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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 63 of 124)


Healing, 15:causes. Causes emanating from group life. Our karmic liabilities, the karmic causes. [16] In allHealing, 16:undesirable conditions; they build up the form life and foster the vitality, so that disease can beHealing, 17:and the future healing is brought about when the life of the soul can flow without any impedimentHealing, 18:Thus can his presence feed the [18] soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. TheHealing, 19:lead to a steady weakening [19] of his hold on life; there are also those tendencies whichHealing, 19:briefly, under the section dealing with group life and its predisposing causes of disease.Healing, 19:malnutrition and the wrong feeding of our modern life and civilization will not here be considered.Healing, 22:the average and ignorant man from seeing life as it truly is. Even the advanced man and theHealing, 26:aware of the focus of the consciousness or the life force in the patient with whom they may beHealing, 29:souls. Again, on the subjective side of life, the process is repeated, but many have already learntHealing, 30:all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on His body. These three influences areHealing, 30:but secondary laws. They are the laws of group life and they govern the kingdoms of nature and findHealing, 30:must achieve magnetic purity through purity of life. He must attain that dispelling radiance whichHealing, 31:of individual origin, unless a man misspends his life and definitely misuses his body (throughHealing, 31:the centers from the world of physical plane life [32] are seldom realized or discussed. This is aHealing, 34:an activity of the physical plane. The stream of life itself, anchored in the heart, whichHealing, 34:public, the dominating factors are the stream of life and the stream of astral or desire energy.Healing, 35:expressing himself in incarnation: the energy of life itself, the negative energy of theHealing, 37:as they had attained when he passed out of life in a previous incarnation. The man then takes upHealing, 37:in a previous incarnation. The man then takes up life where he had previously left it off. TheHealing, 37:it off. The awakening of the centers through life experience. Occasionally only one center may beHealing, 37:only one center may be dealt with in any one life; sometimes several are brought into greaterHealing, 39:the effect of the prevalent wrong attitudes to life and people which today distinguish mankind andHealing, 40:a long period of time, and are carried over from life to life, they cause the more violent aspectsHealing, 40:of time, and are carried over from life to life, they cause the more violent aspects of theHealing, 41:particular body. But the soul goes on. One short life counts for very little in the long cycle ofHealing, 42:out in order to produce a purer expression, life aroma, influence and soul usefulness. When this isHealing, 42:should most certainly be used. The length of the life can be prolonged, but a permanent and finalHealing, 42:time, and therefore receives the bulk of the life energy as it comes down the life stream, from theHealing, 42:the bulk of the life energy as it comes down the life stream, from the soul, and likewise receivesHealing, 43:Just as the centers in man, the "lotuses of life," are depicted as turned downwards and with theHealing, 45:Heart Circulatory system Blood Also Vagus nerve Life force Group consciousness Love petals HigherHealing, 45:type of men 6. Sacral center Gonads Sex organs Life force Physical plane force Vital energy AnimalHealing, 45:force Physical plane force Vital energy Animal life Physical plane Etheric body 7. Base of spineHealing, 45:Kidneys Spinal column Will Energy Universal life Kundalini The Mother of the World [46] Healing, 46:brain and the blood stream (as a carrier of the life principle) governs the activities of the man -Healing, 49:are, as we know, pre-eminently the determining life forces for the majority of men at this time)Healing, 51:Social diseases. Parental love. Group life. Fourth ray. Harmony. Ajna Selfishness. Dogmatism.Healing, 54:an effect of the basic centralization of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energiesHealing, 54:result of the blocking of the free flow of the life of the Soul. It is the product, or the result,Healing, 55:of humanity. From the condition of the planetary life. These latter causes lift the whole problemHealing, 57:subjective forces which dam the flow of the life forces. You will see, therefore, that again (inHealing, 58:earth. In Lemurian times, the emphasis of the life force was upon the physical body, upon itsHealing, 58:troubles connected with the misuse of the sex life began; this was, in a peculiar sense, theHealing, 58:reaction to the diseases connected with the sex life which became so rampant in later LemurianHealing, 58:which grew up out of the fertile Lemurian life, resulting from the promiscuous sex life on everyHealing, 58:life, resulting from the promiscuous sex life on every hand, for the sake of self-preservationHealing, 59:the natural flow of desire (the [59] flow of life as it expresses itself through the centers ofHealing, 59:is to be found in the fact of the shift of the life emphasis away from the emotional nature intoHealing, 59:was based similarly on a previous shift of the