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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIFE

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Hercules, 88:it portrays the struggle that goes on in the life of the aspirant so that instinct can give placeHercules, 90:the soul into conscious participation in the life of that world center which we call theHercules, 91:in form, of consciousness, of spirit and of life. Argo stretches all the way from Cancer toHercules, 92:Its symbolism, [92] therefore, covers the life of the aspirant from the time he takes incarnationHercules, 92:intuition, and driven by the urge of the Christ life, he again merges himself with the mass andHercules, 93:is the consciousness of the form and of the cell life, the mode of awareness of the form, and,Hercules, 93:for this Hercules, the aspirant, sought. For a life cycle, we are told, he hunted. It was not theHercules, 93:It was something else, and for this he spent a life cycle hunting. Finally, we read, he captured itHercules, 96:for a voice. "What do I here, O Teacher of my life, armed, as you see, with the full panoply ofHercules, 98:voice which seemed to bid him stay or lose his life. And Hercules stood still, shouting unto theHercules, 99:the feet of him who was the Teacher of his life, and gained permission to wear the skin in place ofHercules, 104:bringing about the sacrifice of the individual life and its merging in the universal whole. This isHercules, 110:the others, controls growth and is essential to life. It is interesting that Berman definesHercules, 111:to lead any longer a personal, selfish life, that he could, entering by the opening represented byHercules, 113:and of the sacred Child to whom all human life is truly turned. "Word has gone forth," said she,Hercules, 114:thus his previous deed of death. For such is life: an act of death, a deed of life, and thus theHercules, 114:For such is life: an act of death, a deed of life, and thus the sons of men, who are the sons ofHercules, 114:the two are one. Ponder anew upon the ways of life, reflecting on the ways of death. Go rest, myHercules, 116:the belly of the whale, to compensate for the life he had unnecessarily taken. So the war betweenHercules, 117:then a deed of love when, at the risk of his own life, Hercules rescued Hesione and earned from theHercules, 118:Teacher the words: "Ponder anew upon the ways of life, reflecting on the ways of death. Go rest, myHercules, 118:of vice as an ineffectiveness of the spiritual life, reminds one again of the explanation of theHercules, 119:matter and also is the custodian of the Christ life. It is meaningful that this sixth sign, theHercules, 119:The esoteric meaning is "the blood is the life". We are always too literal. Even as the oldHercules, 120:and these three are a trinity synthesized by Life which pervades them all". The Constellations andHercules, 121:matter is made, "the subordination of the form life to the will of the indwelling Christ". [122]Hercules, 127:labor and returned unto the Teacher of his life. And the great Presiding One within the CouncilHercules, 128:of forms, for the carrying on of evolving life. Money is a means of exchange, of sharing at aHercules, 130:winter, a time of bleakness when the personality life has lost its allure. Hercules does not useHercules, 131:many of the terrifying experiences of life may be transformed by a beneficent sense of humor. MuchHercules, 132:in a swirling mist of illusion, clinging to life as an end in itself, often fleeing from truth asHercules, 133:The motive of service thus takes root in his life, a sense of service based on a realisticHercules, 133:would, if accepted, alter his stereotyped way of life, and he will as like as not condemn you as aHercules, 134:He who establishes equilibrium in his own life will not he obliged to have it imposed upon him byHercules, 134:sign. The hard, driving thrust of modern life is too aggressively masculine; the softer grace andHercules, 138:symbolic of the interlude of silence in the life of Jesus. Between the ages of 12 and 30, we hearHercules, 146:are no true solutions; promiscuity coarsens life, and makes a man a slave of a master passion.Hercules, 146:drive to solve the mystery in the acorn of life, is alien to the narcissistic inclination to makeHercules, 146:inclination to make comfort a central motive in life. Money. The accumulation of money is a masterHercules, 147:a higher point of integration. When a person's life is refocused about a higher purpose, theHercules, 147:A soldier, intent on defeating the enemy, risks life itself. A mother, snatching her child fromHercules, 147:down a highway at breakneck speed, jeopardises life and limb for the sake of adventure. These [148]Hercules, 148:a man to reject the form for the sake of the life which animates it. Upon the lower arc, it isHercules, 149:man can declare himself to be humanised. Modern life offers many examples of brutality and wantonHercules, 150:Labors of Hercules - Labor VIII Applications to Life (Condensation of lecture by Alice Bailey)Hercules, 152:take place as we progress around the field of life. In Cancer, we have the death of the elementalHercules, 152:Always, death is an entrance into a fuller life, fuller experience, fuller realization and scope.Hercules, 152:soul may take over the personality and express life through it. In Pisces we have the crucifixion,Hercules, 153:that underlies every manifestation of divine life. In Gemini, in the gathering of the goldenHercules, 159:sense of "I am". That is the whole story of the life