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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Fire, 336:of buddhic matter. They merge into the greater life of the Lord of the third Ray of Aspect on atmicFire, 336:are the totality of manasic energy. They are the life of the five lower planes. They are the fiveFire, 337:the solar system, and (needless to say), in his life also, - the reflection of the other two. HeFire, 340:the other two and brings about the escape of the life on to another plane cosmically considered.Fire, 351:which ever necessitates a form. His is the life that causes matter to vibrate and He is thereforeFire, 351:He is therefore "fire by friction"; His is the life of pure Spirit which wills to be, and whichFire, 351:physical plane or "electric fire"; His is the life that not only animates the atoms and electrifiesFire, 352:are the animating electrical impulse of his life. To express the origin of manas apart fromFire, 353:Identity of some great Self which colors the life and swings into intelligent cooperation all theFire, 355:Logos in Whose body he is a cell or lesser life. Certain mysteries arise consequently for ourFire, 355:our consideration which are connected with the life cycles of the Heavenly Man of our scheme, andFire, 359:units, are to be found. Conditions of life, environment and form may differ, but the humanFire, 360:in order to attain a purpose, and that each life - great or small - serves its own ends, yetFire, 362:necessary sequence to the vitalization of the life within the form, and the breaking of theFire, 362:or at present embodying in a special sense the life of the planetary Logos is the Earth, the fourthFire, 365:found them adequately equipped to cope with life conditions. This participation in the life andFire, 365:with life conditions. This participation in the life and influence of the different schemes isFire, 366:of consciousness, and the bringing of the life units under the focal power of a Lord of a Ray, canFire, 366:and its taking hold at certain periods in the life of a human being. At seven years we are told theFire, 367:each globe is again in turn occupied, by the life of the Logos during what we call seven rounds,Fire, 367:the average student. The planetary wheel of life turns on its lesser scale the wheel of life of theFire, 367:of life turns on its lesser scale the wheel of life of the little pilgrim we call man; as it turns,Fire, 367:pilgrim we call man; as it turns, it sweeps the life of the evolving planetary Logos into ever newFire, 367:as yet upon the physical plane, through the life of the human unit, imprisoned in physical form.Fire, 367:its cyclic ebb and flow, as ebbs and flows all life force. In Lemurian days came a period of closeFire, 371:units find their analogy in the awakening of the life principle in the unborn infant at the fourthFire, 374:hence the terrific tests and trials, incident to life on our planet during this cycle, are easilyFire, 375:from scheme to scheme, and thus the units of life on the different rays or streams of force becomeFire, 383:takes physical form in His planet and is its life and works out His purposes. A root-race, simplyFire, 383:a Heavenly Man is simply living out His life, working through some experience in the great work ofFire, 383:lives (deva and human units) animated by the life of the second Logos, cooperating with the firstFire, 383:on the physical plane that great Entity Whose life animates the whole scheme. It must be borne inFire, 384:perfection on the globe the full beauty of His Life or the splendor of His manifestingFire, 388:to the seven Rays, and are in Themselves the life of the center for which They stand. Fifteen,Fire, 390:obscuration, preparatory to transferring her life to the synthesizing planet with which she isFire, 391:their necessary field of endeavor. Mercurian life will begin to synthesize, and to be transferredFire, 392:of matter, and who prefer captivity to the life of the Spirit; it will mark the beginning of theFire, 394:in existence itself, and holds the secret of life and conceals and veils those Entities WhoseFire, 394:quality and characteristic it is. To the life of that little entity we call an atom in the physicalFire, 397:of a planetary Logos. They are the life force of a Heavenly Man directed in a certain direction.Fire, 397:428. Six - The six-pointed star. The subjective life and the objective form, over-shadowed byFire, 398:fulfil other purposes connected with the life of the Spirit in the higher forms in the cosmicFire, 403:"slayer of the real," and a barrier to the free life of the Spirit. Again, it must be noted thatFire, 404:to the mystery of electricity (or of fohatic life) which H. P. B. (S. D., I, 107) refers to. TheFire, 405:Pitris and Devas are in two distinct spheres of life. Now Pitris and Devas always exist together,Fire, 405:From the highest to the lowest plane of life, the Pitris furnish the objective aspect and the DevasFire, 405:aspect and the Devas the subjective aspect and life itself is a stream that forms the middleFire, 405:three lower to the Pitris and the middle to the life stream which may be conceived as the point inFire, 408:holding them together by the power of a unified life. 44 A solar system, a portion of that greaterFire, 409:them likewise unified by the power of its own life. A planetary scheme, or