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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Healing, 174:for aiding in the integration of the personality life. The major problem of the man who is highlyHealing, 174:of the forces and the energies which his thought life brings to bear upon the solar plexus center,Healing, 174:This they achieve through the pressure of life itself and of circumstances, and not by theHealing, 175:of heart disease. In the long cycle of the soul life and experience, this is of relatively smallHealing, 175:in the short cycle of the individual disciple's life it is of great difficulty and oft of tragedy.Healing, 176:temporarily (all is temporary in the long life of the soul!) and become such a human monster asHealing, 176:powerful center, controlling as it does the sex life. One of the interesting things about thisHealing, 176:physical sun, the source of vitality, and the life-giving agent on our planet. The symbolism of theHealing, 177:the will aspect is aroused in man) feeds the life-giving principle, the will-to-live, to all partsHealing, 181:is the factor which at present controls its life and produces its effects as it feeds and directsHealing, 181:produces its effects as it feeds and directs the life principle in matter and form. Just as we areHealing, 181:in matter and form. Just as we are told that the life principle is "seated in the heart," so theHealing, 182:evolutionary law, spirit and matter meet, and life is related to form. It is therefore the centerHealing, 182:light." These three stages are nurtured by the life and energy pouring down through the entireHealing, 183:downpouring (plus the simultaneously uprising life) produces: The awakening in a gradual andHealing, 183:to his environment. The synthesis of the life energies of all the centers, and adequacy to theHealing, 183:of the antahkarana proper, the sutratma or life thread, and the creative thread. This threefoldHealing, 183:paths, and they together form the path of life for the individual man and are awakened intoHealing, 184:of the Mother and of the Son is carried on. Life-consciousness-form and life-quality-appearance areHealing, 184:Son is carried on. Life-consciousness-form and life-quality-appearance are blended, and theHealing, 185:to him and he knows more. These three paths of life are the channels for electric fire, solar fireHealing, 186:which, [186] through the potency of their life, themselves are effective in destroying allHealing, 186:head. They are normally dissipated as purity of life, the discipline of the emotions and theHealing, 187:the impulse of desire and feeding the physical life and the creative urge. To the heart center,Healing, 188:and goals into one perfected planetary life. Another synthesis is also possible and of importance:Healing, 189:influence of the secondary world of conscious life, which in its turn is responsive in time andHealing, 189:of purpose and of Being. The key to the full life of the soul lies hidden in my words, but it takesHealing, 189:hidden in my words, but it takes the dedicated life and the illumined mind to profit by theHealing, 189:the form of words the key thought which gives it life and - occultly speaking - generative warmth.Healing, 189:as the conveyor throughout the body of The Life Principle, The combined energies of the three aboveHealing, 190:body conditions, controls and determines the life expression of the incarnated individual. It is aHealing, 190:oft forgotten. It is a victim of personality life or the triumphant expression of soul energy. ItHealing, 190:in our next section - those emanating from group life, such as tuberculosis, venereal diseases andHealing, 191:remind you that we are concerned with forms of life, and that all these forms are creative withinHealing, 191:is true whether you are concerned with the Life of a solar system or only with the consciousness ofHealing, 193:forms and build those vehicles which, in another life, will prove more suitable for soul controlHealing, 193:factors. They are not based on truth. In a later life, the suppressed condition will again emergeHealing, 193:such time as it is ignored altogether and the life emphasis is laid on soul contact [194] and theHealing, 194:emphasis is laid on soul contact [194] and the life expression is extroverted into service toHealing, 194:as well as from that of the soul and of the life principle - the area of the physical body in whichHealing, 194:found symbolically present in every center: The life principle, the first aspect, discloses itselfHealing, 195:all the [195] way from an emphasis upon the sex life, and consequent activity of the sacral center,Healing, 196:nearer. This network of nadis forms a definite life pattern which varies according to theHealing, 197:The nadis in the physical body correspond to the life or spirit aspect; the nerves are theHealing, 197:or the state of development of the centers. The life, the quality and the energy which theyHealing, 198:well-balanced endocrine system. The vitality and life pouring through the entire body will then beHealing, 198:soul, and later - via the antahkarana - with the Life principle. Today as there is unevenHealing, 203:in the organs mentioned above, the source of life. In the perfected man, the two centers (theHealing, 205:again of the basic trinity of manifestation: Life or spirit - the energy center. Soul or quality -Healing, 205:the healer must ever have in mind. Law VII When life or energy flows unimpeded and through rightHealing, 205:true