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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Glamour, 180:not intended to be negated in the disciple's life, is not used at this time in the process ofGlamour, 185:which leads out of form to the Center of all life; the purity of this revelation has been preservedGlamour, 186:are far removed from the humble way of the life of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters andGlamour, 186:and from the simplicity of His present way of life as He watches and waits for the return of HisGlamour, 187:Illusion. It related energy to force, form to life, and man to God and held the secret ofGlamour, 188:of the Most High, leads a dramatic and arresting life of service and symbolizes in His life-eventsGlamour, 188:arresting life of service and symbolizes in His life-events certain basic truths which have alreadyGlamour, 191:endeavor to eradicate glamor out of their own life by the use of the light of the mind. The lightGlamour, 193:is light) can irradiate not only ideals but life, circumstances and events, revealing the cause andGlamour, 193:or neutralizes the hold of substance over the life or spirit, functioning in the three worlds, forGlamour, 193:in the three worlds, for soul is the evidence of life. Glamour, 194:which Christ expressed so fully for us in His life on Earth. When, therefore, students andGlamour, 194:the light which they can bring to bear on life, circumstance, events, and on environment with theGlamour, 194:revelation of the world of forms in which that life is immersed. The intuition is concerned withGlamour, 195:of divine expression; it is a result of the life of the Monad - an energy which carries revelationGlamour, 195:functions. Of this higher experience, the active life of the three worlds is a distorted expressionGlamour, 195:ground in which capacity to live the initiate life of intuitional perception and to serve the PlanGlamour, 196:term used by Patanjali to describe the inner life of the initiate. Most of what I have said aboveGlamour, 196:study the Raja Yoga teaching of India or the life of practical mysticism as laid down by suchGlamour, 202:the glamors which have for ages conditioned his life in the three worlds. He has been dominated byGlamour, 203:with the Whole) dies out. Unity and the "life more abundantly" is achieved. The process followed byGlamour, 203:working at the dissipation of glamor in his life can be [204] divided into four stages to which theGlamour, 204:These glamors are dependent in any particular life crisis upon the ray of the personality. TheGlamour, 205:pass out of the realm of light into the realm of life which is, as yet to us, pure darkness. ItGlamour, 206:the nature of the relation of these forms of life to the world of the formless and of the conflictGlamour, 206:to aspiration towards soul contact and soul life. This in its turn is recognized as a step towardsGlamour, 207:or planetary glamor and thus condition their life expression and their thinking. I would ask you toGlamour, 207:realize that his reactions, ideas, desires and life experience, as far as his emotional nature isGlamour, 208:created as a form of expression for some dynamic life by the planetary Logos, and this is the realGlamour, 212:is seeking to break up glamor in his individual life, he should be mentally polarized by decisionGlamour, 212:if the emotional nature is for him in any one life the line of least resistance. Those working inGlamour, 215:with aspects of his daily living, with his sex life or with his ambitions, with his relations toGlamour, 215:the ways in which this glamor affects the daily life and all relationships. The three stages ofGlamour, 218:me. The power of the light destroys the life behind the glamor." The saying of these threeGlamour, 230:of attraction and the power of radiation, soul life and service. The Cross as now made in theGlamour, 233:men. The power of our united light destroys the life behind the glamor." These words are veryGlamour, 234:saying: "So let it be, and help me in my own life to end all glamor and untruth." It will takeGlamour, 236:me. The power of the light destroys the life behind the glamor." The OM is sounded by the aspirant,Glamour, 239:man. The power of our united light destroys the life behind the glamor." Visualization of theGlamour, 241:of clear, directed light; this is true of the life of the individual or of humanity as a whole.Glamour, 241:wrestle and then gradually it floods the life to such an extent that eventually glamor completelyGlamour, 242:of energies and forces which constitute the life expression of the planetary Logos, which conditionGlamour, 242:Logos, which condition our outer planetary life, and make our planet what it appears to be to theGlamour, 244:and the intangible worlds, the Pervader of life, or the Indweller in all forms. God is the ONE WHOGlamour, 246:a new and higher rhythm in his physical plane life, to organize his time in obedience to theGlamour, 248:which will be evocative of basic changes in the life of the disciple. He will add to thisGlamour, 252:of organization which has been described as a "life aflame with God"; it is a life of spiritualGlamour, 252:described as a "life aflame with God"; it is a life of spiritual application and service whereinGlamour, 252:integrated personality, assumes direction of his life expression, maya or the world of ethericGlamour, 254:that breath engenders - should take form in the life of the disciple. The entire science of theGlamour, 255:the lines of regulated municipal and national life, and why they are so behind the times as far asGlamour, 256:properly and successfully employ this form of life direction and reach effective results. This isGlamour, 256:the centers and produce an ordered purpose in life. Therefore, it is the dominating idea or line ofGlamour, 257:clear thought-forms [257] and thus condition the life of the disciple upon etheric levels. FromGlamour, 257:they eventually condition his physical plane life. I have no intention here of giving any breathingGlamour, 257:this is to energize and add quality to the life of the centers through the medium of some projectedGlamour, 258:the lower nature and anchor or focus the life of the centers above the diaphragm or in the head. Glamour, 258:Glamor and maya are then increased and for the life in which these exercises are misapplied, theGlamour, 259:emotionalism, producing instability in the life expression (which is often referred to asGlamour, 259:energy from the soul can flood the personality life, can sweep through the centers, expelling thatGlamour, 261:coming from higher sources than the life in the three worlds. The soul, as the vehicle of monadicGlamour, 265:Agelong identification with the form side of life is not easily overcome and the task ahead of theGlamour, 266:brought about by the factual nature of the One Life and Being Who pervades all manifestation; HeGlamour, 268:Behind the slowly opening door he senses life, energy, spiritual embodiment, and the fact of theGlamour, 268:sacrificed so that (esoterically speaking) its life is lost and in its place consecration andGlamour, 270:of experiment and of experience from life to life which has made this consummating event possibleGlamour, 270:of experiment and of experience from life to life which has made this consummating event possibleGlamour, 271:and under their constant impact he passes his life. By their means he learns. He is not at theGlamour, 272:and struggle which has characterized your way of life is my heart's desire for you. To more activeHealing, 2:response apparatus of the planetary Logos, the Life in which we live and move and have our being.Healing, 3:- human, planetary and solar - circulation of life-forces through the etheric bodies of all formsHealing, 3:of all forms is the basis of all manifested life, and the expression of the essentialHealing, 3:of the essential non-separateness of all life. The astral or desire body (sometimes called theHealing, 4:hidden impulses which emanate from the desire life of the subject. This urge to be and to have hasHealing, 5:the need to deal with the patient in his inner life, for the basic law underlying all occultHealing, 5:I All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms.Healing, 5:consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms whichHealing, 5:the three subtler bodies and determines the life and experience of the physical body. The effectHealing, 6:effect upon his physical body of the planetary life, which is the expression of the life of theHealing, 6:planetary life, which is the expression of the life of the planetary Logos, Who is an evolvingHealing, 9:bred and festering in the inner subjective life of the patient. In the evolution of knowledge onHealing, 9:the mind and of the emotional nature, and in the life of inhibited or excessive sex expression,Healing, 9:career (occultly understood) of the planetary Life, and that it has its roots in what is largelyHealing, 10:for the Gods Themselves and for God (as the Life of the solar system), certain limitations andHealing, 10:and the solar system as the expression of a Life. Given also the hypothesis that these outer bodiesHealing, 11:can be seen emerging in the evolution of form life. Is it not wise to face the issue and the facts,Healing, 11:higher kingdoms in nature which will surely see life more truly and more accurately than doesHealing, 12:found existing between the form aspect and the life. That which brings together form and life, orHealing, 12:the life. That which brings together form and life, or rather, that which is the result of thisHealing, 12:various factors, the soul and the form, the life and its expression, the subjective and theHealing, 12:of the general condition governing the conscious life of all forms, macrocosmic and microcosmic.Healing, 13:and his feeling that the disappearance of the life out of visual perception through the medium ofHealing, 13:and out of alignment with the indwelling life. Disease and corruption and the tendency towardsHealing, 13:thought. It existed among the many forms of life long before the human family appeared on earth. IfHealing, 14:Fortunately for humanity, the whole tendency of life is against disease, and the reaction of theHealing, 14:is against disease, and the reaction of the form life upon the thought of man fosters the fear ofHealing, 14:and the tendency to self-perpetuation of the life within the form is one of our greatest God-givenHealing, 14:governs the relation of spirit and matter, of life and form as long as the Deity Himself wills toHealing, 15:regarded in reality as the effect (in the form life of our planet) of causes, deep seated andHealing, 15:- rightly or wrongly, who shall say? - the life of God in form, and they must ever remain
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