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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Externalisation, 604:is the brotherhood of all men based - one life, one glory which shall be [605] revealed, and oneExternalisation, 610:is that of a cyclic crisis in the spiritual life of our planet; it is one which has beenExternalisation, 610:living. It is light and - above all else - "life more abundantly" which Christ will bring, andExternalisation, 610:will open before us. But through Him, light and life are on their way, to be interpreted andExternalisation, 611:the apparently impractical, the factual way of life and the way of the man who sees a vision. ThereExternalisation, 612:must be found in the market [612] place of daily life; these are the people who must be trained inExternalisation, 612:however, affect definitely the remainder of your life activity. Herein lies your challenge. What IExternalisation, 613:from those details as they deluge one's daily life with perplexities and anxieties, the problem isExternalisation, 614:are recognized and correctly handled, the life of the aspirant, and still more of the disciple, isExternalisation, 614:hard. You may retort (and truly) that the life of all who suffered through the war, the fate of theExternalisation, 620:is little indeed. He knows that his spiritual life is a side issue; it is something which he keepsExternalisation, 620:his spiritual efforts into his ordinary outer life, struggling to find time and opportunity for itExternalisation, 620:offer no true obstacle to the spiritual life. Perhaps he hides behind the alibi of poor health, andExternalisation, 620:develops until it eventually dominates his life; it is then too late to do anything. This isExternalisation, 621:livingness of service. This leads to a longer life. I speak here not of definite disease or ofExternalisation, 621:quality of rhythm or sattva. To the rhythm of life under which the Christ and the SpiritualExternalisation, 636:the Hierarchy cannot enforce the good way of life against normal human desire, for this good way ofExternalisation, 645:bring about the needed changes in the planetary life. This is not an immediate happening, but it isExternalisation, 651:dominant, the doors of evil will open and the life of man will lose its meaning; death will settleExternalisation, 654:Of this, the effect of the sun upon all life-forms is a symbol. It must however be remembered thatExternalisation, 655:are: [655] 1. The energy of prana; this is the life-giving energy from the Sun which deals out bothExternalisation, 655:energy from the Sun which deals out both life and death, health and disease, according to theExternalisation, 656:or in the struggle for a deepened spiritual life for man. This "energy of liberation" was sensed,Externalisation, 658:solar system, focusing [658] upon our planetary life) presents to Christ Himself a great test ofExternalisation, 658:- as you have been taught - the potency of the life in all beings; it has in the past only beenExternalisation, 660:objectively, to work before the screen of life and not behind the scenes, as hitherto, and toExternalisation, 663:no being on Earth, from the very lowest form of life to the very highest, who is not moving onwardExternalisation, 670:joyful and something which would make material life easier. To the spiritual Hierarchy, the PlanExternalisation, 673:our personalities. They connote simply a way of life in any specific time. These energies wereExternalisation, 673:Intelligence, embodying the principle of life or livingness because they essentially are lifeExternalisation, 673:life or livingness because they essentially are life itself and life in action. Forget not thatExternalisation, 673:because they essentially are life itself and life in action. Forget not that dense matter is not aExternalisation, 676:yet at the same time He is present as the life and the informing intelligence upon and within ourExternalisation, 678:in London and in New York are showing signs of life, and disciples are active in both places andExternalisation, 679:to the Hierarchy and a uniformly disciplined life. I said uniform, brother of mine, for theExternalisation, 682:unique problem to the Christ. The daily physical life of the Masters, of the Christ, and of thoseExternalisation, 682:its orientation upon the subjective levels of life; the majority of Them, and particularly theExternalisation, 682:affairs. I lead a normal and, I believe, useful life as the senior executive in a large lamasery,Externalisation, 683:there learning the untold beauties of the divine life. The problem, therefore, before the MastersExternalisation, 683:of this can be noted in the Gospel story of the life of Christ and of the Master Jesus. [684] Externalisation, 687:in simple yet profoundly revealing terms the life of the Members of His Ashrams (the entireExternalisation, 687:Them as one with the Father (the Council of Life in Shamballa), and yet as one with Him (as theExternalisation, 690:among men in the ordinary intercourse of daily life, has necessitated much discussion andExternalisation, 691:it lifts the entire quality of the personality life or the group life on the purificatory way on toExternalisation, 691:quality of the personality life or the group life on the purificatory way on to higher levels ofExternalisation, 692:the soul of all that is to be purified and the life to be found within every form. It is wise toExternalisation, 692:works with His disciples and strengthens the life within them and evokes their soul into potencyExternalisation, 692:stabilizing the purified