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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Education, 8:application. In the first ten years of a child's life he is taught to deal intelligently withEducation, 9:the intellectual training which the cycle of his life makes compulsory under the laws of theEducation, 9:it should leave him standing clear-eyed before life, with open doors ahead of him into the world ofEducation, 10:deduction, mathematics or logic? Then perhaps as life goes on our young people will be graded intoEducation, 10:should have indicated the pattern into which his life impulses will most probably run. In the firstEducation, 10:directions. 1. Astrologically, to determine the life tendencies and the peculiar problem of theEducation, 10:4. Vocationally, so as to place them later in life where their gifts and capacities may findEducation, 12:and application to the exigencies of the life. Response to the innate need to search. This leads toEducation, 12:and so take his place as a factor in the group life, and to promote group welfare by some aspect ofEducation, 16:the heavens and writes out that destiny in his life upon the earth; he reduces, knowingly orEducation, 16:of his soul to due and proper form, so that each life adds, subtracts and multiplies, until the sumEducation, 18:the substance of space and informed it with His life and consciousness. He did this for His goodEducation, 18:phenomenal appearance through the two aspects of life and consciousness. The life principle - theEducation, 18:the two aspects of life and consciousness. The life principle - the flow of divine energy throughEducation, 18:within the brain. As again you know, the life principle controls the mechanism through the mediumEducation, 18:of the blood stream, for "the blood is the life," and uses the heart as its central organ; whilstEducation, 19:the training of the mechanism to respond to the life of the soul. The higher Self or Soul is theEducation, 19:of that sumtotal as any one person in any one life can use and express. This activity is dependentEducation, 19:be developed to the point where the manifested life is governed by conscious spiritual purpose andEducation, 19:governed by conscious spiritual purpose and the life tendency is correctly oriented towardsEducation, 23:imposition of a ritualistic rhythm upon public life in a large number of countries. It can be seenEducation, 23:countries. It can be seen to perfection in the life in our public schools - but it is anEducation, 25:will begin in the fifth year of the child's life; the seeking intelligence (which is the childEducation, 25:will be to determine, as early as possible in life, which of the seven determining energies areEducation, 26:and complete identification with the One Life, thus leading to the loss of the sense ofEducation, 26:the sutratma and the antahkarana, between the life thread and the thread of consciousness. OneEducation, 26:whole. The sutratma is the direct stream of life, unbroken and immutable, which can be regardedEducation, 27:or the phenomenal appearance. It is the life. It produces the individual process and theEducation, 27:of all forms. It is, therefore, the path of life, which reaches from the monad to the personality,Education, 27:is one and indivisible. It conveys the energy of life and finds its final anchor in the center ofEducation, 27:expression. Naught is and naught remains but life. The consciousness thread (antahkarana) is theEducation, 27:(antahkarana) is the result of the union of life and substance or of the basic energies whichEducation, 27:which is woven as a result of the appearance of life in form upon the physical plane. SpeakingEducation, 27:from above downward and is the precipitation of life into the outer manifestation. The antahkaranaEducation, 28:strong thread reaching from the outer physical life, from a point within the brain, straightEducation, 28:this thread a man becomes aware of his emotional life in its many forms (note this phraseology),Education, 28:qualities and attributes. He lives first the life of dreams, and then the life of thought. Then theEducation, 28:He lives first the life of dreams, and then the life of thought. Then the time comes when thisEducation, 28:antahkarana is interwoven with the thread of life or the sutratma which emerges from the heartEducation, 31:concerns the continuity of man's awareness of life in all his various aspects. The energy which isEducation, 32:of initiation is under consideration. The life thread, the silver cord or the sutratma, is, as farEducation, 32:as far as man is concerned, dual in nature. The life thread proper, which is one of the two threadsEducation, 32:in both the world of consciousness and of life. Like a spider, man spins connecting threads, andEducation, 33:etheric body. This is really an extension of the life thread between the heart and the spleen. FromEducation, 33:between consciousness, the soul and the life principle. The process of establishing thisEducation, 35:the rational aspects of his consciousness and life, teaching him to use his inherited, acquired andEducation, 36:training of the human mechanism to respond to life impacts, and to the soul. This soul isEducation, 36:and as the active participator in physical life. This intelligent activity is always used from theEducation, 38:values wrongly adjusted and his attitudes to life distinguished by bias and prejudice. TheEducation, 39:culminated in the Axis. Fortunately, the tide of life in the youth