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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Fire, 53:human frame causes production of other forms of life, such as: The physical body cells. OrganismsFire, 60:which - filled with incandescent burning - make life upon the globe possible at all. The internalFire, 61:as the sumtotal of the essential fire, or life activity of the third Logos. It should be carefullyFire, 63:is more evolved than His two Brothers. He is the life of matter, its latent internal Fire. His isFire, 63:Existence. He is the Son divine and His life and nature evolve through every existent form. TheFire, 71:of the three rays upon the atoms and upon the life within each atom. The relationship between theseFire, 71:spirillae. "Each spirilla is animated by the life-force of a plane, and four are at presentFire, 72:aspect. Thus the correspondence works out. By life upon the physical plane (that life wherein theFire, 72:works out. By life upon the physical plane (that life wherein the physical permanent atom has itsFire, 72:the egoic body, through the agency of the egoic life, the second [73] aspect. In the quarry of theFire, 73:[73] aspect. In the quarry of the personal life are the stones prepared for the great Temple. InFire, 73:the physical plane and in the objective personal life is that experience gained which demonstratesFire, 75:thereby that fire by friction which tends to life and fusing. The karma of form is likewise a vastFire, 79:of man. They are the basis of all physical plane life considered solely in connection with the lifeFire, 79:life considered solely in connection with the life of the physical plane atoms of matter, theirFire, 81:long as the Prana is within the body. It is the life duration of all... Prana, or vitality, is theFire, 81:Krishna therefore calls the process the Yagnic life that he has been giving out to Arjuna as YogaFire, 85:ATOM OF MATTER Entity manifesting An elementary life. Body of manifestation The atomic sphere.Fire, 85:the dense physical form falls apart; the pranic life is abstracted bodily from out of the denseFire, 86:at birth. When a man starts to live his own life of conscious desire, when a man is born into a newFire, 86:is born into a new world of a subtler form of life, that interlaced cord of etheric matter (whichFire, 86:center of the body instead of the lowest to life in a higher world and of another dimension. So itFire, 89:body. Its relation to the physical during life. The ills or diseases of the etheric body (takingFire, 93:the apparent deadness of the Moon? Is there deva life upon it? Does solar prana have no effectFire, 93:it is dead and cannot therefore support his life, but the Moon is dead because man and these devaFire, 93:the third and the second Logos, and Their united life. Such forms are the units in the vegetable,Fire, 95:and molecular matter, and is animated by the life or energy of the third Logos. In dealing with theFire, 97:reflected, and absorbed; fire, the basis of all life; fire, the essence of all existence; fire, theFire, 97:be seen that from each of them an outpouring of life or force is projected into the planes below.Fire, 97:that in both of these outpourings the divine life becomes darker and more veiled as it descendsFire, 97:we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as it rises again when it hasFire, 97:See S. D., I, 98, 99, 100, 103. 1. The root of life was in every drop of the ocean of immortalityFire, 97:Every atom in matter was impregnated with the life of the Logos. 2. The ocean was radiant light,Fire, 97:Heat, Motion. These three are the subjective life manifesting objectively. Fire: The essence of theFire, 98:of the fateful sister who cuts the thread of life with the dreaded shears. The etheric web isFire, 106:of the basic changes that must be made in the life of the human animal (which is the aspect we areFire, 106:better etheric conditions will be found; the life they lead is more normal (from the animalFire, 107:Its reverse can be found where conditions of life are such that the centers (through too direct andFire, 111:sphere of influence of any center of positive life. This includes the fire sphere of magnetic workFire, 114:by the cosmic sutratma, or cosmic thread of life. 51 This fourth earth chain is in this connectionFire, 114:finds the solution of its strenuous and chaotic life in the very simple fact of the shattering ofFire, 118:when differentiated by Fohat (or the energizing Life, the third Logos or Brahma) it is termedFire, 121:the dense threefold physical form in which all life is found, dense matter, liquid matter, gaseousFire, 122:of the Heavenly Man, the vehicles of spiritual life, the higher esoteric correspondence to theFire, 125:and the admission into the personal life of man of "Life more abundant," or the third fire ofFire, 125:the admission into the personal life of man of "Life more abundant," or the third fire of Spirit.Fire, 127:all the work to be done. If a man persists from life to life in this line of action, if he neglectsFire, 127:work to be done. If a man persists from life to life in this line of action, if he neglects hisFire, 128:the study of pralaya, or the withdrawal of the life from out of the etheric vehicle will be theFire, 130:the web. This has a threefold effect: First. The life that had animated the physical