due to two mainDiscipleship2, 736:as the rising sign. Prior to that particular life, the man has had little difficulty. He isDiscipleship2, 736:and determined by the lower self. Later, after a life or lives of balancing, the die is cast andDiscipleship2, 737:to the spiritual goals of humanity. Such a life is upon you now, my brother, and I am thereforeDiscipleship2, 737:I am not referring more clearly to your life decisions and plans. They are your own concern. I haveDiscipleship2, 737:so that you can bring to any planned life of service a reasoned judgment and a seasoned experience.Discipleship2, 738:The responsibility of the individual to life. The reaction of the individual to karma, personal andDiscipleship2, 738:practical relation of man to karma, individual life to the mass life as its flows through him, andDiscipleship2, 738:of man to karma, individual life to the mass life as its flows through him, and life also as itDiscipleship2, 738:to the mass life as its flows through him, and life also as it actuates the group to life and as itDiscipleship2, 738:him, and life also as it actuates the group to life and as it expresses itself through nations andDiscipleship2, 739:is a handicap and not a help. It feeds the life of the solar plexus, because the solar plexusDiscipleship2, 741:yet ever remain polarized at his own center; his life then has an ordered rhythm, and there is aDiscipleship2, 742:be better still when rhythm enters into your life. You have a free mind and much, very much,Discipleship2, 742:not believe this, but that is because your daily life is full of the non-essentials - non-essentialDiscipleship2, 742:reaches the age of forty-nine his pathway of life service should be clearly defined. Yours is not.Discipleship2, 744:is to grasp in a new and dynamic manner the dual life of discipleship. Your field of service andDiscipleship2, 745:and effectiveness. We have walked the path of life in relation to each other for years now. I haveDiscipleship2, 747:gave you will serve you for the rest of your life, so I give you no meditation now. To you, as toDiscipleship2, 750:after year because they constitute your duty and life function and also provide the wherewithalDiscipleship2, 750:provide the wherewithal whereby the needs of life can be met. These provide a slow moving glamor,Discipleship2, 750:situation and to a constant conditioning of your life expression. To this, your soul at times takesDiscipleship2, 750:feeling of nausea and of frustration as your life goes on and on along its predetermined lines. AndDiscipleship2, 751:achievement or of achievement in some future life; learn to recognize opportunity when it standsDiscipleship2, 751:the open door, leading to a fuller and a richer life? I call you to preparedness, and for freedomDiscipleship2, 751:be based on purely selfish desire for a way of life which your personality may demand. But it canDiscipleship2, 752:things which may aid you towards a fuller life and a deepened soul expression. Your link with yourDiscipleship2, 752:soul is real and it was not achieved in this life. It is therefore one of the stable factors inDiscipleship2, 752:is therefore one of the stable factors in your life. Your mind is of a high quality and is easilyDiscipleship2, 752:On the inner planes of the personality, your life demonstration is good and you lead a faithful andDiscipleship2, 752:you lead a faithful and progressive spiritual life - so much so that your vibration reaches upwardDiscipleship2, 752:radiation is inadequate to your inner spiritual life. You will recall that I gave you the wordDiscipleship2, 752:watched the intensification of your spiritual life upon the inner planes only to see it arrested onDiscipleship2, 752:on the eve of expression upon the plane of daily life. I refer not here to character expression orDiscipleship2, 752:receptivity to the mental and emotional life of others. Ponder on this. This sensitivity causes anDiscipleship2, 753:cases. Usually the integration of the spiritual life and of the personality proceeds as follows:Discipleship2, 753:in mind that the dramatization of the spiritual life leads to creative appearance, strengtheningDiscipleship2, 754:may cause almost dramatic changes in your life. Bring about focus in the soul of the potencies ofDiscipleship2, 754:Then see the rays of the soul (the sun of your life) extending and embracing your astral nature andDiscipleship2, 755:your solar quality), thus irradiating the outer life. This process should be fairly easy as allDiscipleship2, 755:to give. Cut