art of relating spiritual energy with form life, and upon this the health and the vitality ofHealing, 209:all the centers. It must be remembered that the life of the centers is founded, in the initialHealing, 209:founded, in the initial stage, upon the inherent life of the organism itself, with the focus of theHealing, 209:organism itself, with the focus of the emanating life to be found in the center at the base of theHealing, 209:This basic center is the one through which the life of matter itself works; this is the life orHealing, 209:the life of matter itself works; this is the life or energy of the Holy Spirit aspect, the thirdHealing, 209:Spirit aspect, the third aspect. Through its life each atom in the body is fed. This process ofHealing, 209:prana or vital energy from the planetary life itself, via the spleen. [210] This is the essentialHealing, 210:essential relating organ between the inherent life of matter itself, as present in the microcosm,Healing, 210:as present in the microcosm, and the inherent life in the planet. As evolution proceeds, there isHealing, 210:the pituitary body, is related to the entire life of the integrated threefold organism. ThroughHealing, 210:the pineal gland and is related to the life of the soul and - after the third initiation - to theHealing, 210:soul and - after the third initiation - to the life of the monad; it conveys to the centers theHealing, 211:of the enlightened consciousness and also of the life aspect. The nervous system then comes underHealing, 211:of the Biblical words, "The blood is the life," and also of the words "saved by the blood ofHealing, 211:of the blood of those in whom the Christ life and consciousness, and the quality of the Christ, isHealing, 211:of physical living, of the emotional and mental life, and also of the spiritual life of anHealing, 211:and mental life, and also of the spiritual life of an incarnated Son of God, a Christ. It is onHealing, 211:of focusing their effort on achieving the pure life [212] of Christ in every day life, and actingHealing, 212:the pure life [212] of Christ in every day life, and acting as consecrated servers of theirHealing, 212:Man Who is the Son of God to lead the heavenly life when far from the heavenly realm" - as an oldHealing, 213:receptive, but a constant inflow of spiritual life. There will then be that perfect balance andHealing, 215:centers and thereby governing his personality life, there is a scientific undertaking of energizingHealing, 215:stages: The stage of energizing the creative life, via the throat center, thus bringing: The headHealing, 216:fellowmen. The stage of energizing the conscious life of relationship via the heart center, thusHealing, 216:spiritual relations throughout a man's entire life expression. Just as the stage of regulating theHealing, 216:Just as the stage of regulating the creative life has a paramount effect upon the physical body, soHealing, 216:into group love, and then divinity rules the life. The stage of energizing the entire man, via theHealing, 217:an animal. The wear and tear of the emotional life (the major predisposing factor in ill health)Healing, 217:entirely conditioned by his emotional-astral life. [218] The stage wherein the solar plexus centerHealing, 220:in the great process of right adjustment to life and to right relationships. They had the dream andHealing, 220:and deal with those which emanate from the group life of humanity and from the karmic liabilitiesHealing, 221:- Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life CHAPTER II Causes Emanating from Group Life InHealing, 221:Life CHAPTER II Causes Emanating from Group Life In considering disease and its basic causes, weHealing, 223:certain divine laws) to offset the loss of life and the casualties of war by a fresh inflow of lifeHealing, 223:and the casualties of war by a fresh inflow of life into form, thus preserving the human race,Healing, 223:castes, and with a new and virile sense of life because of the infusion of stronger stocks with theHealing, 224:- Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life Whether the conservative and the so-called strictlyHealing, 226:- Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life 1. Diseases of Humanity, Inherited from the PastHealing, 227:something which they have gained during life experience - something different, however, to thatHealing, 227:however, to that which they contribute to the life of the soul on its own plane. This somethingHealing, 228:and impure, returned to earth; thus evil life entered the pristine cleanliness of the ancientHealing, 228:- Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life A. Venereal and Syphilitic Diseases Paralleling allHealing, 231:with its control of elemental and of forms of life which have now been driven back into retreat andHealing, 232:in the decadent days of the Roman Empire. Life became tainted by the miasma of unadulteratedHealing, 232:selfishness and the very springs of life itself became polluted. Men only lived and breathed inHealing, 232:- Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life B. Tuberculosis It is in this situation that weHealing, 232:to gain that which cannot last, will die in life, will find breath failing him, and yet will refuseHealing, 233:and - whilst suffering - hold on to his love of life (as tubercular people do today), they wereHealing, 233:heritage; all forms die, for such is the law of life, to speak in paradoxes. The time had arrived
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