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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

(page 69 of 124)


Healing, 446:There is, as you know, entrance into fuller life. There is freedom from the handicaps of theHealing, 446:forward of the interests and tendencies of the life. His consciousness and his sense of awarenessHealing, 448:form aspect is being destroyed in order that the life may be abstracted and later again rebuild forHealing, 448:magnetic in quality that it draws to itself the life of the centers, bringing about the dissolutionHealing, 448:dissolution of the form but the release of the life. Death comes to the individual man in theHealing, 448:end of a cycle of incarnation, and recalls its life. This it does through a discharge of theHealing, 449:(the first planetary center), will abstract the life principle from the Hierarchy, and all life andHealing, 449:the life principle from the Hierarchy, and all life and consciousness will then be focused in theHealing, 449:quality to light, and lay the emphasis upon life." Here the three great aspects - form, quality,Healing, 449:the three great aspects - form, quality, and life - are brought into relation, and the point of theHealing, 449:objective is seen in its true light - Life. Note this phrasing. Form or appearance, having servedHealing, 449:paramount in the new state of being, only the life aspect, the spirit on its own plane becomes theHealing, 449:initiations. He is abstracted from our planetary life altogether. Only one factor could preventHealing, 450:in order to lay the emphasis later upon the life aspect... - Vol. V. Healing, 450:magnetic love) must return to the reservoir of life and naught be left but that which caused themHealing, 450:that death is simply an effect produced by life and by his conscious will, and is a mode whereby heHealing, 450:aspect and knows himself to be the Will, the Life, the Father, the Monad, the One. - Vol. V. AHealing, 450:a stupendous destruction of all forms of divine life and in every kingdom has been the outstandingHealing, 451:distributed and devastated. The coherent life of all the planetary forms has been temporarilyHealing, 451:united Sound goes out from form to form, from life to life. Only a cry of pain, a demand forHealing, 451:Sound goes out from form to form, from life to life. Only a cry of pain, a demand for restitutionHealing, 451:and of the familiar contours of our planetary life, had to take place before there could come theHealing, 451:and the construction of more adequate forms of life and of more correct human attitudes, plus aHealing, 452:and known even to the very wise. When the life or Spirit withdraws itself, the form dies, occultly.Healing, 453:probable duration of the physical plane [453] life; but that the moment that will is withdrawn, orHealing, 453:dharma, and follows then the way of light and of life. It should ever be borne in mind, however,Healing, 453:Magic: The soul, seated in the heart, is the life principle, the principle of self-determination,Healing, 453:the "will-to-be" of the soul. This principle of life utilizes the blood stream [454] as its mode ofHealing, 454:both the threads are withdrawn or unified in the life thread. Vitality ceases to penetrate throughHealing, 454:and by nature we mean the body of the one Life in Whom "we live and move and have our being." InHealing, 455:death, by the abstraction of the dual threads of life and reason energy, or by the abstraction ofHealing, 455:which is qualified by mentality, leaving the life stream still functioning through the heart, butHealing, 455:matter, composed of interlacing strands of life energy. During the process of death the pressure ofHealing, 455:During the process of death the pressure of the life energy beating against the web producesHealing, 456:a [456] puncturing or opening. Out of this the life force pours as the potency of the abstractingHealing, 456:and it will easily be seen how the trend of a life tendency and the focus of the life attentionHealing, 456:trend of a life tendency and the focus of the life attention determine the mode of exit at death.Healing, 456:seen also that an effort to control the astral life and the emotional nature, and to orient one'sHealing, 458:green has a definite effect upon the heart and life streams. Certain types of music will be usedHealing, 458:two streams of energy and eventually rupture the life thread, but the knowledge of this is tooHealing, 459:the splendor of Divinity. Realize that the One Life pervades all forms, so that there is no death,Healing, 459:to Me, so dwelling in the place where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. - Page 308.Healing, 459:always it must be sacrificed and die so that the life within may speed ever on and up. The path ofHealing, 461:not that the etheric body has no distinctive life of its own. It is only an amalgamation of all theHealing, 461:galvanized it into activity during the outer life cycle. Remember also that the five centers up theHealing, 461:or a fresh ingoing activity that the breath of life returns to the vacated physical form. It is anHealing, 462:when the will to live is strong or the life task remains as yet unaccomplished and is not correctlyHealing, 462:(which is the name given to the integrated life of the physical body) and the soul, as it seeks toHealing, 462:the consciousness thread or aspect, but not the life thread, in an effort to give the physicalHealing, 463:recalling its incarnated aspect because a life cycle has been