deep into the roots of all thy life. Seek freedom from the past. Yet move not from theDiscipleship2, 755:from the past. Yet move not from the plane where life has placed you in a part to play. The rhythmDiscipleship2, 755:placed you in a part to play. The rhythm of all life pulsates in time and space and in that rhythmDiscipleship2, 755:the loss of beauty that has been. Your task in life should make that knowledge possible. ThenDiscipleship2, 755:your soul and Me. Then work and love. Your major life theme in this coming year is: Search freedom.Discipleship2, 755:friends. The latter are apt to fail in grasping life essentials, because the detail and the minuteDiscipleship2, 756:at the very depth of your personality in this life? I refer not here to the deeps of the soul, butDiscipleship2, 756:process of experience, will radiate from your life and thus constitute your major working asset.Discipleship2, 756:asset. What is your predominant need this life? Reduce all this to the requirements for initiationDiscipleship2, 756:is essential. To aid you in making this supreme life effort, I would like to touch upon these threeDiscipleship2, 757:as you see it which changes and conditions your life. You must therefore regard my suggestions asDiscipleship2, 757:The hidden beauty seeking expression in your life is the power to use words to arrest others and toDiscipleship2, 758:incarnation or liberation from the pressures of life, but the freedom which the sannyasin knows asDiscipleship2, 759:the angle of practical expression in your daily life. I am anxious for you to make the grade thisDiscipleship2, 759:I am anxious for you to make the grade this life, my brother, and here I am speaking technically. IDiscipleship2, 759:planned by your own soul, and to take it this life, so that you can enter into your nextDiscipleship2, 759:other angles you travel not alone. The spiritual life is full of paradoxes. We set out to develop aDiscipleship2, 760:therefore, each month and for the rest of your life to follow for three days a definiteDiscipleship2, 761:increasing clarity of vision. You see people and life more truly than you did when you were firstDiscipleship2, 761:with surety towards the consummation of this life's effort. I would call to your attention that inDiscipleship2, 761:which can suffice you for the remainder of this life. Read both these instructions over once everyDiscipleship2, 762:speaking, you stand alone; you lead a lonely life, for there is no single person in yourDiscipleship2, 762:perception. This you may deny, for your life is very full. Life has its constant points ofDiscipleship2, 762:This you may deny, for your life is very full. Life has its constant points of revelation, some ofDiscipleship2, 762:evolution of those we contact along the way of life. For quite a long time every disciple refusesDiscipleship2, 763:expression of love upon the outer plane of life. The closing of this outer group may enable you theDiscipleship2, 763:easily to do this, and may deepen your inner life immeasurably. Welcome, therefore, thisDiscipleship2, 763:keep this practice up for the remainder of your life. I would have you add to this monthly work aDiscipleship2, 764:of "isolated unity." Solitude and the daily life. Solitude and the soul. Solitude as a quality ofDiscipleship2, 764:the soul. Solitude as a quality of the interior life of an Ashram. The solitude of spiritualDiscipleship2, 764:Plan. Solitude as the background of a radiant life. Solitude and contact with the Master. TheDiscipleship2, 767:Man, in his distant radiant past, before his life on earth, the past that was before all time andDiscipleship2, 767:Sons of God: Learn through the struggle of earth life to choose the way that is the better - thenEducation, vii:nerves, but we need also a planetary way of life, a planetary ethics, and a planetary way ofEducation, viii:The re-entry of the spiritual factor in life and education is something more than a recrudescenceEducation, ix:note of "an odious materialistic attitude toward life which leads to the predominance of anEducation, xi:individuals seeking the benefits of the good life. This urgent need here requires explicitEducation, xii:be encouraged to search for vision - 'seeing life steadily and as a whole.' " The Tibetan'sEducation, 4:Education has other objectives than rendering life enjoyable and so enabling men and women toEducation, 7:body is the center of the personality life, then the objective of the educational process imposed
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