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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Fire, 1094:positive force - the hub. The negative stream of life - the radiating spokes. The sphere ofFire, 1094:are impelled by the force of the central solar life to pass throughout the extent of the wheel soFire, 1095:of matter are as yet governed by an internal life which has for its main, distinctive feature, theFire, 1096:effects of energy generated by him in an early life, so the solar Logos Himself is working out andFire, 1098:on cosmic mental levels; this inflow is the very life itself of the solar units who are theFire, 1098:of the mental plane, and consequently the life [1099] of the individual units who form the mentalFire, 1100:through the following manifestations of the one life: The logoic Quaternary and equally the human.Fire, 1101:of the lunar father who is the coherent [1101] life of the mental group body. These two groupsFire, 1102:another; it comes between the centralized egoic life and the personality existences. This life ofFire, 1102:egoic life and the personality existences. This life of separation becomes steadily stronger as theFire, 1106:energy of the mental sheath. The force of the Life within the sheath manifests in the attractiveFire, 1107:that the lives are the expression of one Life but that one or other of the spirillae will be theFire, 1109:being extracted from the quarry of the personal life. Being of mental matter, devachan might beFire, 1109:within devachan has absorbed all the essences of life experience even that locality, or that aspectFire, 1110:aspect in that it is a fuller embodiment of the life of the second aspect, its predominantFire, 1110:of a solar Angel who is its informing life and who is in process of constructing it, of perfectingFire, 1111:This energy, when it blends with the inherent life of the atomic lives which form the petals,Fire, 1111:second tier is peculiarly instinctive with the life and quality of the Manasaputra inFire, 1112:are unfolded they are therefore transmitters of life or energy from three sources: The lower self -Fire, 1115:They in their turn are transmitters of the life-impulses from the heart of the central SpiritualFire, 1115:This buddhic energy is the sumtotal of the life force of Vishnu or the Son, Who is the transmitterFire, 1115:of the tiniest unit with the one great informing Life, and shows the integral beauty of the scheme.Fire, 1115:and shows the integral beauty of the scheme. The life of the greatest cosmic Lord of Love pulsatesFire, 1116:the atom man can likewise say "I too am God; His Life is mine." Fire, 1116:of the egoic lotus. There is the inherent life of the atomic units forming each petal, and theFire, 1116:units forming each petal, and the circulatory life of the petal itself, regarding it as anFire, 1116:it as an individual unit. There is likewise the life of the circle of three petals and to this weFire, 1116:Heart, which is itself the focal point for the life of the planetary Logos, and through theFire, 1117:will admit an individual point of spiritual life into the councils, and the Wisdom of the Deity,Fire, 1117:form being simply an expression of energized life, tends to serve every other form. Stimulation ofFire, 1117:form the aggregate of what is called "fohatic life." As the system, or the body of the Logos, isFire, 1117:cosmic Heaven, and the working through of the life purposes of those stupendous Existences WhoFire, 1118:"points," and each tier of petals vibrates with life, whilst at the center glows the Jewel, rayingFire, 1122:and each circle of petals is pulsating with life and color, and is in active movement, revolvingFire, 1130:or the irradiance of the entire personality life, darkness gives place to light, and the Sun ofFire, 1131:for those who follow the necessary discipline of life, and the stages of unfoldment throughFire, 1132:Seventh, the relation of the informing Life of a solar system to the group of constellations ofFire, 1133:and the final disappearance, of any manifested Life is intimately concerned with the possession,Fire, 1135:the mineral kingdom are found in those forms of life which are neither mineral nor vegetable butFire, 1136:after all but the energy, vitality, or essential life of the solar, or planetary Logos. ItsFire, 1136:the natural processes of that body. The Life of God, His energy, and vitality, are found in everyFire, 1137:Logoi. The group of seven raja devas, or the life of each of the physical planes. 4. A group ofFire, 1139:at any time. The karma of the informing Life of any kingdom. The second consideration is the karmaFire, 1139:The second consideration is the karma and life-history of the planetary entity. He sleeps andFire, 1139:periodical appearing of the subhuman forms of life. The subject is too obscure, and the detail tooFire, 1140:It might be said that the appearance of any life in manifestation is due to primary activity on theFire, 1140:concerns the periodical manifestation of the life or lives of any round just as it concerns alsoFire, 1140:is evolving and concerns itself with the tiny life of an individual in that race. The same lawsFire, 1141:along with every other expression of the divine life, are described by a triple formula whichFire, 1142:immediate [1142] future of any unit or embodied life, manifesting under any of the three