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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Healing, 711:This perfect functioning opens thus the door to life eternal or to life on earth for yet a littleHealing, 711:opens thus the door to life eternal or to life on earth for yet a little while. [712] ThisHealing, 712:the new and good. The healer energizes thus with life the failing life, driving it forth orHealing, 712:The healer energizes thus with life the failing life, driving it forth or anchoring it yet moreHealing, 712:the seventh ray healer is to bring together the life and the substance which will take the place ofHealing, 712:of the substance which is diseased and bring new life to aid the recovery. The glory of life liesHealing, 712:bring new life to aid the recovery. The glory of life lies in consummation and in emergence. ThisHealing, 714:will eventually affect every department of human life, including the Art of Healing. I sign myself,Herculesand said: "Who is that soul upon the Way of life, whose light can now be dimly seen?" Quickly theHerculescame: "That is the soul who, on the Way of life, experiences and seeks the clear light which shinesHercules, 2:Lord, again drew to the circle of his radiant life the seeking soul. "Whose is this soul upon theHercules, 3:at this time in the subject of the spiritual life is in itself the warrant for such a study as thisHercules, 3:based on a realized unity with the Life in which we live and move and have our being, is taking theHercules, 3:development that they will acquire new and vivid life. In both hemispheres there have been manyHercules, 3:the tiresome reiteration of that basic rule of life, which has been expressed in the two words: "BeHercules, 4:and the entire attitude of the aspirant towards life is rapidly changing. Surely it should now beHercules, 4:picture. It leaves untouched no phase in the life of the aspirant and yet links him up with cosmicHercules, 4:that all of us, struggling in our present modern life, can make application to ourselves of theHercules, 5:a ready response from every aspiring man. In the life and work of Jesus the Christ, that radiantHercules, 6:a more rapid unfoldment of the power and life of the soul. In one analysis of discipleship, it hasHercules, 6:and Powers through the medium of which the one Life guides all creation onward to a gloriousHercules, 7:which have their reflection in our planetary life, in the life of humanity as a whole, and in theHercules, 7:their reflection in our planetary life, in the life of humanity as a whole, and in the life of theHercules, 7:in the life of humanity as a whole, and in the life of the individual, who is ever the microcosm ofHercules, 7:turns continuously, and ever the scroll of life unrolls, and we are carried forward on the impetusHercules, 7:supersede our personal concentrations. Our small life histories must disappear in the largerHercules, 7:picture. Hercules astrologically enacted the life history of every aspirant, and demonstrated theHercules, 9:likewise that personal greed has no place in the life of the aspirant who is seeking liberationHercules, 9:The characteristics of the man immersed in form life and under the rule of matter are fear,Hercules, 10:to us, and this is the demonstration [10] of the life of God which is being wrought out in theHercules, 10:forth more beautifully each time that the life of God makes its sweep around the zodiac which, theHercules, 10:of the relationship of spirit and matter, of life and form, and of soul and body. First: "NatureHercules, 10:this interplay of the outer form and the inner life [11] that Hercules wrestles. He knew himself toHercules, 13:(clockwise). Finally, the changing focus of the life and the steady application to the twelveHercules, 14:made me what you see. Likewise, O Teacher of my life, I am also one of twins. There is another one,Hercules, 15:for Hercules, to guard his heart, the source of life and strength. This golden gift was girded on,Hercules, 16:writers. Discussion as to the details of his life, and argument as to the sequence of events, areHercules, 17:of India says: "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance," and it was this mastery of theHercules, 17:essential duality of God in manifestation, of life in form, of soul in body, and of spirit andHercules, 18:to do and perceived the reality of the spiritual life. There is also one interesting little fact inHercules, 18:one interesting little fact in the story of his life which has a bearing on this same truth. WhilstHercules, 20:forming his own conclusions, guiding his own life, and handling his own affairs. It was necessary,Hercules, 20:find his own way and make his own contacts with life. This is where many aspirants stand at thisHercules, 21:the one and become the axis around which our life turns. At this step the Initiate has faced thisHercules, 21:divine truth and felt the mighty urge of the One Life. Henceforth he strives to make the twistedHercules, 22:will and to use it in the directing of his life. He experienced the workings of spiritual love andHercules, 22:sense of values distorted. The balanced and sane life, which is the ideal for a son of God, isHercules, 23:Having recovered his sanity, the focus of his life was changed. He no longer lived down where heHercules, 23:were to set the seal of accomplishment upon his life, and which would indicate his right to joinHercules, 25:of vocation. He was pledged to the spiritual life and nothing