of any nation can be trusted toEducation, 41:feeling-perception to mental attitudes towards life, with the desire to make the material life ofEducation, 41:life, with the desire to make the material life of the citizen of every nation the dominant factorEducation, 41:civilization lies in the field of the economic life? We are occupied with material conditions, withEducation, 41:to bring about their emergence into the racial life. These people are the custodians for theEducation, 42:its attitudes; religion was the commonplace of life and the raison d'ętre of all that was. TheEducation, 42:gamut of his emotional attitudes constituted the life of the race, and colored all that there wasEducation, 42:and utilized for the improving of man's outer life and his material position upon the planet. BothEducation, 43:a soul. He then expresses an inner subjective life of such potency that it controls and dominatesEducation, 43:it controls and dominates the physical plane life, motivating it and giving it true direction. ThisEducation, 43:emphasis was laid upon the inner and subjective life, and as a rule no attempt was made to fuse andEducation, 47:girls have learnt, from appearances, that human life has small value; the fascist countries haveEducation, 48:or girl for that future profession or mode of life which it is obvious will condition them.Education, 49:techniques and systems of thought and of life which will relate a human being to the world ofEducation, 53:has been made possible by the work and the life of the Christ. Speaking esoterically, the knowledgeEducation, 57:education is essentially right interpretation of life past and present and its relation to theEducation, 58:use of the material and intellectual gifts of life, and their relation to the group. Indicate,Education, 58:All this will turn the man out into the arena of life with a certain amount of knowledge of whatEducation, 60:of this definition and its applicability to the life of the individual aspirant, to community lifeEducation, 60:life of the individual aspirant, to community life and world affairs, or to the immediateEducation, 64:which are, in reality, aspects of the qualified life energy which is working in and throughEducation, 64:and sensitivity to the quality of the life dominating any form until he arrives eventually at theEducation, 64:he arrives eventually at the quality of the ONE LIFE [65] which animates the planet and withinEducation, 65:having oriented himself towards the qualified life aspect, he begins to develop the subtle, innerEducation, 65:science, They can then pass on to the Science of Life and deal with the energies which willEducation, 67:- and with the mediating principle between life and substance. This mediating principle is the soulEducation, 67:as a whole. Esotericism. therefore involves a life lived in tune with the inner subjectiveEducation, 71:by the recognition of relationships, of life objectives, of basic character predispositions and ofEducation, 71:will serve as a determining factor in the racial life and will bring much light into theEducation, 71:attainment and possible goal in the immediate life) will be carefully [72] considered, and in thisEducation, 72:the delicate task of fitting the human being for life, can throw upon the problem. At the sameEducation, 74:child is, for the first five or six years of his life, the victim of his parents' ignorance orEducation, 74:their child a right start upon the pathway of life in this incarnation. He is left to his ownEducation, 75:of children get off to a wrong start and begin life basically handicapped. The damage done toEducation, 75:for much of the pain and suffering in later life. What then can be done? What, apart from the moreEducation, 76:to right development, and leads eventually to a life of evasions and of wrong perspectives. TheirEducation, 78:moment. If these [78] aspects of the child's life are rightly handled, then the truly wrong things,Education, 78:rightly to aid him in making his adjustments to life and his period. When there is wise handlingEducation, 82:also possess the capacity to move forward (as life unfolds) into that world of meaning whichEducation, 82:an ascertained psychological rating) definite life trends [83] can be determined and certainEducation, 83:can be determined and certain professions and life careers provide the right setting forEducation, 84:be carefully investigated and his incoherent life purposes directed along right lines; he will beEducation, 85:should be concerned with the [85] wholes of life as well as with the details of daily individualEducation, 86:on wishful thinking. It concerns an attitude to life and the future which many thousands of peopleEducation, 89:planned, is precipitated in the young person's life, and he will then stabilize himself in theEducation, 90:eating, and mating, through the stages of family life, tribal life and national life to the pointEducation, 90:through the stages of family life, tribal life and national life to the point where today a stillEducation, 90:stages of family life, tribal life and national life to the point where today a still broader idealEducation, 91:and which will ensure a fuller and richer life for everyone. It will be obvious that very manyEducation, 92:There is a thread of energy, which we call the life or spirit aspect, anchored in the heart. ItEducation, 92:agency and, through the medium of the blood, life-energy carries regenerating power and
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