aspects.Fire, 1142:of any form, and the "magnetic force" of every life. It is through this knowledge that the LipikasFire, 1142:the bringing in, and the passing out, of every Life, divine, superhuman, solar and human, and it isFire, 1142:controlling the periodical manifestation of life are, roughly speaking, divided into the followingFire, 1144:of the will or purpose of each embodied life. Periodicity of manifestation is the cyclic appearanceFire, 1145:(the fourth Kingdom) and the great informing Life of the animal kingdom. When a man can do allFire, 1149:and the physical brain is the goal of his life of meditation and of discipline. This is in orderFire, 1152:the working out of the karma of a [1152] cosmic Life and the relationship existing between thatFire, 1152:relationship existing between that particular Life and the cosmic Existence Whom we call Brahma orFire, 1152:second aspect logoic, or with that manifesting Life we call Vishnu. It will thus be seen that threeFire, 1162:center of which lies hidden that central cosmic Life, we call a planetary Logos. He is the meetingFire, 1166:of change and manifestation which make up life. In such becoming dwells Brahma, and from him and byFire, 1167:beings it is that which draws all forms of life on to self-realization; whilst in connection withFire, 1167:aspect it may be stated that this law of life expands into the processes conditioned by the higherFire, 1167:of Synthesis is the Law of the positive central life; whilst the Law of Attraction governs thatFire, 1167:the Law of Synthesis is the law of the Father's life; whilst the Son's life is governed by, andFire, 1167:the law of the Father's life; whilst the Son's life is governed by, and manifests forth divineFire, 1167:laws of a greater impulse which governs the life of the Unmanifested Logos. (S. D., I, 56, 73, 74.)Fire, 1168:of the elements. It serves to perpetuate the life of the mineral kingdom and to preserve itsFire, 1170:with certain devas who are the sevenfold life of the vegetable kingdom. We must not forget that manFire, 1171:the general karma of the planetary Logos and the Life of the informing Spirit of the animal kingdomFire, 1172:the attractive quality of the central life. All colors, therefore, are centers of attraction, areFire, 1172:power, and the stronger urge that a more vital life may have upon the lesser, such as the power ofFire, 1172:affects the two lowest forms of divine life, but not the highest. It emanates in the first instanceFire, 1172:will eventually synthesize, or absorb the life of the planets which are not termed sacred and theFire, 1173:is primarily applicable to all units of divine life who have arrived at, or transcended the stageFire, 1176:of the Ageless Wisdom are apt to forget that the Life of the Logos manifests itself through thoseFire, 1176:cosmic Entity and are under the influence of the Life impulses of the solar Logos as are theFire, 1178:Sons of Aspiration" or "The Points of Yellow Life." They have a close connection with our EarthFire, 1186:and the premise admitted, the entire outlook on life, on nature, medicine and science and onFire, 1188:energy is likewise the demonstration of the life of an Existence of some grade or other. "GodFire, 1188:of Attraction 3. Adaptation of the Form to the Life This is the process of gradually providingFire, 1188:according to the specific nature of the Lords of Life. [1189] The only way to arrive at aFire, 1190:which They need for the due expression of Their life in any scheme, and controls the nature ofFire, 1190:is, first of all, the attractive pull of the Life of the planetary Logos of this particular planet.Fire, 1190:of the planetary Logos Who is the complementary Life to that of our Logos. This involves aFire, 1191:he expresses a small part of his enfolding life. In this solar system he is essentially the Ego. Fire, 1192:mind: That it is the quality of the indwelling life which decides the type of form. That theseFire, 1192:the attributes of divinity which the indwelling life has succeeded in unfolding. That theseFire, 1194:is dependent upon the quality of the incarnating Life, he will have also to bear in mind theFire, 1195:forms. These are the two primal distinctions, Life and Form, and these two are the "Son of God,"Fire, 1195:of the Monad are to it; they are veils for the Life indwelling; they are media of expression, andFire, 1196:planetary scheme within the system; they are the life of all interplanetary space, and theFire, 1196:planetoids, and all forms of lesser independent life than a planet. Let me briefly give certainFire, 1197:of the Monads. They are the source of monadic Life, but They are not the Monads; They are farFire, 1199:psychical, and spiritual. These Triads of Life are inherently the three Persons and the flower ofFire, 1200:instance, which is the essence of the intangible Life of Spirit, and principle of Buddhi, is theFire, 1201:scale, to the condition of the seeds of human life held in a state of obscuration during anFire, 1202:the four lower hierarchies are links between the life of the past and of the future. They are theFire, 1203:and is an expression of their synthesized life. It might, therefore, be said that the fifthFire, 1204:was that of the lesser cosmic Entity Who is the Life of our planet, the planetary Logos. It was
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