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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Glamour, 69:which will lead to right choice of life themes. In this instruction I seek to cast some light uponGlamour, 70:also those conditions which are unfavorable to life. Yet we pass and come and go, we the TeachersGlamour, 70:good and the unchangeable place of their daily life. Others have caught faint glimpses of a clearerGlamour, 71:and misinterpretation of the purposes of life. There is, or has been, no comprehension of theGlamour, 71:or has been, no comprehension of the intended life purpose as visioned by the soul and there cannotGlamour, 71:of the mental body. His family "desire life," both past and present. This becomes increasinglyGlamour, 71:potent as evolution proceeds and the desire life of the family unit becomes marked and emphasized,Glamour, 71:glamor, which is the sumtotal of the desire life, plus the illusions, of any nation. These we termGlamour, 71:- fluidic, enveloping and pulsating with dynamic life - seek to [72] hold the consciousness ofGlamour, 72:is seeking to dispel glamor, either in his own life or as a service rendered to the world, mustGlamour, 72:"thoughts are things" and that they have a form life and a purpose of their own. But they have aGlamour, 73:process and therefore a part of the individual life process also, and is, in itself, not wrong butGlamour, 73:as it expresses itself in the sentient desire life of the race, produces the major glamors ofGlamour, 74:expression of divinity and to a full and rich life can be gained and can be possessed, but onlyGlamour, 75:spiritual experience and as potent a teacher in life expression as the more elevated and lessGlamour, 75:by our point of view and not by our demand upon life. The spiritually minded man and the man whoGlamour, 76:picture or an automobile, [76] have an intrinsic life of their own, an emanation of their own, andGlamour, 76:counterparts in the world of etheric and astral life, though not in the mental world. These subtlerGlamour, 76:straightened circumstances, he can readjust his life and change his way of living, thus discoveringGlamour, 76:joy and glory. Thus he is liberated to live the life of the mind. Glamour, 76:to be more comfortable in one's own interior life. The selfishness of the people who are desirousGlamour, 78:of devotion, vibrating with dynamic ecstatic life, which emanates from the concentrated energy ofGlamour, 79:The moment a man differentiates his life into triplicities (as he inevitably must as he deals withGlamour, 80:the activity of spirit, soul [80] and body; of life, consciousness and form, the three aspects ofGlamour, 80:in your own minds the spontaneity of the life of the soul and spoil it not with the glamor of highGlamour, 81:their pronounced unfoldment upon the personality life are likewise different. Glamor is notGlamour, 82:place. A deep distrust of one's reactions to life and circumstance, when such reactions awaken andGlamour, 86:follows: The latent impulses of the personality life, when divorced from and not under soulGlamour, 87:exercises. Through these, the control of the life of matter, the lowest expression of the thirdGlamour, 88:an urgent necessity, he recapitulates in his own life this earlier battle with the lowest pairs ofGlamour, 91:prior to its consecration and dedication to the life of the soul and to the service of theGlamour, 92:each other and upon those you contact in daily life. I will elaborate in detail the training whichGlamour, 95:of a center of beauty and comfort in life on the physical plane. Therein the man can be at home andGlamour, 97:the Monad or the highest spiritual aspect. It is life itself on the verge of externalization. HenceGlamour, 97:of politics or in any other department of life. His etheric unity, producing reorientation - withGlamour, 101:temporarily produces another cleavage in a man's life, and thus reinitiates a torturing process ofGlamour, 105:causes in this solar system and planetary life. These conditioning and inherited factors cannot beGlamour, 105:be evaded. They determine the nature of the life urge, the trend of the evolutionary unfoldment,Glamour, 105:conditioning our present manifestation of divine life. The life or manifestation of the planetaryGlamour, 105:our present manifestation of divine life. The life or manifestation of the planetary Logos, theGlamour, 105:determined by His Own Nature. To us, that great Life embodies perfection and the qualities whichGlamour, 106:the substances through which He must express His life, His purposes and intentions, produce theGlamour, 107:There is little true glamor in their reaction to life and living, and their simplicity, like thatGlamour, 109:took place, the intricacy and the difficulty of life was greatly increased and glamor wasGlamour, 112:become a menace and a hindrance to the expanding life. The realization of the problems of illusionGlamour, 117:The glamor that he creates as he tackles life through the medium of a particular equipment, whichGlamour, 119:their effects. The comprehension of the Path of Life for an individual, through a study of hisGlamour, 125:causes: The glamors induced by the planetary life and inherent in substance itself. Those glamorsGlamour, 125:participation in world glamor, or started this life. To all of these, every human being is proneGlamour, 126:initiation. This marks a critical moment in the life of the disciple for it indicates the momentGlamour, 