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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Externalisation, 56:the new forms, as expressions of the inflowing life. [57] This group of disciples will make a closeExternalisation, 57:activity of the outer form as it lives its own life, yet slowly becomes subservient to that purposeExternalisation, 60:concern ourselves. The processes of the pranic life were originally carried out in the realm ofExternalisation, 64:a man's own interests and his own internal life; but these constitute no serious detriment to groupExternalisation, 64:they constitute a true detriment to the group life, providing (as they do) entrance for forcesExternalisation, 64:most definitely, hold back the flow of spiritual life and prevent the work of a group nature movingExternalisation, 74:of these Forces is the preservation of the form life and the working out of methods and aims whichExternalisation, 75:be stated that: Shamballa is occupied with the life aspect in its graded impulses. The Hierarchy isExternalisation, 75:and developed to the necessary point, holds the life or consciousness too long. Hence, my brothers,Externalisation, 75:the lure of that which is existent in the form life of the three worlds. They consequently blockExternalisation, 75:deliberately the inflow of that which is new and life-giving; they work to prevent theExternalisation, 76:this is that they represent the energy and the life of the previous solar system. You have oftenExternalisation, 80:heretofore, guiding humanity along the path of life and bringing us safely and satisfactorily toExternalisation, 80:and possible disaster; this center of spiritual life is "like the shadow of a great rock in a wearyExternalisation, 80:to one of an intelligent preoccupation with life and a growing sense of responsibility. This senseExternalisation, 82:If you truly believe that the spiritual life is fundamental in the world today, if you do believeExternalisation, 83:points of view, plus the many attitudes toward life and its arrangement and rearrangement. I am notExternalisation, 84:which are today conditioning the material life of the planet. Speaking broadly, these forces andExternalisation, 87:divine expression. They are concerned with the life of matter itself, with its magical usage, andExternalisation, 89:Kumara. Planetary head center. Conditioning the life of nations. Politics. Esotericism. First Ray.Externalisation, 91:germination and thus the new and better forms of life. And yet the form remains and yet its qualityExternalisation, 91:disappear and rightly so. Some newer modes of life and what life builds appear, and thus the fifthExternalisation, 91:rightly so. Some newer modes of life and what life builds appear, and thus the fifth is seen onExternalisation, 91:within the lotus, through which the central life of the lotus flows; in the case of the first threeExternalisation, 91:and Humanity) you have the permanent point of life, light and activity in the lotus; in the case ofExternalisation, 94:and of creative power wherein the seeds of life, which they contain within themselves, can come toExternalisation, 95:humanity is at this time faced. Just as in the life of the individual a man is confronted with theExternalisation, 96:similar to that to be found in the individual life, can be noted. The Hierarchy stands also at aExternalisation, 98:aspects of the divine Plan as it must affect life in the three worlds. Humanity, being stillExternalisation, 98:and His purposes are inclusive of all forms of life and their relationships. This quality of theExternalisation, 99:which is distinctive of the solar plexus life which most people live; love, esoterically and inExternalisation, 100:a part. To this Whole the self must dedicate its life, love and light. Those are the three giftsExternalisation, 100:which he will some day salvage the planetary life. The presentation of this vision to the aspirantsExternalisation, 100:leads next to the organization of the group life and relation, or to a determined process ofExternalisation, 100:to a determined process of correlation with the life and purpose of the Whole. The individual whoExternalisation, 101:kingdom of God are not yet truly a part of your life pattern and do not yet thoroughly conditionExternalisation, 101:not yet thoroughly condition your brain and your life activity. Perhaps, therefore, the vision isExternalisation, 101:therefore, the vision is not a part of your life and so integrated into your consciousness that youExternalisation, 101:is realized, then the vision determines your life incentives, tendencies and work, and when it isExternalisation, 104:This is the scientific aspect of the occult life. The world is today full of forces in conflict andExternalisation, 104:others of the workers upon the spiritual side of life are at this time occupied. Some smallExternalisation, 107:which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric andExternalisation, 107:clearly in mind. 1. SHAMBALLA The Holy City. Life Aspect Ruler: Sanat Kumara, the Lord of theExternalisation, 108:upon the physical plane. The fate of the form life and of outer organizations is deemed of smallExternalisation, 108:inadequate to the pulsing, inner, spiritual life; then, secondly, comes the building of the new andExternalisation, 109:certain planetary happenings, connected with the life of the One "in Whom we live and move and haveExternalisation, 110:are working out as effects in the planetary life at this time belong to an age so distant that noExternalisation, 112:be registered in some aspect of the national life. Owing to the factual interrelation betweenExternalisation, 113:We are ready to recognize that when a man's life cycle has been run and he has learnt the lessonsExternalisation, 114:which the [114] experience of any particular life has been intended to teach, his