form and starting the life and soul within it on a new cycle of spiritualExternalisation, 693:only to humanity, but also to the forms of life in the other kingdoms in nature. Externalisation, 694:art or science of [694] relationship between the Life and the lives, as H.P.B. expresses it. As farExternalisation, 699:One thing only will I say: They will take modern life and what it means and will proceed toExternalisation, 699:means and will proceed to demonstrate how that life (the normal product of the evolutionaryExternalisation, 699:of the race of men; They will also show how all life is one life, that the form nature is ever aExternalisation, 699:of men; They will also show how all life is one life, that the form nature is ever a sacrificialFire, viii:and more by the results of its effect upon the life lived and its practical usefulness in solvingFire, xii:which exists evolves (from the lowest form of life at the densest point of concretion up to theFire, xiii:Fire and the cause of all the heat, warmth, life and motion in the universe. In this way the actionFire, xiv:take a dual form and will demonstrate through a life of active service, tending to amelioration ofFire, xv:made, and its power to foster the spiritual life and the intellectual apprehension of the reader.Fire, xvii:in Heaven as on earth, of the One Flame. It is life and death, the origin and the end of everyFire, xviii:The Second Cosmic Logos, Spirit-Matter, Life, the Spirit of the Universe. The Third Cosmic Logos,Fire, xviii:System is the manifestation of the energy and life of a great Cosmic Existence, Whom we call, forFire, 4:system is the body, or form, of this cosmic Life, and is itself triple. This triple solar systemFire, 4:ELECTRIC FIRE, or SPIRIT 1st Person - Father, Life, Will, Purpose, Positive energy. SOLAR FIRE, orFire, 6:and its period of obscuration. Every manifested life has its three great cycles: Birth - Life -Fire, 6:life has its three great cycles: Birth - Life - Death. Appearance - growth - disappearance. [7]Fire, 7:motion - activity - rhythmic motion. Tamasic life - rajasic life - sattvic life. Knowledge of theFire, 7:- rhythmic motion. Tamasic life - rajasic life - sattvic life. Knowledge of the cycles involvesFire, 7:motion. Tamasic life - rajasic life - sattvic life. Knowledge of the cycles involves knowledge ofFire, 7:Microcosm. Soul is an aspect of every form of life from a Logos to an atom. This relationshipFire, 7:second letter of the Sacred Word. The mystery of life is concealed within the heart. When the lowerFire, 15:the inner fire burst forth. It touched into life wheel the first. It circulated. A million firesFire, 20:rent is the cavern 's roof. The light of life shines in; the warmth inspires. The Lords onlookingFire, 25:the Sacred Word within a point in time. The life logoic surges out. The streams of color meltFire, 25:Past controlled the form. The Now evolves the life. The Day that is to be sounds forth the Word ofFire, 25:the Word of Power. The form perfected and the life evolved hold the third secret of the greaterFire, 31:Fire - Stanzas of Dzyan Stanza XI The wheel of life turns within the wheel of outer form. TheFire, 31:arrangement hold hid the secret of the wheel of life. The cosmic fire radiates as directed from theFire, 31:ranks mark out the lesser threes. The wheel of life still moves within the form. The devas of theFire, 31:are built, become too firm, are broken by the life, and circulate again. The few revolve, holdingFire, 41:its cosmic center.7 6 "One day out of this long life of Brahma is called Kalpa; and a Kalpa is thatFire, 41:of the sphere of influence of any central life force, and is applied equally to all atoms, from theFire, 41:Fire. These three expressions of the divine Life may be regarded as expressing the triple mode ofFire, 44:of the form to the needs of the inner flame of life. 9 Akasha. Definition (S. D., II,538) It is theFire, 44:of Fohat are: The Plane of divine life - Adi - Sea of fire. The Plane of monadic life - Anupadaka -Fire, 44:life - Adi - Sea of fire. The Plane of monadic life - Anupadaka - Akasha. The Plane of spirit -Fire, 44:existence. It provides the relation between the life and the form, between spirit and matter, andFire, 45:form to the indwelling spirit, of matter to life, and of consciousness to its vehicle. 12 TheFire, 45:being held together during manifestation by the life force of the indwelling entity. Fire, 45:First, as latent heat which is the basis of life of the spheroidal cell, or atom, and of its rotaryFire, 47:adjusted to spirit, and finally the indwelling life slips forth out of its sheath which forms nowFire, 48:helpful: Father Son Mother Spirit Soul Body Life Consciousness Form Monad Ego Personality DivineFire, 48:they demonstrate as the sumtotal of the vital life of a solar system, of a planet, of the entireFire, 50:for human consciousness justly to appraise the life of the spirit or Monad. The working of theFire, 51:and are the basis of all objective physical life. Secondly, we might note that the internal firesFire, 51:note that the internal fires are the basis of life in the lower three kingdoms of nature, and inFire, 51:blended with the internal fires, is the basis of life in the fourth kingdom, and united theyFire, 51:first initiation), forms a basis of spiritual life or existence. As evolution proceeds in the fifthFire, 53:the solar system productive of all forms of life. It is the inherent warmth that causes allFire, 53:vegetable. Active or radiatory fire retains in life and causes the evolution of all that has
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