subdivision of thatFire, 409:divisions is characterized by: An ensouling life, which - as far as we are concerned, emanates fromFire, 409:the distinctive ability of the ensouling life within the form to progress intelligently from lowerFire, 409:form a conscious, intelligent part of a greater life. It is literally [410] the transmutation ofFire, 413:lesser wheels within any particular center. The life of the Logos in this incarnation on the EarthFire, 415:and only a decaying body is left; the life of the second and the first Logos has been withdrawnFire, 415:has been withdrawn from it, and only the latent life of matter itself remains. SimultaneouslyFire, 415:point for the force and power and vibratory life of seven stupendous ENTITIES in exactly the sameFire, 417:will he quit his post till the last Day of this Life-Cycle. Why does the Solitary Watcher remain atFire, 417:desert of Illusion and Matter called Earth-Life. Because he would fain show the way to that regionFire, 423:bringing (under law and order), of the entire life of: Families and groups of families, Cities andFire, 423:human race in every department of its exoteric life will conform to rule - this voluntarily, andFire, 423:intelligent activity, will control in the life of the peoples of this world. It is not possible toFire, 428:This knowledge will revolutionize the life of man; it will put into his hands that which occultistsFire, 429:energy for the regulation of his everyday life in a way as yet incomprehensible; it will produceFire, 429:study the side of manifestation we call the "life side" just as the scientist studies that calledFire, 429:Definite methods of demonstrating the fact that life persists after the death of the physical bodyFire, 429:be studied, for it will be realized that the life of those Entities, Whom we recognize as theFire, 430:phenomena, and by the religious man in terms of life, - the life force of certain Entities.Fire, 430:and by the religious man in terms of life, - the life force of certain Entities. PhilosophicFire, 430:active material we call substance, - to the life purpose of a cosmic Being. In these three lines ofFire, 431:remember that we are considering the force or life-energy of these entities as it pours into, andFire, 432:energy for the more harmonious adjustment of the life of man. One or two more suggestions might beFire, 432:to the scheme of which He is the vitalizing Life. Temporarily, and as the cycle progresses, theseFire, 432:application of the Rod of Initiation that His Life energy is applied to the initiate, or theFire, 433:is felt at the third Initiation. The harmonizing life of the fourth Logos is felt at the fourthFire, 434:of matter to form, [434] and His is the life that unifies ever the three and the five. Let us seeFire, 436:magnetism, radiation, attraction and repulsion, life, death, and all things; it is consciousFire, 438:Logos Heavenly Men. They energize and are active life. Deva Builders. They work in matter and holdFire, 438:Deva Builders. They work in matter and hold the life. A solar system. 2. Planetary Logos HumanFire, 443:constructing [443] the forms which the Lord of Life utilizes to develop consciousness within. TheFire, 443:purpose of an Entity, a planetary Logos. His life energy working in, through, and upon His body ofFire, 443:the body corporate of the solar Logos. His life force as it radiates beyond His own periphery asFire, 444:hierarchies. Sumtotal: Electric Fire, the one Life. Mahadeva. Spirit. With these thoughts in mindFire, 445:Transference. In these three words His life-work is summed up; in these three words is embodied theFire, 445:His knowledge of cosmic Sound, guides the life forces of certain solar and lunar entities from formFire, 445:Being. In all periods of the transference of the life from System to system, Scheme to scheme,Fire, 445:In all periods of lesser transition of the life from [446] Globe to globe, Plane to plane, KingdomFire, 447:entity. Second. The material through which the life proposes to manifest. This material, as weFire, 449:Sounds, 51 which - [449] uttered by a greater Life - can ever drive the lesser lives to theFire, 450:Second. The guidance of the stream of life into any particular kingdom, or the blending of form andFire, 450:The transference of the conscious, sentient life from form to form, from group to group, fromFire, 450:form side of manifestation, and can drive the life within to definite action. Hence the extremeFire, 451:of force. He stands ready then to guide the life to regions outside the solar sphere of influence.Fire, 451:of the third order. Words which affect the life side of manifestation and which drive it into, orFire, 455:the menace, so that the truth of the inner life and the need of serving the race as an essential toFire, 459:a round through a chain of globes, and not the life force of a planetary Logos circulating throughFire, 459:and the deserts, and in the terrible toll of life that such animals have exacted during theFire, 460:as the Entity Who is the informing evolutionary Life of the animal kingdom. This is a point of viewFire, 460:of the kingdoms of nature is the expression of a Life or Being; man, for instance, being theFire, 460:animal kingdom likewise is the expression of the life of a Being Who is a part of the body of the
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