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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Fire, 1205:tiny atom man is linked with the great central Life of the solar system. This Fifth Hierarchy isFire, 1207:physical organization of a certain great cosmic Life. Particularly is this so when we view the twoFire, 1207:might be noted that the seventh Hierarchy is the life or energy found at the heart of every atom,Fire, 1207:positive aspect, and the sixth Hierarchy is the life of the forms of all the etheric bodies ofFire, 1207:substance they build the form desired. They draw life and the material from themselves, and yieldFire, 1208:nine distinct expansions through which each life in each hierarchy must pass, are to be foundFire, 1209:the [1209] psyche, or second aspect, of every life - superhuman, human and subhuman - and only whenFire, 1211:its body of manifestation. To its own unitary life. To that greater unit of which it forms a part.Fire, 1214:his realization of the essential oneness of all life which brings about the great expansions ofFire, 1215:an essential union between all the forms of life. It is not my intention to say much anent groupFire, 1216:a distinct individualism in every form of atomic life, whilst the object for the superhuman livesFire, 1216:which will enable every planet and solar life to be consciously and intelligently part of a cosmicFire, 1216:to apply them to the more material forms of life. Law 1. The Law of Sacrifice. This involves theFire, 1217:whereby an atom (positive in its own centralized life) gradually becomes responsive and receptiveFire, 1217:becomes responsive and receptive to the positive life of the group. Law 4. The Law of Repulsion.Fire, 1218:mind that no human atom arrives at "fullness of life" without adding much to the general nature ofFire, 1218:seek to express the divine truth that the whole life and expression of the solar Logos will only beFire, 1218:and will may be consummated, and the divine life and glory shine forth in perfect radiance. ThisFire, 1225:limitation and the circumscribing of the Life. All these hierarchies are Sons of Desire, and areFire, 1225:an expression of the desire for manifested life of the solar Logos. They receive their primaryFire, 1226:system, electric fire. For the positive central life of every form is but an expression of cosmicFire, 1231:second letter of the Sacred Word. The mystery of life is concealed within the heart. When the lowerFire, 1232:of that illumination, and the essence of that Life whose quality is known to him already by itsFire, 1232:not as yet be defined, to realize that a central life persists which permeates and animates theFire, 1233:connotation and totality are only symbols of life - what that Life itself may be remains as yet aFire, 1233:totality are only symbols of life - what that Life itself may be remains as yet a mystery. TheseFire, 1235:nature. They represent the subjective aspect or life. Then, finally, there is the positive aspect,Fire, 1236:is engaged in studying the subjective side of life, and is occupied with the forces which produceFire, 1237:worked their way through the manifold web of life - know Themselves indeed and in truth to be Atma,Fire, 1237:goes out to all the Pilgrims upon the Path of Life: "Know thyself" is the first great injunctionFire, 1237:universe is to him no longer the sealed book of life but one with the seven seals broken. Then whenFire, 1241:so that he is at-one with the conscious life of His planetary Logos. He has therefore arrived at aFire, 1241:into the realm of energy. He knows the life of the two aspects, the soul and the body, and isFire, 1241:knowledge that back of all form is a subjective Life which is known by its quality, its color, andFire, 1241:is the producing cause of both the subjective life and its qualitative form is as yet - to him -Fire, 1245:soul but only the spiritual point of positive life which in the human unit we call the "Jewel inFire, 1249:will or purpose aspect which is the spiritual life behind all subjective and objective phenomenaFire, 1249:of that great Existence Who is the source of the life of the solar Logos. This center is of courseFire, 1250:(or the Monad within the flame of the planetary Life) and break it up in such a manner that it canFire, 1251:It is found upon the shores of the river of life and has to be passed prior to the thirdFire, 1253:primarily concerned with the subjective side of life they are connected with that center in theFire, 1256:it is the method of understanding the song of life. As the "stars sing together," as the "chant ofFire, 1257:solar system) the seven centers in the cosmic Life with whom our solar Logos is allied. This isFire, 1263:center from which the adept draws the "water of life" and carries it to the multitude. This forceFire, 1268:Adept's head. This, when aroused, reveals the Life that is, the form that shall be, and the workFire, 1268:to say: "Son of Compassion, Master of Love and Life, the wheel turns all the time for those whoFire, 1270:within the radiant form of that Attractive Life, to Whom the sons of being and of men in all theirFire, 1270:all their many grades offer their prayers, their life and adoration. The Master on this sphere,Fire, 1277:that which lieth upon the... of the directing Life which holdeth our Lord of Life upon His Path.Fire, 1277:of the directing Life which holdeth our Lord of Life upon His Path. [1278] Fire, 