life force from the physical body into that of theHealing, 59:producing an over-development of the cellular life, through over-stimulation. I realize theHealing, 60:to the center for the distribution of the life force, wherein the emphasis for the mass will beHealing, 60:(reaction from an over-expression of the sex life through the cultivation of the desire nature)Healing, 60:run in childbearing, through the turning of the life emphasis to the sex aspect of life, haveHealing, 60:of the life emphasis to the sex aspect of life, have revolted on a large scale (as did theHealing, 60:(as did the Atlanteans) against this form of life expression, and it is along this line - the sexHealing, 61:to greater emotional control in the handling of life than have women. Men do not require or acquireHealing, 61:control. The general field of their inhibited life tendency is therefore of greater extent, andHealing, 61:a right proportional accent upon all phases of life will come (and it is rapidly coming) completeHealing, 63:combining in themselves both aspects of the sex life, are faced with a very real problem. It is aHealing, 65:initiate those secondary causes which, in this life, demonstrate as disease. You will noteHealing, 67:to cure this by diet and the regulation of the life in terms of rhythmic living. All this is goodHealing, 70:intensely difficult it is for men to face up to life. It will be obvious that the problems of worryHealing, 71:are not well and humanity and the planetary life are not well. This, the Hierarchy knows, and isHealing, 76:nature and its relation to the outer plane life and the "wholeness" and general health of theHealing, 78:for the impeding of the free flow of the life force, with the results of a rapid succumbing toHealing, 79:with the blood stream, the instrument of the life force. If, therefore, there is weakness in theHealing, 79:Through certain focal points or centers the life force cannot adequately flow, and therefore youHealing, 80:effects of subtler causes, hidden in the life of the astral and mental bodies and, in the case ofHealing, 81:Closed, still and shut, and yet with signs of life, silent and full of deep inertia. Opening,Healing, 81:unsealed, and faintly tinged with color; the life pulsates. Quickened, alive, alert in twoHealing, 82:and contacted groups, from the planetary life, [83] and eventually, in the last analysis, from theHealing, 83:of that which lies beyond the individual human life can enter. The etheric body is fundamentallyHealing, 84:of development, the failure to register, the life work of awakening and organizing the variousHealing, 85:in the Old Testament that "the blood is the life." It is the vitality coming from the etheric bodyHealing, 85:and minor. The heart, which is the center of life as the brain is the center of consciousness. FromHealing, 85:this network. These nadis are the threads of life force which underlie every part of the body andHealing, 87:body, or due to the activity of the soul in the life of the disciple, or as we investigate theHealing, 88:levels and from the dense physical levels of life. The higher animals, however, owing to theHealing, 89:cyclic manifestation of the sex impulse, and his life, therefore, being ruled by a definite rhythm,Healing, 89:the individual and so establish rhythmic life habits - one of the major predisposing incentives toHealing, 90:cycles for the various manifestations of the life force upon the physical plane, then what wasHealing, 91:end or goal, depression, plus the dramatic life of the senses and of the "I in the center"Healing, 91:integration, and as a result a freer play of the life forces throughout the vehicles of expression.Healing, 92:by the state of rebellion which colors all the life, and the registering of violent emotionalHealing, 92:of settling down to a submissive non active life, but it is a positive acceptance (in thought andHealing, 92:to measure up to the demands of the thought life of the individual. These are, naturally andHealing, 92:the ground for better functioning in another life cycle. It is necessary here that I should deal,Healing, 93:"All disease is the result of inhibited soul life. This is true of all forms in all kingdoms."Healing, 93:all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on those forms. Those three influencesHealing, 94:part of the environment and of the group life into which they are integrated and which they shareHealing, 95:been colored and conditioned by the emotional life of the individual, and the emotional life is aHealing, 95:life of the individual, and the emotional life is a fruitful source of disease and of establishingHealing, 95:sequence of events in the psychological life and the consequent resultant activities: Disease is aHealing, 95:the failure to materialize the plans, etc. The life becomes consequently embittered. Disease thenHealing, 96:brain and there becomes a directing agent of the life force, you will usually have a condition ofHealing, 96:can achieve integration and a thought-directed life. The second question asks whether an individualHealing, 98:and to recognize the need for a rhythmic life, paying attention to the Law of Periodicity. InHealing, 98:emanation. Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation.Healing, 98:must achieve magnetic purity, through purity of life. He must achieve that dispelling radiance
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