126:pervades the disciple's being and makes his life appear to be a ceaseless conflict between theGlamour, 126:is taking place consciously in the disciple's life. He alternates between the experiences of theGlamour, 126:experience which is so deeply coloring his inner life. He has prolonged moments wherein he is theGlamour, 129:to adjust themselves to the new vision of world life and of social order, as expressed in the newerGlamour, 130:prove a disastrous conditioning factor in the life of the man who registers it. You might well askGlamour, 133:himself, thus vitalizing them and giving them life and persistence. They become part of him; theyGlamour, 135:as long as they control the mind and method of life. They prevent the free play of the intuition,Glamour, 136:through the intuition, the laws of the spiritual life, which are the laws governing God Himself,Glamour, 136:the man who seeks to reveal divinity in his own life and to his immediate small circle (through theGlamour, 136:the changes and effects wrought in his personal life) to those great Intuitives and world Saviors,Glamour, 138:or occultists. These, by virtue of a disciplined life, an ardent aspiration, and a trainedGlamour, 139:can dissipate the fogs of glamor and rid the life of its ill effects is that of the soul, which -Glamour, 141:and astral reactions to the facts of daily life, are not natural to the soul and constituteGlamour, 145:the soul. The determined facing of the factual life and the stern recognition of truth - coldly,Glamour, 148:identical in their origin, their goal and their life experience with yours. As you pour out theGlamour, 149:what combination of energies conditions their life activity, they would not continue to function -Glamour, 149:what factor or factors inspires the daily life. This is a statement worth careful consideration. IGlamour, 149:it conditions and determines your predominant life tendency. Many people, particularly theGlamour, 150:of maya which actuate, motivate and energize the life of the ordinary man. Under their influence heGlamour, 150:undesirable yet the developing tendency of the life thought will prove inevitably determining andGlamour, 150:the future experience (probably in another life) in such a manner that the aspirant will findGlamour, 151:but also the desired attitude of the personal life of every member of the group. I would also like,Glamour, 153:not say that you would take initiation in this life. I know not myself whether you will or no; theGlamour, 153:- radiant yet magnetic - this ancient form of life dissolves though keeping still its form; itGlamour, 154:Dweller takes form when a reorientation of man's life has taken place consciously and under soulGlamour, 154:plane activity and existence. When, however, the life of the man is ruled from the mental plane,Glamour, 154:wherein the personality dominates and rules the life and ambitions and the goals of man'sGlamour, 154:the life and ambitions and the goals of man's life-endeavor. The Dweller then controls. The stageGlamour, 155:there is a period of oscillation, leading to a life of equilibrium wherein neither aspect appearsGlamour, 156:business. The soul ray controls for an entire life period. The personality rays given above are forGlamour, 156:is to the few important incarnations in the life of the soul in contradistinction to the manyGlamour, 159:is still the most powerful, just as in the life of the aspirant, his personality is as yet theGlamour, 159:which constitutes the major glamor in the life of humanity and of the individual disciple. It is aGlamour, 162:held upon the material, phenomenal aspect of life through fear and its immediacy and the fact ofGlamour, 162:in humanity as a whole and in the planetary Life Itself. Humanity is today (and has been for ages)Glamour, 164:urge of spirit) wherein the part or the point of life assumes its responsibility for the whole, andGlamour, 165:on to the Path of Probation. Releasing new life into the planet through the medium of everyGlamour, 165:guarantee a better and more spiritual way of life. These constructive attitudes and undertakingsGlamour, 166:to apply the Law of Love as enunciated in the life of Christ and to express the truth that "no manGlamour, 169:realities, who seek for a new and better way of life for all, who desire the good of the whole andGlamour, 171:power of maya can be brought to an end in the life of the individual, and eventually in the life ofGlamour, 171:life of the individual, and eventually in the life of nations and finally in the world. Always weGlamour, 171:world. Always we must begin with the unity of life, the Microcosm; then, having grasped process andGlamour, 172:of Discipleship, and enables the man to "live a life, enlightened by divinity." Illumination is theGlamour, 172:first initiation, which enables man to "live a life, inspired by God." Inspiration is the appliedGlamour, 174:to a developed appreciation of the oneness of life and with hylozoistic expression. Two parallelingGlamour, 176:[176] behind the scenes of the phenomenal life, of a revealing Group or Agency whose task is of aGlamour, 179:intuitive or disciple lives ever the dual life of mundane activity and of intense and simultaneousGlamour, 179:to the Eastern disciple who escapes from life into the silent places and away from the pressures ofGlamour, 180:demonstrates this necessity. The [180] tide of life moves from East to West as moves the sun, and
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