physical body andExternalisation, 114:resulting in the liberation of the indwelling life in order that a new and better form may beExternalisation, 114:are ever open to attack. A strong subjective life and spiritual detachment are the two safeguards.Externalisation, 114:Where the form is more potent than the life, danger is imminent; where attachment to the materialExternalisation, 114:the allegiance of the potent, inner, spiritual life; humanity is deeply spiritual and innatelyExternalisation, 114:ideologies bear witness to the strength of the life which is seeking more adequate expression; theExternalisation, 114:as inadequate to meet the need of the demanding life of the race; there is everywhere a cry forExternalisation, 114:religious, political, educational and economic life of the race which will allow of freer andExternalisation, 115:first, the rapidly emerging and developing life with its demand for more room for expression andExternalisation, 116:civilization through which humanity's sense of life can express itself. The mother dies in orderExternalisation, 116:child may live; the form is sacrificed to the life. But today, the form aspect, the Mother orExternalisation, 116:it tends to focus humanity's attention upon the life aspect and not upon the form. The names of theExternalisation, 119:their purely physical application. The physical life was strong; the deductive or self-registeringExternalisation, 119:was strong; the deductive or self-registering life was practically nil. The life of humanity wasExternalisation, 119:self-registering life was practically nil. The life of humanity was then focused within theExternalisation, 119:he has left it too far behind. The focus of the life force was also in the region of the adrenalExternalisation, 120:between what constituted purely physical life and that which - though still material - could be theExternalisation, 120:dispersion or decentralization, and community life or the expression of the herd instinct on aExternalisation, 122:lines of demarcation between the two schools of life and thought were so clear, that a crisis wasExternalisation, 123:certain great Lives extraneous to our planetary life, They brought the Atlantean civilization to anExternalisation, 123:or oriented and, therefore, dedicated to the life of material aspiration and perception. [124] ThisExternalisation, 129:and that the struggle is between form and the life within the form, and between progress, leadingExternalisation, 131:and its quick and sympathetic touch upon life. Its method is not that of slow adjustment but ofExternalisation, Esoter:have altered the character of their national life, and emphasized increasingly the wider humanExternalisation, 136:as it assumes increasingly the direction of the life of the individual, of a nation and of theExternalisation, 136:the material values as the dominating factor in life experience) and the soul of humanityExternalisation, 137:battle is therefore on between the form side of life and the soul. The Dweller on the ThresholdExternalisation, 137:and which of these two great agencies of life will determine humanity's future and indicate the wayExternalisation, 140:content to give a little time to the spiritual life and to other people, but much time was lost inExternalisation, 142:love. Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events, and bring to light the loveExternalisation, 142:them, they can prove unbelievably potent in the life of the one who says them. They will produceExternalisation, 145:which is desired into the fabric of the group life, producing incidentally (though none the lessExternalisation, 145:and the wise reconstruction of the individual life. Ponder upon this. If the above is true of theExternalisation, 146:They could change their lives, reorient their life purpose and focus, and achieve spiritualExternalisation, 146:end and the race of men could settle down to a life of group goodwill, individual harmlessness andExternalisation, 147:a group upon the physical plane and in everyday life who will be able to combine their efforts withExternalisation, 150:the qualities of the subjective and inner divine life which all outer forms veil. This is now forExternalisation, 150:This is now for the first time possible in the life of the planet. Externalisation, 154:with the Great Invocation: We know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need; Touch our hearts anewExternalisation, 159:When He expressed this principle of love in His life and world service, He definitely linked up ourExternalisation, 159:with the Source of the light, love and life to which we refer in this second phrase. This was theExternalisation, 162:His Father's business and then at the end of His life, reiterated the same thought in the words:Externalisation, 163:- as a world center - to the planetary life. Pervaded by light and controlled by the Spirit ofExternalisation, 165:and evoking a response from all [165] forms of life in the three worlds of manifestation, and inExternalisation, 165:the giving up of one's self, even of one's very life, for the sake of others and for the good ofExternalisation, 166:qualities of the Shamballa Lives, sustaining life and giving. This is lasting devotion to the goodExternalisation, 166:thought again which gives significance to the life of Christ on earth for He re-enacted for us anExternalisation, 166:of us - crucifixion and death, resurrection and life, and the consequent salvation of the whole. ItExternalisation, 167:the whole and the giving up of one's practical life to the salvage of the world. It is living inExternalisation, 168:the symbol and the guarantee, impulsed as His life and activities were by the Spirit of Peace. AsExternalisation, 170:the esoteric teaching, this takes place in the life of the individual when - by an act of the will
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