form (bothFire, 130:Heavenly Man, it is the second plane of monadic life, His habitat. For the Logos, it is the planeFire, 131:and, proceeding to inbreathe, withdraws its life from out of the sheath. The cycle draws to aFire, 131:been made, the objective (a relative one from life to life and from incarnation to incarnation) hasFire, 131:made, the objective (a relative one from life to life and from incarnation to incarnation) has beenFire, 131:into their primordial condition. The subjective life, the synthesis of will and love taking activeFire, 132:on a tiny scale in the fact that each human life period sees a man taking a more evolved physicalFire, 132:intuition suffices. e. By the withdrawal of the life, the form should gradually dissipate. TheFire, 133:been mentioned. We have seen how the aim of each life (whether human, planetary or solar) should beFire, 133:need. This is not always the case in every human life nor even in each planetary cycle. The mysteryFire, 133:of failure. This leads, when comprehended, to a life of dignity and offers an aim worthy of ourFire, 137:will on the side of evolution, thus making his life constructive. The other fire of matter (theFire, 138:It completes the perfecting of the personality life, and as earlier said, this perfecting brings aFire, 140:the material vehicles, does the subjective life assume its rightful place, does the God withinFire, 142:be considered as the controlling factor in the life of the third Logos. Therefore: His goal is theFire, 150:adequacy of the matter, or the form, to the life within. The objective solar system, or the sun inFire, 150:adequacy of the matter, and of the form to the life within. The first Logos is electric fire, theFire, 151:the monad, via the ego, but to the union of all life e with its source, the will aspect, the firstFire, 154:This can be seen even now in the microcosmic life, and is the cause of the disintegration of form,Fire, 160:matter, when so informing, a point of conscious life. We are dealing only with matter and latentFire, 162:word of warning. Let a man apply himself to a life of high altruism, to a discipline that willFire, 162:in these matters concerning the subjective life, to move with caution and with care; it is the partFire, 165:but with force, or the powers of the divine life. The correspondence in the Macrocosm can be foundFire, 166:vitality within these spheres of fire or of pure life force. The centers, therefore, whenFire, 167:throat center synthesizes the entire personality life, and is definitely connected with the mentalFire, 168:statement by Mr. C. W. Leadbeater in "Inner Life," Vol. I, page 447-460. We will note the colorsFire, 170:judge of his attainment. At the culmination of life experience, and when man has reached his goal,Fire, 172:though actively functioning in the personal life and the development has reached a point wherein heFire, 172:second letter of the Sacred Word. The mystery of life is concealed within the heart. When the lowerFire, 174:according to the ray of a man's Monad. [174] The life of the Pilgrim can be, for purposes ofFire, 174:aspect of the threefold self is being developed. Life after life slips away during which the aspectFire, 174:threefold self is being developed. Life after life slips away during which the aspect of manas orFire, 175:more actively intelligent, and the field of his life more suitable for the coming in of this secondFire, 175:its handmaid of all works. The thrill of life will again reunite the atom, and it will stir againFire, 175:forces on the side of evolution, disciplines his life, steps upon the Probationary Path, andFire, 178:reflection in the personality of the spiritual life force. They are the midway point, just as theFire, 184:the fire or force of matter, and therefore the life of the third Logos. Kundalini has two effectsFire, 186:As the transmuting faculty towards the close of life in the three worlds. As we know, the sensesFire, 187:as "below the threshold," and concern forms of life beneath the human altogether. We have aFire, 207:each globe. He is solar fire - Evolution of the life through the forms, developing the sevenFire, 207:entity. He is solar fire - Evolution of the life through the vehicles in order to develop the sevenFire, 209:and of power, and this results, in the exoteric life, as: First. A sensitiveness and refinement ofFire, 214:has to do with certain aspects of the subjective Life or the soul. Fire, 225:(Man), two females, their syzygies, Zo (Life) and Ekklesia (the Church or Assembly), Seven in all.Fire, 227:at times a tendency to confound such terms as "life and form," "consciousness and the vehicle ofFire, 227:interlude between two systems, then the terms, life and form, consciousness and its vehicles, areFire, 227:consciousness is not, form is not, and life, demonstrating as an actual principle, is not. There isFire, 227:Then and only then, can we have form animated by life, and consciousness demonstrated throughFire, 229:same of the solar system, as it expresses the Life of God. It is in process of perfecting. The Son,Fire, 230:The etheric plane is the center of his life in the physical sense, just as we are told that the sunFire, 230:vehicle of expression; it is the form which His life animates for the specific purpose of Gaining
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