of the aspirant. You must become so identifiedHercules, 160:You have to learn what not to say about the life of the soul, very [161] copious talking aboutHercules, 161:with humanity as Christ does, or like that great Life whom we are told will stay in His appointedHercules, 162:spirit, and these three are a trinity unified by life that pervades them all. The otherHercules, 162:Virgo, the sixth sign, we have the indication of life; in Sagittarius, the ninth sign, theHercules, 162:that we arrive at understanding of the great Life which includes us all in its existence. [163] Hercules, 163:Then there comes that curious happening in the life of the caterpillar where there is a completeHercules, 163:that fluid are what are called three centers of life, and because of the interplay between thoseHercules, 163:the Christ pattern. Consider what goes on in the life of the individual aspirant in Sagittarius.Hercules, 163:an astral sign and water is the symbol. In the life of the aspirant of today, I need not enlargeHercules, 166:of opportunity. I am an individual. I shall use life for myself, if I am a little Leo; or I shallHercules, 166:play upon the harp and he makes music with his life. Ara, the altar, because the aspirant placesHercules, 167:meet Draco, the serpent of wisdom. Music in the life of harmony, sacrifices in the personalityHercules, 168:into our lives, trying to lead the "altar" life, seeking to contact the serpent of wisdom. BeginHercules, 169:22nd - January 20th) The Myth "The light of life must now shine forth within a world of dark," theHercules, 172:his knees that the Capricornian offers heart and life to the soul and only then, whenHercules, 172:can he be trusted with the secrets of life and the higher powers. Interpretations of the Labor inHercules, 172:Cancer, into what we erroneously call life, and Capricorn, the gate into the spiritual kingdom.Hercules, 175:pictured in an ancient zodiac as a fish full of life leaping out of the water into the air andHercules, 177:hell. You have a terrible time in your own life and you are initiated as you undergo your own hell.Hercules, 178:illusions that impede the progress of spiritual life; the materiality that holds us down; the lowerHercules, 181:of cattle shall be yours; but if you fail, your life and fortune will be in my hands. Of course, IHercules, 186:world by the right direction of the forces of life through it. You appreciate that we are enteringHercules, 186:died out at the close and when the whole life will be interpreted in terms of energies. We areHercules, 187:of it come two streams of water, the river of life and the river of love, and those two words, lifeHercules, 187:life and the river of love, and those two words, life and love, are the two words that embody theHercules, 187:of the Aquarian age; not form, not mind, but life and love. Two words we use constantly but which,Hercules, 188:who are getting the vision and are seeing the life, the consciousness, the purpose and the planHercules, 189:the more rarefied the forms through which the life is acting, the more rapid the reaction. That isHercules, 189:this tremendous speed in every department of life, why we are all so strung up. We have PisceanHercules, 189:nature of those human beings and other forms of life, all merging under the new Aquarian influence.Hercules, 190:flying in time and space, is the symbol of Life itself, the cleansing, purifying "living waters" ofHercules, 191:that the emotional desire nature of that great Life in Whom we live and move and have our being,Hercules, 191:of, but I know it stands for me as a symbol of a life that is immanent in all forms andHercules, 193:then we let in the two rivers, the water of life and the river of love. I cannot talk, about thoseHercules, 193:I do not know what they are. Many talk about life and love; they use words. I do not know what lifeHercules, 193:and love; they use words. I do not know what life is yet, and we certainly do not know what loveHercules, 193:to yourself what you understand by the river of life and the river of love which, by breaking downHercules, 193:in walls during the war, and that since the war, life and energy have come to mean something moreHercules, 193:you can to break down the walls and to express life and love, aided by your own soul whose natureHercules, 195:"Lost he is, and found; dead, yet vibrant with Life. The server becomes the savior, and homewardHercules, 196:who stood before him, supplicated that his life be spared. Hercules conceded his request. DrivingHercules, 202:and therefore is in touch with the Great Life, the World Savior, who pours his force and energyHercules, 205:interest evinced at this time in the spiritual life is, in itself, the warrant for such a study asHercules, 205:the encroachment of some organized system of life ... which threatens to leave scant scope and areaHercules, 205:soul to be true". Such renewals of the spiritual life of the race are [207] recurrent and cyclic;Hercules, 207:nature but they serve to lead the subjective life of the race into a new and richer phase ofHercules, 207:then acquire new meanings and vibrate with fresh life. There have been many books written upon theHercules, 207:as they do every aspect of the disciple's life, may enable us to achieve a different attitude andHercules, 207:bringing definite changes in man's attitude to life as a whole. It is this unfolding plan for man,Hercules, 208:This old tale leaves untouched no phases in the life of the aspirant and yet links him ceaselessly
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