1278:sacred Name is hid) seeketh the center of His life from out the sacred seven. This is the mysteryFire, 1279:and crude the material veiling the latent life. The major fifth includes the minor third; theFire, 1279:within the time to be. The essence and the life, the point within the circle, and the eternalFire, 1279:Day Be With Us on the greater cosmic plane. Then life and love and power shew forth as one. TheGlamour, 4:of one's constituting a part of the great World Life, and of one's participation in the eternalGlamour, 4:from one's agelong identification with form life. I would like to point out that this withdrawal isGlamour, 4:manner. Understanding involves contact with life as an integrated personality, plus egoic reactionGlamour, 5:It is that synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings (I have chosen these twoGlamour, 5:that discipline which will work out in your life as love, light and understanding. When the theoryGlamour, 10:synthetic power to the springs of individual life and action. I would ask you to render not only anGlamour, 12:all forms are symbols of an inner quality and life. The study of symbols conceptually carries youGlamour, 12:meaning you ascribe to the events of your daily life, and your ability to really meditate. I wouldGlamour, 12:a lack of interest in the due interpretation of life forms and their meaning. Also, too muchGlamour, 15:break the glamor and illusion which invade the life. One of the things that a group of aspirants,Glamour, 17:aptitude in dispelling it in the personal life of each one of you. Another group makes its contactGlamour, 22:largely disappear in connection with the astral life of the race. The point I would here make is toGlamour, 26:glamor and the maya surrounding his entire life. Being now an integrated personality (and no one isGlamour, 29:potency that it does two things: Controls the life activity or output. Tunes the aspirant in on theGlamour, 30:manner to make others see it too. Thus his life slips away on the wings of illusion and hisGlamour, 31:and contacts, preventing him from ever seeing life truly or clearly or the conditions surroundingGlamour, 32:which have their roots and draw their life from the lower personality life and desire nature of theGlamour, 32:and draw their life from the lower personality life and desire nature of the masses of men. It isGlamour, 33:is the fact that the battleground of his life involves every aspect of his nature. The whole man isGlamour, 34:so lightly use. Watch yourselves and your daily life with discrimination, so that you learn toGlamour, 37:group glamor which creeps inevitably into group life through the instrumentality of the groupGlamour, 38:has to deal with glamor in his own personal life, but functions and activities differ. Yours is theGlamour, 39:until the disciple is nearing the Gates of Life. Only when he can catch dim glimpses of the PortalGlamour, 39:for long ages waged warfare in the field of your life, and so may you [40] enter into that PresenceGlamour, 40:the two are seen as one, and naught is known but life and deity. In summarizing some of theGlamour, 42:three things: That average man, in everyday life, and the aspirant upon the Path of Probation orGlamour, 42:or Purification, works with the forces of life on the three planes of human endeavor, plus theGlamour, 42:planes of human endeavor, plus the principle of life itself. That the disciple begins toGlamour, 42:and learns to distinguish between the energy of life, the energies of the soul, and the forces ofGlamour, 42:become practical parts of the disciple's life and their consequences become clear to his perceptionGlamour, 43:which he himself can use and master in his own life as an individual can be employed by him inGlamour, 48:give his assent to the laws which control group life and group consciousness. Finally, he will findGlamour, 51:and shew his fellowmen the nature of his hidden life; a purse of gold, which he scatters not uponGlamour, 53:taken the first [53] initiation in a previous life. At some period in the present life cycle,Glamour, 53:a previous life. At some period in the present life cycle, recurring and recapitulating as it doesGlamour, 60:he regards it as his. He proceeds to build his life around his idea, and to make his aims and hisGlamour, 60:possession, and the property of no one mind. His life, as a personality also, becomes subordinatedGlamour, 60:becomes the dramatic agent of his self-imposed life purpose, driving him from one extreme toGlamour, 61:The cure is a steady attempt to decentralize the life from the personality, and to center it in theGlamour, 62:Integration of an Idea. Every disciple has a life plan, and some chosen field of service. If he hasGlamour, 63:that which is in him. In his meditation life and through his contact with his fellow disciples, heGlamour, 63:upon it and seeks to integrate it into his life purpose and life plan. It may have for him noGlamour, 63:seeks to integrate it into his life purpose and life plan. It may have for him no definite use, andGlamour, 63:arrive at no good constructive objectives, or life activity. They seize upon every idea that comesGlamour, 67:to all true aspirants at times, during their life struggle. They have then an intuitive flash ofGlamour, 67:momentarily through their consciousness, and life is never again exactly the same thing. They have
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