could deter him. Vulcan gave him aHercules, 28:and symbolic story with the everyday life and tests of modern discipleship, we shall tell the storyHercules, 29:three we have spirit, soul and body summarized. Life, consciousness and form meet in Hercules, theHercules, 29:application of the story of the test to the life of a disciple and to that of humanity as a whole.Hercules, 31:the sign of the Ram or of the Lamb. In the life of the human being it marks the beginning of theHercules, 31:being upon the circle of experience. In the life of the aspirant to discipleship it connotes theHercules, 31:taken and dominates; on it likewise begins the life of inner unfoldment and the domination [32] ofHercules, 32:and all of them are expressions of the same life force. The two uses of this force are dependentHercules, 32:path of liberation from form. For aeons, this life force has been applied to selfish ends, to theHercules, 32:satisfaction of desire. Little by little form-life loses its attraction until, having passed aroundHercules, 32:group objectives. Now he has to learn to use the life force with unselfish intent, and not for theHercules, 33:in a solar system, and to begin the great [33] life cycle of the universe. It may be likewise theHercules, 33:In Aries, which has seen the beginning of form life and which has initiated the creative work,Hercules, 42:all states of consciousness, and the energizing Life. Sex, that Life in operation, attractingHercules, 42:and the energizing Life. Sex, that Life in operation, attracting spirit and matter and institutingHercules, 45:for this little star-group." (The Zodiac: A Life Epitome, Walter H. Sampson, p. 24). [46] Hercules, 46:the symbol of the soul around which the wheel of life revolves. It is interesting to discoverHercules, 47:of the Judge", and is a symbol of the river of life, carrying souls into incarnation, where theyHercules, 49:makes marriage and all expression of the sex life a sin for a disciple and which says that a manHercules, 49:is no state of consciousness and no condition of life in which it is impossible for a man toHercules, 49:God. If it is not possible for a man to live the life of discipleship and the life of initiationHercules, 49:a man to live the life of discipleship and the life of initiation and, with due self-control andHercules, 49:and understanding, live a normal, balanced sex life; then there is a department of human expressionHercules, 49:I refuse to recognize. There is no department of life, no field of expression, no meeting ofHercules, 51:and chased from one point to another [51] in the life of the separated self, until the time comesHercules, 51:purpose and endeavor, and begins to rule his life by the question, "What is best for the group withHercules, 52:of those with whom he is associated, and a life of loving service: these constitute the ideals ofHercules, 52:be the characteristics of the physical plane life. Let the soul ride the form, controlling andHercules, 53:itself in the intense activity of physical plane life. These divine aspects constitute theHercules, 56:truth and sacrifice for me. Accept the way of life through me. I know, but no-one else. My truth isHercules, 60:desire to ascertain the facts of the spiritual life, spasmodic efforts at self-discipline, atHercules, 60:in the light of wisdom to the problems of life, and to the attainment of the goal. In this labor,Hercules, 61:and of the many, nourished by the one tree of Life. Hercules was told only three facts: that thereHercules, 65:of the increasing potency of the spiritual life and the decreasing power of the personal self. TheHercules, 67:opportunity: these three play their parts in the life of the aspirant as [68] he unifies higher andHercules, 69:of foot, deceived, mad, bound to the wheel of life, identified with the matter aspect, and ever theHercules, 70:goal. They have wrought out in the crucible of life an equipment that is characterized byHercules, 75:of time. The true initiate is known by his life and acts, he is too busy serving the race to findHercules, 76:of divinity. Aegle symbolizes the glory of the life and the splendor of the setting sun; theHercules, 77:a test which will awaken, on the inner side of life, the fulness of his wisdom and the rightness ofHercules, 79:not also your abode? And share you not the life of all who dwell therein? Bear to the shrine of GodHercules, 80:and found his way, back to the teacher of his life. "I have fulfiled the task, set by the greatHercules, 83:parts in bringing about the changes in the life of man. Three words summarize the objectiveHercules, 83:is the high prerogative and potent factor in the life of a liberated son of God. Hercules, 85:the two gates, one being the gate into form life, and the other into spiritual life; one openingHercules, 85:into form life, and the other into spiritual life; one opening the door into the mass form of theHercules, 87:of beginning, of commencement, of subjective life, of the prenatal stage, or involution, and of theHercules, 88:Cancer is the sign of instinct, of herd life, of mass reaction. It represents the subconsciousHercules, 88:It stands, individually, for the totality of the life and the consciousness of the cells in theHercules, 88:in the body, and of that instinctive, collective life, which is largely subconscious in man, butHercules, 88:as "the womb", we have the thought of hidden life, of a veiling form, of potentiality, and of that
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