concluded. The term of that lifeHealing, 463:life cycle has been concluded. The term of that life cycle may be long or short, according to theHealing, 464:indwelling spiritual man, already determines the life tendencies and choices. In the case of theHealing, 464:of the average citizen, where the focus of the life is in the desire nature, the conflict isHealing, 464:the physical elemental and the mental life. There is no astral elemental to be found in theHealing, 464:elemental, the integrated and coordinated life of the physical body, which is forever seeking toHealing, 464:vehicle, which has a powerful coordinated life of its own, expressed through the seven [465] majorHealing, 465:existing in two groups: Those responsive to the life of dense matter, to the mother aspect, andHealing, 467:If he is strongly focused on physical plane life, and if that is the dominating desire of which heHealing, 467:might be regarded as a process of pouring in life and light into a vessel upon the physical plane,Healing, 467:or an intensification of the radiation of that life and light of so potent a nature that under theHealing, 467:withdrawn and gathered up into the center of life and light from whence they originally came. IHealing, 468:The formulas concern only the two aspects of life and light - the first conditioned by Sound andHealing, 468:This descending and ascension men call life, existence and decease; this We Who tread the LightedHealing, 468:tread the Lighted Way call death, experience and life. Light which descends anchors itself upon theHealing, 468:to glow and burn. Upon the plane of manifested life, the word goes forth: Behold! A man is born. AsHealing, 468:the word goes forth: Behold! A man is born. As life proceeds, the quality of light appears; dim andHealing, 469:pass and repass; they come and go. This men call life; they call it true existence. They thusHealing, 469:This man calls death and this the soul calls life. The Word retains the light in life; the WordHealing, 469:soul calls life. The Word retains the light in life; the Word abstracts the light, and only That isHealing, 469:Word Itself. That Word is Light. That Light is Life, and Life is God." The manifestation of theHealing, 469:That Word is Light. That Light is Life, and Life is God." The manifestation of the etheric body inHealing, 469:incarnation, when the descending light (carrying life) is focused in all its intensity around theHealing, 470:is dissolved by the withdrawing of the light and life. The forty-nine fires within the physicalHealing, 470:man, are withdrawn into the etheric body. The life principle withdraws, likewise, from the heart.Healing, 471:the aspect of the destroyer, releasing the life. "God is love" connotes the second aspect andHealing, 472:Law of Attraction, the soul, at the close of a life cycle, and with full intention, exerts itsHealing, 474:in a peculiarly occult manner. The "blood is the life," we are told; it is interiorly changed as aHealing, 474:which in turn affects the heart. There the life thread is anchored, and this substance in the bloodHealing, 475:to the physical body of man. This physical plane life force is essentially the life and light ofHealing, 475:physical plane life force is essentially the life and light of atomic substance - the matter ofHealing, 475:to this reservoir of involutionary and material life that the substance of all forms is restored.Healing, 476:matter of the form occupied by the soul during a life cycle consists in returning to this "Caesar"Healing, 476:can prolong the process of dying. This elemental life will sometimes fight a battle lasting forHealing, 483:and it has been ascertained that no spark of life remains in the physical body, cremation is thenHealing, 484:the thread of consciousness and the thread of life are completely withdrawn from the head and theHealing, 484:embalmed person was of an evil character during life; the hovering etheric body is then oftenHealing, 487:people who die whilst their major reaction to life is that of desire, of wishful thinking and ofHealing, 488:has what is called the "freedom of the dual life," and finds himself possessed of a dual form whichHealing, 489:body by means of his growing desire for mental life. He withdraws gradually and steadily into theHealing, 491:were the three major conditioning factors in the life which has gone and which also hold the keysHealing, 494:experience, or indicate a repetitive life, except in the case of very advanced people or disciplesHealing, 494:himself as an individual - with his own plans, life and affairs - as he was on the physical plane,Healing, 494:and of his mind (or of the measure of manasic life developed) in a far more potent manner than whenHealing, 495:a relatively violent reorientation to earth life takes place, leading to what is called "theHealing, 495:characteristics he has already achieved through life-experience. On the etheric plane arranges theHealing, 497:mental vehicle, and this period of semi-mental life is exceedingly brief and is brought to an endHealing, 499:In the early stages of purely manasic or mental life, this is done through the illumination whichHealing, 499:processes which take place when the principle of life withdraws or is withdrawn from the body.Healing, 499:processes. We have traced the withdrawal of the life principle, plus the consciousness, from theHealing, 500:determination to end the cycle of incarnated life, prior to another return to the physical plane.
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